The Fox's Revenge

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Chapter 20

Ruby refuses to let go of my hand the entire drive as she slides along the bench seat to press her body up against mine. I pull over on the side of the road sharply and start to kiss her again as I reach around her and pull the seat belt across her lower waist. She looks at me quizzically.

“Precious cargo,” I tell her between kisses. We set off again and barely make it a mile before I pull over again. Her house is a seven minute drive from the diner and it just took us nearly half an hour to get here. I laugh as I see my watch while we sit in her driveway. I manage to peel myself from her and I jump out of the truck. I unclip her belt and pull her along towards door as I lift her out of the truck.

I carry her in my arms to her front porch, and I put her down only to open the door. I pick her up again as I walk into her house. I tell Kida to get down while I try not to trip over her as I make my way to the couch with Ruby in my arms. I let her down gently onto the couch as I leave her to start a fire. I get it roaring then I return to Ruby and I kneel on the floor in front of her as she runs her hands through my hair.

“It’s longer,” she smiles at me. The warmth from the fire does nothing to warm me the way her full smile does.

“Do you really remember me?” I ask not daring to imagine that she is just putting this on to stop me from leaving. She places her hands on either side of my face as she stares intently into my eyes.

“Mason Jude Harris, you are the love of my life, and you are the only thing I want to remember anymore.” She declares and I kiss her deeply with all the yearning of the past months. I break away as I continue to observe her. She knows I’m studying her and her eyes fill with sadness. “I’m so sorry, I would never intentionally hurt you.” Her voice is hoarse from crying and I get up to get her some water. In the kitchen alone I let my overwhelming relief and joy flow out of me into the sink.

As I turn the tap on I feel arms wind around my torso as a warm body presses against my back. I drop the cup into the sink as I turn around lift her up onto the bench as I kiss her with an unmistakeable desire. She arches her back and forces her hips against mine as she sits on the bench. I bring her thighs up either side of my ribs as I press against her. We’re lost in a fog of passion and ecstasy as our clothes fall to the floor around us. I break for only a split second to fully absorb to view of my pregnant lover in the glow of the firelight from the living room.

All reason and other thoughts leave us completely as we’re driven by our bodies and their need to devour and be devoured. I drive myself up into her as moves herself as close to the edge of the bench as possible. I pick her up by her ass cheeks and with my manhood inside her I walk us into the bedroom with her body wrapped around mine. I lay her down on the edge of the bed while I kneel on the floor between her thighs.

I drive myself into her again and again listening to her moan with pleasure as she throws her hands back over her head and reaches for a pillow to muffle her cries. I drive hard and deep into her as I lean over and rip the pillow from her face.

“I want to see your beautiful face, and I want to hear every sound,” I tell her in a deep urgent voice. I continue working inside of her as she starts to buck underneath me fighting the rising heat inside her body. I feel the pressure building inside me and I keep going until I hear a cry that is far more discernible than the others. I let go and I feel like the walls are crumbling around me as my knees shake until I collapse, falling out of her into a heap on the floor.

I flip my body over and lay there on the floor completely strung out on my drug of choice as her legs disappear up on the bed. Just lay there trying to remember to breathe as I’m lost in a sea of bliss staring up at the ceiling. I can hear her rapid breathing as she tries to come down from her own high lying on the bed. After some time has gone by I hear her moving on the bed.

Then the waterfall of her long hair cascades over the edge of the bed as she peers over at me with a look on her face that I would venture matches my own. She just takes a deep contented breath and smiles at me. I try to smile back at her but I’m not sure if the muscles in my face are back to solid form yet. I see her roll over and reach for a bottle of water on her nightstand. I never did get her that water.

I manage to unglue my body from the floor and climb up onto the bed with her. I sit leaning against the headboard as she offers me her water bottle. I take it from her and gulp down the water as she lays down leaning her head against my stomach as she curls up beside me. I put down the bottle on the nightstand closest to me then I return my arms to envelop her fully. Her fingers begin to race patterns on my stomach and I know she wants to talk, but I’m so happy just being with her like this that I don’t need any words.

I hear her sharp intake of breath as sits up from my hold. Then she manoeuvres herself to the edge of the bed and stands up.

“Hey where are you going?” I ask trying not to sound as abandoned as I feel.

“Your child is crushing my bladder,” she giggles lightly and disappears from the room. I float away on a cloud at her words. I get up from the bed and head towards the kitchen in search of my pants. I know we have a lot to talk about and I need to be focussed on that, and not the pure rapture of being buried inside of her. Ruby emerges from the bathroom wrapping a silk robe around body and she spies me in the hall.

“That robe does nothing to quell my desire for you,” I tell her trying to sound irritated.

“Yeah well it’s not like those do anything to stop me from imagining climbing onto stiffness and letting it fill me again.” She counters. We smile at each other through our flirtations as we walk hand in hand into the living room. Kida is laying by the fire considerately minding her own business as I take a seat on the couch and I pull Ruby down beside me and wrap my arms around her as I bring her legs up to lay across my lap.

“I can feel your erection through your pants,” she scolds playfully.

“Well it’s your fault,” I counter. Her proud beaming smile lights up the entire room.

“I’m serious, we need to talk about all of this.”

I reluctantly stop kissing the side of her neck as she crosses her legs on the couch beside me. I turn my body to face hers as I take in her best effort of a serious face.

“Okay let’s talk,” I surrender.

“Firstly I’m so sorry for the way I’ve treated you, those things I said to you tonight, I didn’t mean them,” she pleads apologetically. I hold up my hands to signal her silence.

“It’s okay darlin’, I said some horrible things to you as well.” I qualify.

“Please just let me get this all out while it’s still fresh,” she beseeches me. I sit quietly and let her continue. “I feel like I just woke up from a terrible nightmare, or like I was watching someone else live my life for the past six months.” She inhales deeply and I can only imagine what she’s going through right now. “I don’t know if I would’ve survived without you, I was in such a dark place when you arrived. And even though your heart was breaking because I didn’t know who you were, you put it all aside to just be there for me. I just don’t think I could’ve been as strong as you were. You searched for me for so long, and to have me not recognise you.” She gasps as she tries to supress her tears.

“You held it together so well, you were so strong for both of us. You never gave up that we would find each other again. I feel like I betrayed the very memory of you every time I thought you weren’t going to find me. I spent so long fighting my feelings for you, only to realise they weren’t developing, they were pre-existing. You’re everything to me and I’m going to spend the rest of my life trying to make up the pain I caused you.” Her voice trails off as her tears win out.

I place both my hands on the side of her face as I try to make her understand my feelings.

“You don’t have anything to make up to me. Yes I was there for you, but it was selfishly motivated. I figured the more time I spent with you the better my chances were of you remembering me. Also just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean I didn’t throw a complete fit after finding you and you not recognising me. Trust me it was a monumental fit, I would’ve scared you.”

Her smile lifts my heart, and I decide to risk a playful note.

“Don’t think this means I’m not going to hunt down every single one of those guys you dated.” I threaten playfully and she laughs a little. Then her face falls as she recalls something.

“That was Viktor, the out of town guy I went out with. The one the night before we went to the funeral the one I said was hiding a darker side. His voice gave me shivers. Oh God, the funeral.” She sobs and wrap her in my arms as she cries.

“My poor Matt,” she cries as she lifts her head from my shoulder. “Sorry, Joshua. That’s weird to think about.” I try to soothe her gently as she releases herself from my grip. Ruby’s face is painted with heart ache as she remembers Joshua.

“It must be strange hearing about him being an undercover agent as well.” I console her.

“No, I already knew that. I never called him on it, but I knew from the moment I met him.” She smiles and I feel my heart burst with love for her. “I loved that crazy guy, thank you for taking me to his funeral.” She whispers as she plants a kiss on my cheek.

“That wasn’t an entirely selfless act, I was hoping to use to sight of us together to lure Viktor out of hiding.” I confess guiltily and she raises her eyebrows at me in shock.

“So you used the pregnant love of your life like bait to lure a psychotic killer towards us?” She asks accusingly. I nod and avert my guilty eyes. “I would’ve agreed if I knew.” She smiles her forgiving smile at me and I let out a sigh of relief.

“It’s all over with now,” I assure her. I fill her in on the Nolikov family members who died the night of the takedown, and the henchmen who are all behind bars along with Vladimir Nolikov after he ended up taking the wrap for all of it after Viktor was killed.

“Speaking of the night Viktor was killed, I wanted to apologise for scaring you. I was in a primal hunting state of mind and I regret scaring you.”

Ruby starts shaking her head,

“Your intensity wasn’t what scared me. It was that I could see you right there in front of me as your darkest and most dangerous self and I still loved you. It scared me how completely I loved and trusted you, even in those circumstances. I didn’t understand the feeling, but I think I was remembering the feeling from that night on the dock.” Her eyes find mine and she smiles, “you took down an entire army to keep us safe.” Her hand runs over her belly and I take it in mine.

“You’re my whole life, my family.” I tell her matter-of-factly.

“I’m sad that I didn’t get to tell you about the baby myself. You must’ve had kittens finding that pregnancy test in the bin like that.”

“Well I can’t say I was completely composed about the way I found out. A lot had just gone down I was distraught about finding you. When I found the test, so many things became clear for me. You were sick, and fainting and eating like an army.” I laugh softly as I tuck a lose strand of hair behind her ear.

“I wasn’t sure I was pregnant until I took the test. I just had a feeling and Joshua kept telling me to tell you. I was just so blissfully happy that I let that annoying negative bug into my mind and I panicked that you might not have been so blissfully happy about the baby.” She confesses and I rest my hands on either side of her belly as I lay my face down flush against it.

“You hear that baby, your Mama is crazy,” I talk into the belly as it starts to vibrate beneath me from Ruby’s laughter. I fell Ruby’s hand travel through my hair as I leave my head on her belly, synchronizing my breathing with hers. “So what now?” I ask wagging my eyebrows hoping that are talking is done as I see the sun begin the creep over the eastern horizon. Ruby playfully slaps my arm and pushes me away from her. I jump up off the couch and I hold my hands out to help her up.

“I’ll meet you in the bedroom,” she instructs as she picks up her cell phone. I start making my way down the hall then I stop suddenly as I reach the bedroom door.

“You better not be calling one of those guys you went out with,” I call out with a mocking threat before I leap onto the bed. A few seconds go by before Ruby appears at the bedroom door. She can barely contain her smile as she lies down in my arms.

“I have something to tell you,” she whispers.

“Darlin’ I already know you’re pregnant,” I mock her. She head butts me gently and I shut up as I look into her eyes.

“It’s a boy.”


We’ve spent the past week reacquainting our bodies and talking about everything under the sun as we packed up her tiny cabin for the move. She doesn’t have a lot of possessions, she believes it would be good karma to donate all of the things given to her— when she arrived— back to the church. Leon is heartbroken about us leaving and I think even the doc is a little sad to see us go.

We’ve told them both to visit us in New Orleans whenever they want to. It was Ruby’s idea to return to the crescent city, she refuses to let her good memories of a place be outshone by the bad. Without the Nolikovs, the city will be far safer for her now.

“It’s our home,” she keeps reminding me.

I haven’t told her yet that our drive south will take a while considering the route I planned out. We’ve just about finished loading the car when she stops and turns to look out over Lake Superior.

“Kida,” I call startling Ruby from her reverie. “Are you going to miss it?” I ask her as Kida barrels between us towards the truck. Ruby just shakes her head and steps towards me as I lean down to kiss her. When we break she takes me hand in hers.

“I’ve missed you,” She whispers and I scoop her up in my arms again for another kiss. I lead her over to the truck and I make sure the cabin is locked up before joining her. We arrive at the diner where Leon and the Doc greet us with a cake, with ‘bon voyage’ scrawled on it. We sit for a while telling stories and reminiscing about the past few months. I quietly conspire with doc about my road tip plans and he looks at me shocked.

“She’s due in six weeks, you better watch your timing unless you plan to deliver your son on the side of an interstate somewhere,” he whispers then starts laughing. It’s time for us to leave and Ruby embraces Leon in a bear hug while I clasp hands with the doc. We switch partners to say goodbye to the other. When we’re done Ruby turns to me.

“Are we done?”

“Almost,” I tell her as I lead her towards one of the booths, “Please have a seat.”

Ruby sits down and eyes me suspiciously. I look over to a knowing Leon before I drop down to one knee. Ruby’s hand flies up to cover her mouth in shock as I take her left hand in mine.

“I wanted to propose where we first met, but I know your Mama told you never to accept a man who proposes to you in a bar. So here we are, in the place we first met, for the second time.” I smile at her and her eyes start to glisten as she blinks the tears from them. I reach into my pocket and pull out the small box. I open it up in front of her to reveal the tear shaped diamond in a white gold setting.

“Alyson Jade Morgan, you are the love of my life, and I can’t imagine my life without you. I want to spend every day of the rest of our lives trying to deserve you firefly. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?” I ask her with my heart beating so hard I’m sure she can hear it.

She releases her grasp on her mouth to reveal the most stunning smile I’ve ever seen as she wipes the tears from her eyes. Her head starts nodding up and down enthusiastically as I desperately await her words.

“Yes, Mason, of course I will marry you.” She cries before leaping off the seat into my arms as I stand up. I kiss her with the hope of conveying my undiluted happiness to her. I pull her hand up and I slide the ring onto her finger and she looks at it for a second before throwing her arms back around my neck.

I can feel the pats on my back from Leon and Doc and I can hear the congratulations of random diner patrons as I take in my glowing bride to be. It takes as a while to tear ourselves away from the well wishes and sad farewells, but finally we pull out onto the State Trunk Highway heading south. I look over at my gorgeous fiancé as she holds her hand up to let her ring catch the lay rays of afternoon sunlight.

“This is stunning,” she congratulates me on my ring choice.

“Actually Joshua helped me pick it out. We found this little jewellery store in Maine and it took us ages to find something that we both agreed was you. In fact the store clerk thought Joshua was the one being proposed to and he was just being difficult.” I laugh at the memory.

“Well you both did a great job.” She assures me with a content smile as she leans back to look at me.

“I have to tell you something about this road trip,” I confess. I tell her about my plan to drive west and take her to see the Grand Canyon before we make our way back to New Orleans. “I also thought we might stop off in Colorado to pay our respects on the way past.” I try to diffuse the anger that’s coming.

“Darlin’ I totally agree with the Colorado stop off, but the Grand Canyon? This trip will take weeks, I’m due in six weeks and I have to pee like a race horse. Also we have Kida, I don’t know how well she travels in cars.” She tries to argue.

“I’ve planned it out perfectly and it won’t take as long as you think. Kida is doing great travelling so far and as for ‘peeing like a race horse’, there are plenty of highway stops. I don’t plan on taking you off-road. I don’t want my son to be bounced out of you.” I console her as I reach over and tuck the neck roll cushion behind her back to make her more comfortable.

“You hear that baby, your daddy is crazy.” Ruby coos towards her belly as she smiles at me. “Okay I’ll do it, but I swear if you do not get me to a hospital for this birth I will be thoroughly pissed off.” She threatens playfully knowing full well I would never let any harm come to her.

We made great time on our road trip as we pull into the driveway of our house in New Orleans. Ruby is fast asleep in the passenger side and Kida is snoring in the back seat. Ruby was so grateful to be able to say goodbye to Joshua in her own way. I will never forget the look of pure amazement on her face as she beheld the Grand Canyon for the first time.

I was amazed at the amount of food this creature beside me has managed to consume in the past few weeks. I enjoyed every moment of our trip, from the scary sugar coated snacks to the vocal sensations of her singing along to every song on the radio. I think my absolute favourite moment of our trip was definitely the stop off at a small wedding chapel in Las Vegas. The moment the angel beside me became my wife. I float back up from my reverie as I open my truck door. I quietly unload the truck leaving her to sleep.

Once I’m finished unloading all of the bags I make my way to her side of the truck, and I gently open the door. The sound cause her to stir and her eyes urgently search for mine.

“I’m here darlin’ it’s okay.” I soothe her.

“I’m still having those dreams where I can’t find you,” she says sadly.

“Oh, I’m never losing you again Mrs Harris, you’re mine and I’m yours and I’ve got the paperwork to prove it.” I reassure her. I lift her beautiful figure down from the truck and I feel a twinge of guilt about making her travel for so long in her condition. Her belly is protruding so far out from her that she must be so much more uncomfortable than she’s been letting on.

I open the back door and wake Kida. She jumps out excited and keen to explore her new home.

“Are you okay darlin’ you haven’t been sleeping too well the past few nights.”

“And you know that because I’ve been keeping you awake, haven’t I?” She asks apologetically. I just shrug it off. “I’m sorry but every time I’ve laid down the past week, your son starts playing football. The only time he was calm was while we were driving, that’s why I zonked out today.”

“It’s okay, I was just making sure you’re alright.” I assure her. Ruby stands on her tip toes and brushes her lips against mine. I reach down and scoop her up as I carry her across the threshold of the door way. Ruby starts laughing as I begin the ascent up the stairs to the bedroom.

“We can’t right now, we have to unload the car.” She scolds me playfully.

“Already done,” I announce not letting my stride falter.

Ruby burst into laughter,

“I knew there was a reason I married you.” She plants a kiss on my cheek as I manoeuvre through the bedroom door. I carefully place her on the bed and start to rip her clothes off.

“If you’re too tired for this, I’ll understand,” I tell her considerately.

“I’m not too tired, but how about you? You just unloaded the truck by yourself after driving all day, then you carried a hippo up a staircase.” Ruby’s concern is both endearing and self-deprecating.

“Stop it,” I tell her sharply as I begin to kiss her neck softly. “You’re pregnant, and you’re beautiful. In a few short weeks you’ll have our son in your arms and I will still have you in mine.” I declare.

Her kisses swallow me into our usual haze of ecstasy and we lose almost an entire afternoon lost in each other. Our silent basking in broken by the sound of scratching and whimpering coming from downstairs.

“Oh shit, Kida.” I exclaim as I bound out of the bed and down the stairs to let her in. She barrels past me and takes the stairs in leaps and bounds. I return to the bedroom to find Ruby in a fit of laughter as Kida occupies my side of the bed.

I’m lost in my own happiness as I recall the past couple of weeks, settling back into our home. I’m cooking my beautiful wife some breakfast, when a thud from upstairs snaps my out of my daze. Then I hear Kida barking loudly from upstairs as well.

“Ruby,” I call out as I switch off the stove and run out of the kitchen. I get to the bedroom door and I can’t see her.

“Ruby!” I call out more desperately.

“Mason,” I hear her faint reply from the bathroom. I push past Kida to get to Ruby’s side as she stands bracing herself against the bathroom sink. I almost slip as I reach her, the floor is soaked. “My water broke,” she announces as I reach her.

I quickly pick her up and carry her out of the bathroom to the bedroom. I sit her down on the bed for a moment while I grab her bag, my phone and my car keys. I scoop Ruby up into my arms again as she cries out in pain. I race her towards the truck and gently load her in. Kida rushes up behind us.

“No girl, you need to stay here.” I command and point back towards the house. I don’t even bother to lock the front door of the house before I back out of the driveway. If anyone is unfortunate enough to try to rob that house while we’re gone, then they can deal with the wolf. “Hold on darlin’” I try to encourage Ruby as I drive. I know she’s in pain because she’s being completely silent in between the contractions trying to reserve her strength.

We finally reach Tulane University Hospital and I check Ruby in while Nurse Georgia helps her into a wheel chair. We reach the birthing suite and Ruby’s contractions are now three minutes apart. Our son is coming fast, the doctor barely has time to administer the epidural. I’m instructed to put on my scrubs as the Doctor and Nurse Georgia start to coach Ruby to push.

After an ear splitting barrage of screaming, and people encouraging Ruby to push the room turns silent in response to a new sound. The sound of my son crying and announcing his presence to the world. I can hear his strong lungs as I cut the cord. I turn my focus back to my wife as Georgia whisks my boy away to the weighed and cleaned up. Ruby tries to focus on me but she’s utterly exhausted.

“Mason,” I hear Georgia call from behind me. I turn and see a tiny pink face beneath a swathed baby blanket. I hold out my arms nervously waiting to hold my son for the first time. The doctor has finished checking Ruby’s vitals and he congratulates us before leaving the room. Georgia stays with us as I walk towards my exhausted wife to introduce her to the amazing creature we created together.

She smiles at me as she opens her arms. I gently place him in her arms as carefully as I can, so fearful my touch will be too strong against him. Ruby cradles him in her arms as tears start to stream down her face. She looks up at me and I lose control of a single tear down my cheek as I take in the sight of my family.

“So what’s his name?” Georgia asks seemingly impatient.

“Joshua,” Ruby answers her tearfully, “Joshua Mason Harris.”

The End

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