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Love isn't complicated , people are. He is the hottest and the smartest guy who had multiple one night strands. Who is dreaming to be an actor. Wait, did i say actor ? Yes I did. Soo.. A Cupid has aimed him, Stiles McCoy ,a guy who doesn't know to love any girl (except his mom) . Do you think he will fall in love? Find it out by reading AMORE

Romance / Humor
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In this world, there is no human

that hasn’t fallen in love.

If he didn’t fall in love,
he isn’t a human.
Ok, wait how does this
love start?

“You’ll stay together in
Love always and forever."
says Cupid with his heart
full of love, and shoots his
Love bow on the two
Strangers who are meant
To be together.

Once they are shot with the love
bow, no matter what happens they
will fall in love for sure.
“But it doesn’t work unless both
of them are a shot with the love bow.”
that’s what the legends said.
“If a Cupid can’t make two people
fall in love then he will loose
his job.” Said the legends!

In this story, Cupid wanted to
prove that the legends were wrong!
Cupid was ready to take the risk
to prove them wrong.

But he lost all his hopes when
he shot the wrong guy with the
love bow.

He shot Stiles, Stiles McCoy.
He is a guy who doesn’t know
to love (except his mom).
He is Hot, Smart, Strong
who had multiple one night

But did you know he is one of the
best actors who hasn’t even got
a single chance to act in a movie!

He does every single scene perfectly
except love scene. He fails every time when he has to say I love you looking
into a girl’s eyes.
That word just doesn’t come out of
his mouth. Ever.

Many directors have given him
an opportunity to be a
But he will never accept it
because his goal is to be a

Do you think he will fall in love? Find out the answer by reading AMORE

Thank you so much for reading my story


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Wattpad: @jaseeera

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