Twisted Minds

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Chapter 16

My head ached when I began to regain consciousness again. Wherever I was, I wasn’t comfortable but I couldn’t find the strength to open my eyes just yet; they felt too heavy and it was exhausting. All I could do was groan from the aching feeling the was in my body.

I was afraid to find out where I was, I was in laying position and from what I could tell the mattress of the bed was thin. It was extremely uncomfortable under my body and I knew I wasn’t in my bedroom.

When I finally managed to open my heavy eyelids, I was looking up at an unfamiliar ceiling. It wasn’t like the house; not fancy and well kept up. I turned my neck to the side and noticed concrete walls which explains why is was much colder.

My eyes wandered slowly around the area until they focused to the bottom of the bed and noticed the devil himself sitting in a chair, leaning back with confident and effortless posture - watching me.

Val was right there, his dress shirt unbuttoned a few times at the top. His gaze was dark like it usually was and he just watched me like he was waiting for me to do something.

I began to sit up and once I seen the complete area around me I felt like I had been brought down into a dungeon. Chains hung from the walls but I was left freely on the bed. I looked down at my body and noticed that I was no longer wearing the clothes I had on before. I was in my my underwear and an overly large white t-shirt.

My eyes averted to Val finally and I spoke softly, “Where are my clothes?”

A side smirk played on his lips as he folded his arms over his chest, “That is your clothes now. For the time being. It has come to my attention that you’ve been far too spoiled so you need to be treated like the little bitch you choose to act like.”

I looked away from him. He decided to limit my clothing to underwear and a large t-shirt as a punishment? It was degrading. I had to walk around the house like this, but I would never shoot my mouth off to him right now. He had me in a terrible position to do so.

“It’s funny, Elaina. You came here and I offered you so much, basically the world if I could give it to you and all you have given me is constant disrespect,” His jaw visible clenched before he spoke again, “That really pisses me off.”

“Val, I’m sorry if it feel that I have disrespected you, but I feel like maybe we just have different views on things. It’s like cultural perspectives,” I tried to explain to him, “You can’t seriously abuse me for that.”

He leaned back on the chair, looking at me with no hint of emotion on his face. He was nearly impossible to read, “The problem is, you live in my home. You are my wife so you follow my rules. I’ve told you that multiple times but you don’t take me seriously.”

Val stood up from his chair, kicking it behind him which caused it to fall back against the concrete floor. I jumped slightly as he pulled out his gun and fired it aimlessly towards me, each shot missing which I knew he intended.

I covered my ears and began to scream. It was fear - I was terrified of what he was intending on actually doing.

“STOP! PLEASE STOP!” I begged him, feeling the tears begin to burn my face.

The sound of the gun fire was so loud along with the sound of impact the bullets made when hitting the concrete wall behind me.

When the gun fire stopped all I could hear was the sound of my sobbing, it wasn’t until Val roughly lifted my chin upwards that I realized that he was right next to me.

“This is just the beginning, tesoro. You think blank shots are going to be your punishment? Think again,” He took a handful of my hair and shoved me on my back.

I groaned and attempted to grab his hands but was unable to, “Val...”

“Gustavo!” He called out and instantly the door to the room opened.

Gustavo walked in and my heart began to race. This was about to get worse but I wasn’t sure if I could handle worse.

My attention was caught by a little candle that Gustavo had brought into the room but it wasn’t lit when he came in.

I raised my hand and slapped Val across the face, digging my nails into his skin. Initially, I planned to knee him in the groin but he reacted so quickly that there was no way I could get the best of him.

“God damn it!” He raised his voice at me before extending his hand towards Gustavo, ”Mani i polsini.”

[Translation: Hand me the cuffs.]

My eyes grew wide and I tried to see everything that was happening. Gustavo moved across the room and retrieved something but I couldn’t see what it was until he placed it into Val’s free hand. A set of shiny handcuffs and I knew that with those I would become more vulnerable than I’ve ever been.

I shook my head vigorously, shrugging under the grip of Val’s one hand, “Please... You’re really scaring me, Val. I-I don’t want this...”

But my pleas went on to be ignored.

He lifted my hand and held it against the bars of the old bed, my energy and will to fight had completely vanished into thin air. Hope was lost, there was no reason to try because he would just become more aggressive.

I felt the metal tighten around my wrist and Val then lifted my other arm, handcuffing that one onto the bar of the bed as well.

Val’s hands moved to the hem of my white t-shirt and he lifted it slowly, exposing my stomach. I flinched slightly, feeling far too exposed in front of Gustavo.

“It’s okay, love. Gustavo can’t touch you... You’re mine,” He smiled in a way that most girls would find charming but I found sickening.

I shook my head and whispered softly, “I... feel uncomfortable. Can you at least do this alone? It’s humiliating.”

Val became silence and I focused on his jaw that was visibly clenched. Without taking his eyes off mine his spoke to Gustavo, “Wait out by the door, Gustavo. I can handle it from here.”

Gustavo simply nodded his head, “I’ll be outside if you need anything.”

As Gustavo walked out of the room, closing the door behind him, Val walked over the small table where the candle was. I knew what was coming but was terrified of feeling it. He was done with the emotional pain, he was about to inflict physical pain and it scared me.

My shirt was lifted just below my bra and I began to breathe heavily, “Will it hurt?”

What a stupid question. Of course it will.

“That’s the point, isn’t it?” He answered as he reached me, “Try not to move too much or it’ll just hurt more, you don’t want the wax to spread.”

“You don’t have to do this...” I attempted one last time.

He simply shook his head and responded, “Lessons need to be learned, Elaina.”

Val grabbed a rag and shoved it in my mouth, the next thing I felt was excruciating pain from the hot wax rolling down my stomach.

I groaned against the rag, closing my eyes tightly and clenching my fists together tightly.

He stopped pouring and pressed a kiss on my head, “Mi dispiace che dovevi imparare il modo duro, il mio amore.”

[Translation: I’m sorry you had to learn the hard way, my love.]

My stomach began to burn again and I lifted my body, squirming slowly. I cried softly but my cries were only muffled against the rag.

“That’s going to hurt like a bitch coming off when it dries,” Val taunted, blowing on the wax.

Though he had stopped pouring the wax, my skin was still burning from the wax gripping onto my fragile skin and I feared the moment I would have to get it off. It would only bring more pain.

I slowly opened my eyes to see Val setting the candle back down on the table, “You did good, sweetheart. Less tears than I expected.”

What kind of sick praise was this? He wanted more tears from me? Of course he did. He was twisted, he wanted to see me hurt.

“I’ll be back to see you tomorrow,” He spoke again as he pulled the rag out of my mouth, tossing it aside.

I furrowed my eyebrows, “What? But... Val, no... Don’t leave me here. Please don’t leave me here.”

Val only smirked in response and shook his head, “This is going to show you how good you have it. Enjoy your time down here, Elaina. You’ll be here for a while, no fancy means or showers. There’s a toilet in the corner, but that’s your only luxury for the time being.”

“I don’t deserve this,” I looked ahead, unable to believe that this was actually happening. Just when I think things can’t get worse, it does. Not only was I an actual prisoner now but I was also being treated like one.

“You don’t deserve this? You don’t fucking deserve this?” Suddenly rage came from Val’s voice and he flipped the small table, turning back to be and pointing, “I could do so much worse to you so I suggest you shut that pretty little mouth.”

I opened my mouth to say something but stopped abruptly. How stupid would I be to speak again after the threat he just gave? Even though the pain of hot wax was horrible, Val was right; much worst could be done and I knew that.

Even in a situation like this I had to look at the positive side.

Val took a few steps until he was beside me again and he slowly moved the shirt down to cover my body again, “My men will be making some trips down here and I know you’re self conscious... Aren’t you appreciative of my kindness?”

I looked away from him and spoke softly, “Are you going to take the handcuffs off of me before you go?”

“No,” He answered, “Someone will be down in a few hours to do that, for now you can deal with that extremely uncomfortable position you’re in.”

My eyes met his and I glared slightly, “I hate you.”

Val chuckled lightly, leaning his head back and tucked his hands in his pockets, “I’m sorry, love. What was that?”

“I said, I hate you!”


“Aghhhh!” I whimpered in pain and tugged at the handcuffs as my body shook slightly.

Val had taken a taser from his pocket and used it on my side. It took all control I had over my body and made me completely limp.

When he pulled the taser away, he stepped back and pushed the taser back into his pocket, “Sleep well, Elaina. If you need anything... Well, think about how easy you had it before because you’re not having things handed to you here.”

Val walked to the door, opening it up and closing it behind him. I heard the sound of the door being locked and a moment later the lights went out, leaving me completely in the dark.

Ever since I was young I’ve had a fear of the dark, as silly as it may seem I don’t like not being able to see; it’s a fear of the unknown and now I was forced to face it. Laying on this uncomfortable mattress with my hands cuffed to the headboard above me, I was trapped and alone.

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