Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Seven

We drink and dance for a while. Then Rowan announces to the table that we have a problem. As he looks down at the tequila bottle that he just emptied into the four shot glasses evenly. Everyone grabs a lemon wedge but there are only three left. The last one sits in the bowl and I offer it to my goddess. “You take it.” I smile at her.

“Why don’t we share it?” She suggests with a playful smile.

“Ooh great idea, let’s send the shots around the table.” Rowan chimes in as he grabs Damien’s hand. He pours some salt onto him. Damien seems to understand immediately what’s happening. I watch as Damien puts a lemon wedge into his mouth in reverse. Then I watch in horror as my brother licks the salt of Damien’s hand, takes his shot then locks his lips over Damien’s and sucks the lemon wedge into his own mouth. I look at the blush creeping up on my goddesses cheeks. Damien swings around to face her.

I watch as he pours the salt on to her hand and she puts the lemon wedge into her mouth. He takes the salt, shot and lemon in quick succession. She’s laughing at his speed and skill as are the rest of us. Then my heart sinks as she turns to face me. She takes my hand and pours the salt onto it. She hands me the last lemon wedge and I settle in between my lips. A bit more leniently than the previous contestants out our table.

She shies away for a second before she seductively licks the salt from the back of my hand, she downs her shot then places bother her hands on either side of my face before gently sucking at the lemon wedge between my lips.

I feel her bottom lip caress mine and my eyes close at the sensation. Then her teeth have latched on to the lemon wedge and pulled it from my lips. I open my eyes to look at her. She’s pure seduction and fire. Her eyes are alight with a wickedly playful blaze and her lips proudly possess the lemon wedge. She takes it from her lips and smiles at me.

“Don’t worry, I left some juice in it for you.” She tells me as she licks her lips. I suddenly snap out of my trance and see my shot glass sitting in front of me. I glance over at Rowan whose jaw is on the table in shock and his eyes are still wide over what he just witnessed. He hasn’t seen anything yet. I look back at my goddess with a seductive smile of my own as I pick up the salt shaker.

I hold her hand gently in the air between us. I turn it over slowly and I lean my head down and I keep my eyes on hers as I let my tongue trace over her wrist to moisten it. She bites down on her bottom lip as she watches me intently. She puts the lemon wedge between her lips and her eyes smile at me. I pour the salt over the area then I lower my tongue back down to remove every single grain.

I lift my shot to my lips and down it only breaking eye contact with her for a second. Then I let my hand gently wind around behind her head as I bring the other up to caress the length of her neck. I watch as she closes her eyes at the touch then I close mine and bring my lips down over the lemon wedge. I suck as slowly and torturously as I can, desperate to drag out this moment of bliss. I feel both of my lips graze hers and her body seems to tense under my hold. I take it as a signal and I latch onto the lemon wedge and pull it from her lips.

I sit back in my chair looking at her as her eyes open and that blush returns in full force to her cheeks. I smile proudly at her and she takes as deep breath and turns back to face the rest of our table. Damien is looking at her with a raised eyebrow while Rowan is fanning his face dramatically while he looks at me. I throw the now juiceless lemon wedge at him. He laughs as he ducks it.

“That was hot.” He says towards both of us approvingly. Then he claps his hands together. “Come on let’s dance.” He adds to everyone.

“Go ahead.” I hear her sweet breathless voice beside me. “I think I just need to sit for a minute.” Then I notice that her hands are both firmly gripped on the seat beneath her. Her hands are white like there’s no blood flowing in to them. Damien and Rowan head for the dance floor and I get up and head towards the bar. I return to the table with two tall glasses of iced water.

She smiles appreciatively as I slide one in front of her. She releases the death grip on her seat and sits up a little.

“Thanks, it suddenly got very hot in here.” She says with a smile as her hand wraps around the glass. I start to drink mine feeling very proud of myself for the effect I had on her. I down my water in a few seconds, the cool liquid feels good flowing into my heated body. She downs her glass as well.

“Should we get another bottle?” Rowan asks interrupting our silent gazing at each other. She shakes her head violently.

“God no. Some of us have to work in the morning.” She says with conviction. I admire her strength to know herself like that.

“Speaking of which.” Damien says to her. “Should we go?” He asks her. My heart sinks, but it floats again when she flashes a look of indecision my direction.

“One more dance before you go.” I tell her holding my hand out for hers. She smiles and takes it nodding at me. Rowan starts fangirling beside us as he grabs Damien and pulls him to the dance floor ahead of us. I pull her into my arms again for a song that isn’t too fast a tempo. We start to move in a steady rhythm together, pressed closer to each other than is necessary. But she doesn’t back up so I don’t either.

“So you’re working at the diner tomorrow?” I ask casually fishing for information. She nods at me with a smile.

“Then I have rehearsals tomorrow afternoon and into the night. The company director threatened me a role in the chorus if I turn up to rehearsal hung over again.” She laughs at the memory. I laugh as well.

“The chorus, that’s the background isn’t it?” I query and she seems impressed by my knowledge and nods confirmation. I shake my head in disbelief. “You couldn’t blend into the background if you tried.” I tell her matter-of-factly. She smiles a shy smile at me and ducks her forehead to lean against my chest.

“I love coming to this bar.” She whispers into my chest.

“Oh?” I prompt for more information. She looks up and smiles at me.

“Ah huh. It’s nice to be able to come and dance and drink and just relax without any pressure. I mean, with all the guys being gay I don’t have to worry about being hit on all night.” She says with a smile and my stomach turns to lead. Oh my God she thinks I’m gay. She looks up at me with a beautiful smile and trusting eyes, I can’t let her think that.

“Um.” I trail off trying to think how to phrase it. Her gaze looks wary as she leans back from me a little. I have to just say it. “I’m not.” Why can’t I just tell her? Suddenly a wickedly playful smile breaks out on her lips. Before she bursts out laughing at the uncomfortable look I’m sure is plastered to my face.

“I know.” She laughs. “I’m fucking with you.” She confesses wickedly. I narrow my eyes at her as I exhale with a mixture of relief and annoyance over being had.

“Jeez pistol, that was just mean.” I scold her playfully. She laughs again.

“I know it was, I’m sorry.” She says and she seems sincere as she leans her head against my chest again. “I knew you were straight from the moment I met you.” She adds seeming to want to reassure me of my manhood.

“Really? How?” I question her as we keep dancing. She shrugs nonchalantly as her eyes look back up at mine.

“You look me in the eyes.” She states clearly. What?

“Wait I look you in the eyes, that made you sure I was straight?” I ask disbelievingly. She laughs at me again as she shakes her head.

“Partly, but your smile really sealed it. The way you smile at me, it’s very…” her voice trails off as she decides to not explain it.

“You know your smile was the first thing that attracted me to you.” I inform her letting my alcohol fueled bravery take over. She raises a suspicious eyebrow at me.

“Yeah right.” She says in total disbelief. I laugh at her indignation.

“Don’t get me wrong, I noticed the rest.” I tell her and she looks justified. “But your smile is what drew me in.” I breathe out at the memory of first seeing her dancing on this floor the other night. Her gaze turns from suspicion to curiosity as her eyes soften towards me. The song is winding down and my heart starts racing in my chest knowing she’ll be leaving soon.

“Your smile is completely heart stopping when directed at me. Sometimes I have to physically remind my heart to keep beating after seeing it.” I tell her boldly. Her face turns into a compilation of emotion, there’s shock, acceptance then the touch of something sad before she lets that smile of full force find its way to me again.

“I think that’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.” She whispers in my ear. I see her eyes start to moisten and gleam under the lights. She glances over my shoulder and smiles, I follow her gaze to see Rowan and Damien lip locked after finishing their dance. Then they break apart. They walk over towards us and Damien holds his arm out for my goddess. She smiles a quick smile at me and Rowan before they bid us goodnight.

Rowan and I follow a few steps behind them, we’re about to break off and head for our table letting them continue towards the door. “Oh wait I forgot something.” I hear her tell Damien before she lets go of him and turns to run at me. She leaps from a few feet away and I catch her easily as her body crashes into mine. My arms wrap around her tightly as her lips crush mine in a fiery possessive kiss that I return with equal fervor.

Her arms are tightly wrapped around my neck and I continue to hold her against me as her feet hang at least a foot off the ground. My goddess is tall but I’ve still got at least a half foot of height on her. Her body feels good in my arms, her lips taste like pure heaven. Traces of tequila and lemon and something else, something sweet. She finally breaks the kiss and leans back to smile her smile at me. I lower her to the ground still completely enchanted by this stunning goddess. Without a word she turns and runs back to Damien taking his arm and pulling him towards the exit.

I stare after her for a moment before Rowan snaps his fingers to get my attention.

“What the hell was that?” I ask him desperately indicating in the direction they left in. He shrugs but his face is plastered with that shit eating grin.

“I don’t know, but maybe Mama was right about guys who can dance getting all the girls.” He says offhandedly as we take our seats at the table again. He wants to order more drinks but I don’t want her taste to leave my lips. We sit in silence for a while.

“That was the most incredible kiss I’ve ever had.” I confess to Rowan with a slight embarrassment. He looks at me shocked for a moment.

“Well after that tequila shot before I didn’t think it could get much hotter in here, but I’ve got to tell you man, that kiss was hot.” He says approvingly.

“What am I doing?” I shake my head trying to make sense of my night. He stands and comes to stand beside me. He claps me on the back.

“You’re not going to do this.” He instructs me.

“Do what?”

“You’re not going to push her away you martyr. You deserve to be happy as well, you’ve always pushed away anyone that could get close to you because you were going back to war. But now you have a chance to enjoy the life you’ve been fighting for everyone else to have for so long.” His speech is endearing.

“You’re pretty smart. You know that?” I ask him proudly. He shrugs as he shoots a wicked smile at me.

“Yeah well we always knew I got the looks and the brains of the family.” I lock him in a head lock as we leave the table. “And the dance moves.” He adds triumphantly.

“I’m just a little rusty, but I’ll give you a run for your money soon enough little brother.” I challenge as walk towards the door.

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