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Two people with different cultures, different beliefs and lives in two different countries. Will they fall for each other when they met? Melody Hazel Moore Age: 27 Birthday: July 4, 1989 Nationality: American Eye color: Gray Hair color: Brunette Occupation: Manager Description: a softy and an ordinary New Yorker employee who rushes every morning to be on time for work. Boyfriend? That's out of the question she says. Dark secrets? Don't we have all? James Nicholas Johnson Age: 29 Birthday: November 22, 1987 Nationality: Australian Eye color: Blue Hair color: Black Occupation: CEO, owner of Johnson International Corporation Description: a cold hearted bastard. Just kidding! A cold hearted businessman and the Australia's most eligible bachelor. The man who says "I have everything served in a silver platter". Women? No he's too busy for that play he says. Does he have dark secret? How about, every one of us has their own secrets and if he has, it's a secret. Why reveal it? But the only person who knew about this is his best friend. How about these two people met because James was suddenly invited for a family reunion of his best friend, Andrew who happens to be Hazel's cousin. It's an offer he can't refuse. What do you think will happen to this three?

Romance / Adventure
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Everything is a blur…

“Moooommyyy..” I thought to myself praying that my mother or even a member of my family shows up.

I’m scared…

I heard footsteps on our wooden floor together with the soundtrack of my favorite cartoon.

I can see the shoes as I was curled up on the couch, scared.

The figure I saw shows up starting to touch me as I was trying to pull away but the figure’s hand is too strong for me.

I couldn’t resist…

I just closed my eyes…

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