After School Kissing Sessions (teacher x student)

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Chapter 4: 10 Minutes

“So, how’s Chemistry?” I asked Alex with a grin.

“It’s awesome! The teacher moved the date of the presentation to Thursday, reserving today’s class time to study for the test that was moved to next week!” she looked so happy and relieved.

“Is that so...” I grinned happily.

Alex frowned and her stare fixed on me. I chuckled nervously.

“Did you have anything to do with this?” she asked, suspiciously.

“I don’t know~” I chanted playfully.

Alex pulled me into a hug. “I don’t know how you did it, but thank you.” her soft voice reached my ears. I smiled back at her.

“Are you two gonna kiss or what?”

We were both startled by Chris’s sudden appearance. I shoved my palm against his face to shut him up.

“Umm...” We were then interrupted by a quiet voice. It was Mr. Wolff.

Alex stepped up, assuming he wanted to talk to her - as we all did. However, to our surprise, his eyes locked on me.

“Sam, may I have a word with you, please?”

My eyes widened and my two friends looked back at me in shock. What is this idiot trying to do? Does he want everyone to find out? I nodded and followed him to a corner of the atrium, where we were still visible by Alex and Chris. They kept staring at us and I faced my back towards them so that they couldn’t see my angry expression.

“What are you trying to do?” I hissed at him. “My friends know I don’t have classes with you. How am I supposed to explain why you’re talking to me?”

“Oh.” he looked around us, nervously. “Sorry.”

‘Sorry’? That’s all he has to say? What kind of an idiot did I get involved with?

“Sam, I need to talk to you.” He continued, despite my clear anger.

“Go on.”

“I...” he started acting nervously as he noticed my expression. “We need to stop with these after school kissing sessions.”

I looked around, making sure no one heard him.

“Why?” I crossed my arms against my chest and raised an eyebrow at him, smirking. “I know you’re enjoying it too.”

His eyes widened and he immediately became flustered. I could tell he was looking back and forth from my eyes to my breasts as I pushed them up purposely.

“I...” he fidgeted around nervously, “I’m not!” he clearly lied.

“Liar.” I shot up an eyebrow at him, grinning teasingly.

He kept looking around nervously as I kept staring at him. What a terrible liar.

“W-why are you even doing this? I’m a teacher, shouldn’t you be going out with guys your age?” I shrugged. “Why me?” I ignored him, looking to the side. “Do you... like me?” he asked incredulously.

My eyes widened, but my expression quickly turned into a smirk. “I don’t know... That’s for you to find out.” I winked at him and turned around to leave.

He then grabbed my wrist to stop me. I turned back, glaring at him. Are you an idiot?!

“Don’t come today.”


“Just don’t come anymore. We can’t continue this.”

I frowned. As if he can stop me. I then smiled and started turning back around to leave, “See you, Mr. Wolff.”

“I’m serious, Sam.” he asserted. For the first time, he stood up against me. This somehow made me want him even more.

I winked and stuck my tongue out at him, walking back towards my friends.

But, yeah... What do I think of him?

“Sam.” Alex woke me up from my daydreaming. I looked around at my surroundings wide-eyed. “What did he want?”

“Who?” I asked, still not quite awake.

“Mr. Wolff. Who else?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Oh, him?” I scratched my temple. “He just wanted to thank me for helping him the other day after school.”


“Yeah. He’s really awkward, like you said.” I laughed nervously, trying to change the subject.

“I know, right?” She laughed with me.

In physics, I sat next to the window and Brett sat beside me. I don’t even know why he sits with me, we hardly even speak and the other boys all sit in the front.

“Hey, Sam.” he nudged me. “When does your basketball season start?”

I looked up to think before answering. “Next month.”

He smiled and nodded, “You’re going, right?”

“Of course!” I smiled back.

“Good.” He gave me a thumbs up and made a funny face. I laughed.

Brett is the school’s hottest guy. He used to be really popular until “the whore”, Clara, broke up with him. It’s about time, she was only using him.


The teacher interrupted him, “Could you two please not flirt in my class?” Mr. Smith teased.

My eyes and mouth widened in objection and then I pouted at him, blushing.

“Sorry.” Brett whispered. I shook my head and smiled in response.

“It’s my fault too.”

“Okay. Please solve the problems on the board.” Mr. Smith indicated to four questions that he had written down in his terrible calligraphy.

I tried reading the first one but ended up spacing out. It’s okay, someone else will end up shouting out the answer anyways.


An electric shock went up my chest as I heard my name. My eyes widened and I looked up at him.

“Please come up and do number three.”

“I didn’t do it yet.” I said, trying to escape. I didn’t even look at it.

“That’s okay. You can do it up here on the board.” he grinned, knowing I didn’t try. I hate that he knows me too well...

I hesitatingly got up from my seat and took the pen from Mr. Smith’s hand, scowling at him. I looked at the question. My blushing was not helping me focus. Everyone’s eyes are on me, piercing the back of my head. As I breathed and cooled down, I understood the question. I did rapid calculations and circled the final answer, giving the teacher his pen back and walking towards my seat.

“That is...” he said, examining my work, “correct!” Mr. Smith smiled, putting an end to the suspense.

I smiled. I knew it.

The bell rang and everyone got up energetically to leave the school. I walked towards the door, passing by Mr. Smith.

“Hey, Sam.” he stopped me on the way out his classroom. “Try to use what’s left of that brain more often before you go completely dumb.”

“Ha, ha.” I laughed out sarcastically. I then pouted and punched his muscly arm softly, proceeding to leave as Mr. Smith chuckled back. Every teacher should be funny like him, but he’s just too annoying.

I waited until most people were gone and got up from my usual seat to visit Mr. Wolff. As I was about to knock at the door, Mr. Smith opened it. My heart stopped. The surprised look on his face turned into a grin. Shit. Does he know?

He wrapped his arm around my back and dragged me inside the classroom, facing Mr. Wolff.

“Aren’t you already tired of this girl, James?” he asked, teasing. I sighed, realizing he doesn’t know about our secret.

Mr. Wolff became nervous, but he laughed trying to disguise his flusteredness. I looked up at Mr. Smith and pouted as he stuck his tongue out at me. I scowled playfully. As his arm was wrapped around me I realized how skinny Mr. Wolff actually is. Their builds are complete opposites: a muscly strong arm and a skinny frail one. He then let me go and walked beside Mr. Wolff.

“Which one of us do you think is younger?” he pointed at Mr. Wolff and himself.

Why’s he asking me this? “Uhh...” I thought for a bit, observing each of them closely. Mr. Smith actually has a handsome face with young eyes, no wrinkles and a defined jawline. His body is fairly muscly and fit with no sign of fat. I can bet he was popular with the girls when he was younger. Mr. Wolff, on the other hand, looks just like a kid who just got out of college but has an old man’s structure. The top of his back is a bit curved (probably from studying too much) and his arms and legs are really skinny, making his bones almost visible. However, his face is obviously young. He still has somewhat an innocent look on him and, even though he’s not exactly hot, there’s something about that profile that is so addicting. Just like a lab rat, they may look a bit weird at first, but there’s something so cute about them.

“Mr. Wolff?” I made a wild guess, since he looks like a college kid.

Mr. Smith laughed. “I knew you were going to say that.” My eyes widened.

“The old man is younger than Mr. Wolff?” I teased.

“Old man?” He asked, outraged. “I’m only 24!”

“Pfft.” I mocked, “Yeah right, old man.”

He swiftly walked towards me and cupped my chin. “Watch out with what you say, little miss.” His whisper pierced my ears. He then drew closer, facing my neck, and whispered, “You smell nice.”

I blushed even though I should be used to this behavior of his already. I could tell Mr. Wolff’s eyes widened from the corner of my eyes. Why’s he so surprised? We make out every day after school.

“See ya, James. Sam.” Mr. Smith said, passing by me, making his way out the classroom.

Mr. Wolff waited for Mr. Smith to leave before he spoke. “I thought I told you not to come.”

I shrugged, “Teachers tell me lots of things, but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna do them.” I joked.

“Sam...” Here he goes again...

“If you don’t want to do this, then how come you kiss me back?”

His eyes widened.

“I’ll tell you what.” I came up with an idea. “Give me 10 minutes. If I can’t make you moan even once in that time-frame, I promise to stop. But if I can... You get the point, don’t you?” This is such a gamble. This guy hardly expresses himself, I have no idea whether or not he will moan.

He breathed out through his nose, biting on his lower lip.

“It’s a deal.” I stretched out my hand to him. “I promise to stop if I fail.”

He kept on biting his lip and looked around, thinking deeply about the situation. He then clenched his fists and pressed his lips together as he lifted his arm up, hesitatingly shaking my hand.

10 minutes... Okay. I can do this... Yeah.

I pressed both my palms against his chest and pushed him towards his desk. My lips landed on his and I bit his, begging for entrance. Mr. Wolff automatically parted his lips, giving me entrance. Our tongues intertwined as in a sugar explosion. My hands became greedy, touching every piece of him they could. They ended up behind his head, grabbing onto chunks of his ash brown hair. 10 minutes, I repeated in my mind. 10 minutes or it will all be over.

I separated my lips from his, licking them, deciding to try out another tactic. I nibbled on his ear, making his cheeks scarlet and proceeded to his neck. I kissed and sucked on it, forming small hickeys above his collarbone. Mr. Wolff started breathing out deeply. I looked over at the clock. Only 3 minutes left. Not good enough yet. My hand lowered, untucking his shirt from his pants and lifting it up. It then slid beneath his shirt, crawling up his bare skin until it reached his chest. With one minute left, I kept satisfying his neck as I began playing with his nipple. He tried to stop me, but I pinned his arms together. Only a few seconds left. As I began worrying, I bit his neck gently, finding his sensitive spot. This automatically earned me a soft moan from him. Yess!! Victory! I kissed him once more, through a smile and parted my lips from his.

“See? I persisted and made you moan.” I smiled smugly. “And Mr. Smith calls me lazy?”

My last words made him frown. Mr. Wolff pulled me by my waist abruptly and smashed his lips against mine. My eyes widened, but I accepted his smooch. He kissed me aggressively, biting my lips and sucking my tongue. I moaned back. I love it when he acts like this.

I parted from him, chuckling. “Are you jealous?” I raised an eyebrow, teasing him.

“Do you also do these things with him?” Wolff breathed out. He kept frowning and his face was stern.

“Pfft. No.” I laughed. “What do you think I am? A whore?” He remained silent. “Don’t you dare say yes.” I scowled playfully. I placed my hands on my waist, as if scolding a troublesome child. “You’re going to pay for that.”

I stretched out my arms, wrapping them around Mr. Wolff’s neck. “You’re not going to stop me?”

He shook his head but I could tell he was still blushing. “There’s no use.”

I smiled, “That’s right.”

I pulled him to a kiss, sweeter than the others. Our tongues intertwined and danced in sync. Mr. Wolff also participated more than usual, kissing me back and pulling my body closer to his as if we were glued together. For some reason he seemed happy with my answer regarding Mr. Smith. My mind soon went blank as I got lost in the kiss and embrace shared with this teacher.

Why me? ... Do you like me?

I stopped and pulled apart. My mind went blank as I stared fixedly at his hazel, grayish eyes.


My eyes widened as I was pulled back to reality and I became flustered.

“A-ah. S-sorry.” I looked around and let go of him nervously. “I... I think I should go.”

I ran out kiss classroom without looking back. He called out my name, but I didn’t stop. What the hell is wrong with me?

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