Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Twenty Four

This scantily clad goddess laying on top of me is begging me to take her. Yet there is still a part of my mind that can’t do it, not after her telling me what happened to her. Those memories must still be fresh in her mind after telling the story. I let my hands grasp her hips as I lift her off me. She looks confused. I smile sadly at her.

“I can’t do this.” I exhale regretfully. I get to my feet to stand in front of her. Her eyes are filled with the pain of rejection and I recoil from them with guilt. I bring my hand up to caress her face and she drops her eyes to look away from me. “I didn’t mean that I don’t want to.” I try to explain gently. Her eyes look back to mine hope filled, Lord give me strength. “I want you more than I can tell you Lexi. I just don’t think it’s the right time.” She shakes her head in response.

“I’m ready I promise.” She pleads desperately. I close my eyes to help strengthen my resolve against her.

“I’m not.” I breathe out. I look into her eyes desperate to convey what I’m feeling that I can’t find the words for. She looks confused. “I don’t have your strength Lexi. Please stop testing me.” She smiles sweetly at me as she takes my hand and pulls me towards the bed. She lets go and falls back onto the bed, her look is pure seduction as she smiles at me. I look to the ceiling still on my feet desperate for divine intervention.

I make the mistake of looking back down at her and my entire body pulls towards her like she’s my center of gravity. I climb on to her gently as her knees come up to my hips. I wrap my arms around her as I take her mouth in mine. Our kisses are the most heated we’ve ever shared. Our bodies push against each other with desperate need. Her hands are trying to pull me ever closer to her with force.

I break away from her mouth to lead a trail of kisses downs her neck and across her shoulder. I see something and my heated body feels like a bucket of ice water was just tossed on it as I recognize what I’m seeing. I stop all movement instantly as I stare at the finger shaped bruises on her soft skinned arms that weren’t there yesterday. I blink back my angry tears as I sit on my knees between her thighs.

She flies up to a seated position and stares deep in my eyes confused by my sudden halt. I look at her then at the assaulted spots on her arms. She brings her hands up to either side of my face and crawls up onto my lap. She kisses my lips sweetly trying to get me to respond. I don’t. I try to look away from her but she holds my face firmly as she looks into my eyes.

“You didn’t hurt me.” She whispers urgently and I cringe at her words. “Hey.” She says louder forcing my attention. “I was trying to wake you. You just reacted, you would never hurt me. I know that and so do you.” She says matter-of-factly. Oh this goddess. I kiss her urgently and passionately as her body melts against mine. I break away and stare deep in her eyes still trying to gain some semblance of restraint so I don’t risk hurting her.

“That’s more like it.” She says breathlessly as a wicked smile plays on her lips.

“Are you really sure?” I ask her seriously and she leans to my ear.

“Desperately.” Her lips graze my ear before she nips my earlobe between her teeth. I react instantaneously. I pick her up off my lap and throw her down on the bed. She smiles at me seductively. I let a wicked smile play on my face as I find a compromise, to give her what she wants while retaining my restraint.

“It’s your turn to do as your told.” I instruct her playfully. Her face lights up with a wickedly challenging smile. I bring my knee up between her thighs pressing hard against her. She arches her back as I keep myself supported on my arms away from her body. I lean down and kiss her clavicle. I let my hand remove her bra strap over her shoulder careful not to graze the bruises on her arms. I slip one hand under her back and unhook the bra while maintaining my body’s distance from hers.

She seems frustrated by the lack of contact and arches herself off the bed further towards me. I smile as I drop her bra beside the bed. I bring my mouth down to her body, I let my tongue trail across the scar above her left breast. She gasps and her body arches. I look up to meet her eyes, there’s no fear but I need to be certain.

“All you have to do is say enough.” I tell her seriously. She nods vigorously as she bites her lip and her face becomes pure seduction again. I smile a wicked seductive smile at her as I lower my tongue back to the scar and trace its length. I kiss it after I trace it. Trying to remove to scars from her body with my mouth, I repeat the action on the other side. I see the mark I left on her breast yesterday and smile as I let my tongue circle its outline.

I hear her moan in pleasure and I trail my kisses to her ribs to erase the scar there. I move my knee back from between her thighs and her legs clench together trying to stop its retreat. I laugh as I trail more kisses down her stomach to her hips. I look up to meet her eyes and they’re burning with so much desire I can almost see flames flicker in them.

On my knees between her legs I gently bring one of her legs up to move across my body. Then my thumbs hook underneath each side of her panties and torturously bring them down the length of her legs over her feet and drop them on the floor. I pull her leg back across my body, now my goddess lays beneath me completely naked and open towards me.

Her eyes are locked on mine when I finally manage to tear them away from the glorious body before me. I tip my head indicating for her to move back up the bed. She laughs before biting her lip as she props her elbows up behind her and crawls backwards up the bed before falling back with her arms over her head. Her body is lays in utter submission as she sets her seductive gaze on me. I smile wickedly at her.

I drop my head to the inside of her thighs and start a trail of kisses towards her center. I skip over it and trail kisses down the other side. I retreat back towards her center and her hips squirm a little as I place my hands on them to hold them to the bed. Her face is an expression of bliss as her eyes are closed to the sensation. I blow gently down onto her sex and she gasps loudly. I let my tongue follow the trail of breath and her body jerks in a convulsion at the sensation.

I look up urgently and find the same look of bliss on her face except now she’s biting her lip. I see her hands fisted in the sheet at her sides and I lower my head back down to continue my worship of her. I let my tongue out fully parting the lips of her sex widely as I take in her taste. She moans loudly in pleasure and I groan with my own pleasure at the sound. I let my tongue work slowly and affectionately around her clitoris her hips are trying to squirm away but I hold them still.

I let my tongue trail down slowly to her opening and I see another scar on her pink tender flesh. My heart shatters, I will show this goddess how she should be treated. Her taste reaches my tongue at her opening and she’s soaking wet, her pleasure is evident and I relax as I let my tongue penetrate her deeply. Her moans are louder and more desperate now as I continue my treacherously slow rhythm tasting her and sucking her letting my tongue explore her deeply.

I hear her breathing become ragged as I let my tongue back out to massage the length of her sex with it. I begin teasing her clitoris again alternating pressure between gentle and hard. I can feel her building up beneath me. Her back is arching and her thighs are trying to clench. Her hips start to buck as I continue my rhythm against her.

“Oh my God Link.” Her voice is barely audible as she tries to breath. I bring my entire mouth down over her center as I let my tongue wildly bring her to the point of ecstasy. The rhythm is brutal and forceful and all-consuming I hear her start screaming into the pillow now held over her face. I don’t let up and I move more torturously against her sex until I ear the scream of pure ecstasy pierce the room and her convulsing body mirrors the convulsions of her sex against my tongue as I let it slowly drag out of her lapping up every drip of her pleasure along the way.

I kiss the center of her hips as she spirals down and her body jerks away from the sensation. I climb up the length of her body and I pull the pillow away from her face before she suffocates. I smile as I see the complete bliss-filled look on her face. I can see her eyes are moist as she looks at mine. I search them for any pain but find nothing but happiness.

I kiss her eyes and her nose then her cheeks and finally her lips. I lay on the bed beside her as she tries to get her breathing under control. Her sweat slicked gorgeous body glistens in the rays of sunlight as her chest rises and falls dramatically. She takes a deep breath and exhales before rolling over to face me. Her eyes are a level of content that I’ve never seen in them before. I smile proudly at her and lick my lips.

Her body shivers at the sight of me licking my lips and I laugh a light laugh at her. She smiles her heart stopping smile at me and I float away from my body.

“That was.” Her voice trails off as she shakes her head. I look at her curiously before a wicked smile plays on her lips. “Heart stopping.” She breathes out with a smile. I beam at her proudly as I let my arms wrap around her and pull her close enough to kiss her again. Our kissing is interrupted by loud obnoxious knocking at the door.

“Time to get up lovers, breakfast is ready.” Rowans sing song voice travels through the door.

“GO AWAY ROWAN!” I bark at the door. I let my lips fall back to her laughing ones.

“Fine just stay there until our parents come home to find you in bed with a Yankee, hell why don’t we just burn the flag in front of them too.” He calls out but I hear his footsteps walk away from the door. I sigh frustrated. Lexi’s laughter causes our bodies to vibrate and I look at her curiously.

“He’s adorable.” She laughs and lets her eyes shift to the door. I shake my head.

“He’s adorably dead if our parents find out he desecrated their room.” I say laughing. I reluctantly let go of her and stand up beside the bed. I look back at her as she sits up. “Did you want to take a shower while I go make sure there’s some breakfast left for you?” I ask handing her my old t-shirt that she’s claimed as her own. She nods as she slips it over her shoulders.

I smile at her as I make my way to the door.

“Ah Link I think I have a problem.” She says softly and I snap my attention back to her immediately. I’m at the bedside in an instant and she smiles playfully at me. “I don’t think I can walk.” She laughs looking towards her legs. I laugh as I lean my head against hers. I jump up and I pick her up in a sudden move throwing her over my shoulder as she screams. I walk to the door and fling it open strolling out into the hallway past Damien as Lexi screams with laughter. I nod greeting him as we make our way into the bathroom.

“Put me down.” She screams finally managing words. I turn on the shower and I dump her in it still wearing the t-shirt. “Ah! Its cold” She screams still laughing. I hold my hand out until its warm then I let her go. I pull the curtain across between us.

“If you’re not out in ten minutes I’ll assume you can’t walk still and I’ll be back to carry you out.” I threaten playfully before ducking out of the bathroom door laughing. I head downstairs to the kitchen where Damien and Rowan are smiling knowingly at me.

“What?” I demand taking a piece of bacon from Rowan’s plate. They both shrug and remain silent while I pour a cup of coffee.

“I thought we should check the attic for any keepsakes you might want.” Rowan says casually as I take a seat opposite them.

“Good idea, maybe we should check if anything of yours survived.” I add hopefully. He snorts.

“I doubt it, but sure. Did you want me to give you a hand throwing your trunk into the back of the truck?”

“Nah I got it.” I say getting up to go and do that. As I reach the kitchen door Damien’s voice stops me.

“Link, was that Lexi I heard screaming before?” He asks casually. I turn and hit him with a proud smile. Rowan laughs.

“Yes it was.” I smirk proudly before leaving the kitchen. I reach the porch steps and jump down to the ground to pick up the trunk. I heave it up into the tray of the truck. It’s strange to be this close to it again. I slide it in further making room for the bags and anything else I find. Its just about time to go check on Lexi. I run into the house and take the stairs three at a time to the top floor.

I reach the bathroom but it’s empty. I search the rooms and find her back in my room with her bag on the bed. She’s bent over pulling on her boots over the faded painted on jeans. With her back to me I sneak into the room and come up behind her letting my arms wrap around her waist pulling her back against me. She’s still topless apart from the dark blue bra.

She laughs as I kiss her neck, then she turns around in my arms to allow me access to her lips. Access that I take full advantage of. I break away from her and she pulls on a blue singlet top. I kiss her neck. “I need to take a shower.” I say reluctantly into her neck. She laughs as she pushes me away I look and see her eyes are looking over my shoulder and I follow her line of sight to see Rowan standing in the doorway silently making out with the air in front of his face.

I laugh as I shake my head and turn back to her apologetically. Rowan laughs as I let go of Lexi to head for a shower.

“Yeah you shower, and I can take Lexi with me to the attic.” Rowan announces. I glare at him.

“Don’t drag Lexi up there because you’re afraid of it.” I scold him playfully. He narrow his eyes at me.

“It’s creepy as all fuck up there, and I’m willing to face that to save your precious childhood memories.” He shoots at me. I smile at him.

“I’m in.” Lexi announces. My goddess never one to back down from a challenge. “Especially if that’s where all Link’s embarrassing photos are hiding.” She adds with a playful smirk as she links arms with Rowan. He sticks his tongue out at me before leading her away. I shake my head after them before I head to the bathroom.

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