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Chapter 9

"I am a sweet disaster"


In front of us stood Eric Monte, my ex-boyfriend. I looked at him for about a second when something clicked inside my head.

I quickly turned around and jumped on Damien or whatever you call a grown-up woman climbing on a tall man. It was easier because he was taken aback by my action. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him hard. My actions sloppy.

I could feel him grow harder on my stomach.

“Carry me outside”
I whispered in his ear and continued kissing him.

He stood there holding me like a statue. I kicked him a little to wake him up. He got my hint and held me against him. We both walked out. My inner self-doing a happy dance. I wish I could see the look on Eric’s face. It would have been hilarious. Take that you wrecker!

I was happy that he had caught us doing things in the bathroom. It would show him that he was not all that high and mighty. I was so lost in my victory that I did not even notice Damien staring at me with as always lust and confusion in his eyes.

" My ex”, I said clearing his confusion.

“You used me to make your ex jealous?!” he exclaimed.

“So what? We all use each other for some or the other things. Like we used each other some time ago for pleasure, remember?”

“Do you even know who am I?”
He said this in a much darker tone.

“I-I know you are dangerous j-just let this go, okay? It was nice meeting you. And thank you for the pleasure you gave me”

I said winking and moving away from him. Inside I was having a heart attack. It was a sudden sense of dangerous aura around him which gave me goosebumps. Wanting to run away from him. But before I could make a run Damien grabbed me from behind. His hot breath on my hair.

“Next time be careful, Candy. I could fuck you in front of all the people just to let you know not to fuck with me, yes?

His breath tickling my nape making me lose my head.
" Yes?”


What? No. I won’t submit to anyone.

“I mean” I turned around to look up in his green eyes. Touching his dimpled cheek I continued
“I mean nope coz there won’t be a next time Mr.oldie”

The look on his face was pure satisfactory to me. With that, I walked towards the crowded area of the club. I spotted Andrews and Jack getting a little too cozy with each other. I coughed to get their attention.

“Wanna go, home sweet home”, I said to a tipsy Andrews and somewhat sober Jack, he didn’t drink much as always our designated driver.

“Take me home, daddy”, Andrews said grinding on Jack and I waited patiently. I had the most amazing orgasm of my life tonight they deserve it too.

“Let’s go”, Jack replied taking Andrews hand pulling him up.

“Me too daddy”, I replied flashing him my most innocent face.

Jack rolled his eyes and took my hand and we left.

Monday morning had never been this bright as it was today. I was unusually happy today. Dressing up with a little more excitement than normal.

I chose a fringe hem knitted cami top cause the summer was taking a toll on me. The top was plain army green color with crisscross decoration. The fabric had some stretch to it. Spaghetti strap neckline. Totally my type. I fell in love with it the moment my eyes fell upon it. I matched the top with regular short denim shorts.

I had a little skip in my walk this morning. I was happy. There was no stress building up inside me. The tension was sucked out from you this weekend, my inner self-remarked. I blushed coz she was right.

The shop was open. Melinda, my co-worker was cleaning the glass counter. I had hired two co-workers to help us. The other was Jenny. Both of them were trustworthy. Even I lust after the candies in my own shop but they don’t. Andrews says that the only thief in the shop is me.

“Morning beautiful”, I chirped.

“Good morning mam”

“Adriana”, I corrected her with a smile.

I looked around the shop. Our shop was designed by Jack himself. He was like the best interior designer in the world. He took every little thing into consideration. The shop was in hexagonal shape. Every wall of the shop had big colorful cabinets. The rest of the space between them was filled with glass walls which had glitters in them.

Glass apothecary jars filled with licorice, caramels and sour candies line the shelves. All sorts of candy sit atop cake stands on the charming window display. The shop had several sections, including stations for lollipops or marshmallows and a French patisserie for parents—or kids—with a more sophisticated palate.

My favorite part was the lollipop tree standing in the center of the shop which attracted most of the children. Other things were the candy cane columns surrounding the perimeter, and cases adorned with oversize candy buttons. The floor had dark chocolate color tiles which seemed like chocolate bars. At the middle wall of the shop, our main counter was placed. It was made of colorful glass. The counter lead us to the back room which was used as the changing room. It again leads to our office and the storage room. On the whole, the shop seemed like a child’s dream in a candy world. The first time when I saw Jack’s work I had begged him to redecorate my house too. I love his work.

I sat on the counter, my mind going back to this weekend activities. I have not stopped thinking about those dark green eyes and that face and that body. Overall I was doomed.

So it did not come as a shock to me as someone shook my shoulders. Ohh Andrews........when did he arrive?

“Earth to the queen”


“Yeah, I will when you put some effort to earn us a living. Two customers..”, he motioned with his fingers in front of my eyes.

“ We were losing two fucking customers if it was not for me”

“I am sorry okay?”

“Oh you should be dear”

I stuck out my tongue to him.

I smiled to myself. I hope this will be a happy week.

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