Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Fifteen

A thought suddenly hits me. “Want to play a quick game while we wait?” I ask her seductively. She nods excitedly. “Okay twenty questions. I’m going to ask you as many questions as I can in sixty seconds and you have to answer them as honestly as quickly as possible.” I challenge.

“Okay, but how will we time it?” She asks. I laugh.

“Don’t worry I can keep track.” I assure her and she smiles.

“Okay starting now. Where were you born?”

“Juneau, Alaska.” Not what I was expecting.


“June twelfth.”

“Favorite color?”


“Favorite flower?”

“Lilies.” Her smile is crazy distracting.

“First band you ever saw perform live?”

“ZZ Top.” She laughs. “My daddy took me.” I laugh with her.

“Favorite holiday destination?” She pauses a bit longer at this one.

“I love the beach, but my favorite holiday when I was a kid was at a lakeside cabin with my family for the summer. It was amazing.”

“Favorite movie?” She shrugs

“Too many, generalize the question.” She tells me.

“Favorite movie genre?” She smiles

“I love old black and whites. The RKO radio style.”

“And time.” I call out feigning breathlessness. She smiles.

“That was fun, can I have a turn?” She pleads excitedly I nod.

“Okay starting now. Birthday?”

“September fourth.”

“Favorite color?”


“Favorite game?”

“This one.” I smile at her.

“Favorite song?”

“Depends on the day, today its Led Zepplin’s Tuesdays Gone.”

“Favorite super hero?

“When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?”

“A fireman.” I shoot and I’m surprised, I’d totally forgotten about that. She smiles at me.

“First girl you ever kissed?” I laugh as a memory of spin the bottle flashes in my mind.

“Lorelai Huntington.” I smile

“Your biggest fear?”

“Fear itself.” I answer without hesitation.

“Do I have time for one more?” I smile indulgently at her.

“I’ll give you overtime on account of some very good questions.”

“Best date?” She asks then bites her lip in a shy smile. There isn’t really a question about it. I lean closer and I take her lips in a deep kiss. The smell of the gas fumes and dirt mixed in the air around us with beer and the taste of the hot dog still lingering on her lips. I break away with a smile.

“This right here.” I tell her certainly and her lips come back to mine. I wrap my arms around her waist gently and she winces. I let go of her and she protests pulling my arms back around her. I laugh against her lips as she tries to pull me closer. In a quick move I pick up her and her cushions and bring her up on my lap. Her body presses against mine eagerly as we continue to kiss. The sound of the main event starting brings us out of our drunken haze of a kiss.

How can her taste make me feel drunk, when I’m stone cold sober? I go to lift her back to her seat but she wraps her arms around my neck and squeezes tightly. So I leave her where she is, if she’s comfortable I am too. We watch the two on two main event begin in an ear splitting smash. It suddenly sounds like a bomb blast piercing the night air and I close my eyes trying to calm myself back down.

I feel my body start to shake. “Hey.” Her sweet concerned voice brings me back to myself. I open my eyes to find hers staring deep into mine. I try to smile at her to reassure her I’m fine. Her face is pure concern as she leans close to whisper in my ear. “Just hold on to me.” She whispers and I instinctually wrap my arms tight around her waist as I bury my head into her neck. I take deep breaths and the scent of her peach shampoo and her perfume fill my senses.

Nothing ever smelt this heavenly in war. Her gentle caress on my face as she holds on to me is soothing. I feel warmth flood through me and I let the goddess in my arms become my entire focus. I breathe deeply as my heart rate returns to normal. I stay wrapped around her and she doesn’t let go. She’s my light in the dark tunnel my life has become. I lean back to find her eyes and she smiles her brilliant smile at me and I return an equally happy one to her.

She leans her lips against mine in a gentle caress. I take her lips as my own praise them like they’re my personal savior. I let my hand come up to caress her face and she laughs against my lips. Then she breaks away carefully. “We’re missing the main event.” She smiles as she flicks her nose against mine. I shrug nonchalantly.

“I like our main event better.” I tell her taking her lips in mine again. We kiss until the stands vibrate, I look around to find the crowd dispersing. The rally is over and everyone is exiting the arena. I laugh as I look back at the goddess on my lap who is blushing with embarrassment. We missed the entire main event. She stands up and puts her arms into my jacket properly so it doesn’t fall off her.

“I guess I should be getting you home.” I say abashedly. She smiles at me as I stand up next to her and I put my arm around her shoulders. We walk back to the truck in the car park. The drive to her apartment is just silent contentment. I pull up in the driveway and I jump out of the truck to open her door. I lift her out again then we walk hand in hand to the stairs at the front of the apartment building. I stay planted on the ground as she takes a step up and turns to face me.

Her face is sporting that shy smile of hers. “Did you want to come upstairs for a while?” She asks nervously. Oh God yes, but I can’t I still don’t think she’s ready for that. I smile reassuringly at her.

“I think you need to get some rest.” I exhale with a frustrated sigh. “If I know my brother, tomorrow is going to be full on.” I tell her. She smiles at me.

“That’s right, I get to see where you grew up.” She smiles with a flash of wickedness. I nod.

“Just so you know, there really is no pressure tomorrow. If you don’t want to stay there overnight I can bring you right back to the city after lunch.” I assure her. She smiles a sweet smile at me then leans and kisses my cheek.

“I really am looking forward to tomorrow.” She assures me and there is complete confidence in her voice. I breathe out relieved.

“Me too.” I tell her. “We’ll pick you up at ten in the morning.” I inform her. She nods.

“I think Damien is already at your place.” She trails off looking embarrassed. I shake my head ruefully.

“Oh no.” I laugh dejectedly. She looks at me concerned. “So I shouldn’t expect a lot of sleep then?” I ask sarcastically. She shakes her head sympathetically.

“He has the apartment next door to me and when Rowan stays over I could swear that must be what it sounds like when rock bands trash hotel rooms.” She laughs and I laugh too as I lean my forehead against hers.

“I better go then.” I say the words but make no physical movement to follow through. Her eyes have me glued to my place. Suddenly she jumps off her step and I catch her as her legs wrap around me and her arms lock around my neck. I lace my fingers together creating a seat underneath her ass. Her eyes pierce mine mirroring every ounce of desire I have for her. I take her lips in a kiss that sets my blood on fire. Her body pushes against mine tighter and she doesn’t back down.

I let my hands stay where they are, my lips are the only thing I control right now. Her thighs clench tighter against my waist, her arms snake their hold on the back of my neck. Standing there I start to feel weak kneed and I take a few steps back to lean against the garage wall. I make sure my moves are careful and deliberate. I let my goddess explore with all the power she has over me as I lean to support myself steadily. She finally breaks away and her lips begin an assault on my neck then up to take my ear lobe lightly between her teeth.

The nip of her teeth causes a visceral reaction in my body and I groan from a place deep inside of me. She brings her lips back to mine as her hold on me loosens. I take a few steps forward to let her drop gently down to the bottom step of the staircase again. She lowers her body sliding agonizingly slow down the front of mine.

She smiles at me as she leans back. “Sweet dreams Link.” She says the words like a prayer. As she pecks my lips in a chaste kiss. Her hands fall from me and she turns to ascend the stairs. Every muscle in my body wants to chase after her and take her up in my arms.

“I’ll see you in the morning.” I call after her softly. Then I physically force myself to turn and walk back to my truck.

When I walk in the door of the apartment I immediately panic thinking we’ve been robbed. Things are knocked over and paintings on walls are askew, then I hear my brothers squealing laughter coming from his bedroom and I shake my head and laugh. I take another look around the apartment in disbelief before heading to my room. I quickly fling myself onto my bed and put my headphones over my ears. I let the music drown out the sounds coming from the room down the hall.

I wake to the sound of furniture being moved and muffled laughter. I get up and make my way to the bathroom and take a shower. I emerge wearing just a towel and head for the kitchen in desperate need of coffee after my lack of sleep. “Good morning.” Damien greets me as he sits in nothing but a pair of sweat pants at the kitchen counter.

“Morning.” I greet back as I grab the coffee pot and pour a mug. “Coffee?” I ask him looking over my shoulder.

“Please.” I hand him the mug I poured and I grab another.

“What are you doing?” Rowan snaps at both of us as he appears in the kitchen completely dressed and ready for the day. Damien rolls his eyes at me. “That’s his third cup already this morning. Don’t give him anymore coffee.” Rowan directs his anger at me then. I laugh at him and Damien laughs as well.

“What are you his mother?” I shoot at Rowan who glares back at me.

“Thank you Link.” Damien says looking vindicated. Rowan claps his hands to get our attention.

“Well you both need to get ready.” He clarifies and looks annoyed, neither Damien or I make a move to do any such thing. We laugh at each other and Rowan just gets more annoyed.

“Relax, I told Lexi we’d pick her up at ten. We’ve got plenty of time.” I try to appease Rowan.

“I’m still mad at you for going to monster trucks without me.” He snaps suddenly. I’m shocked, I look to Damien for explanation but he just shrugs and shakes his head.

“I’m sorry Ro, I just wanted some one on one time with Lexi. Next monster truck date night is just me and you, I promise.” I say coyly. Damien chuckles trying to hide behind his coffee mug. Rowan narrows his eyes at me.

“I’m going to hold you to that.” He says before storming off. I look back at Damien who just looks amused at the whole interaction.

“I wish I had a sibling to fight with, but the closest thing I have is Lexi.” He says fondly.

“How did you two hook up?” I ask wanting to take advantage of our time alone. He looks suddenly dark and serious before he shakes it off.

“College.” He says curtly.

“At Notre Dame?” I confirm and he nods and gives me a small smile.

“She told you about attending college. She doesn’t usually mention it.” He says mysteriously. Then exhales. “After I graduated law school I followed her down here just in time to pick up the pieces from Kane’s blow. That was five years ago now.” He tells me.

“And you never thought about moving back to a bigger city to practice law?” I ask curiously and he shoots me a knowing look.

“Would you leave your brother to move to a bigger city?” He asks skeptically and I shake my head certainly at him. “Well I couldn’t leave her either. If she ever wanted to move I would go with her without hesitation, but she seems to be stuck in a rut here.” I look at him with concern. He quickly recovers. “I didn’t mean you. She’s just been going through the motions for so long that I wasn’t sure if she was really happy until recently.” He informs me and I look at him gratefully.

“I’m glad she’s had you in her life.” I tell him appreciatively.

“Sometimes I think I’m more of an enabler, I don’t challenge her enough to live. But you do.” He says with a wicked smile. I smile back at him in understanding.

“I’ve always tried to look out for her, despite her protests.” He adds in frustration. I nod.

“Like the way you handled that boy at the diner?” I ask curiously and his face snaps to attention.

“Keep an eye on that guy, there’s something wrong with him and she doesn’t see it. She thinks he’s simple or something but I’ve seen him watching her. I’ve seen him follow her home a couple of times and had to chase him off.”

“What?” I demand. He just nods confirming everything he said. “I know what you mean about something being off about him. I’ll keep my eye out.” I affirm.

“Well I better go get dressed before Rowan tries to physically dress me.” He says with a laugh finishing his coffee and I smile at him. I set about getting ready and pack an overnight bag. I probably don’t need the bag, a lot of my things are at the house still. We’re finally all ready to go and we throw our things in my truck.

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