Cowboy Boots and Combat Boots

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Chapter Nine

Our parents always insisted that any girl I date come from a proud southern family with Christian values. She is supposed to possess stunning beauty and have an obedient disposition and have no personal dreams other than providing children and keeping an exceptional house. It was a tough ask of sixteen year old girls. I laugh as I remember these rules and I look at my brother who is studying me curiously.

“Do you remember how upset our parents were when they got a look at my prom date?” I laugh and he chuckles at the memory.

“Hell yeah, they weren’t even gracious about it. There are photos of you and every event in your life except the one of you and your horse faced senior prom date. I think they’re buried in a trunk in the back yard, right next to the trunk containing their hopes and dreams for me.” I look at him sadly.

“I am sorry if I’ve put you on bad terms with them again.” I say apologetically. He waves me off.

“Our armistice was bound to end sooner or later. I mean I could never take home a guy I’m into and introduce him. If I ever do settle down, they’d never be there to support the union.” I reach across the table and pat his arm.

“It’s their loss. I’ll be there when you finally stop your man whoring ways and settle down.” I assure him and he smiles at me.

“I’m okay Link, I’ve accepted all of this. Look what I’m trying to say is you still have the option to have them in your life for those moments. I don’t want the anger you feel towards the old man right now to poison your future.” I smile ruefully at him.

“I’m tarnished is his eyes now. I would still want Mama to be there when I marry the woman of my dreams. I’d like her to know her grandchildren. But I will never expose my children to him, unless he has a major personality overhaul and maybe not even then.” I tell him certainly. He nods.

“I can understand that. So do you have any thoughts about what you’re going to do now?”

“Jeez that’s a loaded question for this early in the day.” I laugh at him as my goddess approaches our table with our food. She smiles proudly at me as I look down at the creation in front of me. It looks like a stack of grilled cheese sandwiches with bacon, fried eggs and hash browns stacked into the middle. It looks like a heart attack on a plate. I smile up at her proudly as she has risen to the challenge.

“I wanted it to be something heart stopping,” She winks playfully at me and I laugh at our inside joke.

“Good job on that front.” I congratulate her. She smiles at both of us.

“Enjoy.” She says as she walks away to attend her other tables. I’m only a few bites into my breakfast before I hear the commotion over my shoulder. I look over to see a man sitting in a booth opposite another man. They’re both bigger guys in flannel shirts and faded jeans, but the men aren’t what my eyes are focused on. It’s the hand that is currently got a firm grip on my goddess’ ass cheek. I swallow my food and move to get up from the table.

“Link, don’t.” Rowan says urgently as he observes the scene too. I look at him incredulous.

“She doesn’t like violence remember?” He prompts “The other night that drunk, she appreciated my interception, and hated Damien for hitting the guy.”

“What am I supposed to do, just leave her?” I shoot angrily at him.

“Just let her try and handle it.” He fires at me not backing down from my anger. I look back over at the exchange, she seems frustrated but not distressed. I summon every ounce of self-control to stay in my seat. Then I watch the other guy pull her down to his lap with a jovial laugh like this is all a game. She pushes him off with force and jumps back up to receive another slap on her ass from the other guy. I look back at Rowan desperately.

“Go, but be smart.” He seethes as he watches the scene unfold. I reach them in time to grab the guys hand mid-air as he winds up for another slap. He’s caught by surprise at the sudden strength of the grip holding him. I fling his arm back at him shooting him a deadly glare.

“We don’t treat ladies like that ’round these parts.” I say in the sweetest southern accent I can manage. “Miss.” I say turning to face my goddess and smile sweetly at her. As I gently take her elbow to lead her a few feet from the table. “I’m sorry to trouble you when you’re so busy, but I’m afraid we’re in dire need of some more syrup at our table.” I tell her loudly enough for the louts in the booth to overhear. She smiles gratefully at me.

“It’s no bother, I’ll just go get that for you.” She says before turning to walk away. As soon as she’s out of earshot I round on the men in the booth and fix them both with a devastatingly dark glare that I’ve only used on insurgents. I let my full muscles flex as I grip the table between them. I hiss my most severe threat to use my extensive training and combat skills to end their miserable existences if they ever so much as look at her in a manner that is less than respectful again. My dog tags had fallen from underneath my shirt as planned backing up my threats.

The men seem to share a brain and acknowledge my request with fervor, apologizing and explaining that they were only having a bit of fun. I spit my distaste at them before I leave them both looking like they pissed their pants. I reach my booth and slide in and look at Rowan. He’s smiling proudly at me.

“Good job bro. I think those boys both pissed themselves.” He says with a laugh and I let a wry smile form on my lips. Self-control just stopped both of those morons from being flung through the diner window with my boots prints on their faces.

“Your syrup.” Her sweet voice says from beside me suddenly. I quickly glance to the full bottle already on our table and I smile back at her. I take the bottle from her hand letting our fingers graze for a moment. She smiles shyly at me. “How are you enjoying your breakfast surprise?” She asks coyly.

“It’s as promised,” I pause taking in her smile. “Heart stopping.” I breathe out. She smiles before turning away from the table and walking away.

I hear a stream of apologies coming from the men in the booth behind me as she tries to take their order again and her eyes meet mine as I glance over my shoulder at her.

“Jeez what did you say to them?” Rowan questions me incredulously.

“Oh they’re not scared of me, they’re scared of you.” I say deadpan.

“Me?” I nod

“Yep I pointed out my gay brother who was just released from prison and I said if they were looking for some action I’d be happy to hold them down while you made them your bitch.” I tease him. His face drops as he flings a piece of bacon at me.

“Asshole.” He hisses, but the playful smile lets me know he doesn’t mean it. I take a deep breath and nearly choke on my own aftershave. It’s new and powerful, Rowan had insisted that we buy the perfect one for me yesterday and this is the first time I’ve worn it. It’s not a bad smell by any means but it is pretty much the only thing I can smell.

After we finish up our breakfasts and another cup of coffee we decide we should be heading out soon. My goddess has hardly been back to our table in the hour we’ve been here. I hope I didn’t over step with those guys but I would do it again if the situation arose. I try to get her attention to let her know we need the check. She nods when she makes eye contact with me and walk over pulling out the piece of paper from her apron and I throw down the cash on the table as I keep my eyes on her.

“Are you avoiding me?” I ask her calling her out on her lack of presence during our breakfast. She blushes and bites her lip as she leans a bit closer to me. I smile happy that she’s not mad at my interference with the morons from the other booth who left as soon as they were done. She looks down at me shyly.

“Your aftershave…” She whispers trailing off and I shoot daggers at Rowan from my eyes. “It’s very um.” She pauses and I look up at her slightly embarrassed myself as she explains. “Distracting.” She whispers the word and my face lights up. Not what I was expecting. I reach out and take her hand gently in mine as I smile a wicked smile at her.

“Distracting how?” I enquire coyly. She blushes a darker shade of pink. Before turning away from me.

“Hey Kel, can you watch my tables for a few minutes?” She calls to a girl a few tables away.

“Sure hon.” I hear a voice reply but I don’t see where it came from as my eyes are locked on my goddess. With a sudden jerk she pulls me from my booth and leads me out the front door of the diner. I’m vaguely aware of Rowan following us then he passes us as he heads for the truck and I’m pulled to a stop alongside the Indian motor cycle of my dreams.

I look down to where my hand is still entwined with hers she laughs as she pulls the arm around her waist as she steps closer to me. My eyes search hers for some clue as to how I could possibly hold onto her forever. She smiles at me before she looks at her bike.

“I saw you admire it the other day.” She says plainly and I nod.

“It’s beautiful.” I declare letting my eyes roam between her and the bike. “I used to have a poster of this bike on my wall when I was a teenager.” She laughs.

“No girls in bikinis?” She asks incredulous. I shake my head honestly.

“She was the only girl I ever had eyes for.” I confess looking over the bike. She laughs again.

“Do you want to take a seat?” She whispers in my ear and I almost feel faint. She leads me to the side and I glance back at her for confirmation. “It’s okay.” She says encouragingly. I grip the furthest handle bar keeping the arm that is around her waist in place. “She’s very special, she doesn’t know you well enough to let you ride her but I think she appreciates the praise from mortal men.” She whispers like a secret.

“That’s okay, I’m more than happy to take this at her pace.” I say in awe as I throw my leg over the bike and lower myself into the spring loaded vintage seat. I take in a deep breath and admire the stunning beauty between my thighs and the one currently pressed up against my side leaning into me as my arm stays wrapped around her waist. I let my free hand caress the body of the bike beneath me. As I do I feel two gentle hands wind themselves around my neck.

I nervously start admiring all the features of the motor cycle pointing out the custom work and the rare vintage chrome instrument covers. My voice is cut off as lips find mine. I release my hand from the bike immediately and bring it up to caress the beautiful face plastered to mine. I gently kiss her then I let my tongue touch her lips begging for permission to enter. Her lips part and her tongue greets mine at the entrance welcoming me in. It’s completely intoxicating, the feel of her body against my side. Her arms around my neck, the bike between my thighs and finally the feel of her tongue gently playing with mine as our lips meld together.

I’m lost in the sensation of it all. She finally pulls away breathless and smiles at me.

“Sorry.” She says biting her lip. “Between your aftershave and the way you were running your hands all over my bike, I just couldn’t help myself.” I smile as I lean back to kiss her again.

“I can change the aftershave if it’s that distracting.” I offer in a seductive whisper against her ear and she falls slightly against me. She shakes her head.

“No don’t do that. It’s completely delicious.” She whispers back in my ear just as seductively. Her hands start to fall away from my neck. “I should probably get back to work.” Her regretful sigh tells me she doesn’t think too much of that idea.

“When can I see you again?” I ask perhaps a little too desperately.

“Why would you want to do that?” She asks coyly as she lets go and backs away a few steps. I dismount the bike with ease and step towards her. I bring my hand up to gently caress her face.

“I can think of about a million reasons why.” I tell her certainly. She shrugs.

“I’m not greedy, I’ll take the number one reason.” I exhale at the pure magnificence of the challenging creature before me.

“Because I still don’t know your name.” I breathe out with slight frustration. She laughs as she steps away from my touch completely and smiles at me.

“I’ll be at rehearsals tonight, and I don’t work tomorrow morning here.” She informs me with a thoughtful look. “But I will be at the bar tomorrow night, around about nine.” I smile at her broadly and I tip my hat towards her.

With that she turns and runs back into the diner while I stroll like a drunk towards my truck. I jump into the truck cab where Rowan is looking at me like I’ve kept him waiting all day. I roll my eyes at him, start the truck and drive away from my goddess.

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