Falling For Him (#2)

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"Falling in love was never my intention." "Trust me, Buddy, me neither." Emily Holland is a definition of a troublemaker. So when warp in a deal an ex-bully of her comes back to her life, it's not only going to be an attraction. It's going to be a lifetime of fun and figure out their feelings that can put both of them to falling unfortunately.

Romance / Humor
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“You sure you like me?” I asked Rick for the second time to clear my doubt. I mean if he just joked out and I declared it to everyone, then it’ll be a hell of an embarrassing thing for me.

But Rick just stared at me for a second before sighing. “I think you want this to traditionally go.”

Then he got down on his knees... Literally.

“Emily Holland, will you be my girlfriend?”

And what did I do?

I slapped him hard.

“Ouch! What was that for?” He yelled out rubbing the spot where I slapped him.

“You will get down to your knees when this whole proposal will work out.” I shrugged and he smirked looking at me.

“You want me to love you.” He drawled out in a girly voice when I rolled my eyes.

“Watch out Rick, nobody knows when they fall in love, unfortunately,” I warned with an equal smirk. Damn, he’s going to be my boyfriend. It’s hard to believe!

“I’ve no intention of falling.” He said seriously after we walked out finishing our dinner and I was officially his girlfriend.

“Trust me, buddy, me neither,” I spoke just as seriously and I had every intention of following that.

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