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He took my self esteem , my morals and crushed them the same way as he crushed those people. He is vicious and I have to get away from him fast. GABE GIOVANNI was an orphan boy who got happiness by helping others. How did this pretty soul catch the attention of the most notorious man DANTE DE MARCELLO who got off by other people's fear? "I married an angel and a devil mixed, I wonder what it makes me"

Romance / Action
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“I WILL NEVER LOVE YOU” , were the exact words I said to him .

But who knew the destiny will have its game played again. And I fell. I fell for the most dangerous, the darkest person on the planet.


I was trapped the moment I saw those mesmerizing grey eyes. It was as if those eyes had cast a spell upon me. It would be so much fun to see tears in those eyes .

I wanted everything in my power to get him so that I can drown in his beauty every fucking day. I will get him and never let go.

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