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Dragon lost the love of his life when her car exploded. But six months later, she shows up at his compound with amnesia, and this time he’ll move heaven and earth to keep her safe. Ali woke with no recollection of who she was or what had taken place. She was lying on the floor and four terrifying bikers were standing over her. After six long months, an older biker slips into her cell and lets her out. He places her in a car and gives her an address, then strides away. Jaxon has been barely surviving since his girl Ali was murdered by a car bomb. He becomes the Sargent of Arms for his MC and swears to never open his heart to anybody else. His brothers rename him Dragon, in honour of his newly discovered appreciation of the blowtorch. How will he cope, when an unfamiliar car shows up near the compound one day, and his Ali is behind the wheel? Will she ever recall what he was to her? And will he be able to save her from, the man determined to see her dead!

Romance / Action
Megan Fall
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Chapter 1 ~ Ali

Ali lay on the cold cement floor, of the cell she had called home for the last six months. Her body and her head ached. She was utterly and completely broken. During her captivity, she has only known beatings and starvation. All she knows, was that she was kept in chains in the basement of a biker compound.

She had no idea who she was, or where she came from. The first memory she had was of waking up in this very room. Four huge bikers had surrounded her, and her wrists were chained to the floor. The chains were long, and provided her with some ease of movement, but the bikers converging on her didn’t.

They had hit her so many times, her forehead felt like a spike had been driven into it, and her face was wet where she could feel blood dripping down it.

She tried to figure out how she had gotten there, but nothing came to her. She tried to figure out who would come to help her, but no face appeared to her. She tried to figure out where she came from, but came up blank! The only thing she knew, was that her name was Ali. The head injury must have been a lot worse than what she had thought.

Ali stared at the men that surrounded her. They were huge and menacing. All of them wore leather vests, and their clothes were dirty and old. She could smell the hint of body odour from where she lay, knowing up close it would be worse. She was terrified and alone, sure no one would come to save her!

She had screamed and cried, as the president leaned down and tore her dress. The others had cheered, as he raped her. Then the kicking had started, and she lost consciousness. When she woke again, she was hurt so bad that she couldn’t move. That was both the beginning and the end for her. With her memory loss, she could only remember pain. She had no idea what her life was like before it!

The floor seemed colder than normal today, but that may have been because the t-shirt they let her wear had become thread bare, and was starting to get several holes. She pushed herself into a sitting position and moved her chains, so she could lean comfortably against the wall in the corner of her cell. The dim light made it hard to see, but she found the cup of water she had saved from yesterday. Some days the bikers didn’t come at all, and she thought maybe they were beginning to forget about her.

Just as she thought that, she heard the pounding of feet on the stairs leading down to her cell. She closed her eyes tight and curled herself into the smallest ball she could fit into, as she cowered in the corner. The footsteps stopped, and keys jingled as her cell door was unlocked and thrown open. She held her breathe as a biker came closer.

She had no idea how long she sat there, as the silently biker stood over her. Confused, she opened her eyes and peered up at him. He was older, and one she had never seen before. His hair was just as greasy, and his clothes were just as dirty as the rest, but something about him seemed different. His eyes kept glancing toward the open door, and he appeared almost nervous.

When he crouched down and grabbed her wrists, she cried out. Blood coated her arms, and her skin was raw from where the chains had rubbed it, almost down to the bone in some spots. Tears pricked her eyes, but the man ignored her as he brought the keys up, and shoved one in the lock. With astonishment, she watched the chains fall to the floor. Her arms felt light, as the weight dragging them down was gone.

She was in utter shock, never having the chains removed before. The biker then shoved a pair of sweats and a new t-shirt at her. He turned his back to her and ordered “dress”, in a gravely rumble. Barely taking the time to think, she tore off her t-shirt and replaced it with the clean one. Moving carefully, she then put her legs in the sweats, and lifted her butt slightly off the floor to pull them up. As if sensing she was done, the biker turned, and pulled a pair of flip flops out of his back pocket. Dropping them on the floor beside her, he then headed back out the door.

She slipped them on then stared at the door he had left open. Panic hit then, as she had no idea what to do. His annoyed bellow of “come on” thundered through the open doorway. She carefully grasped the wall, using it to pull herself to her feet. She swayed a bit, as her head throbbed and made her dizzy. She didn’t know if it was the lack of food , or the head injury that hurt so much. She guessed it was most likely a bit of both!

When she took a step cautiously, her leg gave way, and she slammed into the wall crying out. She caught herself from falling, and braced herself against the wall, as she tried to take the pressure off her leg. During the six months she had been kept here, she figured her right leg had been broken four times. With no medical aid, it had never completely healed. The broken bones had just fused themselves together, at whatever angle they had been left at. After a minute, she put her leg back down and took a slow step forward, willing it to hold her. It did, but she was shaking, and it was extremely painful.

She heard a sigh from the door, then the biker was beside her, lifting her up, and carrying her up the stairs. She clung to him, terrified he was going to drop her. He kicked another door open, at the top of the stairs, and then they were outside. The bright light hurt her eyes, but the heat of the sun warmed her chilled skin.

He quickly strode across the compound, and out a break, in the chain-link fence. No one was around, and she figured it had to be pretty early in the morning. She chanced a quick glance in each direction, and saw he was headed down a small road towards a pretty beat up Honda. He adjusted his hold on her, so he could open the door, and then pretty much dumped her in the driver’s seat. He slammed it closed behind her.

She stared agape at the man, as he turned away from her, and headed back towards the break in the fence.

“Use the map on the seat, and head towards the address on the sticky note. Don’t stop until you get there, because they’ll be right behind you”, he growled before disappearing through the fence.

She stared at the map for a minute, then stared at the address. Her leg was throbbing, but she pushed the pain to the back of her mind and pressed down on the petal, as she started the car. A quick glance at the gas gage told her the tank was full, so she threw the car in drive and tore away.

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