Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Four

I wake to the obnoxious sound of Rowan singing his wake up song in my ear. I reach out to swat him. I still remember him singing that to me when we were younger. He also recorded it and stored it on my phone as my alarm tone. I reach out to swat him again and nothing. Then I realize that I’m in the bed, completely sprawled out. The sun is coming in through the side window. I look at the alarm clock by the bed.

“Argh! What the hell is wrong with you?” I demand into my pillow. It’s just after seven in the morning. “We just got in like four hours ago.”

“I know,” he affirms bouncing up and down on the bed.

“Argh, stop. I’ll be sick.” I threaten him. He stops jumping immediately and runs to the closet.

“Jeez, don’t you have any clothes that aren’t camouflage?” He calls out.

“Please stop talking.” I beg wrapping the pillow firmly around my ears. Trying to drown out the explosions of noise filtering into my head. I hear his laughter echo through the room like a strange torture device.

“You have to get up, we’re going for breakfast. There’s this new place I heard about that I really want to try.” He pleads making his voice whine a little at the end.

“I’ll get up if you stop talking.” I bargain. I see his wide smile but I hear silence. Bliss, he must really want breakfast. I get up and shower quickly under his instructions that we have to hurry. I pull on a pair of jeans and the khaki green fitted army t-shirt. I barley have time to pull on my boots before Rowan is pulling me out the door.

We get into the truck and start driving towards the amazing breakfast place that he is dying to get to. He looks over at me as I drive and he makes a disgusted sound and rolls his eyes.

“Look I’m sorry, I told you there wasn’t much call for dress clothes in the dessert. My trunk is being delivered straight to our parent’s home. This is all the clothing I have.” I explain apologetically again. He seems to believe my story more this time.

“Fine, but we’re going shopping straight after breakfast. I just wish we had time beforehand, but we don’t. You’re SOL soldier boy.” He spits venomously.

“Does the place we’re going have a dress code or something?” I ask incredulously.

“No, but you’re going to wish you had more clothes.” He informs me confidently. I look down taking in my appearance. My dark blue jeans and cowboy boots look the part. But I suppose my tight fitting army green shirt looks a bit like I belong on a training course rather than a restaurant.

“Oh turn here.” Rowan announces almost too late. We pull into the car park of our destination and I glare at him harshly. He shrugs and jumps out of the truck. I step out of the truck and come up behind him fast.

“This kind of looks like a diner.” I accuse sardonically. He smiles a knowing smile at me. “Is there any reason I’ve heard no end to your disapproval of my wardrobe options to wear to a diner?” I spit angrily. I’m still hung over as all hell and the anger in my head is just making it worse. I take a few deep breaths before we continue walking.

We’ve just about reached the front doors when I stop dead in my tracks. Rowan walks straight into the back of me. “What the hell?” He demands rounding on me.

“Shh.” I whisper holding my finger to my lips to signal his silence while I worship the beauty in front of me. I even fall down to one knee in humble praise.

“Oh my God!” Rowan exclaims. “Are you cheating on your truck?” I look over my shoulder back towards my truck.

“She is my wife.” I tell him nodding towards my truck. “But if I could take a mistress, this would be it.” I sigh getting back to my feet. Rowan is in a fit of laughter. “This is just sex on wheels.” I explain.

“That’s what you said when you bought your truck.” He challenges me.

“That’s four wheels, this is two. I’ve wanted one of these for so long.” I remind him of the posters on my wall from when we were teenagers. “This is a fully restored 1950 Indian Chief with all the original chrome work.” I pause for effect. “This is art, and that candy apple red is just a tease.” I sigh longingly.

“Whatever, come on I’m hungry.” Rowan says pulling me along towards the door. I look back over my shoulder at the motorbike of my dreams. Rowan looks around the diner quickly before pulling me in to a nearby booth.

I ignore him scanning the diner and let my eyes look back out the window to my soon to be mistress. I’ve resigned myself that as soon as I buy a house and settle myself down like a grown man, the next day I buy one of those. Even the custom work is perfect, leaving its integrity and classic beauty. I let my eyes wonder around the diner to search for my mistress’ rider. Most of the people in here are in couples and not dressed for riding.

There are a few solo diners but I would expect that they would probably bust the spring suspension if they throw their weight onto that bike. I give up and look back at my brother who is still scanning the diner for something. His eyes twinkle with that mischievous danger I know too well when he spots his target over my shoulder. I refuse to look, it can only be trouble.

I watch as he smiles at someone behind me. I still refuse to look.

“Well if it isn’t my knight in shining armor?” The sweetest voice says from beside me. I look up and my jaw hits the table as the goddess from the bar last night stands but a few feet away from me.

“Good morning.” Rowan greets her gleefully. I hear him make some vague reference to meeting Damien for coffee here. She starts to reply but I don’t hear anything. I’m still in shock. If it’s possible she looks even better in the light of day. The sun streaming in through the diner windows catches her sparkling hazel eyes. Her light brown hair seems to have streaks of shimmering gold running through it. Her hair is whipped up into a messy bun exposing her long neck. She’s wearing the same short skirt and boots from last night. Her long tan legs seem to go on for days.

Her tight fitting white shirt has the dinner logo printed on one side and her name badge on the other. Amber? It doesn’t seem to suit my goddess but what do I care about her name. The ample breast that it is pinned upon is magnificent. I look up respectfully and catch her full beaming smile as she turns her attention to me.

“Did you want coffee as well?” She asks sweetly. I nod feebly. She laughs a little as she leans over me. She turns over the coffee cup in front of me. She pours coffee from the pot in her hands into my cup. I breathe her in she is so close to me. She stumbles as she tries to right herself to an upright position. Reflexively her free hand grabs onto my shoulder to steady herself. The shock of the touch sends electricity firing through every nerve ending in my body. She smiles sweetly at me as she stands back upright.

Her hand on my shoulder lingers for a second longer before letting her hand slide off. “I’ll give you boys a moment to look over the menus then I’ll be back.” She says softly before walking away. I look at my brother in total shock and he throws a sugar sachet at me.

“We are not having another appearance from the great silent blob. Do you understand?” He demands in a harsh tone. I nod at him and he narrows his eyes at me.

“I mean no, we’re not.” I confirm. He smiles approvingly. “How did you know she worked here?” I ask him urgently.

“Simple, I asked Damien last night where I could arrange a run in between his friend and my mine. I said you were a gentleman and I thought you’d hit it off.” He explains shrugging nonchalantly. “Then he told me that he comes in here for coffee every morning before work. He also said that my dancing partner works here most mornings.” He says winking.

“It’s one big giant conspiracy.” I say dumbfounded. “And you were right.” I add

“I usually am, but about what in particular are you referring?”

“I wish I had different clothes.” I admit with a laugh. He starts laughing as well as we start drinking our coffee. Goddam that’s good coffee. It’s been years since I had decent coffee.

“I’m not being completely altruistic with this gesture.” Rowan confesses suddenly looking guilty.

“I know, you were hoping to run into your missile.” I say laughing. He nods sheepishly.

“Well that and I was hoping to use her as a distraction.” He indicates cautiously. He’s smart she is a great distraction. But why would I need to be distracted. “I was hoping to use her to ensure you won’t make a scene.”

“Why would I make a scene?”

“Mom called…” trails off looking guilty. Oh no.

“Tell me you didn’t.” I close my eyes and exhale. “I’m way too fucking hung over to deal with them today.”

“No not today.” He admonishes. “But we’re expected for lunch tomorrow at the house.”

“Ohhh” I let the groan of pain fall out of my mouth as I let my head fall to the table top. Ow that hurt. “How could you do this to me?” I ask with the table muffling my voice. “You’re my brother, you’re supposed to protect me from them.” I explain sadly leaving my head on the table. I feel his hand pat the back of my head gently.

“Did you boys need another minute?” Her sweet laughing voice pierces my misery at what Rowan just told me. My head shoots up to see her beautiful smile and every worry I have falls away.

“You’ll have to forgive him, he’s a little hungover.” Rowan tells her indicating to me and I realize I’m performing my impression of a silent blob again.

“No I apologize we’re ready to order.” I finally manage to make myself speak words to her. Rowan laughs and hides his face behind his menu. She looks at him curiously then back to me.

“Actually, my loving brother here.” I hiss with mock disdain. “Just informed me that he intends to throw me under a bus.” I explain gently to her. She smiles broadly at the two of us, as Rowan continues chuckling behind his menu.

“Well at least he did you the courtesy of telling you beforehand. That way you have time to get your affairs in order. He must really love you, most people just push you without any warning at all.” She says seriously and I can see her trying to suppress a smile. Her eyes are on fire her mind is sharp and intelligent. She’s actually making fun of me. I laugh graciously accepting her take. Rowan looks at me like he just won a game. Suddenly she gets shy and seems to remember why she’s there.

“I’m sorry about that.” She says with a sincere apology. “But bacon always eases my troubles.” She add with a smile. I grin a full appreciative smile at her.

“Then bacon it is.” I tell her certainly. I watch as her smile actually turns shy and she blushes. It’s amazing that such a confident beautiful woman could ever feel shy or embarrassed. However that color staining her cheeks has just become my second favorite color, after her eyes.

I order some eggs to go with the bacon and Rowan orders some pancakes with an extra plate of bacon. She smiles at us both again before heading towards the kitchen. I look around and see that there is a guy bussing tables and another waitress over the other side of the diner.

The blonde waitress is openly flirting with a heavy set male customer. She’s an attractive girl in her own rights, but she’s got nothing on my goddess. I wonder idly if I’ll ever be able to look at another woman again without comparing them to my hazel eyed goddess.

“So you’re not mad at me anymore?” Rowan enquires cautiously.

“Oh I’m still mad.” I tell him. “But she definitely softens the blow.” I say looking over in her direction. He smiles brightly.

“Maybe you should ask her to come with us?” I sit thoughtfully for a few moments lost in the memory of introducing my goddess to my parents. “Dude I was kidding.” Rowan exclaims as he breaks out laughing.

“You can’t invite her to meet our parents on your first date. Especially our parents.” He explains seriously and I laugh a little at him and shrug.

“Maybe she could distract them while I’m running from the house after dropping my bombshell.” I tell him matter-of-factly. He laughs at the idea.

“She’d definitely be a distraction. Did you catch that accent?” He asks pausing. “Your girl is a Yankee.” He informs me with raised eyebrows. “You’d let the first girl you bring home in years be a Yankee?” He starts laughing out loud. “Our parents wouldn’t hear anything you had to tell them over the sounds of their heart attacks.” He adds wiping the tears falling from his eye. I start laughing with him, he’s right. Our parents would both have a heart attack on the spot if I brought home a northern girl. Rowan is still crying laughing.

“Can you imagine it?” He asks through desperate laughing breaths. “The prodigal son returns home from the war, to start making the grand babies that will carry on the honorable Jefferson name.” He pauses still trying to control his laughter. “With a Yankee girl on his arm as his intended.” His laughter is so hysterical he sounds like an old woman cackling. I watch him clutch his sides and fall to his side on his booth seat. My laughter is silent kind that I’m sure is going to cut off the supply of oxygen to my brain. My eyes start to water.

“After a bombshell like that you’d have to tell them you’ve changed your mind and you’re going straight.” I offer still laughing. If it was possible his laughter became even more high pitched. The other diner patrons are staring at us like we’re intruding on them somehow. I sink further down in my booth to avoid their gazes. Rowan is still crying and cackling in his seat.

He finally manages to sit up and we sit there feeling the aftershock giggles of a great laughing fit. I’m trying desperately to get myself under control. I manage to straighten out when I see my goddess heading towards our table carrying plates of food. She puts down our food on the table in front of us and gives me a warm smile.

“I’m glad to see you boys have made up.” She says. I love the sound of her voice. Apparently her speaking reminded Rowan of her Yankee heritage and he starts giggling like a girl again. She looks at me curiously.

“Sorry,” I apologize. “I told him a funny joke and he just can’t seem to get over it.” I explain while kicking his leg under the table.

“Ow.” He yelps ending all laughter. Before I know what happened the goddess slid into the booth next to me.

“What’s the joke? I could really use a laugh today.” She pleads sweetly looking into my eyes. I’m completely stupefied, I would give her anything she wants when she looks at me like that. Thankfully Rowan comes to the rescue.

“Oh let me tell it.” He begs and she turns to look at him. I’m on fire with her thigh pressed up against mine. Her hip is kissing mine like a lover and her shoulder and upper arm are caressing mine like an old friend. A long strand of hair has come loose and is hanging down by her cheek. I resist the urge to touch it. I can vaguely hear Rowan telling her a gay themed humorous joke. He gets to the punch line and she starts laughing. Her vibrating shoulders cause a reaction in my own and I smile at her as she turns back to look at me.

“Thanks, I really needed that.” She says appreciatively.

“Hey baby doll, Amber finally turned up so you can bounce.” The bus boy says as he comes up on our table.

“Oh thank God, I’m hung over as hell.” She says gratefully letting her head roll down to her chest then up to meet his eyes. She gets up from the booth and my body feels abandoned. I watch as she walks away pulling the short black apron off her waist. She disappears through the kitchen door.

“I guess she’s not the girl of your dreams after all.” Rowan says spitefully taking a bite of his breakfast. My eyes are fixed on the kitchen door as a short petite girl with black cropped hair emerges looking less than alive. I see her wearing the shirt with the Amber name tag. It fits her much more appropriately than it did my goddess. But that still leaves me without her name.

Suddenly my goddess emerges from the kitchen zipping up a short black leather jacket over her short denim skirt. I can see the slightest sliver of midriff where the jacket doesn’t quite meat her skirt. She smiles at me as she walks towards the bus boy cleaning the booth next to ours.

“Evan, help me. I’m so hung over did you see where I left my helmet this morning?” I hear her ask him.

“Yeah I saw it over in Kelly’s station.” He replies.

“You’re a gem.” She says winking at him. My brain should be processing this better but I can’t think when I look at her. I see Rowan whose jaw is on the table in shock. “Will I see you boys tomorrow night at the Lariat?” She asks us with a smile. Now its Rowan’s turn to be a silent blob.

“Of course.” I tell her certainly. She smiles brightly at us.

“Well have a good day, and remember not to tense up.” She says with a wink before strolling off. I look after her curiously, watching her walk towards a waiter’s station on the other side of the diner. I’m completely confused by her parting statement. My eyes go wide when I watch her pull a vintage style motor bike helmet from under the bench.

She lets her hair fall down over her shoulders as she walks back towards the front door with helmet in hand. She sees my face and bursts into a full out laughter. I must still look confused.

“For when he throws you under the bus,” she calls out to me with a wicked smile. “Don’t tense up.” She adds laughing and she winks again at me before leaving the diner. I spin back around in my booth to look at my brother who is still in shock with his jaw on the table.

“No. Fucking. Way.” He says in disbelief. I let my eyes follow her out the window of the diner and watch her step up beside the Indian motorcycle. I start shaking my head in disbelief. I watch her flick her hair back over her shoulder before putting the helmet on.

She wraps her hands over the handle bars gripping them seductively, and my cock jerks at the sight. Then in a perfect act of grace she extends her leg back like a dancer and smoothly straddles the bike. Every ounce of my manhood is demanding that I take her right now on that bike. I take a deep breath as she starts up the bike. I listen to its possessive growl, like it’s claiming her for itself.

But as I observe better I realize that it is actually the opposite. Her lean, but strong muscled thighs are taming the beast beneath, claiming her rightful place on top. Her grips on the handle bars are a lover’s caress, causing the bike to purr beneath her. I can almost feel the vibrations coming off the bike and through her. She kicks up the stand and she tears out of the car park like a wet dream on wheels.

After she’s gone from sight I turn back to face my brother. He is wearing a shit eating grin again.

“So how bad is your hard on right now?” He asks devilishly. I let out a deep breath.

“Let’s just say we may have to stay here until lunch.” I explain and he starts laughing. We finish eating our breakfasts in silence and mine was more complete awe.

“So do you think it’s her boyfriend’s bike?” Rowan asks suddenly. His words shatter my entire world. My chest completely deflates as I mull that thought over. Then I shake my head remembering her utter domination over the bike.

“No, did you see her?” I ask pausing. “That bike is her slave.”

“So are you by the sounds of it.” I shrug in response. “So we’re heading out to the lariat again tomorrow night huh?” He asks sarcastically. I throw a piece of bacon at him.

“If you think I won’t need hard liquor after facing our parents tomorrow, you’re delusional.” I tell him seriously.

“Oh yeah that’s the only reason we’ll be going there.” He teases laughing at me.

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