Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Thirty Three

“Every thing’s in order.” Damien informs me coming back into the boardroom. I wipe my face to rid the evidence of my weakness. I pull out some documents from my jacket pocket. “As my lawyer I need your help with one other thing.” I tell him sadly. He looks at me concerned as he takes a seat next to me. “I need to update my will.” I tell him solemnly.

“Link.” He says shaking his head. I hold my hand up to stop his regret.

“I’m just being practical. You have no idea how hard I will fight to get back to her, but in the event.” I tell him trailing off at the last word. He resolves his face and looks at me seriously. I smile gratefully at him. “This is a list of all my assets, my bank account details, it’s all there.” I tell him handing him the documents. His eyes look surprised when he sees the balance in my account at the moment he looks back at me curiously. I shrug. “I never needed anything.” I explain.

“These are letters, one is for Rowan.” I pause choking on the words. “This one is for her.” I say as the words fail. I take a deep breath trying to calm myself. Damien takes the sealed envelopes from me. “Only give them those if I’m killed.” I instruct stealing my voice. He nods as his eyes moisten. “Everything else is for Lexi. I want it all left to her. I want to know she’ll be take care of.” I rush the words out. He looks at me sorrowfully. I shake my head.

“I know you’ll take care of both of them while I’m gone.” I tell him confidently.

“My hand to God Link. I will look after them both until you return. You just take care of yourself so I don’t ever have to deliver these.” He says waving the letters in the air.

“I will do everything in my power to return to both of them. But I know they’ll be okay if I don’t. You have no idea what comfort that brings me brother.” I confess gratefully. His tears slip down his cheeks. We sit in silence together for a few moments until he composes himself and wipes his face.

“I’ll have the will drawn up and I’ll find a time later for you to sign all the paperwork.” He says evenly putting on his professional façade again. I smile appreciatively at him.

Our drive back to the apartment is a solemn one. We stand outside the apartment door and laughter from inside reaches us.

“Game faces.” I tell Damien and smile at him. He gives me a half smile as I open the door and we walk in. I laugh as I take in the sight in front of me. Standing in the kitchen mid-food fight are my brother and the love of my life. She beams brightly at me and flings another handful of food at a distracted Rowan.

Damien bursts out laughing beside me as Rowan is nailed in the side of the face by something resembling mashed potato. “Oh you’re dead.” Rowan threatens playfully turning on Lexi. She ducks his assault and screams with laughter as she jumps over the counter to come and hide behind me. “Lexi darlin’ you’re dead wrong if you think I won’t go through my brother to get to you.” He calls coming around the counter. Lexi seems to think better of her hiding place as well.

Lexi jumps ship to hide behind Damien. Rowan halts in his tracks. “Damn it!” Rowan exclaims playfully. “How can I risk marring that perfection of a face with burnt tapioca?” Rowan hisses in frustration. Lexi giggles from behind Damien who is still laughing at the scene. Upon further inspection I can see this has been going on for a while. There are bowls and pots scattered across the kitchen floor. There is food stuck to the wall and sliding down the front of the refrigerator.

“Link help me.” Lexi calls in her most faux timid sounding voice from behind Damien.

“Alright brother, you’ve had your fun.” I say stepping between him and Damien. He looks outraged.

“How can you take her side? Traitor.” Rowan spits indignantly. I shrug nonchalantly.

“She’s a better kisser.” I tease laughing and I hear her laughter as well. Rowan loses all composure and starts laughing as well.

“Alright I fold.” Rowan concedes. “You can come out from behind your Greek God of a wall.” He adds. Damien laughs.

“Come on baby I’ll help you clean up.” Damien soothes steeping forward towards Rowan. I look at Lexi who looks guilty and playful. Her hair has some mess of food in it and her shirt is stained with something foul.

“As for you, you’re going straight to the shower.” I scold her playfully. I scoop down quickly and throw her up over my shoulder as she squeals with laughter at the sudden move. She tries to fight me off but I’ve got a firm hold on her.

“Let me down.” She screams playfully and I hear Damien and Rowan laughing as I carry her off down the hall to the bathroom. I kick my boots off despite the thrashing wild animal over my shoulder. I turn on the tap and quickly dump her into the shower. She squeals.

“It’s cold.” She laughs as she tries to duck out of the stream. I block her exit as I join her in the shower fully clothed as well laughing. “Link.” She squeals as she bashes her fists against my chest. I laugh at her as she turns away from me to adjust the shower taps to warm the water faster. I start mauling her neck as my arms pull her back against me. Her breathing becomes ragged rapidly as my hard cock presses against her ass through our wet clothes. Her arms reach up behind her pulling my head against her neck tighter.

I pull her shirt up ripping from her in a split second before returning my lips to her neck. She shifts her ass against the stretch of denim containing my erection and she moans in pleasure. I bite down on her neck hard sucking the skin into my mouth as her moans of pleasure bleed into her ragged breaths. Her arms are locked around the back of my neck behind her. I grip her breasts forcefully, working them in my hands as I kiss her neck.

I let my hands travel down her body to gather her skirt up in my hands I bring it up to her waist as I quickly pull her panties down. I don’t bother pulling them off her as I push her against the shower wall. I unbuckle my jeans letting them gather at my knees as I push my cock up into her from behind. Careful not to put it in the wrong opening. Her hands fist in my hair tightly as her back arches pushing her arse back against me.

I grab a hold of her hips bringing her up onto me even deeper as I start to drive my urgent rhythm into her over and over. Her moans are desperate as I power into her driven by pure carnal desire. Her hands are clawing violently at the back of my neck as I dig my grip into her hips. Her scream is strangled by her ragged breath as she explodes around me. I slam into her in a final release of my own my pulsing subsides and I turn her around in my arms and lift her up onto me.

I claim her mouth in mine as she holds onto to my shoulders. Her legs are tight around my hips and the feel of her body pressed so desperately against mine and the sound of her ragged breathing causes me to get hard again. She smiles as she feels me at her entrance again begging for permission this time. Her face breaks away from mine as she leans back a little. One hand hangs onto the back on my neck securely while the other travels down to seize my cock in a firm grip.

I gasp and close my eyes at the sensation. I feel her lips brush mine as her hand guides my cock inside of her. I feel her lower herself slowly onto my cock, taking me into her warmth surrounding me completely. I feel her pull up using my shoulders and I open my eyes to stare at her. Her movement of pushing her thighs allowing her to control the pace as I stand there in awe. I grip her ass in my hands as her back slides against the wall slowly, torturously.

“God you are so fucking beautiful.” I gasp as I lean my forehead against her shoulder. She kisses my ear before she takes the earlobe in her teeth and bites it playfully letting her tongue circle the skin just below it. Her rhythm is excruciating, deliberate and slow and all encompassing. I can barely breathe from the amount of pleasure building in my body at the moment. One of my hands comes around from her ass as I begin to massage her clitoris with my thumb at the same slow pace she’s using on me.

She gasps in pleasure and moans deeply causing my pressure to build almost instantly. I continue my thumbs assault until I feel her come again sending shock waves through my body. Her eyes lock seductively on mine as her pace doesn’t falter she brings the hand I just used on her up between us. She keeps her eyes on mine as she wraps her lips around the thumb I just used on her. She takes it into her mouth and I groan with pleasure as my pressure threatens to explode again.

She moves her lips back up the thumb while her hips never miss a beat. Her seductive smile reaches me as she bares her teeth and slides them down to the base of my thumb. I groan loudly at the pleasure of my own release as I explode inside of her again. I try to catch my breath as I pull her weakly against my body. I turn us to lean my back on the shower wall, uncertain of my strength to hold us up as my body comes completely undone inside my goddess.

Back in my room we fall to the bed totally spent from our shower together. I lay on my back with her draped over me. I don’t even have the energy to pull a cover over our naked bodies right now. I feel her face lift from my chest as she locks eyes with me. She blushes before delivering a sinfully playful smile.

“Do you think we’ll ever be able to shower again without feeling dirtier that when we went in?” She asks me with a smile. I smile brightly at her.

“God I hope not.” I challenge playfully. She laughs a soft laugh into my chest as darkness besieges the sky outside the window. We manage to pull ourselves under the cover and I wrap my body around hers in its cocoon hold. I feel her gentle even breathing against my chest. We haven’t spoken about what happened today. We’re just being with each other. I think we both need to just feel each other breathe right now.

I feel her fall asleep in my arms. She must be exhausted after barely sleeping last night. I’m feeling the pull of sleep myself. Tomorrow is thanksgiving, a time to spend with the people I love. I try to focus on all the love surrounding me right now, but in the back of my mind is a clock counting down like a scoreboard. Sixty-one hours until I fly out and counting. I increase my hold on her as I breathe her in. I close my eyes and let the rhythm of her breathing lull me into sleep.

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