The Domination Game

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Chapter 6

He took my hand and led me to the dance floor, and I knew coming tonight was a very bad idea. It had been so long since a man had made me feel weak in the knees. I should just end this now, before it gets out of hand.

He pulled me into his arms, and we started dancing. Another thing I wasn’t used to anymore, a man taking the lead. I started to pull away to let him know that I was going to leave, but his grip stayed firm.

“You aren’t going to run away from me, are you?” he questioned with that adorable little half grin. Okay, he was right; I don’t run away from anyone. I put myself in with this man, might as well have some fun with it.

“No, I’m not going anywhere. I think you deserve a little taste to see if you want to proceed with this any further,” I purred, my hand leaving his neck and slipping down, caressing that fine backside I’d been looking at.

His eyes darted down to me, and then I squeezed what my hand had drifted down to. His look became more predatory and a gruff laugh came from his chest. “I’ve got to tell you, if you like grabbing my ass that way, I’m going to be very interested in what you do in bed.”

Damn it, he was already making me wonder what I’d like to do with him. “This is just a little vanilla icing for you darling, nothing more. Just like to get a good feel for what I’ll be spanking later. That is, if you think you could handle it,” I advised him in a smoky voice.

His own hand came down, caressing my backside. “I’ve rode a seven hundred-pound steer trying to buck me off his back. I can assure you, that you spanking my ass is something I could handle.”

Okay, that left me speechless for a minute, and completely turned on. “That’s very male of you. But let me warn you now, I like a cherry-red ass to dig my nails into. Nice and bright…”

His eyes hooded and his grip tightened as I smirked up at him. “Sugar, if we keep this up I’m not going to be able to keep my hands off you,” he murmured in a gravelly sexy voice. That had me smiling back up at him.

“You want to take me, Davis?” I asked silkily.

“Yes,” he growled.

“You want me under you with my thighs spread, letting you sink into me over and over again? Letting you set the pace, find that…spot, that has me screaming out your name while you come deep inside me?” I whispered softly, seductively to him.

“Damn it! Yes, sugar, that’s exactly what I want.” His voice low, but even deeper than before, rumbled through his chest. That turned me on in a way I never knew a man’s voice could do before.

My finger came to his face, tracing his bottom lip, keeping up my charade of indifference. “Ah, but being with me, there are different rules in the game. I control the sex, I control when or if you come. I’ll bite your lip and spank your firm backside, wanting you to thank me for it. And then ordering you to ask me for another.”

I heard him swear under his breath. “If you’re trying to scare me off, you talkin’ to me like that is not the way of goin’ about it. You’ve got me so revved up, I can hardly stand it!” He took me in his arms. His head came down; he was about to kiss me on the dance floor.

My hand came up, holding his chin before he got there. “Ah, ah. I didn’t give you permission, now, did I?” I purred once again. I could see the frustration in his eyes, and feel his need in his pants.

This man was dangerous for me. The thought of him taking me like I’d described put new ideas in my mind. Ideas I haven’t had since I was young. Maybe I should just show him what it’s like to be with me, and then we would have worked each other out of our systems.

I leaned back from him just enough, and took the waistband of his pants in my hand, pulling him. “Follow me,” I commanded.

We made our way into a little secluded corner of the club that was out of sight. I pushed back against the nearby wall, feeling his body next to mine. I took him by the neck and pulled him down to meet my mouth. I forced my way in, showing him my dominance. The acceptance was almost immediate after he realized what I was doing.

I broke free from the kiss, and the look on his face was just what I was hoping for. Slowly I kissed his bottom lip, then bit it. He grunted at the sting but didn’t stop me. I pulled away from him, glancing down at his very expensive pants.

My fingers skimmed down his shirt and went to his belt. I glanced up at him, but he was watching every move my fingers made as I undressed him. The buckle came undone, then his zipper. “You’ve got something with you?” I asked.

He nodded yes at that. It was time for him to glimpse a little dom treatment to a sub. “That’s a very good boy,” I purred.

Taking his boxers in my hand, we switched places, and now my back was up against the wall and he was in front of me. “Are you hard?” I questioned.

“Yes,” he moaned.

My fingers softly teased the tip of him that was making its way out of his shorts. “That’s good. Let me see the condom.”

He went to his wallet, taking out the little packet. “I like a pet that’s prepared,” I said, teasing him still. His eyes closed and his mouth looked strained.

“Davis, look at me,” I ordered, and he did. His eyes met mine and he watched me. “I’m going to give you some rules to follow, and you must follow every last one.” I let the very tip of his penis poke through his boxers, placing my finger in between the wet slit at the top.

“I want you down on your knees, and under my dress licking me until I orgasm all over that beautiful mouth of yours,” I explained.“I’m not going to deny you your pleasure, tonight. So when you’re on your knees making me very happy, I want you to stroke yourself to the point of orgasm. But once you hit that point…you have to stop,” I whispered my command. I glanced down at his erection and dipped my pinkie into his moistened slit once more, making him hiss.

“When you’ve brought forth my pleasure, only then will you be allowed yours. But only then, and not a minute before. If you haven’t come when I have then there will be a punishment for you. Do you understand?” I questioned.

“Yes,” he groaned as I took him in my hand.

Ripping the little pouch, I took out the rubber. “Put the condom on,” I ordered.

He snatched it out of my hand, and I took his hand quickly in mine to stop him. “Darling, slowly. This isn’t a rodeo.”

He took himself out, and I took a good look at his well-endowed manhood. He tried to slow his pace, putting on the condom. And once it was on he came in to kiss me. But once again I took his face in my hand.

We stared at each other, I a dominant female, and he an alpha male. Who at this moment was having a hell of a time doing what I asked of him. My hand went to his shoulder as I pushed him slowly to his knees. Lifting up my dress, he made his way under.

One stiletto-clad foot went to his shoulder, giving him room to work his magic on me. I felt one hand push my little thong out of the way. “Do you have your other hand on yourself?” I asked, a little breathless.

“Yes,” he moaned loudly.

“I want you to start to stroke yourself now,” I ordered him, and I could feel his movements. “I want to hear the pleasure coming from you. Not until then will you be able to lick me.” And his moans started coming from him. “That’s it pet…all right, now I want you to pleasure me with that beautiful mouth of yours,” I commanded, clinging to the wall.

When his mouth kissed my very turned-on bud, I groaned, then adjusted my hips to give him more access to me.I could feel his fingers teasing my entrance, and his own hand working himself by my leg. “Damn, pet, you’re delicious,” I panted as he sucked my bud into his mouth and dipped his finger into me.

I felt his hand stop, and I loved the power of knowing he was already at the point. I moved my hips on his tongue and a loud moan escaped from under my dress. “Good boy, you’re a very good boy,” I panted, still moving, but now taking his head that was still covered in my dress in my hand, pushing him deeper into me.

“That’s it pet, right there!” His tongue went deep inside me along with his finger. He had me sitting on his face, and I could feel him start jerking himself heavily once again.

His hand grabbed into my ass, pushing my hips up more for him as I continued to grind on his face. His tongue slid deeply in me, then slid up to my swollen bud, teasing it, and my breath started to come out gasping as my orgasm broke free.

My hand clasped his head as I rode his tongue, and the vibrations of his moaning as he came heightened the pleasure. “Damn, oh yes! Yes pet, keep that up,” I moaned, feeling his fingers dig even deeper into my ass, and his hand moving quickly on himself until I was finished.

His hand stopped as soon as my hips did and I took my heel out of his shoulder. I felt him put my thong back in place, and it took him a minute more to take off the condom, as he made his way out from under my dress. When he got back up he stood in front of me, taking the finger he’d had in me in his mouth, cleaning it off of my juices. And I very much liked his naughty actions.

His hands came to each side of my head and he stared into my eyes with a burning look that set me on fire. My fingers came up, whipping the moisture from his handsome face. “That was a very good boy, Davis,” I purred.

The next thing I knew his hand went behind my neck, putting his lips to mine and taking over my mouth. He was trying to break me, trying to be in control. And for just a second I slipped and something in me let him have it.

When I finally managed to push back from him, my head fell back against the wall at the power this man had over me. We both stood there panting and our eyes never strayed from one another. “I didn’t give you permission to kiss me. If you were mine, that would’ve lead to a punishment,” I whispered as his dark blue eyes watched me.

“What kind of punishment are you talking about?” His voice came out hoarsely.

I gave him a little shrug. “A good dom always has an array of punishments at the ready. Some physical, some mental. If I knew you hated a certain toy, that’s what I’d use. Let’s just say, for instance, you didn’t like the paddle on your bare backside. That’s what I would’ve chosen for you as your punishment.”

His hand went to the back of my neck again, and there was something so raw and powerful in this action that it made my mind stumble over my rules, thinking I might like such simple acts with such a man. “Let’s go to your place,” he now tried to order me.

Once again my mind drifted to accepting that, but I gathered my thoughts out from under his masculine charms. “No, I don’t have men know where I live or come into my everyday life,” I managed to get out.

His hand released me and went to the back of his neck; he rubbed it in what looked like confusion. “I’m not ready to let you out of my sight, sugar,” he growled in his own seductive way.

“I don’t think you have much of a choice now, do you?” I stated as I gazed at the man in front of me. Damn it, something about him was making me break a whole bunch of my own rules. “Give me your phone, Davis.”

He took it from his jacket and handed it to me. “Here’s my number. If you think you want to give what I consider a fun night a try, give me a call and let me know.” I gave him back his cell, completely annoyed with myself. “I should just walk away from you right now. Just head to Egypt for a business trip,” I admitted to him, thoroughly disgusted at my behavior.

He frowned at my statement, then glanced at the phone and back to me. “A.B.?” he questioned.

A little smile broke free as he stated each syllable. “My friends call me A.B.,” I explained.

“I really like that, Abie.”

I laughed softly at how he said my name, with such a twang to it. “Close enough. It was fun, Davis, and take care of yourself. If I don’t hear from you again, I understand.” I smiled, walking away.

Kitty was on the dance floor, all over this guy she’s been seeing, when I pulled her to me for a second. “Hey, tell Allie I’m heading home,” I shouted in her ear.

She glanced over her shoulder. “Already? But you just got here!” she yelled back over the crowd. I shrugged and nodded. I was about to walk away when hands took me around the waist.

“I’ve got her, sweetheart,” Davis told Kitty with a wink. That sent her all googley-eyed when she saw him. He started to walk me out of the club, and I saw him wave to his friend at the table, who gave him a thumbs up. What the hell?

At this point I figured it was best not to let things go any further with him. He clearly wasn’t a subservient male and not a sub by any means. “Look, Davis…” I began, but stopped when his eyes smoldered down at me.

His arm darted around my waist, keeping me in place next to him. “I think we should go get something to drink, and have a chat, sugar,” He ordered. We made our way to a beautiful sleek car, and something inside me wanted to go, but knew better.

“I don’t think that would be a wise idea.”

He smiled down at me now that he had me where he wanted me. He opened the door, helped me take a seat, then actually buckled me in. That could have been considered submissive, right? Or it could also be considered that I was his pet. Shit!

When he got in, I rubbed my temple at the way this night was going. Normally I would have been very satisfied after a very well received orgasm. But just having this man around me… “I already told you, I don’t drink,” I exclaimed, already in upheaval.

He chuckled at my mopey demeanor. “I know, sugar, but I couldn’t just let you walk out on me, now could I. I know you like coffee, how ’bout you and I go get a cup?” he asked, with more of the Texan twang coming out.

“Sure, why not,” I mumbled, looking out the car window.

Ten minutes later we walked into a nice, warm coffee shop. My red velvet jacket hung to my calves, but I was still cold. Davis put his arm around my waist, taking me up front with him. “What do you drink?” he asked me.

“I’ll just take a cappuccino, with cinnamon on top please,” I sighed. He ordered himself a black coffee and after our drinks were made, he took us back into a remote corner of the shop to a dimly lit table. There were only two other people there at this time of night, affording us some privacy.

Snuggling into the seat, I blew on my hot coffee and was about to take a sip when he started talking. “I’ve read that these kinds of relationships are all very different. Some can be as harsh as you talked about tonight at the table with Richie, and some are just…not so vanilla, which was a word that was used quite a bit by the way, to explain my side of things.” He growled. That made me smile, as I took my first sip. He didn’t like being called vanilla.

He sat back, looking me over. “But what I want to know is what you like. When you talked about this stuff, you kept saying ‘some men.’ What are your likes, what are your needs, Abie?” he asked before taking a sip of his coffee.

This threw me off. I guess persistent was an understatement for this man. “Are you considering trying to be submissive with me?” I asked, with a baffled laugh. I knew from experience this man was no sub.

“Well, maybe not the kind of submissive you’re used to.”

“Are you saying you want to start a sexual fling with me?” I asked for clarification. He shook his head, not saying anything else. “You mean you want us to start seeing each other…seriously?” once again baffled.

His cup went down on the table. His eyes roamed over me and I knew what he was about to say, but was having a hard time believing it. “Yes. That’s what I’m saying,” he said very seriously.

I took in his unyielding stance and my eyes widened at his confession. “But we hardly know each other. And I don’t think I’ve had a real relationship in seven years now,” I explained. But his mouth was hard set, telling me that that was precisely what he wanted.

My mouth, on the other hand, dropped open, and I blinked in amazement. “Really? You’re really serious in what you’re saying? Because so far, Davis, all this has been between us is sexual, ” I blurted, confused once again by this man.

“Woman, you’ve piqued my interest like no other woman I’ve ever met,” he drawled.

“Great, you’re piqued. Doesn’t mean I’m interested,” I lied.

He grinned at me, my statement not even affecting him in the least. “A man knows when a woman is interested in him.”

My brows went up. “You do? Well, now I’m intrigued. Inform me of this manly know-all power that you’ve been blessed with.”

“It’s not a secret power, Abie. When I went down on you tonight…sugar you were so wet, if I was on top of you I could have slid in.”

Crossing my arms, I glared at him. “I think you’re lucky I don’t have a ball gag on me. Because what you just said very much displeased me,” I growled at his arrogant face.

After I informed him of that, his smile fell. “I meant no disrespect. Knowing that a woman is that affected by him is what a man looks for. It lets him know the woman he’s with is really turned on by him.” And I could see the sincerity in his eyes, but I was still pissed.

Releasing an angry breath, I gave him a tiny nod of acceptance. “Even if what you say is true… Just because you turn me on, doesn’t mean I want more from you. Now does it?” I stated, still a little irked.

“Are you telling me that you don’t feel that chemistry between us?” he questioned, raising his brow. If I could have kicked something, I would have. Instead I sat back, eyeing him grumpily, and thinking of the next logical place to go with this conversation.

“I think you’re getting ahead of yourself. We might not be compatible for one another despite the common attraction.” That made him smile, which caused me to roll my eyes. “Why don’t you tell me what you’re not interested in? Then that will let me know if this could even possibly work out between us.”

He sat back and kicked his long legs next to mine. “Well, I’m not goin’ to want to be tied up like a damn steer. Or being so bound so tightly I can’t move,” he began. “That walking around with my dick in a chastity belt? No, definitely not into that. Or this not coming for days or weeks on end? When we’re together, it ends with us both satisfied.” He sat there and thought some more.“I also don’t like the hittin’ of my…personal parts. Or intentionally causin’ pain to my dick.”

I chuckled at him and at all the things he just told me he wasn’t into.

“What?” he asked, a little irritated with me now.

I put my cappuccino down and raised my hands a little. “Nothing, it’s just that what you don’t like is what most sub men want from me,” I explained.

He crossed his arms, giving me a grin that was all male. “Well, I’m not a sub man. But I’m willing to add some spice into our bedroom if that’s what you need,” he told me. “I also like to be in control every now and then. If I’m going outside my comfort zone, maybe you could give me a little time outside yours.”

I was about to take a sip when I glanced up over the rim of the cup. “You want me to go hard core vanilla on you?” I smirked at him with my joke. But he didn’t laugh.

He stared intensely at me. “Now what do you like, and/or need from me. Plus what are you willing to bend for me, in the bedroom, and out of it?”

That had me really thinking, what would I be willing to put aside? That’s not really something I’ve thought of before. “You know that’s a difficult question. What I’ve wanted from a man I’ve received without any arguments for seven years now.” My cup went to the table, and I looked at this man in front of me. Hmm, was he worth taking it down a notch?

“Well, I very much like to spank my men. But we could try different things. If you don’t like the whip, then maybe a shoe, or a brush. You might just prefer my hand.” I put my finger to my mouth thinking of the things he didn’t want, but the things that I enjoy. “Would you be opposed to handcuffs, and blindfolds?” I asked him.

A deep rumble came from his chest. “No, I think I might like that, quite a bit really.”

That had the little stinker come out of me a little bit. “I do like to tie up my partner, but would you be willing to try it? If you don’t enjoy it we could cross it off our list of unacceptable things.”

He looked me over once again. “As long as if I said ‘no more,’ you knew I meant it.”

That had me sitting up and seriously looking at him. “First we would have to have a safe word, there’s no doubt in that. Especially as you have no idea how this world works. But most importantly, I would never want to hurt or push someone to the point of breaking. I might push you past your comfort zone. But if what was performed was not enjoyable for you, then that would be put on the list of unacceptable for me as well,” I told him in all seriousness.

He nodded his head, happy with what I’d said.

“Now, about the whole not being able to orgasm thing. I’m probably a bit off from some of the women you read about. I personally love to watch a man ejaculate.”I chuckled at his happy grin. “I love to be in control of when and how you’re going to find your release. It’s very empowering to know that I’m the one who can give or deny you that pleasure. But also to know it’s my body that gives you that pleasure as well.”

I leaned forward so others would have no idea what I was talking about. “I’ve got to warn you, I’m very perverse in some of my sexual turn-ons. That’s one reason submissive men work so well for me. I’m fascinated by the male anatomy and very much like to…play with it,” I explained, and then appraised him. “And there’s one more very important thing. I expect you to obey me,” I whispered.

His feet came in and now he leaned towards me. “What do you mean by that precisely?” he asked, squinting at me.

Once again I shrugged. “Now this is the part where you should run away from me, Davis,” I told him, but he just sat there watching and waiting.

I sighed at his stubbornness. “If I want you to cook me dinner with nothing on, you can’t say no, or not now. That’s not your option, you obey. If I want you on the floor and for me to sit on your face until I’m screaming your name, you obey. If I want you to brush my hair, paint my toes, rub my back, or give me a bath…spank your ass. I’m not looking for your opinion or when it might be acceptable to you. I expect you to obey me,” I explained silkily. Then I smiled a wicked smile. “But on the other hand, if you want me, and I’m not in the mood…” I let him assume the rest.

He leaned back, not liking the sound of that last part. “You want me to walk around naked and cook, I can do that for you. Paint your nails… Most definitely have some ideas with that. And sugar, if you want to put that pretty little pussy of yours on my face at any time, that’s fine with me. As long as we both get happy endings.”

A smile that I can’t describe as other than predatory broke over his face. “But if I want you, and you sitting next to me, or lying next to me, hell if we’re somewhere out in public, make no mistake I’m going to take you. And I’ll have you screaming out my name.”

That made me actually bite my lip. “All right…” That’s all I could manage to get out. I swear this man had just blindsided me into submissionville!

“Now, what are you willing to give me on my vanilla side?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not sure what you’re really asking of me? I mean, I told you: I want to tie you up, spank your ass, and watch you cum. What are you asking of me now?”

“Damn it!” he murmured under his breath. “You can turn me on, shock the hell out of me, and send my mind racing in too many directions to think straight! And the way it comes from your lips…” he confessed sizing me up. “But that’s fair enough. I’ll tell you what I’d like, and see what we both can agree upon.”

“I can manage that,” I replied.

“I want to go places together to get to know each other. I would like not to have every love-making scenario with chains and whips…”

“Be more specific. Be one hundred percent honest or it won’t work. Tell me what you do want.”

“I want you in my bed. If I want to go missionary or doggy, or hell I just want to enjoy your body whenever I can. I want to know what’s going on in your life, and tell you what’s happening in mine. I want to know where you live. Plus I want to be able to hold your hand, give you a hug and show you affection any time I please. That means not in a way I’ll be punished for because I didn’t ask permission to come up and kiss you, touch you or anything else that resembles that.”

I nodded at him, taking in account all he said. “There’s no doggy, I will not submit to you. But if you want me to put a strap on for you…” I said. He ran his hands over his face at the thought, making me laugh.

Thinking seriously of what he was asking for made me a little uneasy. “You’re asking me for a lot. And it’s not just in the bedroom. You’re wanting to be involved in all aspects of my life,”

He regarded my demeanor as our eyes truly took one another in. “Yes,” was all he said.

I stared into the foam in my cup. “I was recently wondering if I needed to make some changes at this stage in my life. But I just don’t know if I’m willing to give in to you… That’s a form of submission. And I don’t submit to men,” I thought out loud.

“Come on Abie, a woman like you wouldn’t be scared of something like this…a little vanilla,” he teased me.

But I could absolutely be scared of something like this, with a man like him. He could get my mind thinking thoughts that could break my heart again. But… “I’ll try this out with you, Davis, but if I don’t like it then I will leave,” I stated plainly.

Once again he didn’t seem to like the last part, but men seldom do. He then reached across the table, taking my hand. “I won’t let you just up and leave me, Abie.” I started to say something, but he stopped me. “But let’s not go there now. Because I like the fact that you’re mine now, sugar.” He smiled as his thumb caressed the top of my hand.

My eyes narrowed at his words. “Yours?” I asked, a little annoyed.

“Semantics, sugar, that’s all.” But his smile slipped, and I could read his face there was something else going on with him. “I have only one more thing that is a definite in my book. And I will not bend on this,” he said softly, gruffly, to me.

Mesmerized by the rough skin of his hand, which was so different from other men I’ve known, my eyes fluttered back up to his in question. “What more could you possibly ask for? I hope you know just how many rules of mine I’m breaking, accepting your challenges.”

“Challenges?” he asked, and I nodded to him stubbornly, making him grin. “Okay, you have been quite generous with me. But I’ll exchange one of my discomforts if you say yes to this one.”

“All right, that sounds fair enough,” I murmured, not quite knowing what to expect.

His hand tightened on mine. “I’m not sharing you with anybody. That might be considered submissive in your terms, but it is a definite requirement in mine.” He spoke softly but firmly to me on the subject.

Where all my confidence went, I couldn’t tell you. It wasn’t like I haven’t had men who wanted to have a relationship with me; hell, I’ve even had five proposals. But this was different. Those men liked the life of a sub, and I was in control. This man, though… “So you want us to be monogamous with each other from the beginning? You don’t want to let us wade into this? Just jump in feet first?”

“Yes. I want us to be monogamous.” His voice rumbled with ownership. That had me trying to pull my hand way, but I couldn’t. He had it firmly in his grasp. “Abie,” he whispered softly.

“Fine. It isn’t like I’m used to having more than one man in my bed anyway,” I huffed to his smirking face. “Are you sure you’re not a sub? Because you sure can get a little needy, Davis.”

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