Beyond The Masque Part II

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Chapter 27

“Oh my fucking god Rox, you look so beautiful,” Lena gushes, fussing with the small train on my dress.

“You do, Roxie,” Casey agrees.

I stand in front of a large mirror with my wedding dress on while we do my final dress fitting.

“It seems that we finally have it fitting perfectly,” Lorraine, my seamstress comments, “not that it was a challenge for me,” she adds smugly.

Lorraine is one of the best there is when it comes to wedding dress alterations, set up for me by my fabulous wedding planner Les. He even arranged everything when it came to finding a dress in the first place. He made it possible for me to try on a plethora of designer gowns, all brought to me at Spence’s house. My mother was in heaven as the dresses were all brought into the room. Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera, Badgley Mischka, and Maggie Sottero were all there to name a few. After trying on over a dozen dresses, I eventually chose a Vera. It’s a lovely cream-colored lace and chiffon, body-hugging, mermaid style dress. I loved it instantly.

“Thank you, Lorraine, it’s perfect,” I say, grinning broadly at her.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, Roxanne,” she smiles back.

As I stare at myself in the mirror, I can feel myself becoming emotional.

“Oh Roxanne honey, you look beautiful,” my mother’s voice enters the room as she returns from the restroom.

I turn and look at her as she rushes over to me.

“My goodness Lorraine, you sure know what you’re doing,” my mom compliments.

“Thank you, Brenna,” Lorraine smiles at her, “your daughter has been lovely to work with.”

The two older women start chatting while Casey and Lena come to my side.

“Can you believe the wedding is only two weeks away already?” Casey says.

“The summer just flew by, didn’t it?” Lena adds.

“It did, it was no time at all,” I agree.

The summer was here one minute and gone in a blur of wedding preparations, and now it’s already the last week of September.

“I’m surprised that Les isn’t here today, he’s been like your shadow lately,” Casey laughs.

“Yeah, he had some wedding business of great importance to deal with today, but he said he trusted me in Lorraine’s skilled hands,” I tell her.

“Les is awesome. I’m so glad that Chris and I were able to book him for our wedding next summer,” Lena says.

“I know. I’m so glad that Frankie introduced us to him. It couldn’t have worked out any better,” I concur.

After changing out of my dress, Casey, Lena, my mother and I leave Lorraine's shop and head back to my place for lunch. Spence, Chris, and my father are already there waiting for us. James opens the door of the limousine for us, and we file out.

“Good afternoon, ladies,” James greets us.

“Hi James,” I smile at him and give him a quick hug.

He chuckles and gives me a short pat on the back as I pull away. I’ve grown quite fond of James, Spence’s butler. He’s just so friendly and fatherly; I can’t help but smile when I see him.

“The gentleman awaits you on the patio,” he informs us while taking the large, white garment bag from me, "I'll put this safely in your closet."

“Thank you, James,” I say.

"My pleasure, Miss Vice," James nods once and leads the way into the house before disappearing upstairs.

We step out the back door onto the patio, where the men are sitting at a table that is all set up for lunch. They're chatting away about something, the relationship between Spence and my parents has vastly improved since I first introduced him as my boyfriend. Surprisingly, my father was never as bothered by it as my mother was, and I find that he and Spence get along quite well. Thank goodness!

They see us approaching and rise from their chairs.

“Welcome home, my love,” Spence says when I reach him.

He wraps his arms around me and gives me a quick peck on the lips, careful not to grope me in front of my parents too much.

“Hi Spence,” I smile up at his handsome face, then turn to acknowledge our other guests.

“Hi Chris,” I say, and Spence releases me so that I can go hug him.

“Hey, Rox,” Chris says before I move onto my dad.

“Hi daddy,” I smile and give my dad a tight hug.

“Hello, sweetheart,” he replies, kissing me on my forehead, “Spence here was just telling me about where you two have decided to go for your honeymoon.”

“Oh? Where?” my mother chimes in eagerly.

Spence and I had just finished talking about it this past weekend.

“We’re going to start in Singapore then tour Asia for a few weeks,” I tell her and everyone else who is listening with interest.

“Oh, that sounds amazing,” Casey says.

“Definitely,” Lena agrees.

“We couldn’t decide on just one place,” I add.

“I’m going to show you the world, babe,” Spence says from across the table.

“I’m glad our baby has found someone who can do that for her,” my dad says.

“I’ll do whatever I can to make her happy, Sir,” Spence replies.

“Please, Spence, I’ve told you to call me Ron,” my dad chuckles.

I can’t help but laugh too. Spence is not that much younger than my parents, but he wants them to know he respects them. I also find it funny that it’s usually Spence telling people to call him by his name instead of Sir.

“Just take good care of our baby here, and we’ll be fine,” my dad adds.

“It’s what I strive for, Ron,” Spence says.

“Well, I think he’s doing just fine,” I say, going back over to Spence, eager to be near him again.

I wrap an arm around his waist and lean my head against his chest, breathing him in. I look up at him, and he looks down at me, his eyes shining with happiness.

It had been a pretty blissful summer. We had stayed pretty busy between our work schedules, wedding planning, and trying to fit some leisure time in as well. When we did have time off, we spent it with our closest friends, sometimes on Spence’s yacht in Galveston.

After the whole Seth debacle was over, we were finally able to relax. I feel lighter, and Spence seems more at ease than ever. We haven’t seen or heard from Seth since that night at my apartment, which has been very good for us. Lucas had asked me about what had gone down that night since apparently, Seth wouldn’t tell him. I didn’t give him the gory details because, one: It wasn't any of Lucas's business, and two: Seth didn’t seem to want Lucas to know. So I just told Lucas that everything was put out there on the table, and it was all over now.

Lucas had agreed that even though he felt terrible that this was so hard on Seth, he was glad that he was going to move on finally. Lucas was also pleased that he didn’t get fired after giving Seth my address. Lucas had been thoroughly reamed out by Spence for releasing my information, no matter who it was for, but Spence gave Lucas another chance.

“My goodness, Spence, you really shouldn’t have gone through all this trouble,” my mom comments as the lunch spread is brought out by the caterers.

“No trouble at all, Brenna,” Spence replies.

My mother still hasn’t quite gotten used to the fact that Spence is a billionaire, and that I will soon be considered one, too. Heck, I haven’t even gotten used to it yet, and I’ve been living in Spence’s palace of a house for just over three, almost four months now. It’s strange to continually have other people there to do things for you- cooking, cleaning, and answering the door even. At first, I found it odd to have a personal chef cooking most of our meals since that is what I do for a living, but after a while, I realized that it’s nice not to have to come home and cook after doing it all day. I now only cook for us sometimes on the weekends.

“Oh, Roxie, I can’t believe my best friend is going to be a married woman soon,” Casey says from across the table.

“Me neither, our little ol’ Rox,” Chris adds.

“Hey, you’re going to be an old married person, too, by next year, mister,” Lena giggles.

“I look forward to it,” Chris winks at Lena and then leans in to kiss her.

“God, I need to find a man,” Casey says with an exaggerated pout on her face, “you are all just way too cute. Maybe Spence can finally introduce me to some of his friends at your wedding since we never got around to it before.”

“I’ll see what I can do for you Case, though our wedding will be pretty small, so I’m not sure how vast the selection will be…with guys your age anyway,” Spence tells her.

“Who said I wanted a man my age? Maybe Roxie has the right idea here,” Casey says with a smirk.

“Some men do get better with age, just like a fine wine,” I giggle and squeeze Spence’s arm flirtatiously.

“Oh, you girls,” my mom shakes her head at us.

“They’re right, you know, Brenna,” my dad says.

“Ron!” mom laughs and smacks his arm.

A few hours later, my parents have gone home, and now it’s just Casey, Chris, Lena, Spence, and I. We have moved into the house and are having drinks in the Rec room. Spence and Chris are playing pool, and Chris is giving Spence a run for his money. The girls and I are huddled nearby, having a drink, enjoying the show.

“Man, I can’t wait until next weekend,” Casey says.

“Yeah, your bachelorette party is going to be epic,” Lena adds.

“I hope you guys aren’t planning anything too crazy,” I laugh.

“Um… too late, Roxie. You’re just going to have to deal with it. You’ll have fun, we promise,” Casey assures me.

“None of us should end up in jail,” Lena giggles.

“What about jail?” Chris asks, coming around the table.

“We’re just talking about the bachelorette party next weekend,” Lena tells him.

“Yeah? Well, Spence’s party is going to be pretty crazy too,” Chris informs us.

“Hey now, I don’t quite know about that,” Spence says, shaking his head as he joins us.

“Aw, come on Spence, I promise you that it’ll be fun,” Chris tells him.

“I don’t want some drunken stupor of a party. It never ends well,” Spence clarifies.

“Sure, sure,” Chris nods, looking a little disappointed.

“Maybe we could all meet up at the end of the night. Merge the party into one?” Lena suggests.

“I like that idea,” I say.

“I do too, actually,” Spence agrees.

“What? That’s not how it’s supposed to happen. You two are together all the time. It’s supposed to be girls only, except for maybe the strippers,” Casey whines.

“Ahem, strippers? Um, no thanks,” I complain.

The only guy I want to see stripping is Spence.

“What’s a bachelorette party without strippers?” Casey argues.

“Agreed, except I mean strippers of the female variety,” Chris adds.

“Chris!” Lena smacks his arm.

“What? It’s true,” Chris laughs.

“The only person I want to watch take his clothes off is my fiancé,” I blurt, the few drinks I’ve had today, making me a little loose-lipped.

“Awe, thanks, babe,” Spence chuckles.

“Could that be arranged?” Casey laughs, “because I’m sure all us girls wouldn’t mind that show.”

“I’d prefer that to a stripper,” Lena says, somewhat surprisingly.

“What?” Chris gasps, gaping at her with the rest of us.

Lena shrugs.

“What? Strippers are gross. They’d be all covered in some greasy body oil, gyrating their sparkly, Speedo-covered dicks in our faces. So, if I had to choose, I’d much rather watch Spence too.”

“Oh my god, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in like… forever,” Casey laughs heartily, releasing a snort as she does.

“Uh…thank you?” Spence says, his cheeks reddening slightly, a rare sight, “But I don’t see that happening unless it’s a private show for only Roxanne.”

“Ooh, private show?” I smile at him.

“Okay, okay. That’s enough out of all of you,” Chris frowns.

“Oh baby, you know I would always prefer you naked to anyone else,” Lena assures him, “I love that cute little butt of yours.”

“Awe Chrissie, if you want, we can hire you as our stripper. You are pretty adorable,” Casey giggles.

“Alright, enough stripper talk,” Chris, grumbles, his cheeks turning pink, not unlike Spence’s.

“I agree,” Spence says, picking up his pool cue and going back over to the pool table.

Chris shakes his head at us one last time before joining him, leaving us girls alone again.

“So, what do you guys have planned exactly?” I ask them.

“You are just going to have to wait and see,” Casey says.

“Oh, come on, give me something?”

“Okay, well, we’re having dinner at that new rooftop restaurant that just opened up,” Lena tells me.

“That sounds cool,” I smile at them.

“That’s all you’re getting out of us, though,” Lena confirms.

“Fine,” I pout.

I guess I’m not all that worried. Lena and Casey wouldn’t plan anything too out there, I’m sure. Besides, I think I’ve already gotten into all the trouble I can to last me a lifetime. Next weekend will be a celebration of my impending lifetime commitment to the love of my life, what could go wrong?

Wait, I need to stop saying that because it seems like every time that I do say it, everything goes to shit.

“What are you thinking about, baby?” Spence’s voice breaks into my reverie.

He’s standing in front of me, watching me with amused interest as I stare off into space.

“Finished your game?” I ask him.

I look around him, and now Chris and Casey are playing a game. Lena is doing target practice on the dartboard.

“Chris, the shark, beat me,” he says with a smirk.

“Wow, somebody beat you for once?”

“It’s true, I must be losing my edge," he nods.

I smile and reach out for him, grabbing the collar of his shirt and pulling him towards me for a kiss.

“So, tell me what you were thinking of,” he murmurs against my lips.



“I was just thinking about next weekend and how it should be a good time.”

“Strippers and all?” he asks.

“Yes, strippers and all. I’d hate to disappoint the girls. Although, just like me, they’d rather see you take your clothes off.”

“I’ll happily strip for you, babe, but as confident as you think I am, I wouldn’t feel comfortable baring all for your friends,” he chuckles.

“That’s okay, I wouldn’t want to share you anyway,” I tell him.

“Maybe after the party, I could grant you your wish.”

“You’d strip for me?” I grin.

“On one condition.”


“You have to do it for me first,” Spence says, flashing his megawatt smile.

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