Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Eighteen

Lexi lays down on her towel and closes her eyes as the sun warms her skin. Rowan and Damien crawl out of the water and Rowan flops down on the other side of me.

“Okay down to the judge’s scores.” Damien says in an official voice as he stands over us. “The third runner up with a score of fifteen and therefore the loser of today’s challenge is Link.” He announces and I shoot him a look of mock indignation. He shrugs apologetically. “Our winner today with a perfect score of twenty, is the beautiful Miss Lexi Harrison.” He announces proudly as he smiles at her. She beams proudly back up at him.

“What?” Rowan exclaims with false indignation. We both know she whooped us. “This is rigged.” He calls outs trying not to laugh. We all start laughing at him.

“You scored an eighteen, gorgeous. You’re the runner up.” Damien tries to console Rowan.

“Hey you’re sleeping with the judge.” I call out indignantly. “If anyone should be calling rigged it’s me.” I laugh and everyone starts laughing as well.

As we lay on the ground with Damien still standing over us I watch as he leans over towards Lexi. “If you’ll step up to claim your prize miss.” He says holding out his hand and she takes it as he pulls her to her feet. I prop myself up on my elbows to see what’s going on. Rowan props himself up as well as Damien pulls Lexi close to him.

“What prize, she gets to tell Link what he’s cooking for dinner.” Rowan explains. Damien shoots us both a wicked smirk.

“And the congratulatory kiss from the adjudicator.” He reminds us and I laugh and Rowan huffs at the back fire. Then in a lightening fast move Damien dips Lexi in his arms and plants an overly dramatic kiss on her lips. I can’t even feel a little bit jealous at the display in front of me as he kisses her through a playful smirk and she laughs against his lips. I shake my head and roll my eyes as I look at Rowan. He’s less than okay with this display.

I clap his shoulder. “You did name the stakes.” He shakes his head and smiles at me. Damien finally releases Lexi and she falls back down to her towel shaking her head at him. There’s no annoyance to it, she loves this guy. He’s her best friend and I doubt she has it in her to ever actually be truly angry with him. Damien drops down on top of Rowan. Apparently he gets a congratulatory kiss anyway. I turn on my side to look at Lexi who’s watching me. I pull her towel closer to mine and she laughs as I pull her along with it.

She rolls over to the edge of the towel to meet me face to face and I plant a kiss on the top of her nose. She smiles at me as her hands lean against my chest and she reaches her face towards mine and we kiss as we lay beneath the sun letting the breeze roll over our bodies.

“Lunch time.” Rowan calls from somewhere behind me and I reluctantly break away from her lips and roll over to face him with a glare. I’m starting to think he’s doing this on purpose. We all take a seat on the blanket near Rowan and the cooler. He starts distributing sandwiches and stops looking Lexi dead in the eye.

“You still get lunch, even though you’re a hustler.” She laughs at Rowan.

“I didn’t hustle you, you’re the one who called the challenge.” She informs him boldly taking her sandwich from him. He smiles affectionately at her. Then his eyes seem to catch the scars on her body. She shies back quickly tucking herself against me. I let my arm fall around her shoulders reassuringly as I let my most deathly glare fall on my brother. He looks at Damien who seems to be mirroring my glare and I see him shake his head at him. Rowan shrugs it off.

“Go long.” He calls before throwing my sandwich back over my head. I wrench myself as I twist and dive awkwardly to catch it. I bite down on the pain as I crawl back to the blanket with my unmarred sandwich. Rowan is still laughing at my reaction. Lexi is smiling at me and I lean and kiss her temple as she lets her arm fall against my leg.

We all sit and enjoy lunch. We laugh some more at Rowan’s perfect mothering skills before deciding to just soak up the sun for a while. We all lay on the bank in silence until Rowan’s snoring disturbs the peace. I lean up and glance at Damien who is also asleep. I look back at Lexi and put my finger to my lips indicating for her to be quiet. I pull her gently to her feet and quietly into the water.

She’s smiling the whole way as we swim towards the pontoon in the middle. I help her up on the floating island before heaving myself up as well. We balance ourselves carefully as we lay in the center of it. The warm wood feels good against my now throbbing shoulder muscle. Lexi drapes her arm across my torso as she leans her head in the crook where my chest meets my shoulder. Then her smooth long leg falls between mine and I let my arm come around her back and the other rest against the arm she has draped across me.

“Peace at last.” I whisper as I kiss the top of her head. I feel her smile as she nuzzles her head into my chest. The way her body is positioned her bruised side is completely untouched and I figure she maneuvered herself that way for comfort. I lay there basking in the glory of all my surroundings and just breathing her in. We could’ve been out here for minutes or hours I can’t tell. The sun seems to be lower in the sky now than it was, but I only know because of the shadows moving across her skin.

Her breathing is steady and calm and I think she’s dozed off for a moment then I feel her head turn slightly as her lips press into my skin. I inhale sharply at the sensation and don’t release the breath until she repeats the action. Her lips start to move upwards leaving a trail of bliss across my skin. I feel her smooth leg slide up and down gently caressing mine. I’m frozen in place from the assault on my senses.

Lexi pulls herself up suddenly straddling my hips as she continues her kisses. Her long hair is dry now and its cascading over her shoulder and tickling my chest and neck. Her kisses reach my collar bone and my breathing hitches in my lungs. Her lips wrap themselves around my Adam’s apple and I groan in pleasure as her trail moves on. My hands find their way to her thighs, then up her hips to her back as I hold her against me.

Her lips start to suck hard on the sensitive skin on the side of my neck. I feel her teeth and my heart rate shoots up. My knees bend up and my arms tighten around her locking her in place. Her bite on my neck is ecstasy. She’s an artist, she leans back to admire her work then signs it with another kiss as she continues. Her trail reaches my jaw line and the pressure building in my body is excruciating.

Her lips travel along my jaw to my ear where her tongue scoops up my earlobe bringing it into her mouth. I quick nip of her teeth and my entire body shudders beneath her assault. My hands are splayed out on her back as I try to breathe through this sensory overload. I open my eyes desperate to see hers and she obliges as she pulls up a little. There’s just desire blazing through them right now and I respond.

I take her lips in mine pulling her tight against my body. She can feel my hard cock against her. Her lips smile against mine. There’s no hesitation in her eyes right now, no haunting memory, she’s taking all of this in the same way I am. This moment right here is ours alone, our nightmares have no claim to this time and place. I roll us onto our sides as we continue to kiss, I’m careful not to let her bruised side hit the deck. I pull her bruised thigh up with my hand as I hitch her knee against my rib.

I let my hand travel back down that thigh to the round ass cheek as my other hand holds her back while we kiss. Her breathing is as ragged as mine as we lose ourselves to urgent kisses and exploring caresses of our hands. She smiles against my lips and I kiss her smile desperate to claim it as mine. She pushes me back over with a surprising force and she’s on top of me straddling me again.

My hardness is fighting to be released from my board shorts but I make no move to do so. I pull her close and continue to devour her mouth with mine before I leave her lips to let my mouth travel along her neck down to her clavicle. She takes a sharp intake of breath as she pushes her body harder against mine. Her hands have a tight grip in the back of my hair and her eyes are closed. The smile on her lips lets me know I’m on the right track. I lead a trails of kisses from her clavicle to her shoulder and back again then I repeat the action on the other side.

I place a kiss on her breast bone and stop awaiting her reaction. She leans herself up higher allowing my lips access to her breasts and I take it as permission to proceed. She moans softly in pleasure as I let my lips continue a slow steady trail to the edge of her bikini top. I let my tongue slide out underneath the fabric to trace the line of her breasts.

“Oh my God Link.” She exhales desperately and I nudge the fabric down with my chin before I take side of her breast fully into my mouth as my tongue strokes the silky soft plump skin in my mouth. Her hips drive against mine rhythmically and I hold tight as she digs her nails into the bare skin of my back. Her sounds are all pleasurable and I decide to make my mark on her. I let my teeth lightly graze her breast in my mouth at first and her back arches against me.

I start sucking gently at first then more forcefully as her body rocks against mine. She jumps up slightly pulling my head tighter into her breast as her hands grab the back of my head and her thighs are clenching my ribs like a vice as I don’t let up on my assault. I finally feel satisfied of the impression I’ve left and I exhale and lean back to take a look at my handy work. I sign it the same way she did mine as I plant a kiss over the top of it. I use my teeth to bring her bikini top back up to cover it.

Then I let my lips lead me back towards hers as she slides back down my body a little. I sit up to hold her upright as I keep her straddling me. I kiss her with all the passion and desire I feel for her. She finally breaks away, struggling to breathe. Her eyes are ablaze with wanton desire and I have to struggle against the urge to throw her down on the dock and take her right here and now. I exhale deeply as I try to reign myself in. Her eyes are killing any resolve. I close my eyes as I let myself fall back against the dock and the impact reminds me of my shoulder pain.

I wince and Lexi sees it. “What’s wrong?” She pleads.

“Nothing.” I assure her. “I’m just stopping myself while I still can.” I laugh as my body relaxes. She falls against me and laughs into my chest.

“I was just trying to thank you for bringing me here today.” She says laughing. I let out a laugh of incredulity.

“You’re most welcome.” I tell her trying to get my breathing and heart rate to come back down. I let my arms fall from her back to the floating pontoon and she laughs as her body completely relaxes and molds perfectly on mine. We lay like that completely spent for a while before I realize she has a decision to make.

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