Romancing The Bank Magnate

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She's in a financial woes... He's haunted by impotency dilemma... She's desperate to raise money... He badly needs a cure and an heir... They're the answer to each other's predicament. Or are they? Xavier Yuchengco - billionaire extraordinaire, gorgeous CEO of UNB, untamed and elusive as a bull, was having the time of his life when suddenly hit by a mid-life crisis. He just woke up one day without the usual morning erection, and things escalated quickly. He was a perennial playboy, and suffering from impotence was a hardcore karma to him. Desperate to find cure to his epic erectile problem, he paid a one whole page ad in the Daily Newspaper that reads: BANKING MAGNATE, LOOKING FOR A WIFE TO BEAR HIM AN HEIR. ONLY LOVELY, HOT WOMEN WITH MATERNAL INSTINCTS NEED APPLY. Absurd idea, yeah, he knew that, but desperate problems call for desperate measures, too. But his desperate stint seemed a messy failure when all of the hot, lovely women who poured at his doorstep to apply to his ad did not do a thing to excite his still sleeping junior. He was ready to ditch the idea and seek medical help when a last minute applicant popped in his office, and took his breath away. And for just a split second, he was sporting the hardest boner he ever had in his life. Just when he thought his life was back on track, things made a drastic turn.

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She stopped in front of him, casting her faint shadow, making her look dominant, as if she could put him under her mercy. But it only added exhilaration to the excitement that was pounding in his blood.

Xavier looked up, eyes keeping pace with her tantalizing movements. She smiled at him, a sweet smile that made his world turn upside down.

God, this woman was beautiful, so fucking beautiful that she took his breath away.

He was surrounded by a lot of hot chicks in his jet-setting world, but it was the first time that he had stumbled upon her kind of beauty. He just couldn’t explain it. She looked innocent, yet feisty. The unique combo made a lasting impression on him.

She ducked her head, shoving her face closer to his. Her sweet scent assaulted his nostrils, dug deep in his lungs, and his senses ran amok.

Damn! This woman wasn’t just lovely, but she smelled like the sweetest flower in the world, too!

“Hello, Xavier...” she whispered in an oh-so-sexy voice. Her warm breathing tickled the sensitive tissues in his ear.

A sharp fireball of heat blasted in his core, rushed to every fiber of his being, and exponentially concentrated in his painfully throbbing cock.

Holy fuck! But he could feel his rock hard erection, straining against the fabric of his pants, violently wanting to break free from confinement.

“Yes... I can turn you on, Xavier. I’ll make you go crazy over me, until you’ll want me like you have never wanted anyone else in your life.” Katrina’s sweet promise reverberated in his mind.

He took a sharp intake of breath. He was fucking more than just turned on at this bloody moment.

Katrina was just starting to seduce him, yet he was already panting in agonizing need to be buried deep in her creamy, molten sheets. His hands were itching to grab her, pin her down the floor, strip her of her clothes, and thrust his throbbing cock full and deep into her core. The need to be inside her was overwhelming!

Ah... it had been so long since he panted in desperate need to fuck a pussy. How he missed the feeling! It felt so darn good to be a testosterone-driven man again. Finally, he was back on track. Thank God!

Her arms draped around his shoulders, imprisoning him, shoving her intoxicating, sweet scent deeper into his nose. He breathed through the fresh sweetness. It was more potent than the most expensive perfume.

Oh, how he dug her scent!

She sat on his lap, spreading her legs to straddle him. She was wearing skin-tight jeans, and the mound of flesh between the junction of her thighs was fleshy and apparent.

Seeing her femininity made his mouth water. That was the most precious, maddening part of a woman. Oh Lordy, it was such a lovely, carnal sight!

Her soft hands crawled to his chest, slipped inside his suit, and touched his bare chest. Her soft fingers scraped against the hardness of his swollen nipple. It created ripples of sensations all over him.

It was a gripping moment where sensations plagued through him, titillated him, and uncontrollably took over his sanity. He closed his eyes to savor the moment, amazed at how this woman could make him feel.

He was horny as fuck!

Nobody else could simply touch him and instantly turn him into an erupting volcano. Or maybe a hopeless, romantic fool?

“Hmmmn...” she purred right in front of his ear.

That faint, below-a-whisper sound triggered sexy, carnal thoughts in his mind. He wanted her to purr like that when he was pounding hard in her, maybe even louder and harder, until he had deliciously made her pussy sore and red, until she was clenching tight around him, lost and drowned in the intensity of her own release.

Whoah! This lovely woman was surely a tease! And he was beyond turned on. His manhood stirred in violent frenzy, and a creamy liquid smeared around the tip of his cock, dampening his cotton boxer shorts.

Damn precum! He cussed under his breath. That fast! That easy! And he wanted to already mercilessly jack off like a silly, inexperienced boy.


And he lost control. With his body caving in to the intense need, he stood on his feet, dragged her in his arms, and pushed her against the wall. His one hand held her leg, pulled it up, and strapped it around his hip.

He was breathing hard now. His whole body was clamoring to have a taste of her, to have a fill of her. He was dying to indulge in the decadent pleasure of her wanton offer.

He wanted her. He wanted her so bad. Like he had never wanted anyone else in his life.

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