Beyond The Masque Part II

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Chapter 19

Soon, a small crowd has gathered around us as Spence continues to do his shots. Chris, Lena, and Casey have joined us, and now Chris and Spence are both doing tequila shots, using Lena and me as their salt and lime holders. Victor and Nadia join us too, and soon Nadia is a salt and lime holder as well. Everyone’s cheering and enjoying themselves by the looks of things. From the corner of my eye, I spot Anya and Lucas joining us, but at this point, I don’t even care, and I don’t think Spence does either. He’s already smashed, having reached his goal. He and Chris wrap their arms around one another and are now telling each other how great they think the other is. Casey smacks the bar and orders more shots, and then she grabs a lime.

“Roxie, take a shot!” she giggles, putting the lime in her mouth.

I laugh and decide to just go with it. I lean forward and run my tongue up Casey’s neck then sprinkle the salt on it. I lick the salt and then take the tequila shot, oh man it burns! Quickly I lean up and suck the lime out of Casey’s mouth and then let the peel drop to the floor. We are met with a loud cheer, and we look over and realize that all the guys have stopped what they’re doing and are now focused on us girls.

“Another one!” I holler, and everyone cheers.

“It’s my turn,” I hear a woman announce, coming forward.

It’s Anya. I look at her for a moment trying to decide.

“Come on, Roxanne, I just want to have some fun,” she assures me. Oh, what the hell, why not? It’s time to put all the shit aside and have some laughs. I smile at her and pull her forward. She smiles happily and moves her hair out of the way.

“Yay!” she giggles, grabbing a lime and putting it in her mouth.

“This is as far as it goes, though,” I whisper to her before I lick her neck and sprinkle the salt on.

I suck it off and take the shot. I set the glass down and lean forward, ready to take the lime. I suck it from Anya's mouth, and just as I’m about to pull away, she spits the lime out and kisses me. Before I can protest, she pulls back.

“Truce,” she whispers.

“Okay,” I say simply, smiling because the tequila is working its magic.

“Okay, I’m feeling left out, let’s fucking do this,” I hear Lena’s voice behind me.

I turn, and she smiles up at me, handing over the saltshaker.

Soon, Casey too has taken a shot off all of us girls, including Anya, then Lena takes the shots, even Nadia joins in on the fun.

“May I?” Chris asks, coming up to me, smiling goofily.

I laugh at him.

“Yeah, do it!” Lena squeals.

“Go on!” Spence encourages.

I hand Chris the saltshaker, and he takes it from me, he’s got this adorable lopsided grin on his face right now, and I know he’s hammered. He winks at me as he leans in and swipes his tongue across my neck and sprinkles on the salt. He licks it off quickly and takes the shot. I’m still holding the lime in my hand.

“Put in your mouth!” Lena yells at me, so I do as I’m told and put it in my mouth.

Chris chuckles and tilts his head and sucks the lime, and then he does something that shocks me. He spits the lime aside, then leans back in and plants a kiss on my lips, wrapping his arms around me. When he pulls back, he puts his hands in the air and cheers. I look at Spence, who just high fives him. Oh? They are feeling goofy. I look to Lena, and she’s laughing.

“How was it?” she asks.

“It was everything I dreamed of and more,” I laugh.

“Now, this party just got good,” Casey shouts from behind me, “Chrissie is getting cray-cray!”

“It’s your turn!” Chris yells back at her, gesturing with his finger for her to come to him.

“This is your free pass tonight, baby,” Lena laughs, shaking her head.

Casey comes forward, and Chris repeats the process on her, without the kiss this time. Spence stumbles towards me; his tie is now hanging loose around his neck with his top shirt button undone. He looks sexy as hell, even drunk.

“Hey baby,” he croons, wrapping his arms around my waist, then down until his hands are cupping my ass. The music changes, and I hear a soulful voice singing a sexy song that I recognize, pulsing through the speakers.

“I love this song, come dance with me,” I murmur, pulling on him.

“Of course,” he agrees with a wolfish grin and follows me out onto the dance floor.

We start to move, Spence’s hands on my hips as I dance provocatively against him, and I hear him quietly singing along.

“I know you want it,” he sings quietly, smiling at me, and it makes my blood heat.

I look around, and everyone has joined us on the dance floor. Chris and Lena are busting a move next to us; Chris’s jacket has disappeared, and his sleeves are rolled up. Victor and Nadia are nearby, as well as Casey and…Anya? Casey must be drunk. Lucas has grabbed some other girl and is dancing with her. Everyone is smiling, having a great time. This is what I had been hoping for all along. Too bad, we had to go through all the drama to get there.

“May I cut in?” Chris asks Spence.

Spence nods, and Chris takes his place, and Spence goes to dance with Lena. He towers over her, so he picks her up and spins her around, causing her to shriek giddily. Chris takes my arms and drapes them around his neck, and we start dancing. I almost forgot how good a dancer Chris was.

“Can you believe I’m engaged?” he asks happily, and disbelievingly at the same time.

“I know, I’m so excited for you, Chris,” I gush.

“Thanks for the car tonight. It was exceptional. Lena had no idea, and she did jump my bones after, so you called it.”

“Our pleasure Chris, I’m glad it worked out,” I giggle.

“And you guys, you’re okay?”

“We’re great, Chris, we had a tense moment there for a bit, but we’re good now. I’ll tell you about it another day, but right now, all I want to do is dance.”

“And dance we will,” Chris chuckles before taking my hand and spinning me around with finesse, right back into Spence’s arms.

Chris returns to Lena, and they start making out. I pull on Spence’s jacket and reach up to kiss him, sucking on his lower lip. He groans against my lips and kisses me back, his hands finding their way into my hair, holding my head to his. His mouth tastes of tequila and lime, as does mine, I’m sure, and I love it. Spence’s hands move from my hair and down, and he starts pawing at me. I wrap my arms around his neck, and I realize that we, too, are making out like teenagers, not caring who’s watching us, just wrapped up in our little bubble.

“God, I can’t wait to get that mask off of you, along with everything else you’re wearing,” he growls against my neck.

“I can’t wait either,” I breathe, and spurred on by the alcohol, bravely add… “I want to suck that beautiful dick of yours so badly right now.” Spence sucks in the air between his teeth.

“Fuck Rox, you shouldn’t say things like that,” he grunts, pressing his groin against mine, and I can feel his growing erection.

“I can’t wait to get this tux off of you, I’m getting wet just thinking about it,” I continue, tugging harder on his jacket lapels, knowing I’m driving him crazy right now.

“Do you want to leave right now?” He asks, sounding eager.

“No, not yet, I’m having too much fun, I just want you to know what I’m going to do to you later.”

“Damn,” he murmurs, “that’s just mean.”

I giggle and look over at Chris and Lena, and she’s got his shirt unbuttoned now.

“Uh oh, I think the lovebirds need to get a room,” I say to Spence, and he looks over at them and laughs.

“Hey, Chris!” Spence hollers over the music, and Chris reluctantly turns his head to acknowledge him.

“There’s a suite upstairs with your name on it. Keys at the front desk for you,” he tells them, and both he and Lena’s eyes go wide.

“Those are the nicest rooms in the hotel beside the penthouse,” Lena breathes disbelievingly.

“It’s a special night. Maybe you two should go enjoy it,” Spence grins, “unless, of course, you plan on getting naked right here,” he adds, looking down at Chris’s exposed chest.

Lena blushes crimson.

“Well then, shall we?” Chris grins, offering his arm to Lena, and she nods.

“Thanks, Spence,” Chris says, shaking Spence’s hand as they go past us to leave the dance floor.

We watch as they gather their belongings from a nearby chair and disappear.

“That was really nice of you,” I say, smiling up at my fiancé, always so generous.

“There’s another room for Casey if she wants it, and we…” he says, taking my hand and kissing it, “are staying in the penthouse tonight.”


“Yes, really…I do own this hotel Rox. If I want the penthouse, I get the penthouse.”

“Do you always get what you want?”

“Usually,” he smiles smugly, I got you didn’t I? Although sometimes it seems like I’m still fighting off the competition.”


“You don’t have to worry about Seth, Spence,” I assure him.

“Don’t I?”

“I thought you knew that?” I frown.

“Well, I’d like to think that I do, but sometimes…”

Okay, now my mood is going downhill. I was hoping we were done with this tonight, but apparently not. I think the liquor is cracking his usually calm demeanor. I drop my arms from around his neck and step back.

“You heard what I told Seth,” I argue, he had seemed happy to hear it.

“Oh, I heard it, and I think you believed it, but deep down, I think you still have feelings for him,” he replies, his voice becoming a little strained.

“Spence, what is this? I thought we were finally having a good night, and now you’re starting this?”

“I’m just sick of pretending like it isn’t a problem.”

“But it’s not a problem. You’re making it one right now, though.”

“I think you two have unfinished business,”

“No, we don’t, please, Spence, stop this!” I half yell at him now.

“Come on, admit it,” he pushes.

“No,” I snap at him “because it’s not the truth.”

“If you say so,” he snorts.

What the hell is his problem all of a sudden?

“I think you’re just drunk, and all the drama from today has caught up with you, and now you’re taking it out on me, starting a fight when there wasn’t one,” I tell him, trying to keep my voice level and reason with him.

“Or maybe I’m thinking perfectly clear,” he argues, tapping on his temple.

“Spence, I love you, and I want to marry you, that’s all that matters, why are you being an asshole?”

“Me? An asshole? Oh, I don’t think so, Roxanne.”

“I think you’ve had too much to drink,” I say, exasperated, “I don’t feel like continuing this ridiculousness, talk to me when you’ve calmed down.”

I start walking away from him, towards the bar, except he follows behind me and grabs my arm.

“Come with me,” he snaps and starts pulling me along.

“Spence!” I protest, trying and failing to pull my arm away.

So I stop struggling and let him take me wherever he’s headed. My heart rate spikes when I see that we’re headed towards Seth, who is standing alone by the bar, drink in hand. He glances over and sees us approaching him, and stands up straight.

“Hey, I wasn’t even near you guys,” he says, holding his hands up in a placating gesture when he notices Spence’s tense and angry face.

“I know that Seth,” Spence growls, releasing my arm.

Seth looks between us, a frown forming on his face.

“Then what?” Seth asks, setting his drink down and squaring his shoulders.

“I want you to kiss Roxanne,” Spence tells him, pulling me forward. What the fuck! Seth’s mouth drops open, and I gape up at Spence, feeling like I’ve just had the air knocked out of me.

“Spence, what are you doing?” I gasp.

“We’re clearing this up, right now,” he says without looking at me, “I want you to kiss Seth right now, then tell me that you no longer have feelings for him.”

“That’s a dangerous game to play,” Seth mutters, “but I’m willing.”

I shoot a glare in Seth’s direction, and then back at Spence.

“I don’t want to,” I say between my teeth, and cross my arms across my chest.

“I need you to Rox,” Spence says, finally looking over at me, his tone softer now.

I can feel tears starting to form, and my throat constricts as I try to hold them back. I look nervously at Seth, and he steps forward.

“I’d like to know the answer to that question as well,” Seth says.

I’m so angry I could scream right now. I don’t understand what has gotten into Spence. One minute, we’re talking dirty to each other, and now this? I’ve got emotional whiplash.

“Fine! You want me to kiss Seth?” I shout at Spence and the tears spillover.

I stomp up to Seth and stare at him for a moment, feeling so hurt by this. He stares back at me, and his eyes are filled with anticipation as he lifts his hands and puts them on each side of my head. He glances back at Spence one last time before leaning in and pressing his lips to mine. I choke back a sob and squeeze my eyes shut, tears free-flowing now. I stand stock-still as Seth kisses me, and I feel Seth’s tongue trying to coax my lips apart.

“Come on, Rox, kiss me,” he murmurs against my lips, “stop fighting it.”

He moves his hands from my head and wraps them around me, pulling me flush against him, kissing me even harder. A louder sob escapes my throat, and when it does, Seth takes the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth, flicking it against mine.

He tastes of whiskey and Seth. He explores my mouth hungrily, and I hesitantly kiss him back, waiting for it to be over. I used to revel in Seth’s kiss. I remember them well, always so sexy, exciting, and gentle. But now…this is forced, forced upon me by my fiancé, and it breaks my heart. Seth finally stops, his breathing heavy, and he pulls away, looking at me, waiting for my reaction. I step back away from him, not saying anything, and I turn to face Spence. His face is stony, but with a hint of satisfaction. Before I can stop myself, I lift my hand and smack him across the face.

“There! Happy now?” I shout at him before I push by him and storm away quickly, almost running.

I jog towards the entrance, wanting to get out of here as quickly as possible before I run into anybody.

The doorman opens the door that leads into the empty mask room, and I push open the double doors, exiting into the lobby. I look around quickly and then hurry over to the front desk.

“I need a key to the penthouse,” I tell the girl at the desk, and she gives me a ‘come on, get real’ look.

Shit! I pull off my mask to reveal my face, and her eyes go wide with recognition.

“Oh! Miss Vice, right away,” she gasps, looking at me in concern.

I realize my eyes are probably wet and tear-stained. She hands me the black key card, and I snatch it and head over to the elevators. I press the up button, and the doors swing open immediately to my relief.

“Rox!” I hear Spence shout across the lobby at me, but I ignore him and step into the elevator.

I press the button for the penthouse, but it doesn’t work. Fuck! What the? This gives Spence time to make it to the elevator and slip in.

“Roxanne, please,” he pleads, his eyes apologetic.

My tears begin anew, he moves towards me, reaching for me.

“No!” I shout at him, smacking his arms away, then press the button again, nothing.

“Damn it!” I exclaim.

Spence pulls the card from my hand and slips it in a slot I hadn’t noticed, then presses the button; this time, it lights up, and the doors close.

“Roxanne, I’m sorry. Please, baby,” he apologizes.

“What was that, Spence?” I choke.

“Would you believe me if I said it was a mix of tequila, and a temper that I’m usually pretty good at controlling…unless, of course, I drink tequila,” he tells me.

“I would say that could be part of it, but I don’t think that was all it was. I thought you trusted me? That was so…I don’t even know what to say.”

“I know, it was my mistake, and it was a stupid idea, I do trust you Rox.”

“It doesn’t feel like it,” I sniff, shaking my head and wrapping my arms around myself.

Spence comes forward again and wraps his arms around me. I bury my face in his chest. He smells so good.

“I do, I really do, especially now.”

“Why, especially now? There shouldn’t have been any doubt in the first place. I never gave you any reason to doubt me.”

Spence is about to answer me, but the elevator comes to a stop, and the doors swing open into a small foyer, leading to a set of large double doors. Spence takes my hand, and we step out of the elevator. We go to the doors, and he waves the key in front of a sensor. It beeps, and he opens the door. We step into another, larger foyer that leads into the biggest hotel room I’ve ever seen, but I can’t even enjoy it, I don’t even care. All I want to do is take off this damned beautiful dress and crawl into bed.

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