Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Fourteen

I’m completely exhausted I think as I flop down on my bed. After getting home from work last night to an empty apartment, then getting up while it was still dark to drive for two hours to get to today’s worksite. The drive turned into nearly three hours trying to get back into the city after my day of hard labor. I don’t mind a hard day’s work, but I am feeling it today. I glance at the clock and decide to take a quick shower and a power nap before Lexi calls.

I haven’t seen her since yesterday morning, and I had to fight not to call her between now and then. I have an idea for what to do tonight but I hope she’s up to it. She also needs to text me by a decent hour or I’ll need a new plan. I let the hot water of the shower run over me before I return to my bed. I see the light on my phone flashing on the stand next to the bed. There’s a text from Lexi.

She’ll be done with rehearsals by eight and there is an address to pick her up from. Perfect that give me at least an hour to nap. When I hear the alarm go off next to me excitement shoots through my veins in the form of pure adrenalin as I race around to get dressed. I’m in the truck before I know what’s what. I pull up outside Lexi’s dance studio and I wait patiently in the truck for a moment before the gentleman inside me kicks in. I make my way into the studio and meet her in the hall on the way in.

She smiles when she sees me and throws her arms around my neck as I lift her off her feet. I kiss her so she knows exactly how much I’ve missed her. Her body feels delicate in my arms as I take in her tights and leotard. She smiles when I take in her appearance.

“I just need a minute.” She tells me before ducking into the restroom behind her. When she reemerges in her tight blue jeans and plum colored v-neck shirt and her boots I smile brightly at her. “Is this okay for where we’re going?” She asks concerned I smile reassuringly at her.

“More than okay.” I say approvingly. I hold my arm out for her and she links hers through it.

I open the door of the truck and she pulls herself in a smooth graceful move. I don’t know how she does it, but she looks like she belongs there in the truck cab. I jump in behind the wheel and start it up. She laughs and I shoot her a proud sideways glance.

“What’s so funny?” I ask as I pull away from the curb.

“I just like your truck. It’s very….” She trails off thoughtfully. “You.” She says with a smile. I laugh as I remember the first time I saw her mount the Indian, I thought the bike was the perfect embodiment of my goddess in a machine form.

“How do you mean?” I enquire curiously. She smiles a shy smile at me as she bites her lip. I watch the passing street light illuminate her beautiful face enough to see the blush staining her cheek.

“It’s very tall, dark and handsome.” She says with a nervous laugh. “Yet, strong, silent and powerful.” She adds more confidently. I smile at her beamingly.

“Well I guarantee my truck likes you just as much.” I say coyly and she smiles a wicked smile at me.

“How do you know? Did she tell you?” Her smile is playful. I laugh.

“No I can tell by how good you look sitting in it.” I wink playfully at her. “Not everyone gets along so well with my truck. Rowan made a joke when he picked me up from the airport last week that I missed my truck more than him while I was away.” I laugh and she does as well. “Don’t tell him, but he’s right.” I joke and her laughter turns riotous. Her laughter is one of my favorite sounds in the world, possibly my favorite at the moment.

We pull into the arena car park and she smiles as she sees one of the sign advertising tonight events. “Oh my God Link.” She says laughing at me as I find a parking spot. I haven’t stopped smiling since I picked her up. I jump out of the car and run around to open her door. I lift her out of the truck being careful to remember her injuries.

I grab a couple of cushions I stowed in the back seat and tuck them under my arm. I hold out my other arm for her and she takes it in a surprise move she drapes it around her shoulders. Her arm winds around my waist as we walk in.

The sounds of the action already on the ground are deafening. The crashing and banging and the loud music blaring through the speakers. The crowds are going wild in the stands as we make our way up. I pull her hand along into an empty space on the aluminum bench, I see her eyes flash to the cold hard bench for an instant and panic fills her eyes.

I lean back and kiss her forehead softly as I pull the cushions from under my arm and place them on the bench on top of each other. Her eyes light up as she looks at me.

“I brought them both for you darlin’.” I tell her considerately as she takes a seat on top of the cushions, she smiles a relieved smile as I take a seat next to her. We smile at each other for a moment before we turn our attention to the carnage taking place in the dirt below us.

“How did you know I’d like monster trucks?” She whispers close to my ear. I look back at her with uncertainty.

“I wasn’t sure you would. I know you don’t like violence, but then you’re also the only woman I’ve ever met that I thought would enjoy this.” I say more confidently than I feel. Her smile lights up on her face as she gives me a quick kiss on the cheek. An awful crunching sound brings our attention back to the arena and we both join the crowd in its collective ‘Ooh.’ As we look on at the devastation and raw energy of what’s happening.

I spy a hot dog vendor below us on the stands. “You hungry?” I whisper into her ear as I let my hand rest on the small of her back. She bites her lip and nods. I wink at her. “Wait here.” I tell her as I get up to make my way to the vendor. I order two foot long hot dogs with everything and a large coke to share. I wonder briefly if I should’ve asked her what she wanted, but then again Lexi would never back down from anything I laid in front of her. Challenging, stunning goddess that she is.

I drop back down in the seat beside her. I put the drink down next to me and I hand her a hot dog.

“Holy crap.” She exclaims as she looks at the size of it. I smile as I start to unwrap my hot dog.

“If you can’t handle it, I’ll help you.” I let the challenge seep out in my eyes and she shoots me a defiant glare.

“That won’t be necessary, I happen to be starving.” She bites back and I smile proudly at how well I know her. I watch her unwrap the paper and shove the hot dog into her mouth. She takes a huge bite and her eyes roll before she closes them. “You know I don’t think I could live if I was a vegetarian.” She says between mouthfuls and I cringe, that could’ve gone badly if she was. Then I realize exactly how much I don’t know about my goddess, things that I’ve overlooked because of the way I feel about her.

I finish my hot dog and I smile as I look at her. She nearly bursts out laughing as she looks at my face. Her hand comes around the back of my neck and she kisses away a mustard stain at the corner of my lips. She licks her lips self-consciously before finishing her hot dog in a single bite. It was too big a bite and she’s trying not to laugh at herself or she might choke.

Like a gentleman I turn my laughing face away from her so she doesn’t see it. The slap on my arm lets me know I wasn’t fast enough. She finally swallows it down and smiles triumphantly at me. “Now you think I’m a pig scoffing that down like that.” She shakes her head with a rueful look. I shake my head at her and smile.

“No, I like a woman that eats. I can’t stand those girls who are hungry when you take them to dinner and only order a salad.” I say disgusted at the memory of most of my dates in my life. She smiles at me.

“Well you’re going to love me, because all I do is eat. I have a wicked metabolism from dancing and I have to constantly fuel it.” She says wickedly. I smile proudly at her. That hot dog was pretty big for a slim built woman, and I am impressed that she put it away. I hand her the drink as I turn my attention back to the arena. In my peripheral I see her shiver as she drinks from the ice filled cup. I can feel the fall night air has gotten a bit cooler too.

I shrug off my camel colored suede jacket and I drape it over the back of her shoulders. It’s far too big on her but she smiles at me gratefully.

“Won’t you be cold?” She asks concerned. I shake my head and smile at her reassuringly. I take the drink from her and bring the straw to my lips. Out of the corner of my eye I watch her inhale the scent off my jacket as she pulls it tighter around her. She closes her eyes for a moment and just breathes in. I try to suppress my smile at seeing this as I drink and keep my head facing towards the arena carnage.

We cheer and scream and enjoy every bit of carnage from the monster truck rally. The action dies down for the field to be cleared for the main event rally of the evening. The crowd takes this opportunity to get more food and drinks and find lost party members and start smack talking each other. I put my arm around Lexi’s shoulders and she tucks herself closer into my side while we wait for the main event to take place.

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