Once A Lover Vol: 2 Rocker Girl Series

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To walk away from your first love is hard enough, but it's impossible to get over him if he's not willing to let you go. But can you trust the man who shattered your heart and take him back? Margie life has not been easy to say the least, but she’s always managed to pick herself up and shake off whatever crap came her way. One of her biggest mistakes was the lead guitarist from the world’s most infamous band, Death Ever After. After one to many broken hearts, Margie's all in when asked if she wants to leave Hollywood. Jones has come a long way from being just some foster kid . He’s now a famous guitarist with the whole world at his feet. Money, fame, and woman, have been part of the lifestyle that he’s adopted over the last five years. But the one thing that he was always sure of was, Margie’s unconditional love, that is until she walked out on him. Now that she’s gone he realizes just how much he needs her, but it’s more than that, he loves her. Can Jones make Margie believe he’s a changed man. Can Margie put the past behind her and take back the man who devastated her heart time and time again…or is she really ready just to move on?

Romance / Fantasy
Jennifer L Byars
4.3 12 reviews
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Chapter 1

Three years ago, Hollywood California

Spitfire was a group of five women that were more than best friends, more like sisters. Growing up in foster care together, they had become a family, always sticking together through thick or thin. But it wasn’t just them that made up this family; there were also five guys, who just happened to be the legendary band of Death Ever After.

Addison was the lead singer in their little band, but was also the world’s best female guitarist and married to James Richardson, the singer of Death Ever After. Lynn, the lead bass for Spitfire, was as crazy as they come, and she was the girlfriend of Nickels Monroe, who was the manager of Death Ever After.

Tia, Addison’s little sister, was their mascot but also helped with the miscellaneous things, and she was hopelessly in love with Howie Smith, the drummer of Death Ever After. Mindy Barr was the keyboardist of the band; she was madly in love with guitarist Dax Cox, who always broke her heart and led her on every chance he got. And then there was Margie Philips, the drummer for the group, and girlfriend to Jones Johnson, the lead bass guitarist for Death Ever After.

So many things had changed in the last two years for the girls. Death Ever After had been a global phenomenon for five years. All of the girls’ relationships had gone down the drain since the guys had made it big. But Margie made Jones promise that he loved her and she believed him. At first she didn’t fault him; fame is what it is. But after the last time, she laid down the law. It was either her or the groupies, and he chose her…or so she thought.

It was a hot summer night. Margie sat on the bench seat of Lynn’s 1970s van, as they all drove up to Addison’s home in the Hollywood Hills for support. Ad had asked them to come with her for an intervention with her husband and rock god, James Richardson, to get him clean. Since she split up from him, James (or Jimmy to his friends) had gone downhill like a flaming rocket in the mixture of women, drugs and alcohol.

Supposedly Nickels, Dax, Howie, and Jones all made their way to San Francisco, looking at some new talent for their record label, but Jimmy was so deep into the bottle that the guys made him stay behind. Addison thought with the guys gone, it might be the best time for her to talk some sense into her husband before he killed himself.

They pulled through the gate and Margie had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach about how this night was going to play out. Then when they pulled up to the mansion and saw all the guys’ cars in the driveway—saying they were shocked was an understatement. “Well, we’re here, and it looks like some others showed up too,” Margie mumbled.

Ad glanced at Lynn. “Maybe we should just go home?”

Lynn lit up a smoke and growled under her breath. “Fuck no. I’m not playing this game anymore. If they’re up to some shit, I want to know about it now,” she answered.

“Maybe they’re just working on a new album?” Tia offered as an explanation from the back of the van.

“Yeah, maybe. But then why tell all of us that they were in San Francisco? They could’ve just as easily said they were working at Jimmy’s place on a new album,” Margie informed Tia, sitting back and wanting to cry.

“Shit!” Lynn swore, flicking her cigarette out the window.

Addison looked over at Lynn, who was sitting in the driver’s seat with that crazy look in her eyes, and sighed. “Well, let’s do this if we all agree. No sense letting them sugarcoat any bullshit they might come up with if we don’t witness it for ourselves.”

Margie sat forward and opened the door. “I agree, and if Jones is cheating on me, then I need to know for sure that he is. Otherwise I’ll believe his excuses again,” she admitted to the girls.

“All right, ladies. Let’s do this,” Lynn said, getting out.

The music could be heard as they walked up the path that led to the front door. Ad’s hand was on the doorknob and she turned around to see Mindy fidgeting, and Tia absolutely white as a sheet. “Are you sure, guys? I mean once we go in there, there’s no going back.” But Lynn pushed open the door and walked her into the mansion.

The beautiful rustic décor of the house was now trashed with pizza boxes, empty bottles of alcohol. The deeper they went into the house the worse it became, and getting worse the closer they got to Jimmy’s gaming room. By that point there was clothing flung everywhere…most of which happened to be women’s.

Margie’s stomach turned as she picked up a hot-pink bra off a statue and knew this was going to be bad, really bad, like emotions on a rollercoaster ride bad. Meaning, you knew you were going to regret your decision in getting on the ride…but you leave chance to the wind, and go ahead on it anyway. And that’s how she felt; the ride had already begun and she was already buckled in and there was no turning back.

As they walked closer to the gaming room, loud female moans echoed outside the hall, and Addison stopped cold in her tracks. She bit her lip and Margie could see she was lost in what she wanted to do. “Addison, we can go,” she suggested.

Addison was quiet as the moaning grew louder, and then male grunting echoed along with it. “No, this wouldn’t be the first time I’ve seen Jimmy with another woman. But if it is him screwing some groupie again, I promise this will be the last time. I’m done.” She threw her shoulders back, rushed over to the door, and slammed it open. She didn’t move, just stood still in horror.

Lynn ran over to Ad, only to have her jaw drop at what she was seeing. “Shit…” she growled, glancing over at Margie; Margie looked back at Mindy, who was back down the hall, not wanting to see what was going on.

“Mindy, come on,” she hissed. But Mindy shook her head and ran in the opposite direction, right for the front door. Mindy already knew what Dax was doing; the last thing she wanted was to see proof of her suspicions.

“Darn it!” Margie growled and saw Tia’s eyes start to tear up. In the last two years all of their relationships had gone through some nuclear times with the guys’ infidelities, but this time, Margie knew it was going to be apocalyptic.

Jones had promised her that he would be faithful, and if he was horny on the road he’d just call her and they’d have some old-fashioned video sex. There was never a doubt in Margie’s mind that Jones did love her like he said he did. So she always took him at his word because she loved him just as much. She also knew that his being in the world’s hottest rock band would strain their relationship, but she loved him anyway.

Honestly, she was a realist when it came to him being on the road and women throwing themselves at him. He’d had his fun, and now he’d promised that he was serious about their relationship and that he didn’t want to lose her. Or so she thought…

But when she and Tia walked into the game room behind Ad and Lynn, they saw that Jimmy had some loud-mouthed slut sprawled out on the pool table. He was so gone that he didn’t even realize his wife was there seeing what he was doing.

Addison’s hands went over her mouth in shock as she tried to back out of the room without being noticed, but then Jimmy looked up at her in his stoned, drunken state. “Addie…” he slurred in confusion, but never stopped screwing the whore he was on top of.

Lynn took hold of Ad and pulled her from the room and headed upstairs. “Oh yeah, we’re fuckin’ done here!” she growled, taking Tia from Margie’s arms and pulling her along. “You’re filing those damn papers, Addison!”

Lynn threw open the door to Addison and Jimmy’s master bedroom, and lo and behold there was Dax on the bed with two groupies, doing only god knows what. Margie stood at the door in shock as he jumped up from the bed at their arrival, but looked only at Addison.

“Chipmunk…” Dax murmured.

“Get the fuck out of here, Dax!” Lynn seethed, pushing his big naked body back to the bed. The sluts that he was with never even bothered to cover themselves up as they sat there and giggled at the intrusion. They just sat watching the spectacle, knowing what they were going to be doing with the band after they left.

Margie saw Dax glance at her and then out the door…her gut dropped and she turned to see if her suspicions were right. “Margie… I wouldn’t go looking around,” Dax warned.

She stopped and glared at him. “You are a real jerk!” she hissed, and was about to leave when Howie walked in with only his boxers on, laughing with a half-dressed girl in his arms. Margie backed up and glanced over her shoulder at Tia.

“Oh motherfucking hell…” Howie swore, but it was too late. Once Tia saw him and the girl hanging all over him, the scream that tore through the house would’ve stopped anyone in the middle of their “activities”…well, except maybe for Jimmy.

Marge pushed her way through Howie, who was now trying to console an inconsolable Tia, and made her way out to find Jones. The door next to the master bedroom opened and there he was, completely naked and still semi-hard. They stared at each other for a second, both in disbelief at what they were seeing. Then she heard giggling coming from inside the room. Her head tilted to the side to see the truth, but Jones blocked her view.

The devastation she felt was indescribable, and the sight of Jones naked with another woman, the truth of his betrayal, was just as heart wrenching. Her mother had abandoned her at a gas station when she was eight years old, and at that moment she felt like she did all those years ago—alone. That night, that’s the night everything changed, and her world of people she loved grew that much smaller. Margie and Jones had loved each other since they were teenagers. But there comes a time when a woman has to say enough is enough, and they were done—forever.

Jones knew she had trust issues, knew what had happened to her, and yet here he was. She crossed her arms and shook her head and his eyes widened… He knew. He grabbed her by the arms, trying to embrace her as she struggled to get free. “I’m sorry, Margie. She means nothing to me, it was all just a little fun, pumpkin, I swear. Look, I love you!” he declared.

“You promised, Jones! It was either me or the sluts, and you chose them. We’re through,” she hissed.

“Wait, I said I love you. Didn’t you hear me? I made a mistake, that’s all. You told me you understood,” he pleaded, not letting her go.

One of the girls walked up to the door, smiling at her, and tears started to roll down her face. “I said I understood that it happened. But you promised you would never do that to me again!” She screamed the last part in his face.

“Jonesy, you coming back to bed or what?” asked one of the sleazy groupies.

“Shut the fuck up!” Jones yelled at the girl.

Margie couldn’t take it any more; she was finally through with all of it, the rock life, Hollywood, and Jones. She smacked him as hard as she could across the face, hoping she could hurt him as much as he’d hurt her. “Just go back to your sluts, Jonesy!”she screamed, turning to go help Lynn get Ad’s things and get the heck out of there.

“Margie, Margie, please, babe… I’m sorry!”

With all the commotion, Nickels finally made his appearance, coming out of a room in just a pair of sweatpants. “What the hell is going on out here?” he growled, but when he saw Margie he stopped. “Holy shit…” he murmured as he pushed past Jones to find the hell that was Lynn.

Dax had at least put underwear on now, as he tried to talk to Addison. But she just ignored him as she packed her things, shaking her head at whatever explanation he was offering. Lynn came out of the closet with a couple of things in her hands, and then saw Nickels standing in the door.

“Well, lookee, lookee who decided to show up to the party!” she grinned.

“Lynn, let’s just go outside and have a talk, baby. Just you and me,” he tried to coax her with his hands in the air.

“Oh, so now I’m your baby? Nice.” Lynn chuckled, tossing the clothes in her hands to Ad. Dax took one of her shirts out of the bag and Addison snatched it back, then zipped up the luggage, smacking Dax’s hand away from her.

That made Lynn laugh. “Oh Dax, man, you are so fucking done, baby, and you know it. She’s gone…” she told him, then smirked a devilish smile at Nickels.

“Lynn, what are you up to?” he asked, squinting at her.

“Why would you think I’m up to anything, Nicky?” she chuckled, walking over to a girl that Dax was—well, that he was with. Then in one quick movement Lynn took the girl by the back of the head and kissed her. Right there in front of everybody, Lynn opened that woman’s mouth and tongued her for all to see.

When she was done she planted one last little kiss on the girl’s swollen lips and looked up to the group of men who witnessed it. “Don’t worry about it, Nickels, I think I’m needing some strange myself. You know I can get as much pussy as you can, baby, but I think I might add a little more dick to my nights too. There’s always another lay, baby, and you were just one of many more to come.” She winked at his stunned face.

Margie pulled Tia away from Howie, who was begging her to not leave him. Ad picked up her bag, and Lynn kissed her fingertips, then flipped off Nickels as they all made their way out of the master bedroom.

Addison looked back at the group of men, disgusted. “You tell Jimmy when he’s finally done fucking that whore he’s with, we’re over. I want those divorce papers signed, Nickels, no more excuses. You make sure he understands that!”

Margie wiped the tears from her face and just shook her head as Tia had a mental breakdown right in her arms. “You guys just stay away from us from now on. If you think you’re the only ones that have sex with random people, then you guys are as stoned as Jimmy!” she screamed.

“Margie, please, babe…” Jones shouted over the railing.

“That’s a very polite way of telling these assholes to leave us the fuck alone, Marge,” Lynn laughed as they went to the front door.

Jimmy had managed to stumble his way out into the front room where all the commotion was happening, and squinted over at Addison like he wasn’t sure if she was real or an illusion. That made Lynn laugh even harder. “Ladies, I say we go find ourselves some hot studs for the night. I think revenge is just what we need for an evening out!”

“Lynn!” Nickels growled.

“Oh baby, what I’m going to do with some lucky guy tonight would have you blush. Bye-bye, ex-lover.” Lynn waved.

“You know, Lynn, I think you might be right. Time to let go of the old, and go try on some new men,” Margie hissed, glancing back at Jones, who now wore the shocked face that Nickels did. “’Bye, exes! And don’t bother coming round any more,” she hollered, slamming the door shut behind her.

Once they were in the van Margie glanced back to see Mindy in the back, not crying, but looking really lost. “Min, you okay?”

There was a small nod. “Was it bad?” she squeaked out.

Margie put her hand on Lynn’s arm so she wouldn’t answer that with a remark. Lynn’s harsh words would’ve destroyed Mindy at the moment. “I’m glad you stayed in the van,” was all that Margie said.

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