The Billionaire Bastard Is The Man Of Her Dreams

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Vince didn't waste any second as he claimed her lips in a passionate kiss. And the moment she parted her lips and he had a taste of the sweet nectar in her mouth, his senses ran amok and owned him. The queen of the boardroom only has one golden rule in life - never marry for love. Unlike many women, Diadem was a hardcore non-believer of marriage for love. She would rather prefer marriage for convenience and vowed not to follow her parents' doomed marriage, a testament to what folks regard as 'how love turned bloody awry'. So, nope, she will never be another pathetic hopeless romantic fool. But things changed when she met Vince, a top-notch charmer who could easily manipulate women with his gorgeous looks and sinfully, sexy body. With a whip of his finger, she found herself ditching her precious motto and craved for the otherwise - Love and Marriage. But Vince was the exact opposite of ‘The Man of Her Dreams’. He was rugged, dangerous and utterly unpredictable. But boy oh boy, she did fall in love with him - fast and hard. He took her in an adrenaline-full romantic ride that’s bursting with high octane energy, only to drop her like a hot potato. That’s when she found out that he was out to seek revenge, and was hell-bent to make her life a living mess.

Romance / Drama
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“Okay, let’s start the meeting, ladies and gentlemen...” Diadem surveyed the board of directors occupying the seats surrounding the u-shaped conference table with her keen eyes, mentally checking their attendance.

Her brow twitched when she noticed the three vacant seats. It was unusual. This was a monthly board meeting, and usually, they had a complete attendance.

“Where are Mr. Avida, delos Santos and Corona?” she asked in her usual formal tone, looking for the three missing members of the board.

The present board members looked at each other. She could see the quizzical look on their faces.

“What’s going on?” she asked again. She had a feeling that they’re keeping an important matter behind her back. And she disliked that.

“You have no idea yet, Ms. Elizalde?” it was Mrs. Socorro, one of the senior board members who attended the meeting.

Her forehead crumpled, with one brow twitched even higher than what she normally do. “I have no clue, Mrs. Socorro. If you know something, please tell me about it,” it wasn’t a request but a command. Her eyes zeroed her out among the other board members.

Mrs. Socorro looked at her straight in the eyes. “Ms. Elizalde, Mr. Avida, along with Mr. delos Santos and Mr. Corona, sold their shares yesterday,” she informed her. “So they’re no longer members of the board of directors.”

Something snapped in her head, pushing the alarm button.

Three board members sold their shares?

That came as a total surprise. Nobody told her about that. She had no inkling that this would happen. Mr. Avida, Mr. delos Santos and Mr. Corona never voiced out any desire to sell their shares. This was sudden. And the fact that she was clueless about the sellout totally aggravated her.

This act was unacceptable. It was a breach in the company’s transparency policy.

Her nose flared, but she kept her cool.

The three board members held a total of thirty percent from the shares of GOC. Whoever managed to buy their shares now ranked second from her. She owned forty-five percent of GOC’s share of stocks, making her the major stockholder.

“Who bought their shares?” She tried to draw a smile even though she wanted to snap at everyone. Something fishy was really going on.

As if on cue, the door of the conference room swung open. The solid figure of a tall man occupied the space between the door’s frames in an intimidating manner. He strode inside the conference room with brooding confidence as if ready to go to war.

Colors departed her beautiful face when she recognized the imbecile who unceremoniously interrupted GOC’s Monthly Board Meeting.

But despite the anger that rose in her chest, her eyes did not miss to notice his imposing appearance. He was looking so sleek and powerful in his three piece suit, like a true blue successful business tycoon. Nonetheless, the hint of ruggedness he always carried around persisted.

Drat, but what the hell was the devil doing inside her own conference room? Of all places!

She just wished that he was only a product of her wild imagination.

She shut her eyes hard, trying to drive his image away. But when she opened her eyes again, he remained standing in front of her.

He was not a mere product of her wild imagination.

He was real.

And he was here now, in her own conference room.

“Diadem,” he enunciated her name crisply.

And when he smiled dangerously at her, her knees shuddered.

Oh my God! This nightmare wasn’t happening at all. But denial wouldn’t help her. Not one bit.

He took one step closer. The evil curve in his lips arrested her attention. His mouth opened, and in a soft voice that was only intended for her ears, he spoke, “It’s payback time.”

Her flesh trembled. Shaking her head, she groped for courage. But one look at the devil’s eyes and she cowered like a scared rat.

But she wouldn’t breakdown in front of this bastard. Her precious pride would never allow that to happen. It would be doomsday first before she would embarrass herself.

Her face scrunched up. She rejoiced at her new found courage. Raising her chin, she fought his haughty stare.

She was Diadem Elizalde. She wouldn’t be tagged as the queen of the boardroom for nothing. Like a dragon, she would spit fire if needed.

Well, she wouldn’t turn her back on his challenge. He wouldn’t dare. She was ready. She’d been ready all her life protecting the legacy her mother passed on to her.

But when her sight riveted at his powerful lips, the very same lips which stole her first kiss, the rush of decadent memories flowed abundantly. Rich images of their carnal tryst flashed in her mind like an X-rated movie. She heard her moans echoed at the back of her head, titillating her wild imagination.

And her traitorous body wantonly responded. Her skin tingled unabashedly, sending shivers running down her spine. Her breasts swelled, pushing her nipples to pucker like pebbles. Her panties shamefully creamed in delirious excitement.

She shut her eyes hard, hoping to drive the sinful thoughts away, but it was a wrong move. In the darkness, she saw her own self, naked, moaning and ranting unrecognizable sounds as his skillful lips introduced her to Nirvana.


She quickly opened her eyes as if burned by the decadent, haunting imagery.

Their eyes met.

To her utter horror, he read what’s on her mind through the spark of memories in her eyes.

The devil snickered, taunting her.

My God, how she wanted to die that very moment!

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