After School Kissing Sessions (teacher x student)

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Chapter 5: Will

I sneezed and blew my nose only to cough afterwards.

“It’s not very high, but you do have a fever.” My mom said, checking my temperature.

A fever huh? That explains my weird reaction yesterday.

“It’s Friday, you might as well stay at home for today.” I nodded.

“Ah~ I think I also have a fever. Can I also stay at home?” my brother faked a sick voice, overhearing our conversation from his bedroom.

“Shut up and get up!” My mom yelled back at him, laughing at his nonsense.

“Ugh.” he complained as he got up and walked towards the bathroom. “It’s your fault if everyone else in the university becomes sick too.”

My mom rolled her eyes and got up from her knees. “You don’t mind staying alone, right? I really have to go to work today.”

I shook my head and smiled. She then kissed my forehead and went downstairs to eat breakfast.

“Will! Hurry up or I will leave without you!”

I fell right back asleep despite all the ruckus caused by Will and my mom.

I woke up to my phone buzzing. As I picked it up, I noticed Alex’s name flashing on the screen. I dragged the green symbol and rested the phone on my ear.

“Sam! Are you okay? You’re not here at school and you wouldn’t pick up your phone!” she kept speaking on and on.

“I’m just sick. I didn’t pick up because I was sleeping before someone decided to call me.” I joked. “Don’t stress so much.”

“You know that’s how I am.” That’s so true. That girl could have a heart attack at any second. “But are you okay?”

“Yeah, it’s just a small fever. I’ll be back Monday.”

“Okay then. Try not to sleep through the whole day.”

“You know me too well.” I laughed as I started getting up from my bed. “Well, good luck at school today. Try not to let Mr. Wolff get to your nerves.”

“Haha, yeah. See you.”

I turned off the call and sat up. I rubbed my head. What kind of dream was that? Mr. Wolff and Mr. Smith? I shook my head immediately as the image returned to my head. Ewww. Gross.

I then stood up, too fast though, giving me a migraine and making my head spin. I dressed my favorite nice and warm hoodie and put on my fuzzy socks. I then found myself staring down at the heart pattern of the socks. I shook my head once again. What am I thinking?

I went downstairs to prepare a bowl of milk and cereal. I then sat down at the couch watching TV as I ate. My phone lit up as I received a snap. It’s from Alex. “I couldn’t hold back my laughter when I saw this.” she wrote on a picture of Mr. Wolff wearing the ugliest scarf I’ve ever seen that had probably been knitted by his grandmother. I laughed like crazy as I drooled milk onto my shirt. He’s probably wearing that to hide all the hickeys I gave him yesterday. I laughed.

The bell then rang and I ran to the door to see a young man wearing a cap and working uniform.

“Good morning.” I beamed at him, knowing what he was holding in his hands.

“Good morning.” he smiled back. He actually had a cute smile. “Delivery for Ms. Sam Archer?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” I smiled as I signed some papers and he handed me a box labelled Adidas.

Yess!! I tipped the guy and I bid him farewell, closing the door. I hugged the box. Finally! I opened it impatiently to find the white Adidas Superstar with black stripes that I’ve been waiting for so long. I love these shoes so much! My eyes gleamed as I admired the pair in my hands.

During the rest of the day I watched TV, played some video games and texted Alex. I decided not to even plan to do any homework, knowing myself well enough to know I wouldn’t do it.

My mom arrived with my brother around 6pm and Will shoved a stack of papers onto my hands.

“Present from Chase.”

“Ugh.” I complained at the homework in my hands. “Why do you have to be friends with my Physics teacher?”

Will shrugged and walked past me to go up to his room. My brother and Mr. Smith met in high school when Mr. Smith was his teacher and they remained friends since the age gap between them was so small.

“Hey, are we still going to the movies tonight?” I pleaded.

“We can’t. You’re sick.” he made air quotes as he said the word ‘sick’.

I pouted and gave him puppy dog eyes.

“Don’t look at me. Ask mom.”

“Can we?” I bolted towards my mom.

“Sure. But go dressed cozily. You’re going to school on Monday even if you’re dying.”


I ran to my bedroom, stripping my pajamas and wearing my cute cargo pants, a hoodie, and my new Adidas shoes.

“I’m waiting, Sam!” Will called from downstairs. He can be a pain sometimes, but he’s still my sweet older brother whom I admired and followed while growing up.

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