Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Thirty Five

The event required suit and tie. Rowan had thankfully made me purchase a suit on our shopping spree after I first got back. We all look like we stepped out of a James Bond movie as we take our seats in the front row. My seat is on the aisle and I feel out of place among the elites of Nashville society around us. A couple of celebrities I recognize. I look at Damien impressed with his connections. We sit through a few different performances.

Some country singers perform, then an opera singer. There are different artistic displays and even a school performance honoring the first thanksgiving. The anticipation is palpable. Lexi’s dance company are supposed to perform for the entire forty minute second block. After a quick intermission we take our drinks back to our seats. The lights dim and the curtain opens as the tribal drumming of the music begins.

My eyes go wide at the sight on the stage before me. Lexi stands in the center moving and swaying to the music like the goddess that she is. The performance is painting her as a goddess as well. Four men dance around her wearing crosses on their bare chests. She is the goddess and they are her priests, worshipping her. Her gold slinky dress clad body, catches the lights at every movement. She’s stunning, I’ve never seen her more beautiful than she is right now.

She dances and moves around the men as they lift her and throw her through the air with ease. Every movement is the epitome of grace, she looks like she’s flying at one point. The music seems to be obeying her body not the other way around. Her lines, her elegance, her raw beauty shine through from every part of her. I want to see if the rest of the audience can see what I see, but I can’t tear my eyes away from her. The collective gasps I hear every time she’s lifted into the air or dipped lower than possible make me certain the audience is in just as much awe as I am.

The music winds down as the story of the dance sees our goddess set free from the constraints of being worshipped so adoringly. She was all the men could think about or respond to. Those men are the portrayal of my devotion to her. Her binds are cut and she begins a slow teasing dance as she begins to explore the world for herself in mortal form. She disappears from the stage for a moment as a man appears and the backdrop changes.

A mortal man trying to find his own way in the world until he happens upon the goddess who has just reappeared on the stage. Her long hair is loose around her shoulders as her body flows with the silk white dress that splits up to her hips on both sides allowing her beautiful tanned legs shine through. She dances freely unaware of the man’s observation of her. She notices him suddenly surprised by his appearance as he sweeps her off her feet and they begin a courtship in dance form.

It’s passionate and tender and completely jealousy incurring. My face must show my emotions because Damien leans across Rowan towards me. “He’s gay.” He whispers confidently before backing into his seat. I watch him feeling more at ease about his hands on my goddess. I watch the pure happiness she exudes when she dances. I see her close her eyes a few times and lose herself in the joy of it all.

I watch as he lifts and turns and holds her like he was her lover. The dance concludes as our lovers declare their love without words. The entire company rushes the stage to dance a celebration of love. It looks like a wedding celebration of sorts as the happy couple are raised up and exalted on high by the rest of the company. The celebration ends as the music darkens as the backdrop of a storm comes up.

The storm seems violent and dark. My goddess flees from the darkness as her love and the company dance in defiance of the storm. The strong beats of the music vibrate through the floor. The storm gets more violent and one by one the darkness consumes the defiant dancers. Silence fills the stage as the storm rolls away revealing a crystal lake where a goddess weeps alone. A bright light representing the sun dawns on her and she shies away from it, desperate for it not to touch her in her grief.

My eyes fill with tears. I can’t stop them, I feel the water trickle down my face as I watch her mournful dance. My heart breaks with every move as she performs a solo dance clearly portraying a broken heart through dance. The sun pursues her but she avoids the light. After her grieving has gone on for a long time and the music only makes her heart seem to ache more, she surrenders to the sun.

The light touches her and her skin glows as her sorrow fades into peace at the memory of love. Her solo dance in the light of the sun by the shimmering crystal blue lake is the most stunningly beautiful thing that I’ve ever witnessed. I train my memory to store it in all its glory to permanent memory. I will use this image right here of my goddess in peace and joy and dancing in the light, as my happy place for the time that is to come.

She’s lost in the joy of the dance and I wipe my face dry, in complete awe of her. Damien was right, I’ve never seen her dance before tonight. Our goddess left the constraints of the worship of many to be loved by one. She doesn’t regret her decision despite the pain it caused her. Her faith in the light is rewarded as she is reunited with her mortal man. She leaps into his arms with complete love and trust knowing he’ll catch her.

They dance together in the light until it becomes so bright it consumes them. Their dance ends in a very dramatic stage kiss before they continue their dance off the stage following the light. The music ends as the company comes back on stage and the crowd erupts in applause. Then the company exits the stage as the four priests come back and take their bow. They clap as well as the mortal man appears and takes his bow.

Then the crowd goes positively insane as everyone gets to their feet to applaud Lexi as she reappears to take her bow. She delivers her heart stopping smile to everyone in the crowd as she places her hand over her heart and mouths the words thank you to the audience as she takes another bow. Her eyes find mine in the front row and her smile gets even brighter. I mouth the words I love you. To her and she blushes and bites her lip.

The dancers exit the stage and a man comes out to the stage to congratulate all the performers from tonight’s showcase. I can hear people in the crowd talking about that dance being the highlight of the night. Some saying that it was the best dance performance they’ve ever seen. I smile proudly as the crowd starts to mill around the auditorium entrance.

“Here.” Damien says handing me a bunch of roses. I look at him and smile playfully.

“Thanks but you really shouldn’t have. I mean you’re dating my brother.” I tease him. He smiles and Rowan laughs as they link arms.

“They’re for you to give to her.” Damien informs me like I’m stupid. “It’s traditional.” He adds demonstrating his elite upbringing. The stage doors open and people start to file out to meet their families and friends and general fans of their performances. My eyes find her instantly as she thanks everybody and searches for me. I let my eyes follow her as she smiles at everyone she meets. Rowan waves grabbing her attention. Her face lights up as our eyes connect.

She breaks into a run through the crowd and leaps into my arms from a few feet away. Always so trustful and confident that I’ll catch her. I wrap my arms around her careful not the crush the roses. She leans her head back and sweeps her hair from her eyes, I crush my lips to hers and I feel her smile against my lips. An applause breaks out around us and we break away and I lower her blushing face as the entire crowd around us is looking at us and clapping.

She bites her lip as embarrassment flood her face. I step back and hand her the roses she takes them and smiles at me as I step back to join the applause around her clapping loudly as I smile proudly at her. She starts laughing as she curtseys to the crowd around us before she steps back to me and wraps her free arm around my waist.

I pull her into my arms gently as I plant a kiss on her temple. People start approaching us and congratulating her on her outstanding performance. We weave through the crowd carefully with Rowan and Damien flanking us like body guards. A couple of dance enthusiasts hand Lexi business card from other dance companies. I smile proudly at her as she graciously thanks everyone who talks to her.

Some even congratulate me for having such an amazing dancer on my arm. I laugh politely as we make our way to leave. We finally reach the car park and Damien and Rowan break off telling us they’ll meet us back at the apartment. Both congratulating Lexi again on her performance. She kisses both of them before they leave. I lead her towards my truck and I open the door for her and lift her up into the truck. She smiles at me as I close the door.

I get in the driver’s side as she places her roses on the back seat. She looks back at me and bites her lip shyly.

“So?” She asks me hesitantly.

“So.” I exhale coyly. She smiles at me and fixes her eyes in a hopeful glare.

“You haven’t told me what you thought about the performance.” She prompts eagerly. I sigh as I look at her.

“I thought that is was the most stunningly beautiful thing I’ve ever witnessed.” I tell her honestly enunciating each word. Her face lights up.

“Really?” She asks excitedly. I smile at her still in awe.

“Baby, the way you can express yourself through dance is incredible. I could feel everything you felt, I followed the story of the dance completely enraptured by every movement you made.” I explain letting the awe fill my voice.

“You really got it?” She asks as her eyes fill with tears. I nod at her.

“I even cried.” I confess. She jumps up onto my lap and kisses me hard.

“You really did get it.” She affirms. I nod again.

“It was so real that I even wanted to jump the stage several times to beat down that guy for touching you, hell I wanted to take out your priests for daring to worship you too.” I tell her and she laughs.

“Let’s go home.” She whispers seductively in my ear before nipping the earlobe.

“Why would you want to do something like that?” I ask playfully. She looks at me with a challenge set securely in her eyes.

“Wasn’t it you who was interested in exploring my stretching moves further?” She asks coyly before shooting me a seductive smile. I start the engine instantly and throw the truck into reverse. She laughs as she remains in my lap as I drive. We head to her place to be alone.

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