Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Twenty Seven

By the time Rowan gets home from work I feel almost depressed. He jumps onto the couch beside me. “So how did it go?” He asks smarmily. I look at him silently expressing the turmoil of emotion I’ve been going through all day. He grimaces. “That good huh?” He asks sadly. I let my head fall back into the chair.

Damien arrives not long after Rowan. I don’t even try to speak through my depression. I can smell food and Damien walks silently over to the lounge and takes a seat dropping a burger into my lap. I give him a grateful look before I unwrap it.

“See if you can cheer him up while I go get ready.” Rowan instructs Damien before strutting off down the hall.

“Did he tell you?” I ask Damien after Rowan leaves. He just nods. We eat our burgers in silence. He pats my leg afterwards and takes my rubbish. I like the way he just accepts things, and doesn’t try to get me to talk about things. Rowan reappears dressed to impressed and Damien admires him appreciatively. I get up to go take a shower and get dressed. I reemerge in the kitchen and Rowan seems impressed by my appearance, but Damien is shaking his head.

“No.” Damien says plainly and I stare at him. “Wear the dark blue shirt, she likes the way it brings out your eyes.” He affirms completely emotionless. Damien’s words bring a smile to my face as I turn around to go and change. My entire outlook is overwhelming more confident as I look at myself in the mirror. The dark blue dress shirt and black jeans and boots. A silver buckle belt around the center. I opt for no hat tonight and I even borrow some of Rowan’s hair product to give my hair a just showered look brushed back from my face.

This time when I enter the kitchen I’m greeted by howling wolf whistles. I made sure to splash on enough of the aftershave that I know drives her to distraction. We all head out together and something occurs to me. “Should I go pick up Lexi?” I ask Damien, but he shakes his head.

“She’ll meet us there after her rehearsals.” He informs me. At the bar we opt for a booth by the dancefloor. We have a few drinks before Rowan and Damien abandon me to go dance. I’m watching them tear it up before a gorgeous sight catches my eyes. Walking towards me is a goddess wearing a short plum colored dress with a black lace shawl tied around her waist hanging diagonally across her hips and thigh cleverly covering the bruise on the back of her leg.

Her signature boots reflect the light as she walks, her hair is hanging down and her smile is positively heart stopping. I smile at her as she reaches me.

“You found her.” I congratulate her. She smiles shyly knowing exactly what I’m talking about. She kneels on the seat next to me keeping her head above mine.

“She was pretty illusive, but I tracked her down. I thought you’d show your appreciation very specifically.” She says playfully biting her lip. My hand winds around her back and the other behind her neck as I pull her face to mine and take her in an all-consuming kiss. I finally release her to allow us both to catch our breaths. “Wow.” She breathes. “You really are grateful.” I smile seductively at her as I pull her close.

“That was only a taste of my gratitude because we’re in a public place. Later on I have every intention of showing you how truly grateful I am.” I whisper seductively in her ear before I let my tongue trace the outline of it. She gasps and her body falls against mine as I lean back to kiss her again. The boys return to our table and we break away as she takes a seat next to me. We order drinks and then we all get up to line dance.

The song ends and fades into another, I head back to the table for a drink letting the three of them dance. I watch her with pure contentment. After the song ends it changes to a slow song. Damien takes Rowan in an intimate embrace and Lexi smiles affectionately at them as she passed them on her way back to the table. Suddenly she’s stopped by a stranger’s arm grabbing her and spinning her back to him.

I growl as I watch him paw at her. I’m on my feet in a second as I make my way out to the floor trying to remain calm. Lexi is trying to push the guy off politely telling him, no. His greedy eyes are all over her. “Relax honey it’s just a dance.” His slithering voice says as his hands run down her hips.

“I said no.” She says forcefully as she breaks free and turns to crash into me. My arms wrap possessively around her as she tucks herself into my chest. I glare a look of death at the man who touched her.

“Hey relax buddy, I was just dancing with her.” He smirks letting his eyes wander down her body.

“She said no.” I spit at him unable to keep the anger from my voice. Lexi’s arms tighten around me and I can feel her tremble a little.

“Well I didn’t see your name on her.” He challenges defiantly. I’m seething now.

“When my girlfriend tells you no, you back the fuck off.” I seethe at him darkly. He raises his hands in surrender.

“Whatever man you can deal with the frigid bitch.” He spits before turning and walking away. Everything is telling me to hit him. But the goddess tucked into my chest soothes me into a calm. I look over my shoulder at Damien who is seething as well while he holds onto Rowan. I take a deep calming breath as I feel Lexi tremble again. I caress her face and bring her eyes up to look at mine as I smile sweetly at her.

“Hey beautiful.” I whisper and she smiles a half smile at me. “May I have this dance?” I ask her sweetly she smiles fully at me before nodding. Her head leans back against my chest as we start to sway and move to the music. The music is slow and melodic and I feel her relax against me as we move, she takes a deep breath.

“Girlfriend huh?” She whispers against my chest. I smile proudly.

“You caught that huh?” I ask quietly and she nods against my chest. “Well it’s a very inadequate word for what you are to me, but it’ll do for now.” I tell her certainly and she squeezes her grip on me tighter. The song changes and I feel a tap on my shoulder. I look over to see Damien.

“Mind if I cut in?” He asks politely. I nod with a smile as I hold out Lexi’s hand towards him. They spin away in a whirl as the fast paced country song plays. I see Rowan indicating me back to the table and I follow. We take a seat and a couple of shots. We watch Damien and Lexi, they look like a professional dance couple. They’re completely in sync and can read each other’s moves perfectly like they’ve been dancing together for years. Which I suppose they have.

“That man is a God.” Rowan exclaims appreciatively watching Damien.

“And he’s dancing with my goddess of a girlfriend.” I confirm and Rowan beams at me. We all drink and dance for a while longer. As the night winds down I can feel my dance moves becoming a little inappropriate for public viewing. “Do you want to get out of here?” I ask Lexi as I hold her tightly against me. She bites her lip as her eyes meet mine and she nods vigorously.

“I’m going to see Lexi home.” I call over to where Rowan and Damien are dancing they both nod as Lexi waves good bye and I pull her towards the exit.

We run up the stairs at Lexi’s apartment building and I push her up against her door taking her mouth in mine as soon as we’re in the apartment. We try to navigate to her bedroom in the dark with our faces firmly plastered to each other’s. Lexi laughs as we bump into walls and furniture on the way but we never break our kiss. Lexi has her legs wrapped around my hips and her arms around the top of my shoulders. I finally feel a bed against my leg and I lower Lexi gently on to it.

I stand over her in the dark with the street light outside the only light breaking into the room. She can see me perfectly as I can see her. She bites her lip and smiles seductively at me from the bed. I kick my boots off and drop my belt before I climb down on top of her body letting my full weight lay against her as we kiss. Her knees come up to hitch on my hips as she lets her hand pull my shirt up at the sides gathering it in her hands. I let go of her and kneel on the bed between her legs.

She jumps up to meet me in her own kneel in front of me as she starts to unbutton my shirt. She pushes it off my shoulders and I let it fall to the floor. Then her hands move to my pants and I smile wickedly at her as she pushes them down to my knees with my briefs. My erection springs forward at its release and she lets her hand caress it gently. I close my eyes at the touch. I let my hand trail down her hips to her thighs and I gather her dress in my hands and peel it off her gently.

I drop it to the floor as I turn to look back at her. She’s wearing a black lace negligee underneath the dress and I bite my fist as I take in the sight. I let my hands caress down her lace covered skin before I peel it off her as well. Now she kneels in just her panties and boots as I kiss her before gently lowering her backwards onto the bed. I pull my pants off the rest of the way and drop them off the bed as I take her boots and remove them one at a time.

I start a trail of kisses from her ankle to her hips and I hook her panties with my thumbs and I tear them violently from her ripping the material on either side. She squeals with excitement at the action and I continue my ascension of her body lead by my lips. I let my fingers gently caress her sex and she gasps at the movement. She’s wet already, and her back is arched towards me.

I reach her lips with mine and hungrily take her mouth in mine as my hands caress her entire body. I leave her mouth and travel back down to her breast taking her nipple between my lips. Her moans of pleasure cause my hardness to increase even more as I push my body against hers. I suck her nipple gently and her breathing becomes ragged as her body squirms beneath me. My teeth softly bite the nipple in my mouth and her nails dig into my back as she pushes her body hard against mine.

I smile wickedly as I release her nipple and trail my kisses back up to her lips. When my mouth reaches hers I bring up my body and let my hard cock caress her opening. She breathes deeply as I pause my kisses. “Just say enough.” I whisper urgently as my own breathing becomes ragged. She bites her lip as she pulls my body closer to hers. “Do you promise?” I plead as I let my cock brush her entrance again. She moans as she nods.

“Link I swear if you don’t put your cock inside me right now I’ll die.” Her pleas cause a deep groan from inside me as I take her mouth in mine and I shove my cock into her quickly. Her deep moan is muffled by my mouth as her body curls up around me. I let my cock sit inside the amazing warmth of her as her body adjusts to the size. Her hips drive up into me and I begin a slow tender rhythm. Her knees are hitched up against my ribs giving me deep access as I drive into her again and again.

I break away from kissing her so she can try to breathe. I support my weight up on one arm and I continue my rhythm. I let my other hand travel down to stimulate her clitoris and she bucks against all the sensations. Her back is arched and her arms reach for me desperate to pull me back to her. I groan in pleasure at the feeling of complete ecstasy of being buried inside of her. My beautiful goddess wrapped around my cock like it’s her sole possession. I drop back to her and her arms tighten across my shoulders then her nails drive across my back tearing the skin.

I drive in again and again as I bury my face in her neck and kiss it brutally as my arms wrap around her tightly pulling her slightly off the bed as I continue to drive into increasing the rhythm as her moans become more audible in my ear I can feel her building beneath me. Her body responds to every touch and my torturous rhythm is about to undo us both. I groan into the side of her neck as I feel the pressure rise in my own body desperate for release. I let my tongue trace the line of her ear slowly in contrast with the grueling pace my cock is pounding into her. Her moans turn to small screams as her breathing becomes almost nonexistent. I let my tongue trail slowly before plunging it into her ear sharply then taking her earlobe between my teeth.

She screams out in pleasure as I feel her convulsions begin inside her body. Her arms tighten themselves around me as her knees weaken at my ribs. The sound of her scream and the feel of her pulsing bring about my own internal combustion and I explode with a burst of pressure. I release a groan of pure bliss and freedom. This freedom right here was what I was fighting for, to be buried in the one you love without fear or regret. It’s the ultimate high. My body shudders with aftershocks at the incredible sensation running through me.

I lower myself and take her lips in mine possessively. I release her mouth and I push back to look in her eyes while I stay buried inside her. She smiles a content bliss fueled smile at me and I smile with the same look at her. I lean down and kiss her lips again. When I try to climb off her she grabs tight and wraps her legs around my waist pinning my body back to hers. I laugh at the action and stay where I am burying my face in her neck and I start kissing it tenderly. Her breathing comes under control then I feel a drop of warm water hit my cheek from hers.

My head shoots up and I look at her concerned when I see her tear filled eyes. “Are you okay?” I ask urgently. She smiles a completely new smile at me, equally as heart stopping though.

“I’m so far beyond okay that I don’t even think there is a word for it.” She breathes the words and my entire body relaxes against hers. “I never knew it could be like that.” She whispers and I stare at her curiously.

“I thought you said you’d had…” I trail off suddenly concerned I misheard something. She nods.

“I have.” She pause as she exhales again. “I’ve had sex, but that.” Her voice fades as a look of reverence comes over her face. “That what something else entirely.” She whispers in awe as her eyes close. I exhale deeply. A proud smile comes to my lips as I place them onto hers again. After a while she finally releases me and I pull out of her lay beside her. She pouts as she rolls over to face me. “I feel empty.” She says sadly. I laugh as I lean my forehead to touch hers.

Lexi yawns as she stares into my eyes. I know it’s late and she has to work at the diner in the morning. “Go to sleep beautiful.” I whisper as I kiss her lips.

“Will you be here when I wake up?” She asks shyly. I nod and smile at her.

“Unless you’re kicking me out?” I ask coyly and her arms shoot around my neck.

“No.” She squeals desperately. I laugh before I kiss her again.

“Then I’m staying right here.” I declare boldly as I let her roll away from me so I can pull her against my body.

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