Beyond The Masque Part II

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Chapter 17

Spence’s eyes are dark and heated as he leans down and kisses me. I moan into his mouth and welcome his tongue, but all too soon, he pulls away, breathing hard.

“I don’t want to do this in here, I think we can do much better,” he murmurs, running his hands up and down my arms.

“I agree,” I smile up at him and kiss him on his chin.

“Okay then, just give me a second, and we’ll find a better spot.”

I look down and realize why he needs a second, and a giggle escapes my lips.

“Does my discomfort amuse you, Miss Vice?” he chuckles.

“Maybe a little Mr. Manfredi,” I tease him.

We wait another minute before Spence lets out a big breath, and he opens the door. We walk back out into the room and notice that everyone but Anya is still there. I’m surprised to see that Seth is still with us, but he’s chatting with Casey, Chris, and Lena now.

“Where’d Anya run off to?” I ask nobody in particular.

They all look up at us, and Casey smirks in our direction.

“Done already? I’m disappointed,” she teases.

“We haven’t even begun,” Spence replies.

“She took off back out there,” Seth answers my question, waving his hand dismissively.

“And you didn’t go with her?” I ask curiously.

“Nah, she came storming out of the bathroom looking pretty pissed, and she just left. I have a pretty good idea what she was pissed about, so I don’t feel like dealing with her bullshit,” Seth scoffs, looking a little pissed about the situation.

He should since his girlfriend just tried to mess around without him there.

“Seth, you could do better,” Casey speaks up, and Seth looks over at her, looking surprised by her comment, and Casey continues.

“She’s just a spoiled little brat who’s trying to screw around with these two...” she gestures at Spence and me, “with you in the other room. How messed up is that?”

I frown at Casey, she didn’t have to add the part about Spence and me, but I can’t say that I don’t agree with her. The mood is somewhat interrupted for now, so Spence and I take a seat with our friends.

“We’ll continue this shortly,” he whispers in my ear as we take a seat.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Seth assents with a nod, then he smiles at Casey,“ she’s definitely a brat.”

“She was trying to mess around with you guys?” Lena stares at me, her eyes wide, and I nod.

“That’s messed up,” Chris snorts, he stares at me too, looking like he’d like to ask me more, but not in front of everyone.

“Maybe you should just find someone your own age,” Casey then says to Seth, and he smiles at her again, then he peeks over at me.

He tilts his head to the side, seemingly trying to figure something out.

“Maybe you’re right,” he says, still staring at me.

“I’m sure there are plenty of beautiful and single ladies here tonight that could catch your fancy,” Spence chimes in, putting his arm around my shoulders, “like the lovely Casey here, for instance.”

I know what he’s doing. Casey starts laughing, and Seth looks at her, an amused smirk on his face.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Casey says, shaking her head.

“Why not?” I blurt, surprising myself.

Seth and Casey both turn their heads to stare at me. Seth’s mouth drops open, and he quickly snaps it shut.

“Anyway,” Lena cuts in loudly, “I think Chris and I are going to head back out to the main party, anybody care to join us?”

“I will,” Casey nods.

“Sure, I’m in,” Seth adds.

“How about you two?” Chris asks Spence and me, a slow grin spreading across his face.

“We’ll be out there soon,” Spence says, “I’ve got something to attend to first.”

“Alright then,” Chris chuckles, “see you soon.”

He stands and takes Lena’s hand to help her to her feet, and Casey and Seth follow suit.

“Once you’re done screwing your brains out, come find us, and we’ll dance our asses off,” Casey laughs.

“Casey!” I chide her, and she laughs harder, following Chris and Lena to the door.

Seth sighs loudly and follows her; he glances back at us one last time before they all step out of the room.

“Alone at last,” Spence says quietly, “but I don’t want to have you in here.”


Spence gets to his feet and helps me up. He takes my hand and leads me to the door.

“Where are we going?” I ask.

“You know those rooms with the beds?” he murmurs, and I understand.

We open the door, and Walt steps aside. Spence leads me to the hallway, lined with doors, and some of them are now closed. I spot a vacant one and stop.

“Here’s one,” I tell him.

Spence peeks into the empty room and shakes his head.

“I don’t think you want this one,” he says.

“Why not?” I ask curiously and step into the room.

I look around, and it seems like the other rooms, except this one has a massive mirror on the wall.

“So I guess this is for people who like to watch themselves having sex? Other than that, I don’t see the problem,” I say.

“This is the voyeur room,” he informs me.

Huh? What does that mean? My face must show my unspoken question, so he explains.

“You see that mirror? It’s a two-way glass. The room on the other side can see into this one.”

Holy shit!


“Yes, really,” he nods, and suddenly I have an idea.

I walk back over to the door, and Spence follows me, thinking that I’m leaving, but instead, I close the door and lock it.

“Rox, what are you doing?” he asks me curiously.

“Can they hear us?” I ask, pointing at the glass.

“No, it’s completely soundproof, they can only see…if there is, in fact, anybody in there. That’s part of the fun; you don’t know if anybody is watching or not,” he explains, and I nod my understanding.

“I talked to Casey, and I’ve changed my mind…I don’t want to have a threesome,” I tell him.

“That’s okay, baby, but what made you change your mind?” he asks gently.

“I was thinking about it, and I realized that I don’t want to share you, and I don’t want to be shared. I don’t want to repeat the same mistake I made last year, no matter who is involved.”

Spence takes a deep breath and releases the full power smile on me before he closes the distance between us and wraps his arms around my waist.

“I’m so happy to hear that, my love. I don’t want to share you either. Sure, I may have said that I’d like to watch you with another woman, but that can remain just a fantasy in my head because really, I’d rather it remain just you and I.”

“Really?” I ask a little dubiously.

“Of course. Roxanne, I want to make this marriage work, and I want us to be a team, a united front. If one of us is uncomfortable in a situation, we should fully support each other.”

His words make my heart swell, and it makes me love him so much more. He constantly surprises me, and I realize that he’s always taken my side, no matter what.

“Spence, I love you so much,” I whisper, leaning my head against his chest.

“I love you too, Roxanne,” he murmurs, rubbing my back, “now, about this room…”

I look up at him and smile.

“So, I don’t want a threesome, but I think it’d be kind of sexy to have the thought of somebody watching us together, without our knowledge,” I suggest, and he chuckles darkly.

“Ah, I see,” he nods.

“Someone may be watching us, and there may not be, we don’t know,” I purr, taking his hand and pulling him towards the bed.

“So you don’t want to share, but this is kind of like sharing,” he counters.

“Maybe, but nobody else will be touching us, and for all we know, that room next door is vacant,” I smile, and I start pulling on his tie to release it.

“Roxanne, you naughty, naughty girl,” he chuckles as I get his tie undone.

I pull it free from his neck and toss it on the end of the bed.

“Take off your jacket,” I order.

Spence smiles and does as he’s told.

“Why Roxanne, are you telling me what to do?” he asks, amused.

“That’s Miss Vice to you, sir,” I say sternly, this is going to be fun.

“Yes, Miss Vice,” he says with mock seriousness, placing his jacket on the foot of the bed with his tie.

He stands there and waits for my next order. I slowly start to walk around him, running a hand along his torso as I go, trailing it along his chest, then his arm, then down and around to his firm ass, giving it a good squeeze. I come back around to his front and reach for the top button of his white shirt and start unbuttoning it slowly. When I reach the last button, I press my hands to his shoulders and slide the shirt off of him, revealing his hard muscular chest. He’s so yummy that I want to run my tongue along his chest, so I do just that. I bend forward, and starting from his navel, run the tip of my tongue up his chest, up to his neck until I reach just underneath his ear. I feel him shudder and suck in a breath as I take his earlobe in my mouth and bite it.

“Mmm,” I hum my pleasure in the way he tastes, always so good. Spence reaches out and grabs my hips, pulling me against him as I trail kisses up and down his neck.

“Fuck Roxanne,” he grunts, and I reach for his belt.

“Miss Vice,” I correct him, my fingers halting on his belt.

“Fuck miss Vice,” he chuckles darkly, and my hands continue their work, and unclasp his belt, then the button, then his zipper.

I push his pants down his hips, and they pool around his feet. I start kissing down his chest again, but I find it hard to bend much lower in my dress, so I stand up straight and turn my back to Spence. Without having to ask, he unzips my dress, and I carefully shimmy out of it. He grabs it and drapes it delicately, where his jacket lies before turning back towards me. I look down and see that his pants are still around his ankles because his shoes are still on. So I place my hands on Spence’s shoulders and shove him down onto the bed, and he starts laughing.

“I like this side of you,” he says, propping himself up on his elbows and watching me as I pull his shoes off followed by his trousers so that he’s now in only his underwear, and his mask.

“You can’t always be the boss,” I say, climbing over him and then sitting astride him.

I look to our right at the large mirror on the wall.

“I wonder if anyone is in there, watching us right now,” I comment, looking back down at Spence.

“Who knows,” he murmurs, reaching up and cupping my lace-covered breasts in his hands, then he slips his fingers in and pulls the cups down. He sits up and takes one in his mouth, sucking on my nipple, teasing it with his tongue and his teeth. I gasp, and my hands find their way into his hair and tug, pulling his head against my chest. I start gyrating on his lap, eager for the friction, and I can feel his erection straining against his boxer briefs. I groan as my desire starts to boil. The way he touches me, the way he makes me feel, I couldn’t imagine him doing this to somebody else. What the hell was I thinking even considering it?

“You are mine,” I breathe as Spence starts teasing my other nipple.

He stops and grabs me by the sides of my face and starts kissing me hard, urgently. Our tongues tangle and twist together perfectly, and my lips begin to tingle, desperate for more.

“Forever,” he groans against my mouth.

Suddenly I’m no longer on his lap; I’m underneath him.

“Hey, I’m supposed to be in control,” I complain lightly, but really, I don’t care, I want him now.

“Roxanne, you are always in control, baby,” he tells me, dipping his head down and kissing me again.

His hands roam my body hungrily, and then he sits up and kneels between my legs. He reaches for the clasps on my stockings and undoes them quickly. His eyes blaze as he gets the last one unfastened, and then he hooks his fingers into my panties and slides them down my legs. Spence shuffles down the bed until he is face to face with my sex. He winks at me then starts his sensual work. I moan loudly and grab at his hair again, tugging harder this time, ushering a low groan from Spence.

“Fuck that feels so good,” I gasp, bucking my hips up to greet his mouth.

I jump when Spence adds a finger to the mix, sliding it in and out of me slowly and torturously, I want him now!

“Fuck me!” I almost shout at him, but he smiles up at me and continues what he’s doing.

“Spence, fuck me now!” I say more forcibly, yanking on his hair.

“Is that an order?” he murmurs, his voice low and gruff.

“Yes, do it now!”

“Okay,” he smiles, getting to his knees again, and pushing his underwear down, releasing his beautiful cock.

“Okay, what?” I grunt.

“Okay, Miss Vice,” he says, licking his lips and lowering himself on top of me.

Without any more preamble, he jerks forward, and I cry out in pleasure as he fills me. Spence starts to move, thrusting up and forward and occasionally in circles, really knowing how to make me feel good, better than anyone ever has, I can feel a steady pressure already building inside of me.

“I want to fuck you now,” I moan, and Spence flips over with me in his arms so that I am now on top of him. I smile down at him.

“Good boy,” I say.

“I’m no boy. You don’t need a boy. You need a fucking man,” he grunts, grasping my hips while he thrusts his hips upwards.

Oh god, I think that may have been the hottest thing to ever come out of his mouth, and I almost come just from hearing it. I start riding him hard, placing my hands on his hard chest to steady myself. I can feel myself climbing quickly to the peak, and I start moving faster towards it. The small room is filled with the sound of our grunting and groaning, louder than usual, so it’s probably a good thing that it’s soundproof. Otherwise, everyone would hear us. My whole body goes rigid as the orgasm takes me over, and I cry out Spence’s name as he follows me up and over, and it makes my orgasm even stronger as I feel the ripples that run through him, completely lost in the ecstasy that is Spence Manfredi, my husband to be.

We don’t linger. As soon as we’re done, we get dressed, because really, we don’t know if we’re being watched or not. This isn’t the time to cuddle. Spence helps me get dressed first before putting his tux back on, and then we check our appearance in the mirror. We laugh at this because there very well could be someone on the other side of that glass. Spence’s hair is in disarray as a result of my tugging on it, and my hair is only slightly messed up as a result of a lot of hairspray. He smoothes his hair back, and I like the result better than before, it’s not as stiff. I quickly pat my hair back into place and adjust my mask.

“Well, shall we?” Spence asks, offering me his arm.

“We shall,” I giggle, taking it.

We go over to the door, and Spence unlocks it. We open the door and step out into the hallway.

“Time to go find our friends,” he smiles and pulls me in to kiss him.

I wrap my arms around his neck and prolong the kiss, feeling giddy. That is until we hear the door next to ours open. Before the occupants step out, Spence and I look at each other with wide eyes, about to come face to face with our audience. So we were being watched after all. Oh god!

I wish we had left as soon as we exited the room so we wouldn’t run into this; I’d rather it stayed a mystery, but that’s not the case here. Spence sucks air in between his teeth as our peeper shows his face.

“That was quite the show,” Lucas grins when he sees us standing there, and I note that he’s still fixing his tie. He isn’t alone. His partner steps out of the room, and Spence and I gape at her with a mix of horror and confusion.

“Now that is more like it,” Anya smiles, looking like the cat who ate the canary.

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