The Dancing Shadow

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A man with the spirit of a dancer is trapped in his own shadow. Then a woman who also likes to dance comes along, but there are many women who like to dance. What makes her so special?

Romance / Adventure
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The Wait

I am a man who is trapped in his own shadow. I can’t come out during the day so I stay trapped underground. At night I can come back to the land of the living. But I’m not really living, just existing. Sometimes, I almost forget who I am from being down here so long. The person who cursed me didn’t have a grudge against me or anything, she just picked a random person to curse, and that person happened to be me, 25 year old Dave Wickerman, now 27. There isn’t a time limit on my curse, but the only way to free myself is to get a woman to dance with me for three nights. At the end of the third night, we have to kiss. How do I know this, the person who cursed me told me after she turned me into a shadow. But it's not like anyone would dance with a shadow, much less kiss one. The only consolation I have is dancing. When I’m on the outside I can hear music playing in the streets and I can dance the night away and forget about my troubles for a while. Then back underground when daylight comes.

One night I’m dancing across the walls to a hip hop song, when I see a young woman dancing to the same song in front of the store that’s playing it. This woman has long black hair tied in a ponytail, with light blue eyes. She’s dresses in a pant suit and heels. How is she dancing in those, and I must admit, her dancing is pretty good. I snuck closer to get a better look at her. I felt like I could watch her all night. Before I knew it, I was right next to her. Suddenly, her head snapped up in my direction, but of course she couldn’t see me, I was in the shadows. Soon enough she looked away and went home. Of course she couldn’t see me, after all, who would see me? I’m just a man trapped in his own shadow.

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