After School Kissing Sessions (teacher x student)

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Chapter 2: The Lab Rat

“Ugh!” Alex complained. “I feel like the teachers in this school are getting worst every year.”

“I know, right?” Chris answered. I just nodded.

“What did the Chemistry teacher do this time?” I asked. The five senior chemistry students are like the unfortunate of our grade. They went through a psychological unstable old woman in the past two years that sent the school to court until she was finally fired last year, and they hardly get any sleep with all the work.

“He’s just so weird. His arms are just so thin, he’s so skinny, and you can almost see his bones. And when he asks us questions his eyes open so widely and they look around very fast like googly eyes. He’s just so weird.”

“Yeah, he looks just like those lab rats and mad scientists.”

“He is!” Alex agreed to Chris’s remark. “He has no idea how to socialize, he doesn’t even say ‘hi’ when I pass by him. He hates me.”

I gave her a pity laugh and she sighed in anger.

“Talking of the devil...” Chris joked.

I automatically looked to the side and noticed Mr. Wolff. His eyes locked on mine and they widened. He then blushed and quickly averted his eyes. I burst out laughing.

“Shh!!!” Chris and Alex covered my mouth, misunderstanding the reason why I was laughing. “He’s gonna know we were talking about him, you idiot.”

The rest of the day passed pretty quickly, except for Business class which I spent arguing with the teacher. What a douchebag. That was my last class of the day. Just an idiot like him to put me in a bad mood in a Friday afternoon. What the hell did he mean by ‘You’re not 12 year-olds anymore’? That doesn’t excuse him from being such a terrible teacher. I kicked the chair in front of me and dragged my chair back, causing a ruckus in the upper atrium. I need something to take my mind off of him.

I walked towards the chemistry lab and peeked inside, seeing only Mr. Wolff sitting on his chair. I opened the door slowly. He suddenly turned around with eyes wide open. I couldn’t help but laugh at his reaction. I smirked, ready to tease him. His eyes widened even further, noticing it was me.

Mr. Wolff stood up in surprise, “Sam, what are you--”

I pressed my lips against his, pushing him against the wall. At first, he let me kiss him and gave me entrance into his mouth. He must have realized what he was doing after and pushed me away.

“Stop.” he gasped for air, “We can’t do this.”

“Oh, come on.” I pleaded, “I’ve had a really bad day today, can’t you help me cheer up?”

He sighed and looked around nervously.

“No one’s going to find out. I promise.” I guaranteed but he still looked troubled.

I then pouted naturally and looked up at him with pleading eyes. “Can’t we?”

I drew nearer and grabbed onto his bony chest, making him stumble against the wall. I closed my eyes and drew in for a kiss, but he stopped me.

“No. We can’t.”

I frowned at his response. I’m still going to do it, whether he wants to or not. I pinned his arms above his head and kissed him once again. He tried to fight back for his pride as a teacher, but his man instincts took over. He soon gave up fighting and his arms dropped. He, too, started kissing me and his arms wrapped around my waist. I held onto the back of his head, grabbing chunks of his hair. We made out until I hardly had any air left in me.

As we made out, the door to his classroom knocked and opened right away. We pushed each other apart and I grabbed a random paper and pen that was lying on the table. Before the person entered the room, I straightened my hair and pulled Mr. Wolff by his tie so it would look like he was helping me with a question.

My physics teacher came in. “Oh, Sam, what are you doing here?” He looked at me, puzzled.

“I was just asking Mr. Wolff for some help.”

“For chemistry?” he raised an eyebrow. Shit. I forgot that detail. I don’t take chemistry.

“Yeah.” I quickly thought of an excuse. “I’m thinking of taking the Chemistry SAT later on in the year and I’m having a bit of trouble, so... Yeah.” I gave off my usual smile, hoping he would buy it.

“Oh okay. Good luck then.”

“Thanks.” The physics teacher is a cool guy but, just like all my other teachers, he trusts me way too much.

“You can keep doing what you were doing. I’m just going here to get the Oxygen and CO2 probes.”


I turned the paper around, trying not to panic. Coincidentally enough, the paper was someone’s quiz, so I took advantage of the questions that were wrong.

“So, Mister, how would I do this question?” I pointed at the number two. “I was able to do it this far, but then what do I do?” I said, writing down what I could from my knowledge of 10th grade chemistry class.

“Here.” he asked for the pen. I gave it to him. “Now you would have to...” he said a bunch of weird words I had no idea what they meant as I kept nodding and repeating “mhm” and “ohh!” as if I understood anything. His hands and voice were trembling as he spoke, but I could tell how pleased he was to be talking about chemistry. Come on idiot, don’t turn us in.

“Okay, thanks. I got what I wanted.” Mr. Smith said. Yess! He’s finally leaving. “Oh, and one more thing.” Damn it. “Just as a warning, Mr. Wolff. Actually force this girl to try to solve the problems by herself. Don’t let her laziness fool you.” he winked at me.

“Hey!” I objected, knowing he was just joking. Mr. Smith laughed and exited the room, closing the door behind him. I sighed in relief that he bought my lie.

Once I looked back at Mr. Wolff, he was wide-eyed again. What is it this time?

“You are doing the Chemistry SAT?”


“No, you idiot.” I hit him lightly behind the head. “That was a lie.”

“Oh.” he looked disappointed.

“Yeah, sorry that I don’t like Chemistry as much as you do.” I rolled my eyes. Is that all his life is about?

“W-wait.” he stopped, wide-eyed, “What did you call me?”

“Idiot.” I laughed. “So? What’s the problem?” He looked confused, unsure of what to say. “Are you going to punish me?”

I raised an eyebrow and smirked as I closed the distance between us and pulled onto his tie. He blushed and became flustered. I kissed his mint-flavored lips and smiled, “Thanks. I’ve cheered up a bit now. See you tomorrow.” I smirked smugly and span my heel around, leaving the classroom.

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