Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Thirty Six

After spending most of our evening exploring Lexi’s flexibility, she has finally passed out from sheer overload of pleasure and exhaustion. I let her sleep as I sneak carefully from the room. In her kitchen I call Rowan.

“Brother, I need your help.” I tell him seriously.

“What is it?” He asks sounding sleepy. I clearly woke him.

“Actually I need both you and Damien to help me.” I clarify as I begin explaining my plan to make my last night with Lexi tomorrow special. I make sure they both understand their roles then I hang up. I crawl back into the bed with my goddess and I pull her against me securely in my protective cocoon of her body. She barely stirs as she relaxes her body against mine. I welcome sleep to take me now knowing I will need the strength to face my last day with her. Possibly my last day ever.

I wake with a start in the morning light. Lexi is still safe and secure in my arms and my movement has woken her as well. Almost as if she can read my thoughts she starts crying softly against her pillow. This may be our last day together for at least a while if not forever. I hold her tightly then I remember something.

“Weren’t you supposed to start working at the spa today?” I ask her softly. She shakes her head.

“I called them and I explained, they were really sweet and said I could start next week instead.” She informs me. Well at least they seem to be compassionate. I hope she’ll enjoy working there. I kiss her shoulder softly and her crying has stopped. She rolls over in my arms.

“What did you want to do today?” She asks drying her eyes and smiling at me. I shrug.

“I’d be happy just to stay right here with you. This morning anyway.” I tell her.

“Why only this morning?” She asks curiously.

“I’ve got a few official things I need to organize this afternoon before I fly out tomorrow.” I tell her softly. My words cause her eyes to moisten before she blinks it away. “Did you want to do anything special this morning?” I ask her sweetly nudging her nose with mine. Her face seems sad for a moment before a brilliant smile takes over.

“Actually.” She says pausing before smiling brilliantly. “I have a great idea.” She concludes.

She springs into action ordering me into the shower then instructs me to dress in the clothes she laid out for me. I go along smiling as blindfolds me and leaves me by the front door while she gets dressed too. I feel her hand as she leads me outside side laughing softly. We make it down the stairs without injury and she leads me across the driveway and places my hands on something solid.

My smile becomes playful as my hands slide along the sleek surfaces of the magnificent thing before me. She pulls the blindfold off and I see that she has put on her short black leather jacket. She’s holding out a helmet towards me that looks new. I look at the seat of the bike and realize she’s attached a new custom seat to allow for a passenger. She puts the keys in my hand as she stand on her tiptoes to kiss me.

I take her in a deep kiss releasing her to catch my breath. “You’re going to let me drive?” I ask incredulously. She bites her lip and nods.

“It was her idea, she’s been begging me to let you ride her for weeks.” She says playfully looking at the motor cycle beside us.

“What about the suspension from the extra weight?” I ask her seriously. She shrugs.

“I adjusted it the day after I first let you sit on it.” She informs me confidently. My face breaks out into what I’m sure resembles Rowan’s shit eating grin.

“That sure I wanted to ride her huh?” I challenge her she bites her lip gives me a seductive smile.

“I had to make sure you could handle riding her, hence the rigorous tests.” She says with a wink. I laugh as I take her up in my arms and kiss her again. I let her go and she puts her helmet on. I put on mine as well. I throw my leg over the bike and take a seat. I feel her mount the bike behind me. Her arms slither their way around me as her feet find their rests on either side of the bike and she clenches her thighs on my hips.

“So where are we going?” I call over my shoulder. She leans against my back.

“Just ride.” She whispers. I start the bike and rev it powerfully beneath us. I kick up the stand and I ease up on the throttle as we pull out of the driveway. This feeling is sensational, the breeze blowing against my face on the open road. The motor cycle of my dreams powering along beneath me. And the love of my life with her arms wrapped securely around me. This is freedom.

We ride so far and so fast I lose track of time. We stop for gas at a stop on a highway near the state border before we decide to head back into the city. We stop for lunch along the way at a roadside taco vendor. We sit and eat our lunch on the bike on the side of the highway overlooking the Nashville skyline in the distance. I’m sitting on the bike backwards with my feet firmly on the ground while her legs hang over mine facing the opposite direction.

I kiss off the taco sauce from her lips and she laughs. I throw our trash into a nearby can. She claps when it goes in.

“Two points.” She says playfully. I turn to look back at her with a desire burning up inside of me.

“You have no idea how much I want to take you on this bike right now.” I whisper desperately and her hand reaches down to caress my cock through my jeans, it hardens instantly.

“I think I have some idea.” She says boldly.

“Don’t.” I plead. “Or everyone driving by and the taco vendor are going to get one hell of a show.” I threaten her playfully. She laughs as a daring smile forms on her lips.

“Then maybe we should hurry back.” She whispers in my ear. “Because I really want you to take me on this bike.” She adds seductively. I jump up and turn around like a shot as I pull my helmet down and start the bike up powerfully. She pulls her helmet on and grabs onto me before I kick up the stand and tear out of the highway stop. The burning desire inside me is pulsing violently at every touch from her as we ride.

It feels like hours before we pull back into her driveway. She hits a button on the keys and the garage door comes up. I pull the bike in and park it in a bay. There is one other car in the garage that is dimly lit. I hear her helmet hit the ground beside us and I kick the stand out before I stand and rip my helmet off as well. I turn and sit facing her on the bike I grab her face in my hands as she clicks the button closing the garage door.

Her hands drop to my pants and she deftly undoes them. She shifts herself forward and I bring her up onto my lap to straddle me. Her short denim skirt rides up a little as I let my hands travel up her thighs. My eyes go wide with shock and she laughs a playful laugh as I discover she isn’t wearing panties. Her hands grasp hold of my erection releasing it from its jeans. I lift her up and lower her onto it.

She keeps her boots on the footsteps allowing for push to gain height and then slam her body back down onto my cock.

“Fuck Lexi.” I exclaim at the sensation.

“That’s the idea.” She whispers hoarsely in my ear before her teeth latch onto the lobe. I grab her fiercely and lift her body as she kicks of bring her back down onto me hard. Driving deeper and harder into her each time. I increase our pace, this is going to be quick. Our breathing becomes ragged as our moans of pleasure echo throughout the parking garage. Her hand fists tightly in the back of my hair as we work together driving her body down onto me at a grueling pace. Her moans becomes screaming gasps and the sound of her pleasure drives me over the edge.

We explode at the same time in a final thrust into her bringing her down hard against me. Her feet drop off the steps and her legs hang limply over mine. I hold her against me as I fill her. I try to bring my breathing down. My heart was galloping at such a rate I was sure it’d give out, but somehow it didn’t. I can’t believe the sexually driven creature on my lap compared to the gun shy creature I first met. She’s really come into her own, and I like to think that I’ve had something to do with that.

“What are you thinking about?” She breathes against my neck.

“I was just admiring what an insatiable appetite you have.” I smirk at my words. I feel her soft laughter as she leans back to look at me.

“Well when everything on the menu is your favorite, you eat ’til you drop.” She says playfully. I laugh at her analogy. We sit there for a few more minutes trying to collect ourselves. I lift her off me and the bike and she pulls her skirt back down and blushes at me as I remember she spent the entire morning clinging to my back with her thighs around me and no panties.

I pull myself together and I get off the bike and hand her the keys as I pick up our helmets. We’ve just exited the garage when a car pulls up beeping at us in the driveway. I smile at Rowan and Damien’s timing. Lexi looks at them curiously and I smile at her.

“They wanted to hang out with you while I run those errands I told you about.” I explain. She glares at me annoyed.

“I don’t need a babysitter.” She snaps indignantly. I kiss her forehead.

“I know that baby, I just didn’t want you to be alone.” I say softly as they approach us cautiously reading the mood.

“Why can’t I come with you?” She demands still annoyed. I exhale in frustration.

“Lexi, I need to get my trunk shipped ahead of my departure tomorrow. Then pack the rest of my stuff. Then I need to contact the Colonel and get my final orders before I fly out. It’ll be classified information you won’t be privy to.” I explain letting my frustration seep out in my tone. Her face falls. “I’m sorry baby.” I plead leaning my head against hers. “I just didn’t want you to have to watch me do all this.” I tell her softly. She nods blinking back tears.

“I’ll be back later.” I assure her as I kiss her lips quickly and move away letting Damien take her arm.

“Come on Lexi, we’re having a makeover party this afternoon.” Damien informs her as he starts to pull her up the stairs. Rowan shoots me a quick wink before following them. I didn’t lie to her I do have to do all of that this afternoon but it is the least of my tasks. Tonight has to be perfect for her.

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