Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Twenty Eight

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve laid eyes on my brother. Lexi and I have fallen into a haze of desire and our bodies are in complete control of us. Some how it works out that when Damien has stayed at Rowans I’ve stayed at Lexi’s and when Rowan stays at Damien’s Lexi stays with me. So staring at him in the diner this morning over breakfast feels like a novel experience.

“So I’m hosting Thanksgiving at the apartment this weekend. Do you think you can pry yourselves out of bed long enough to attend?” Rowan asks Lexi and I with a tone of mock annoyance. Damien rolls his eyes at him and Lexi blushes and excuses herself to get back to work.

“You’re such an asshole.” I say shaking my head at him. “Of course we’ll be there.” I tell him and he starts fangirling in his seat.

“On that note, I’m off to work. Do you need me to organize anything for your amazing thanksgiving dinner?” Damien asks Rowan thoughtfully. Rowan shakes his head.

“I’ve got everything under control. All you have to do is show up and look sexy.” Rowan says playfully.

“I just love that you don’t have unreal expectations of me.” Damien says playfully kissing him goodbye for the day. Before he reaches the door he looks back at Rowan and gives him a smoldering sexy look that I could swear just melted my brother’s internal organs as he collapses on the table opposite me. I laugh at him.

Lexi comes back to our table and I take her hand in mine as she smiles brightly at me.

“I hope you don’t mind, but I told Rowan we’d have thanksgiving dinner with him and Damien this weekend.” I tell her using my most seductive-please-don’t-be-mad-at-me voice. She smiles at me recognizing my voice. She feigns indifference as she shrugs.

“I don’t know if I can make it, I had plans to spend the entire weekend in bed having my boyfriend tear my clothes off with his teeth.” She says playfully shooting Rowan an evil glare.

“Sorry Rowan.” I tell him kissing the hand I’m holding. “It looks like I’m otherwise engaged this weekend.” I say playing along with Lexi. He shoots us both a don’t-dare-try-to-fuck-with-me-about-this look. We both laugh under his deathly serious glare. Rowan gets up to leave to head to work, I’m not doing anything today so I plan to wait and take Lexi for lunch somewhere.

A while after Rowan has left I let my eyes search for Lexi. I find her across the room and as if she can feel my eyes on her she glances over at me. I lower my head back to my book quickly pretending I wasn’t just openly gawking at her. I actually manage to read an entire chapter before I look up again. She’s nowhere to be found. The diner is almost empty after the breakfast rush has happened there’s usually a lull until lunch time. I look at my watch, she’ll be done in fifteen minutes. A few more minutes pass and I grow uneasy.

I look around the restaurant and see Kelly the other waitress. I get up from my booth.

“Where’d she go?” I ask trying to sound more casual than I feel. She smiles at me.

“She was just clearing her station a little while ago, I think she was taking the trash out the back.” She explains indicating towards the kitchen door.

“Maybe I should go help her?” I ask thinking how long it’s taking her. She smiles again.

“What a gentleman.” She praises me and I shrug. “But you don’t need to I saw Evan go to help her.” Her words hit me like a physical punch and I set off running across the diner. I jump the counter and clear it easily as I kick through the kitchen door startling the fry cook. My eyes scan desperately then I hear it. “Link” her voice screams and I run towards the sound. I kick open the back door and find her on her knees being held by her hair and pushed against the industrial bin.

I see the trail of blood on her lip and I fly into a rage. I rip him from her and I find that one of his hands is in his pants while the other is fisted in her hair.

“LET HER GO!” I yell as I get right up in his face with my hands around his neck. His face fills with fear as I give him the same look I gave enemy soldiers before I choked the life out of them. His hand lets go of her hair and he brings it up and connects it with my jaw. I barely feel it as I tighten my hands around his throat.

“Link.” Her desperate voice washes through my rage like a soothing balm. I let go of his neck then I wind up and belt him hard rendering him unconscious. He falls back to the ground and lands with a thud. I drop to kneel beside Lexi who is on all fours trying to get her breathing back. She’s doesn’t seem to have any injuries other than her knees and her lip. I can see she is having a panic attack as she tries to breathe. I restrain the urge to touch her not wanting to frighten her.

Her breathing gets longer and deeper. “Lexi.” I whisper her name like a prayer and she shoots up from the ground into my arms. I hold her tightly as her chest heaves in deep racking sobs. I scoop her up in my arms and carry her back through the diner.

“Oh my Lord what happened?” Kelly exclaims. I stare at her seriously over the crying goddess in my arms.

“When that fucker comes too out there.” I tell her indicating to the back area. “You tell him to get the hell out of town because the next time I see him I’ll kill him.” I finish darkly and she nods compliantly letting her worried eyes fall on Lexi before I carry her out of the diner. I drove her here so I don’t need to worry about her bike. I get to the truck and I let her down a little to open the door. “No.” She begs desperately at the release and tries to claw her way back up me.

“Shh darlin’ I’ve got you.” I whisper as I lift her up into the truck. I physically have to pull her arms from me to detach so I can shut the door. I run around to jump in the driver’s side I start the engine and she crawls up onto my lap sideways and I hold her for a moment. She’s wrapped her arms tightly around my torso and her head is tucked into my chest.

“Okay darlin’ you just stay there. You’re safe now I’ve got you.” I say soothingly. The column shift on the truck means I can still operate it easily, I drive very carefully without her restrained. We reach her apartment building and I open up my door and I carefully cradle her against me as I slide out of the truck. I carry her upstairs and I have to let her down again to get her keys. She starts clawing at me again begging me not to let her go and my heart is breaking in my chest.

I open the door and I pick her straight back up and I kick the door shut behind me. I don’t worry about locking it, because God help whatever vandal breaks in here right now. I make my way to her bedroom and I gently lower her down on her bed. Her eyes look down as she starts screaming.

“Get it off me.” She screams the words over and over as she starts ripping her apron and shirt off. Her nails take her skin she’s being so rough. I grab her hands in mine and I hold them.

“Stop.” I say urgently and her eyes look at me. “I’m going to get it all off you okay.” I say soothingly. Her tear filled eyes plead with mine desperately as she nods. I carefully and quickly remove her clothes. She starts to tremble and I realize she’s in shock. I carry her into the bathroom and run the shower. I let the water run hot and I lower her down into it.

My poor goddess, this is a complete contrast to the love making session we had in here before she went to work this morning. I try to let her go but she grips to me and her body is trembling so violently. I strip off quickly and step into the shower with her. Her body leans against mine as the hot water warms her. She finally stops trembling and I dry off then wrap her in a towel trying to dry her but she refuses to move away from my body far enough to allow that. I scoop her up and carry her back to her bed.

I pull the covers around us as I wrap her in the heat from my body and the warmth from the blankets. Her crying continues until she exhausts herself, I don’t let go as I hold her back against my chest wrapping her body in mine protectively. She finally passes out and her body goes limp in my arms. It’s dark by the time she stirs and her body turns around to face me. Her eyes moisten at the sight of me.

“Link.” She breathes and starts crying again. I kiss her forehead softly. Her eyes close as she leans against me. “You’re still here?” She whispers disbelievingly.

“Where else would I be?” I ask her seriously. She sniff as her eyes open.

“Far away from disaster magnet in your arms.” She cries and I tighten my hold as I kiss her forehead again.

“Never, this is where I belong.” I whisper wrapping her tightly. She cries into my chest until her tears run dry.

“What’s wrong with me? Do I attract monsters?” She asks me seriously and I look into her eyes to find absolute belief in them. She really believes she attracts these monsters. I shake my head and look her in the eyes.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.” I tell her desperately. “Some people are just unlucky enough to have to face more evil than most people have to deal with.”

“So I’m just unlucky?” She asks sadly. I shake my head at her again.

“No you’re so strong baby that God knows you can handle it.” I tell her in a praising tone.

“Well you can tell God to knock it the fuck off, I’ve had it.” She spits defiantly. I smile proudly at her and she gives me a weak half smile.

“I never knew I was capable of facing so much evil in my life, and I was trained for it. Whereas you’ve had no training, you’ve just been taking hit after hit and you still fight back. You’re the most amazing woman I’ve ever met.” I assure her. She lets out an exasperated breath.

“I still don’t want to deal with it anymore. We’ve both done enough Link.” She says tiredly. Not physically tired but a deep soul tired feeling. “We deserve to stop fighting. We deserve to be just this right here. We deserve happiness and peace and….” Her voice turns to slight frustration.

“Love.” I finish her sentence for her and her eyes widen at me. I smile and I graze her nose with mine. Her eyes fill with tears again.

“Really?” She pleads quietly. I smile more brightly.

“I can’t believe you were surprised to find me still here.” I say shaking my head. “Where on Earth else would I want to be except in the arms of the love of my life?” I confess and she crushes her lips to mine. I kiss her tenderly and we fall into each other. I chase away the darkness that tried to touch her. Her kisses stop as she winces. I remember her lip and I bring my hand up to examine the swelling.

It shouldn’t bruise but I should probably stop kissing her so hard. She exhales in contentment as she looks at me. I hear her stomach growl and I laugh as she giggles at the sound. This is my goddess, playful, smiling and utterly enticing. I pull her up from the bed and drag her to the kitchen to feed her. She takes a seat at the table as she watches me prepare a pasta dish for her. I work in silence completely naked. She disappears for a moment and comes back wearing the shirt she pilfered from my house. I smile when I see it.

“I’ll dish this up if you want to go put on pants.” She offers and I shrug feigning indifference.

“It doesn’t bother me.” I tell her with a proud smile. She blushes.

“Fine.” She surrenders. “I need you to put on pants so I can concentrate on eating dinner without the distraction of the overwhelming desire to jump you.” She says with a smile. I laugh as I leave to get pants. I pull on a pair of sweats. I give Rowan a quick call and explain what happened. I tell him to assure Damien that she’s alright then I hang up. I get back to the kitchen and find two steaming bowls of pasta on the table and a bottle of wine. I smile as I take a seat opposite her. She can’t stop smiling at me and in between the smiles she blushes.

“The pants didn’t work huh?” I smirk. She blushes a deep red and shakes her head.

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