After School Kissing Sessions (teacher x student)

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He tried to fight back for his pride as a teacher, but his man instincts took over. He soon gave up fighting and his arms dropped (...) Mr. Wolff is the school's skinny and awkward chemistry teacher. Sam sees how pathetic and innocent he is and decides to tease him on a daily basis after school, where they engage in after school kissing sessions. However, what will happen once Mr. Smith, the hot, charismatic physics teacher finds out? Are these kissing sessions really meaningless or is there a deeper meaning behind them? How will Mr. Wolff react to these provocations of a high school student?

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Chapter 1: Mr. Wolff

“Hey. Umm, sorry.” I looked up from the essay I was writing. A skinny, nerd-looking young man was standing in front of me. I looked up at him questioningly. “Could you help me with something please?” he asked in a low tone.

I smiled as I stood up, “Sure.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt your work. It should be fast.” He spoke awkwardly. I could tell his communication skills weren’t that good.

“No.” I answered as I kept smiling, “It’s okay.”

I followed the skinny guy into his classroom. He really looks like a lab rat, no wonder he’s the chemistry teacher.

“I’m James Wolff by the way.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Oh, sorry. Are my student?”

“No.” I burst out laughing. What a dork. “My friend, Alex, is your student.”

“Alex? Uhh....” He doesn’t even know his students’ names? How is this guy even a teacher?

“She’s in your senior class.” No response came from him and he kept looking up, thinking. “Curly, light brown hair, short girl, wears glasses...”

“Ohh, yeah, Alex.” he answered as if he’d known all along.

I chuckled.

“I’m Sam.”

He pressed his thin lips into a small smile, not knowing what to say. How awkward can this guy be?

He showed me what to do. I had to help him carry scales from his classroom to the biology classroom and then we went back to his classroom to organize beakers and other materials and see what was missing.

“So, here is a list of the things that should be in this classroom. Can you help me see what is missing?” he pointed at a stapled stack of papers. What a dork. Who makes a list of their scientific instruments?

I leaned onto his desk as he spoke, looking at the list. Shortly after, I noticed him getting flustered as he spoke. I looked up at his face, he was clearly staring at my cleavage. His cheeks started turning into a pinkish shade. It’s so obvious he’s never been with a girl before. Such a lab rat.

He then coughed, covering his mouth and asked, “So, why aren’t you taking chemistry?”

“It’s just not my thing.”

“Oh. What science do you take then?” he seemed disappointed, as if his only purpose in life was chemistry.


“Oh. That’s nice.”


The familiar awkward silence filled up the air again as we continued checking each item.

“There. That’s the last one.” I said, “It’s all here.”

“Okay.” he looked glad. “Thank you very much.” He forced a smile.

I smiled and got up to leave. Once I reached the door, I decided to tease him, to see how a dork like him would react.

I peeked behind me, noticing he was looking at my butt - since I was wearing extremely short shorts. He was probably only looking at them since the principle forbids shorts of this length, but I decided to tease him anyways.

I turned my body to face him, “Mr. Wolff...” He looked up at me wide-eyed, becoming flustered. I smirked and walked closer to him once again. Placing myself on his lap and grabbing onto his necktie, I whispered into his ear. “I noticed you looking at my cleavage too. You might want to take a picture, it will last longer.” I scoffed.

Mr. Wolff became flustered and his face burned red, “Ah, n-no... I-It’s not...”

I placed my index finger on his lips, shushing him as I drew nearer to kiss him. My glossy, strawberry flavoured lips came in contact with his thin, mint flavoured kisser. He tried pulling apart, making it noticeable how weak he is. I kept pushing against him and bit his bottom lip until he opened his mouth, giving me entrance. I shoved my tongue in and embraced it with his. He kept struggling until I pulled apart and walked towards the door.

I winked and smiled teasingly at him, “See you Mr. Wolff.” I said as I left the room in a twirl, going back to finish my essay.

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