The Scarlett Affairs

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Come venture into a world were fallen angels run ramped, and a group of men called the Huntsmen fight to keep their evil at bay... In a world of men sometimes it take a women to get the job done. Scarlet is the youngest sister of five brothers, who just so happen to be leaders in the Huntsman society. Among all the men who are hunts men... she is the only woman to ever ben born to be one. Working with the fallen angels that are working to do to get back into the Fathers good graces, they help the Huntsmen find and destroy there kind who seek to do evil. But there has appeared a new kind of evil, one that know one knows were its coming from. Has a new kind of terror found its way into this world, or has the fallen come up with a new way for them to rule over mankind,

Romance / Fantasy
Jennifer L Byars
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Swords clashed down upon one another as two men fought on the side of a darken mountain, one in furry, and the other to defend himself. With each strike the thunder rumbled and shook the earth to its core. A bolt of lighting lit up the night sky, and the rain poured down, blinding them, as the swords continued their dance of death in the midst of the turmoil.

The shorter of the men with shaggy black hair kicked out with a power that no mere mortal has. The taller man took the hit in the chest and crashed against the side of the mountain with such impact that it challenged the thunder.

“Your cursed kind has reacted havoc long enough. That’s why the Huntsman were made, and now why we are sent to fight. The evil that your kind has unleashed is at an end!” The black hair man yelled.

The blond haired man stood, his muscles and height massive among the size of a mere mortals. His wings emerged from his back, letting them extend to their enormous width. They perched on his back and the tops of them went far above his head.

The once white wings that were so bright, so pure, now were black and tinged with muck just like feathers that had been caught in an oil slick. These were no longer the wings of those angelic creatures that are spoke of. Anyone with eyes who looked upon them would see that, they were the fallen. And the angel that stood before him part of that sinful brotherhood.

The angel wiped the mud and blood from his face, staring at the man. “I don’t want this Crispin. There has been a mistake, don’t let words that are spoke in untruths guide your hand this eve. All will not go as you hope if you continue down this road.” He exclaimed in a booming voice.

Crispin Laughed a laugh that only a man who has seen much sorrow and horror in one’s life could. “Look at you now. Trying to be all angelic for me.” He hissed sarcastically. “But you and I both know that you have left that grace many, many years ago. You are now just one of the stained. You no longer hold that power in your hand, all you hold is lies and deceit. And I will not let it corrupt my family any longer.” He Seethed.

The angel dropped his sword to the ground, no longer willing to fight him. “I know not of what you speak. I have been earning my way back to grace… you know this!” He shouted.

Crispin eyes filled with so much anger at the man he thought was a friend that his body shook with rage in the down pour. “You lie! I know the truth. How could you think he would not turn on you and make sure I wouldn’t find out the truth!” He roared.

“No, you… what are you accusing me of?” The angel hollered back, then he knew, from the look on Crispin face, he knew that he had found out the secret. .

“Exactly what you think I found. You sold out! You sold us out… Damn you!” He raged.

The angels wings fell from there height as the words sunk in. The tips of the feathers lay in the wet mud around his feet. “It’s not what you think …” He started to explain.

“You lie! Just as your kind must, and always does!” His sword went into his other hand as he prepared for the reaming of the fight. “I want all your kind extinguished, and we, the ones who’ve been chosen to complete the task, we will ALL complete that task at hand. All my family will know the evil of your kind now. And I have made sure that your saving will never come to pass.” He chuckled cruelly .

“You wouldn’t have done what I think you’re suggesting. I know you wouldn’t have gone against the Father wishes?” He declared, but Crispin’s snide knowing smile told the him everything he needed to know. “You did. What have you done ? You corrupted everything! You have stolen our future, my future!” He shouted as the realization of what was implied took root in him.

“I’ve corrupted nothing. You have caused your own pain and your own destruction on yourself!” Crispin crouched with his sword waiting to continue the battle.

The angels wings went out, pushing himself off the wall attacking Crispin. He knocked him to the ground with a mighty thud. Swords were nocked free from hands, as they rolled on in the mud, fighting with their bare hands, striking blow after blow at one another.

Crispin finally got the upper hand as he pinned the angel down, quickly pulling his dagger free from his boot ready to strike the angel in the heart, when the fates changed.

The angel fought for the knife and turned Crispin’s hands and shoved the blade into his heart. His eyes went wide with pain as he collapsed to the side falling off his intended prey. The angel’s hands shook as the blood rolled down them along with the rain. He looked over at the man whose life he’d just snatched away.

Crispin laughed a wet soggy laugh as his life seeped from his body. “Even though I lost this fight, in the end we both know that I was the true victor.” Came his gargled words.

The angel stood from his potion knowing what was said was the undeniable truth. He looked down at Crispin bleeding into the earth, and he was livid. “I did not want this! This wasn’t what I wanted! Why, why would you force my hand in this matter? I loved you like a my own brother!” He raged at his dying friend.

“You knew you would loose if you choose that path. The father has already decided your punishment for the part that you played. You chose the evil, therefore you chose to lose as well… You will now know suffrage of the heart like you had done to the Father.” He whispered, then breathed his last. The hunter’s soul ascended to the plain above the mortal realm to be with all the other warriors.

The dagger fell from the fallen angels hands. His hands grabbed a fist full of his golden blond locks that all angels had and looked at the man who was one of his dearest friends, now dead by his own hand.

“No. No, this can’t happen, this can’t happen Father. I’ve been told, I’ve been promised what was to be mine!” He shouted up to the heavens.

In response the thunder shook him from his spot, lighting crashed around him, letting him know he was going to be further punished for his ill-fated decisions. He fell to his knees next to Crispin’s blood that stained the ends of the feathers.

“NO!!!” He roared up to the heavens with all the agony that was being born in him, over a loss he knew he’d never be able to recover from.

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