Beyond The Masque Part II

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Chapter 32

August next year

“This is it Chris, are you ready?” I ask Chris, who is shifting from foot to foot anxiously.

“Never been more ready,” he nods.

I giggle and give him a big hug.

“Alright then, let's go get you married,” I say as I fix his tie before he and I, and the rest of his groomsman are ushered outside by the ever-talented Les, who has been hired once again.

Now, even though I am Chris’s best man, he didn’t have me wear a tux- just a black dress. His groomsman are: a friend from work, his cousin, Spence and I. Lena had been a little dismayed at first because she wanted me to be a bridesmaid, but then she said it didn’t matter who I stood next to, as long as I was up there with them.

The music starts, and soon, Lena’s bridesmaids are coming up the aisle towards us. Finally, Lena appears. She looks positively beautiful and radiant in her dress. Lena had chosen a slim fitting, white satin, slip dress that makes her look like a movie star from the twenties. She had loved her look from the masque so much that she decided she wanted something similar for her wedding.

I glance over at my husband and smile at him, and then I smile up at Chris, who has tears rolling down his cheeks. His bright blue eyes are glued to Lena, as they should be. Seeing him like this makes me feel emotional, and now I’m fighting back the tears. I don’t know when I became so weepy.

After the touching and tear-filled ceremony and photos, we are all ushered towards a large white tent set up in the yard for the reception. The whole wedding is taking place at our house. Spence and I offered the use of our home to save Chris and Lena expensive venue costs. It’s so gorgeous; I don’t know why we didn’t do the same. We have a few minutes to mingle before the dinner begins, so I go looking for Casey. I find her right away; she’s standing near the bar with her boyfriend, Spence’s nephew Derrick, and my baby in her arms.

“Hi mommy,” Casey coos in a sweet little voice, handing me my beautiful daughter, Kaidence.

“Hello, my girl,” I sing to her and kiss her chubby little cheek.

“I can’t believe she’s almost four months old already,” Casey says, gazing adoringly at my baby.

Casey has been a constant presence since Kaidence was born in April. She had come slightly early, but she was healthy, thank god. Kaidence was blessed with her dad's face and my hair; it’s a lovely mix, I think.

“My cousin sure is cute,” Derrick says, gently touching her nose.

“I want one,” Casey says, I think absentmindedly.

Derrick stands up straight and laughs nervously.

“Oh, relax, not for a long time yet,” she assures him.

They had started dating a few weeks after mine and Spence’s wedding. Derrick had decided to move to Houston from California to work for Spence at the hotel. He took over for Lucas, who left to go work with Seth in California. I guess it was kind of like a trade or something.

Seth’s business is booming in LA, and he wanted Lucas to become his partner. I get the odd email from Seth every once in a while, just small updates about his life. I guess he’s met a girl that he’s crazy about, so he’s happy, which I am pleased to hear. Lucas is still doing what Lucas does best.

“I’m not worried,” Derrick says as he pulls her towards him and kisses the side of her head.

She grins and blushes.

I’m so happy to see Casey finally happy and settled. Her and Derrick had moved in together a month ago, so things are pretty serious. Spence let me in on a little secret this week that Derrick is planning on proposing to her this fall. They have a trip planned to go to Europe, and he wants to do it then.

Despite their crazy first night together that involved my cousin, they found that they were quite compatible. He’s been so good for and to her. At first, I was worried that he might have been some kind of Casanova, but it turned out what happened in Vegas was his first time doing anything like that. Casey told me that Derrick was super nervous the whole time and that she knew, instantly, that it hadn’t been something he was used to doing- ala Lucas and Seth.

“How’s our angel?” Spence asks, coming up behind me.

I hand her over as if I have a choice. Spence lifts her bundled form to his face and kisses her. Spence rarely puts her down, not since the day she was born.

“You spoil her,” I smile at him.

“Always,” he croons, kissing her again.

“How about one of those for me?” I ask him, leaning up and over Kaidence to plant a kiss on his lips.

“For you and my baby, I have an unlimited supply,” he says against my lips.

After a fantastic dinner, followed by toasts and speeches, the cutting of the cake, and hours and hours of dancing, I’m beginning to feel pretty tired. All part of the joys of being a new mother, I suppose. You lose some of the party stamina you once had. I plop myself down at an empty table, kick off my shoes, and put my feet up on an empty chair.

Spence and I don’t have to worry about Kaidence tonight since my parents happily took her for the evening so that we could enjoy our night baby-free, much to Spence’s hesitance. I thought it’d be me who would have issues spending a night away from my baby, but it’s Spence who's the most torn up by it. Don’t get me wrong, I miss her every minute she’s away from me, but a break is nice sometimes. I hope to put Spence at ease later, though, by making great use of our childless night.

“Hey, baby. Tired?”

I smile as I feel Spence’s hands gently kneading my shoulders.

“A little,” I admit.

“Do you want to go inside and go to bed?” he asks.

I know that he means just me and not both of us. He’s always so concerned with how much sleep I’m getting with the new baby. I do get up multiple times a night to breastfeed, but he’s up with me almost as often doing diaper duty. He’s been the epitome of a supportive husband and father.

“No, not yet,” I shake my head, “If I go to bed now, I’ll just pass out, and my plans for later will go down the drain.”

Spence stops rubbing my shoulders and takes the seat that my feet are resting on. He places my feet on his lap and starts massaging them. It feels incredible- he’s so good to me.

“Oh? What kind of plans?” he smiles.

“Just a little quality time with my sexy husband,” I smile back at him; “I thought we could take advantage of having a babysitter tonight.”

“I see. Well, I could always wake you up?” Spence suggests.

“No, because I know that you would just let me sleep.”

“I just know you could use the rest,” he shrugs.

I pull my feet off his lap and place them on the floor between his legs, then lean forward and look at him thoughtfully.

“Well, what I need more tonight, is you,” I counter.

Spence nods in understanding, pulls his chair closer to mine, and then leans over to kiss me.

“I guess we haven’t been able to make love as often as we’d like to lately, huh?” he murmurs as his lips move down to my throat.

“Mmmhmm,” I hum, his lips feel so nice.

I want to feel them all over me. Spence’s fingers brush against my jawline, down my throat, and then my shoulder, causing me to shiver. I reach forward and place my hands on his thighs, trying to control myself from attacking him right here, right now.

“If you keep doing that, I don’t know what I’m going to do,” I whisper.

“I’d like to know what you’re going to do,” he whispers back, his lips find my earlobe and bite gently; I feel it in my groin, “why don’t you tell me?”

I look around us, but we are relatively alone. The table I chose is in a quiet, dark corner, a little ways away from the still busy dance floor. I can see Lena and Chris still dancing away with Casey, Derrick, and the rest of their wedding party.

“First, I’d like to rip that tux right off of you,” I start, my hands move up his thighs a little.

“I’d like to do the same to that dress,” Spence says as his own hands find their way to my legs.

He places a hand on my bare knee and up my thigh, pushing my dress up a little as he goes, before moving it back down to my knee.

“Then what?” he coaxes.

“I want you to kiss me all over my body,” I breathe.

“Your wish is my command, Mrs. Manfredi,” he chuckles.

“And then I want to suck that beautiful cock of yours,” I add, my fingers brush over his crotch, and I feel him twitch eagerly under my touch.

“What’s mine is yours, baby,” he grunts, and his hands tighten their grip on my knees.

I feel him pull them apart slightly. I look around nervously and close my knees together, but Spence pulls them apart again.

“Someone could be watching,” I tell him.

“Nobody is watching us, Rox. Just go with it.”

One of his hands slowly creep up my dress again, but this time he doesn’t remove it. This time I can feel him brushing his finger against my panties. Luckily the way we lean towards each other, it provides some cover.

“Spence,” I gasp as his finger slips inside my panties.

“Oh Roxanne, you’re all ready for me, aren’t you?” he purrs, and his finger dips inside of me.

I stifle the groan that attempts to escape my lips. I rest my head on his shoulder. To the outside world, this would look just like we’re stealing a quiet moment together- I hope.

“Please,” I whimper.

I want him so badly.

“Come on,” Spence says, abruptly removing his finger and standing up.

I look up at him in question, and he offers me his hand. I smile and take it. I know where this is headed.

Spence pulls me up and out of my chair and quickly towards the exit of the tent.

“I forgot my bag,” I say, thinking that we’re going inside the house.

“We’ll grab it later,” he tells me, his voice sounding a little urgent.

When we don’t head towards the house, I am curious. I don’t ask where we’re going, though. I’m just going to see how this plays out.

Instead, we head towards the pool area. It’s all blocked off from wedding guests, so it’s actually quite secluded, but I’m still a little nervous that somebody could see us. Spence leads me to the loungers and chooses one. I notice that it’s the same one that we used the very first time we were ever together.

“Lay down,” Spence orders.

I do as I’m told and look up at him expectantly. He stares down at me with a heated gaze.

“Now what?” I ask impatiently.

Wordlessly, he kneels between my knees, reaches up my dress, and pulls my black lace underwear off, and tosses them aside.

“What do you want, Roxanne?” he asks with a grin.

“I want you, Spence,” I say, reaching out for him.

“No, what do you want me to do to you?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” I ask coyly.

“Tell me, anyway.”

“Okay, I want you to start kissing me,” I say, then open my legs and point, “down there.”

“As you wish, Mrs. Manfredi.”

“You never get tired of saying that, do you?” I giggle.

“Never,” he nods as he slides down until his face is between my thighs, right where I want him.

His tongue finds my clit, and he starts doing his erotic work. I groan and twist my fingers into his hair, tugging on it a little harder than I mean to. However, he doesn’t complain.

“That feels so good, baby,” I whisper.

I scan our surroundings again to make sure we aren’t being watched. I’m relieved to find that we’re still alone. Spence adds a finger to the mix, coaxing more moans from me. His other hand reaches up and starts kneading my breasts through the satiny fabric of my dress. They are feeling pretty sensitive and full, but it still feels so good when he touches me.

“My turn,” I say, sitting up.

“Already, but I just got started?” Spence chuckles.

I ignore him, and we switch places. I straddle his legs and unzip his pants and pull them down just slightly. We can’t get completely naked in case we need to cover up in a hurry. I tug down his underwear, freeing him. I sigh in appreciation of his perfect cock, and hurriedly take him in my mouth.

“Awe fuck Rox. Slow down, or you’re going to finish me off too soon,” he groans, thrusting his hips forward.

He tastes so good that I want all of him; I take his advice though and slow down.

“Fuck me, Spence,” I order, and without further ado, he flips me over onto my back.

He pushes my dress up again and positions himself over me. Spence slowly sinks into me, and I let out a loud moan, a little too loud, though, and I quickly cover my mouth.

“Shh, baby, or you’ll alert the guests,” Spence laughs.

I want to feel his skin on mine, so my fingers find their way to his tie. I pull it loose then start unbuttoning his shirt until it’s completely undone. I run my hands up his hard chest and grasp his shoulders, my nails digging in. Spence reaches for the top of my strapless dress and tugs it down to free my breasts. They’ve gone up a few cup sizes, and then he leans down and flicks one of my nipples with his tongue. I flinch, they are so sensitive, but it feels so good.

“Careful,” I warn him, “Those things are loaded.”

“They are perfect,” he murmurs against one before taking it in his mouth.

“Oh, god!” I gasp.

It feels so good, but I’m pretty sure he just got a mouthful of breast milk. The first time he did that, I was a little disgusted, and nervous that he would be too, but evidently he seems to like it.

“Mmm, sweet,” he purrs as he repeats the action on the other one.

“Okay, you’ve had enough,” I giggle.

Spence growls playfully and releases my breast from his mouth. I wiggle my hips underneath him and grab his butt, trying to get him as close as possible. I can feel myself already climbing. Spence, being so attuned to my body and what I need, presses himself deeper and swivels his hips in just the right way.

“Like that?” he grunts.

“Mmmhmm,” I hum just as I feel the pressure build and release with great force.

Oh man, it’s been a little while.

Spence is right behind me, and I feel him go stiff before his body relaxes and goes heavy on mine.

“Shit, sorry, babe. I was hoping to make that last a little longer, but we haven’t had sex in weeks,” Spence says against my chest.

“I know, it’s been a little hectic,” I breathe, running my fingers through his hair.

“Keep doing that, and you’re going to put me to sleep,” he sighs.

“I guess that’s another thing we’re short on, too,” I giggle.

“We need to make a better effort to make more time for each other,” he says.

“I agree, which is why I told you that my parents would love to help out more if you’d let them.”

“I know. I just don’t like to let go of our angel.”

“I know that, but I need those arms around me more often, too,” I say.

“You’re right, baby,” he says quietly.

I realize that his breathing has slowed, and a minute later- he’s snoring softly. Did he just fall asleep on me?



Oh man, this is kind of funny actually. I’m usually the one to pass out on Spence, but this is a first. I guess he’s more tired than he’s been letting on lately. Between work and the new baby, he hasn’t gotten much sleep either. I often wonder if he sleeps at all, this machine of a man. I guess he’s more human than he appears sometimes. Rest isn’t very easy to come by these days. The thing that has made it easier for me is the fact that I resigned from the restaurant for now. It was a hard choice at first, but it was the best choice.

There was no way in hell I was going to hire a nanny, someone else to raise my baby. I wanted our daughter to have parents that are a constant presence in her life- not handed off to nannies until she’s old enough to care for herself. Kaidence has been born into a life where she will want for nothing, but I still want it to be a normal upbringing, she deserves that.

So Chris took over as head chef number one at the restaurant for the foreseeable future. Spence said that he’d like me to think about opening a restaurant of my own someday, one that I have total control over. I believe that it’s a good idea, something I will strive for later, though. For now, this is where my attention needs to be, at home, with my husband and child.

“Spence,” I nudge him this time, he’s getting kind of heavy.

“Hmm?” he murmurs but doesn’t move.

“I know you’re tired, but it’s getting hard to breathe under here.”

Finally, he raises his head off my chest and looks up at me a little groggily. He looks confused at first and looks around, realizing where we are, and then quickly sits up, rubbing his face with his hands.

“Fuck. Sorry babe. I didn’t mean to pass out on you,” he apologizes as I pull my dress back up and over my breasts and start looking around for my underwear.

“Trust me, I understand. I’m exhausted, too,” I say.

“Well then, what are we waiting for? Let’s go grab your things, wish everyone a good night, go into our house and go to sleep,” he suggests, standing up.

“Ooh baby, talk dirty to me,” I giggle, slipping on my underwear and standing up.

Spence laughs and runs a hand through his now messy hair, which is still sexy as hell.

“As tired as I am, I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” he says before leaning in and kissing me softly.

“Me neither, I love you, Spence,” I say, wrapping my arms around him and prolonging the kiss, “maybe before we go to bed, we can have another go at it.”

“Ooh baby, talk dirty to me,” Spence laughs, “I’m in.”

He takes my hand, and we start walking back towards the tent. My mind wanders, and I start thinking about all the twists and turns that got me to this point in life. There was a time when I was so confused about everything, but not anymore. I remember when I was just a girl who wanted to have fun and party. A girl just having fun who couldn’t decide who or what she wanted in life. A girl who thought she was full of bad decisions, always making the wrong choices, but here I am, having made the bed decision of my life in choosing Spence.

I remember the first time I ever met him in the VIP room of his masque. How intimidating I thought he was, even though to me, he’s the sweetest man ever. Appearances really can be deceiving. Sometimes you just have to take the mask off and see what’s underneath. It may just be the exact thing you never knew you were looking for.

The End

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