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Chapter 1

Actions are the seed of fate ~ Harry S Truman

Adriana’s POV

“Ana! , I am out of here you will have to close the shop, it will be fine right?” , my colleague as well as my best friend Andrews shouted from the shop front. We are best friends for 7 years. he and I both own a small pastry shop. we both love making sweets, you can say it is our passion. last year we opened our very own shop. It was like my dream come true. It was the same with Andrews.

“Sure thing, head ahead Drews”, I shouted back.

“Well then good night”


There was a small click of the door closing and then silence.

There are times like this , where silence is so peaceful. No I am not a weirdo but you tend to think weird things or shit like this after a noisy day. Today was one hell of a day. There were never ending customers who I tell you cannot keep their thoughts to themselves. I mean if you don’t like a thing in this shop why the fuck are you even here. They just do my head in. The only thing I like is the kids. They truly are angels. Okay and now I am blabbering . I just wanna go home and drown in my tub…

Just kidding I fucking need a hot bath. My head is killing me. And so I wrap up my work , counted the expenses , summed up all and closed my laptop.

I gather my things checked the kitchen not wanting to blow up my baby shop now. Closed all the windows and the back door. I walk out, locking the shop.

Once I made sure it is locked properly I start walking down the block. Just three blocks and then a long relaxing hot shower.

Oh, but how can I forget my fate, never goes my way. Suddenly there was an ear-splitting noise. I covered the distance to my house quickly. Once inside my safe haven, I peeked through my window to check out the source of that sound. And if I am not mistaken it was the sound of a …bullet. I felt the hairs at the nape of my neck stand at attention.

With shaky hands, I looked through the gap between the curtain and the window. First, there was nothing suspicious or out of order. After two minutes or so I saw a figure and if my eyesight is still intact, he was stumbling and then he fell down. I think he is the victim. My savior skills came to life. But I must make sure if the danger was still there lurking around . one is never too sure. Once I made sure that the night is as good as dead, I stepped out of my house.

On tiptoes, I went near the stranger. It was too dark to make out his face. The man groaned, so I quickly took his hands in my hands and started to pull the man towards my house. The pulling lasted for just two seconds before I was out of breath. What the hell did he eat? How much does he weigh? The man groaned again, so I had no choice but to continue pulling him.

After what felt like an eternity, when it was just five minutes (I know, I know not a short period of time) I managed to bring him inside my house. I did a back slap to myself. Yeah, girl power!

The stranger groaned again. I swear he is becoming a problem. Any way a person’s life is at stake. I quickly fetched my first aid kit. I assessed the wound on his shoulder.

It was a bullet wound no doubt in that but the bullet had just touched the surface. Now that I look at his physique. He was well maintained. And besides the wound, he was overall a very handsome person.

But he was sure shot a trouble, a very big one at that.

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