Beyond The Masque Part II

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Chapter 16

As soon as the door closes, Casey and I start laughing heartily, and Spence just chuckles and shakes his head before coming over to join us. He takes a seat on the sofa across from us, looking amused.

“You girls are very mean,” he smirks.

“He deserves it,” Casey snorts, leaning over and grabbing her drink from the table and taking a sip.

“Oh, the scenario that must be running through his head right now,” Spence laughs, “I’ve never kicked him out before.”

“Thank you for that, it’s just too awkward,” Casey tells him.

“No problem, I understand,” he nods, just as we hear a knock on the door.

Spence stands and goes over to the door and cracks it open to see who it is, then swings it wide open. It’s Chris and Lena, and they each have huge grins on their masked faces.

“Welcome!” Spence bellows, gesturing for them to come in, and when they step in, he and Chris lean in and give each other a quick back-tapping man hug. Spence then leans down and gives Lena a small peck on the cheek.

“Thank you for inviting us, this is incredible,” Chris exclaims, clutching Lena’s hand.

If I didn’t know it was Chris and Lena now, I might not recognize them in a crowd. Chris looks so different and so handsome in his tuxedo, the white-collar of his shirt almost covering his tattoos. Lena is wearing a long, metallic silver, flapper-style gown, and it matches her hairstyle perfectly. Her mask is silver, with a large plume of white feathers fanning out from the top. Casey and I stand to greet them as they come towards us. Chris is beaming when they approach us. Chris grabs me first and envelops me in a tight hug.

“Hey Rox, you look great,” he says, rubbing my back.

“You look awesome, Chris, you almost look like a real gentleman,” I tease.

“Hey, I’m more of a gentleman than you think,” he retorts, before pulling back.

Lena steps forward, and I hug her too.

“Lena, you look fabulous,” I tell her.

“Thank you, so do you guys,” she replies and steps away.

“Hey Chrissie,” Casey says with a smile, “hey Lena,” she then leans in a gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Can I get you two a drink?” Spence speaks up, coming around to stand next to me.

“Maybe some champagne?” Chris says, evident excitement in his voice. Spence glances at me and smiles knowingly.

“Dom?” he murmurs, and I nod.

We’re about to celebrate. I look at Chris expectantly, waiting for the excellent news, as Spence heads over to the bar. When he comes back, he slips an arm around my waist, and he too looks expectantly at Chris and Lena.

“So, how was the ride over, I hope you didn’t mind the alternative plan,” Spence hints.

Chris and Lena glance at each other, their cheeks turning a matching shade of pink.

“It was fucking amazing,” Lena breathes, and then holds her left hand forward, showing us the ring that sparkles on her pretty little ring finger.

I squeal loudly and hop up and down before I surge forward and grab her and Chris, hugging them both.


“Thank you,” Chris murmurs, “and you were right about needing that private limo,” he says even quieter so that only I hear him.

I pull back, and I look at the two of them, they look so happy, and it makes my heart swell with joy for them. Spence smiles and shakes Chris’s hand, and hugs Lena.

“Yes, congrats, this is great news,” he says, just as the bartender comes over with the champagne and five red glass champagne flutes.

“That’s awesome, you guys,” Casey says, almost looking like she could cry.

Proposals always make her feel sappy.

“Thank you. I think that I’ve got to be the happiest man in Houston right now,” Chris grins and then leans over and plants a lingering kiss on Lena’s lips.

The champagne is poured and passed around, and we each take a seat. I sit between Spence and Casey, and Lena and Chris are on the sofa across from us.

“I don’t know what I was expecting to see when we arrived, but what I’ve seen so far, wasn’t it. This place looks awesome,” Chris comments, taking a sip of his drink.

“Yes, it’s very…red,” Lena, laughs.

“Red, for Roxanne’s favorite color,” Spence tells them, running a finger up and down the back of my neck.

“It’s very dramatic, I love it,” Lena adds, “I’m getting wedding ideas already,” she says, reaching for Chris’s thigh and squeezing it.

“So, do you stay holed up in here all night?” Chris asks Spence curiously.

“Of course not,” Spence replies, “this is just where we get warmed up before we join the rest of the party.”

“Good because that dance floor will be calling my name, and I want Rox and Casey to join me on it later,” Lena states.

“Well then, how about we finish our champagne and then we’ll go out there,” Spence nods in approval.

“Of course, I wouldn’t let this go to waste,” Lena giggles, holding up her glass, “this is the first time I’ve ever had this stuff…it’s fucking good.”

“Oh my beautiful little fiancé, I love that foul mouth of yours,” Chris croons, leaning in and kissing her again, this time with a little more zeal.

This is odd for him since he’s never been big on PDA. Lena giggles into his mouth and peeks over at us, her cheeks turning pink again.

“Chris,” she breathes, looking slightly embarrassed.

Chris smiles at her and pulls away.

“Sorry, babe,” he chuckles, just as we hear another knock on the door. This time, Walt comes in and closes the door for a moment.

“Seth Turrell and Anya Clark,” Walt says, simply.

Spence looks at me in question, and I shrug, so Spence just nods at Walt, and Walt nods back before leaving the room. One second later, the door opens again, and in walk, Seth and Anya.

“Hello everyone,” Seth greets us all, looking slightly uncomfortable, “Anya here wanted to see…everything,” he adds.

“I wanted the full experience,” Anya smiles and takes a seat next to Chris.

He and Lena move over to make some space, and Seth sits down next to her. Anya looks over at Chris and Lena, a slow smile spreading across her face as she studies them.

“My, aren’t you two an attractive couple,” she purrs, leaning in a little closer to Chris, “who are you?”

Spence cuts in quickly, as Chris leans away from her, and Lena’s posture has stiffened.

“These are our good friends Chris and Lena,” Spence says, and Anya nods slowly.

She notices Chris leaning away from her, and an amused look crosses her features, but she doesn’t pull back. Chris looks at her in question.

“Wow!” Anya breathes, staring hard at Chris, “your eyes are intense, they’re so fucking blue.”

“Uh…” Chris stutters, not sure of what to do, and Lena sits up straight, looking like she’s ready to strangle Anya.

Seth notices this, and tugs on Anya, pulling her back towards him.

“What?” Anya asks innocently, glancing around the room at everyone, “why is everyone so tense?”

“I guess you bring it out of us,” Casey mutters under her breath.

Anya shoots a glare in her direction but doesn’t respond.

“Hey now,” Spence murmurs.

“Sorry,” Casey sighs.

“So, are you two having fun so far?” Spence asks, directing it towards Seth.

“We just got here, but the night is still young,” Seth replies smoothly, glancing at me.

I quickly turn away from his gaze and look at Spence. Spence is staring back at me, and then he turns and looks back at Seth.

“So, Seth, how’s business lately?” Spence starts a more casual conversation, and I zone out briefly.

I realize that I need to pee, and I quickly realize that I’m not going to be able to do it on my own. I don’t want to ask Spence, so I lean over to Casey, who’s glaring over at Anya.

“I have to pee, and I need help,” I whisper, and she turns her head and smirks at me.

“Sure thing,” she chuckles softly, and we get to our feet.

Spence looks up at us in question.

“We’ll be right back…um restroom,” I tell him quietly.

“Oh, I need to come too,” Lena announces loudly, so I guess I wasn’t as stealthy as I thought.

She gets to her feet and follows us to the restroom, leaving the guys with Anya.

My imagination starts to run away with me, and I idly picture Spence, Seth and Chris giving it to Anya from three sides. The thought makes me shudder, and I shake it away, because it’s ridiculous…Chris would never do that. I know Spence would never do that, not while he was with me at least. I wonder if he has ever done something like that in the past though. I know for certain that Seth would, he did something like that last year…with Lucas and me. A threesome last year, and now, am I actually considering getting myself into that scenario again? We all know how that turned out, so why am I even considering taking a risk like that again?

Sure, Spence is my fiancé, and Casey is my best friend, and despite Spence saying that he wouldn’t touch another woman, I don’t think that I like the thought of him even seeing her naked, in that way…it’s too much. I don’t think I would like Spence near any other naked woman beside myself, no matter who she was to me. I thought I was okay with the possibility of Spence, Casey and I, but the more I run it through my head, the less okay with it that I am. I need to tell Casey once I can get her alone, and I need to tell Spence that I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to share him, and I don’t want to be shared ever again, I’m not about to make that an annual tradition.

“Hello? Earth to Roxanne,” Casey says, waving a hand over my eyes, and I blink, pulled back into the here and now.

The three of us are now inside the bathroom, and Lena is just finishing up her business, and Casey goes over to her to help her keep her dress out of the way, they are giggling like crazy about this silly situation.

“Are you okay?” Lena asks me as they straighten her dress back out.

“Yeah, I’m fine. I guess I was just daydreaming,” I sigh.

“Okay, I do need to pee, though, and I need help. I basically need to take the dress completely off to do it, because it’s too tight to slide up,” I explain.

Casey nods and comes behind me to unzip the dress.

“These gowns sure don’t make it easy, do they?” Lena laughs.

“I think I should go next while we’re in here,” Casey giggles.

She holds it open, and Lena takes my hand to steady me as I step out of the dress, I don’t want to let it drop to the floor as I go.

“Wow, nice lingerie Rox,” Casey whistles.

“Looks fucking expensive,” Lena nods, and I blush as I quickly take a seat on the toilet.

“Damn, this is embarrassing, and a whole lot of work just to take a fucking piss,” I snort, and the girls laugh loudly.

“I know, right? Sometimes, it’d be easier to have a penis so we could just whip it out and go,” Lena agrees.

I finish and flush, shaking my head.

“I love this dress,” I say as Casey holds it for me to step back into it, “but I can’t imagine doing this later while intoxicated.”

“Oh shit, I hadn’t even thought about that,” Lena laughs, “I’ll just make Chris help me; he’d love that.”

“Poor Chrissie,” Casey giggles.

Casey’s dress is easier to hike up, so she needs little assistance. Soon, we’re all finished; hands washed, and ready to leave the bathroom. Lena steps out first, and Casey is behind her. I reach out and grab her arm and pull her back. Lena doesn’t even glance back, and she’s gone. I close the door so that I can talk to Casey in private.

“Hey Casey…I’ve been thinking about it, and I don’t think I can go through with what we had planned tonight,” I tell her.

She gazes back into my eyes and frowns slightly.

“Why, what’s wrong?” she asks, concern in her voice.

“I just can’t do it,” I say.

“With me or at all?” she asks with a raised eyebrow.

“At all. I don’t want to share Spence with anybody,” I tell her.

“Well, thank fucking god, Rox. I was hoping you would come to realize that,” she says, stunning me.

“Huh? But you were the one who initiated it,” I argue.

“Well, I just didn’t want you to consider doing it with Anya. I think if she were involved, she’d be all over you- like right now, and you wouldn’t have had the chance to think about it and change your mind. Had you not changed your mind, then yeah, we might have gone through with it, and it might have been good, but I’m not interested in Spence. She is. I’m glad you’ve reconsidered, and I’m also happy to hear it’s because you don’t want to share your fiancé. Why on earth would you even consider sharing that beautiful man? If he were mine, I wouldn’t let another woman near him with a fifty-foot pole.”

Her revelation astounds me, and it makes me feel thrilled that she’s back in my life because, without her, I might have found myself in yet another bad situation.

“Thank you, Case. I don’t know what I’d do without you sometimes.”

“I know,” she replies smugly.

“I guess I’ll tell Spence. He’ll be disappointed,” I tell her.

“No, he won’t Rox. Spence is perfectly happy with having only you. In his mind, watching us together was just a fun bonus. He won’t be disappointed, I promise you,” she assures me whole-heartedly.

“And if he is disappointed, then oh well. He’s a guy, he can’t help but want to see two girls together, and I swear it’s pre-programmed into their brains…both of them,” she adds.

“Okay, I’m sure you’re right about that,” I smile.

“I know I am. So, how about I send Spence in here so you can talk to him,” she suggests.

“Oh, it’s okay, I can tell him later,” I say, shaking my head.

“No, tell him now, and then we can all go have fun and not worry about anything. Plus, maybe you can finish what you two started before I interrupted you earlier,” Casey says with a wink before opening the door and heading out.

So I stand and wait in the bathroom for him, a wave of relief washing over me. It feels nice to be free of that pressure. I knew I wasn’t one hundred percent into the idea, and I’m glad that Casey understood. I had been worried that it’d hurt her feelings had I backed out, but nope. But even if she was, Spence is my fiancé, and if I don’t want to share him, then tough beans. I don’t want his hands, body or even eyes on another woman’s naked body.

I’m not sure why I all of a sudden feel so protective over him, maybe it’s because we’ve never been presented with this type of opportunity yet in our relationship. Now that it has been, I know I need to squash it because I think it could cause more damage than good. Sure, it would be hot and sexy while it’s happening, but afterwards, the reality sets in, and it can change you, I know this from experience. Good Roxanne, now you’re thinking like the smart girl I know you can be. I hear a light tap on the door, and I move to open it. The door is not locked, so I don’t know why he doesn’t just come on in. I swing it open, and it’s not Spence standing before me, it’s Anya. Oh fucking hell.

“Sorry, do you need the bathroom?” I ask her.

“No,” she smiles, taking a step towards me, and I don’t back up because I don’t want her coming in any further.

“Then what do you want?”

“I want you, Roxanne,” she says sweetly, tilting her head to the side, “I was hoping tonight that we could have a little fun you and I,” she steps forward again, standing chest to chest with me.

Suddenly, she grabs me by the shoulders and pushes me into the bathroom, and kicks the door shut behind her. She really, truly reminds me of a female Lucas.

“What the fuck, Anya!” I complain, “This isn’t going to happen,” I nearly snarled, pointing between us.

“Why not sweetie? I think it could be really hot,” she croons, and runs a black polished fingernail down my arm.

I step forward and try to move past her, but she steps in the way.

“Are you fucking nuts?” I exclaim, “Let me by.”

“Kiss me,” she sings, ignoring my protests.

“Fuck off!” I say between my teeth, and I can feel my temper starting to flare, “if you don’t back off…” I threaten, and then the door opens, and in walks Spence.

He looks confused when he sees Anya and I both in here together, and an amused grin hits his mouth. He has the wrong idea. Anya turns her head to smile at my fiancé.

“Hi Spence,” she says silkily, biting her lower lip.

I glare at the side of her head, and Spence finally seems to notice my discomfort, and his smile fades.

“What’s going on here?” Spence asks, his voice serious.

“I was just trying to persuade Roxanne to have some fun with me, but she's difficult,” she tells him, and then she has the gall to reach out and run a hand down his chest, “maybe you can convince her.”

I step forward, my hands balled into fists, ready to swing, but Spence sees me, and steps in between us before I can do so.

“Anya, Roxanne is not interested, so maybe you should back off now. Otherwise, I may need to have you removed,” he states, voice full of authority.

It helps me relax a little, knowing he’s got my back. Anya’s face falls, and her eyes darken.

“What? Are you kidding me?” she scoffs.

“I am One hundred percent serious,” Spence clarifies.

Anya sighs loudly and rolls her eyes.

“You’re no fun. I thought this party was supposed to get a little wild,” she pouts.

“It is, but everyone has their own ideas about what’s fun. What’s fun to you, may not be fun to Rox and I, so go find someone else to play your games with Anya, because it isn’t going to be with us little girl,” Spence states, and I gaze up at him lovingly, a huge smile forming on my lips.

I also find this incredibly sexy and I am now aching to jump his bones.

“Yeah Anya, I think you need to get out of here very quick, because I’m about to fuck my fiancé’s brains out,” I say, smiling at her.

I know it’s a little childish, but I can’t help myself. Spence shoots me a look of utter surprise at what I’ve just said, and then he looks back at Anya.

“Well, you heard her. Out you go,” Spence says, opening the door, and holding it wide for her, he gestures for her to leave.

She looks between us, one last time and huffs, then stomps out of the bathroom. Spence closes the door behind her and locks it. He is then in front of me in an instant, his chest to mine, he looks down into my eyes, and I run my hands up his chest.

“So, did you mean what you just said, or what that purely for her benefit?” he murmurs, sliding his hands around my waist.

“Oh, I meant it. Every. Single. Word.”

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