One Mistake, One Million Goodbyes

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Elizabeth's POV

I woke up in a log cabin in the middle of- Well, the middle of nowhere- the forest.

My head was hurting like hell, I was freezing, and staring straight at me was a boy… Roughly my age.

I almost decided to slap him for being that close to me… But seeing that I was freezing, and my head was throbbing like a sore thumb… (Other than the fact that the boy was terribly cute! And dreamy eye-d if I might add) … I decided against it.

"You're an idiot if you didn't know that already" he said

"Don't really matter if you're jumping into a river to save your life" I was being flirty… but I didn't want him to know that.

"Are you… trying to flirt with me?" Dang it!

"Maybe I am, maybe I'm not. You tell me doctor" What was I saying!?

"I think that you bumped your head pretty hard. What's your name kid?"

"Elizabeth Skye Nyleve-whatever-your-last-name-is." I am convinced I hit my head pretty hard because I don't usually approach guys like this… Let alone approach them… But he approached me Right? Right?!

"Carper. Justin Carper. There is no middle name- I hate it- so it's just Justin Carper"

"It can't be that bad… Wait- kid? Did you just call me kid?"

He backed away and started to occupy himself with a roll of bandages on the table beside me.

I sat up and decided to demand my respect.

"First of all, don't call me kid. Secondly, you can't be any older than me!"

"Seriously? I'm 19. How old are you? Like, 14?"

"Eighteen! And a half. But I won't live to see 19. I'm cursed. Long story short, I will die in exactly six months."

"Well, I suggest you make the most of those six months after you lie down," all this while he pushed me down and tended to my head, "Close your eyes, and let me tend to your head" I told you.

"So. Justin whatever your middle name is Carper. My last name is Harper. But, I really need to be going."

"You are not going anywhere. Not until you- ah!" and he jerks his hands away from me as he pulls them towards his body.

"What?" I asked at the yell, but then, I smelled blood.

I look over on the side table and see an exacto-blade with the tip covered in blood, and I see Justin covering his arm with his left hand. There is blood seeping out from the side of his hand.

I feel adrenaline pulse through my veins at the smell of the thick, red substance dripping out onto the floor.

"Justin, you… better… run!" I say between gasps of air as I feel my body transforming into something other than myself.

He takes off, but I see the hesitation in his steps as he tries to get away.

I need to buy him time.

I try to grab onto the side of the bed and pull myself down, but I can't because it hurts too much as I feel my veins being stretched at the rate I am transforming. I feel my human mind going away, and I smell and hear and see everything I couldn't before…

Then I let myself go.

Justin's POV

I snatched a roll of bandages as I ran out of the cabin. I needed to find some herbs to mask the smell of blood, so Elizabeth -or whatever that thing was- couldn't find me.

"Come on. Think!" I told myself, "Where are there any herbs around here?"

Then, all of a sudden, I hear a loud howl and everything: all the animals, all the winds, all of the commotion stops.

I stop.

Then, I hear the faint beating of paws against the cold, hard, wet ground.


I start to run, and I stumble upon a sage bush.


I start picking the herb sprigs up and tie them against the flesh wound.

She won't be able to tell the difference… or she'll just think I'm an over-spiced snack.

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