Twisted Minds

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Chapter 20

“I wanna dance,” I said in a slurred and barely audible tone, making in clear that I had far too much to drink.

The whiskey Val had so kindly ordered was emptied and I didn’t recall seeing anyone one else indulging the way I was so it was fair to say that I was on top of the world.

Val simply shook his head, his perfectly sculpted face staying in its stern form, “No. I don’t dance.”

“Liar liar, pants on fire.” I giggled and leaned against him, “You danced with me at our wedding. Remember? To that one song...”

"Every Breath You Take,” He answered for me.

Yes. That was the one. I remembered how possessive and creepy it sounded, if you actually listen to the words, it’s impossible to deny that it’s literally about a stalker. Needless to say, they chose the perfect tune for our spine chilling marriage.

“See! You remembered,” I grinned at him, taking his hand and attempting to pull his muscular frame from the couch but he didn’t budge so I settled with giving him a pout, “Dance with me, Valentino.”

I said his name in a terrible attempt to add Italian accent which earned a small smirk from him.

“Absolutely not. Our wedding song was slow - this -” He pointed to the air, emphasizing to the music playing, ” - is not slow music.”

I looked towards the dance floor, seeing everyone dancing. It looked so fun, my mom never let me go to clubs. Mostly because I wasn’t of legal age but even parties my mom had limited.

I was only allowed to go to birthday parties until I was thirteen. When people began to have parties unsupervised or outside of their home, my mom wouldn’t allow me to go.

“Well, I’ll go alone,” I stood up only to be pulled back quickly and I collided with Val.

“No, you will not.” He stared at me, making it clear that there was no room for discussion.

“Aww,” I whined and curled my legs under my butt, placing my hand on his chest and frowning at Val, “Why not? You’re such a downer, never wanting me to have fun.”

“Because you’re drunk.”

He kept his response simple and short, but before I realized what I was doing I was already on his lap, “What if I dance right here?”

"Gesù...” He muttered under his breath, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me against him.

[Translation: Gesù ▪ Jesus]

I held onto his tie, leaning back and flipping my hair, “Would you like a lap dance, Mr. Acerbi?”

I mocked the girl from earlier in the evening, moving my hips slowly against Val’s lap. I’d never done anything like this but I was on a high like no other and before the night was out I planned on trying out the poles.

“Elaina,” He attempted to sound stern but I knew he was succumbing to my mercy. His eyes darted back and forth, clearly making sure out private moment was just that - private.

“Vaaaaaal,” I mimicked him, leaning down and pressing my lips to his. My lips moved roughly against his, smirking while we kissed, “Dance with me Val.”

Val didn’t hesitate to return the kiss and it was clear that he was trying to refrain from giving in to my drunken behavior, but he didn’t seem capable of not kissing me back.

“How about this, when we get home, we’ll have our own private dance?” He suggested.

I moved my fingers through his hair, grinning at his suggestion and nodding my head, “Super!”

“Val, I’ve fetched some of your favorite scotch,” I heard that annoying pitchy voice that belonged to Catherine.

I possessively wrapped my arms around Val’s neck and arched an eyebrow at her, “Catherine, darling. Can you please piss off? Val and I are enjoying each others company.”

Alcohol made me bold and I was grateful for it now, but Val was still adamant that I be polite. He held onto my wrist and and narrowed his eyes at me, “Don’t act like a brat. I’m going to have to take you home, this is fucking ridiculous. You can’t handle your alcohol at all.”

His words didn’t bother me, I only smirked and licked his cheek while staring directly at Catherine, “Are you going to spank me, Val?”

With that, Val pulled out his cell phone and began to dial a number. When he placed the phone to his ear I could hear him muttering in Italian, he said Stefano’s name and I was aware that he was talking to his brother on the other line.

When he slid his phone back into his pocket, he lifted me off of him and stood up, “We’re leaving. I’ve informed Stefano, he and Gianna are staying.”

“Ugh. But I don’t want to go,” I frowned in disappointment before taking a run for it.

I left the VIP area quickly and ran into the dance floor, pushing through the sweating bodies of people grinding. All I could hear was Val scream at me as I ran, “Jesus Christ, Elaina!”

Surely he would catch up to me quickly, but he would only ruin the fun. He never wanted me to have fun.

I stole a shot from a random persons table and downed it quickly before pulling myself onto one of the counters where a stripper poles was.

One dance. That was all I wanted was to dance to one song but the man couldn’t give me that.

I hooked my leg around the pole and spun around it, laughing as my hair became a mess. The next thing I knew I was pull from the pole and being carried over Val’s shoulder.

“I can see your boooooty!” I laughed much harder than necessary, beginning to drum my hands on his perfectly firm ass.

He didn’t budge. Oh shiiiiit. He must be seriously mad at me.

“Val, the blood is rushing to my head, I think I have a concussion!” I complained, looking around the area, realizing that he was carrying me out of the Underground but through a different way than we had entered.

My wandered hands became impatient and I found the holster around his waist, feeling his gun.

A goofy grin formed on my face, “Is that your gun or are you just happy to see me?”

Val continued to ignore me, remaining quiet the entire time. I couldn’t help but casually graze his arm and feel his muscles that were flexing while he carried me. Ugh, what a strong man. By the time we got onto the street my hands were basically feeling him up.

He attempted to set me down on my feet and I stumbled forward into his arms, losing my balance, “Wanna know a secret?”

“No, Elaina. I don’t care to hear about your drunken secrets,” He helped me become stable and began to guide me towards the SUV where Henrik was waiting.

I decided to tell him anyway, it wasn’t like I could keep my mouth closed now, “You look sooooooo sexy and Catherine is a jealous bitch because you married me.”

I began to giggle at the thought of Catherine. She was jealous of me. It seemed hilarious to think that someone like her would be jealous of me, but I had a lot more than she did and that was Val.

“Gianna told me you used to have sex with Catherine,” I blurted out, consequences not being the least of my concern at the moment.

While Val opened the passenger’s side door to the SUV, I could see his expression change and he stared at me seeming slightly irritated now, “Why did she tell you that?”

I hiccuped, “Sorry... I hiccup when I get drunk.”

"Elaina.” He attempted to be stern again but God, I felt invincible tonight. It wasn’t until Val closed my door and walked around the SUV, getting into the driver’s side that he mentioned Gianna again, “Tell me why Gianna was telling you about Catherine.”

I gave him an obvious look, “Because I asked her, silly.”


“Because she’s pretty... And you let her touch you,” I explained. I shook away the thought, how dare he try to kill my buzz. “Forget that, this dress is so hot!”

I reached behind me, trying to unzip the dress that I was wearing but Val stopped me but grabbing my hand, “Would you stop? I’ll put on the AC.”

Leaning back against the seat, I looked over at Val as he began to drive and I yawned, moving close to him and resting my head against his shoulder.

The drive home was quiet, the radio was turned down and the only sound heard was the rain that had started on the way home. It was oddly relaxing and made me sleepy.

Even when we parked into the driveway, I gripped on Val’s arm and shook my head, “Let’s just sleep here.”

He surprised me by chuckling, “It’s not quite as comfortable as the bed would be, amore.”

“Amore,” I tried he Italian accent one more time but it still didn’t sound as sexy as Val. Every time he spoke tonight I just wanted to kiss him but I was too busy drooling, “You’re so cute when you speak Italian and that kinda stuff.”

“You’re drunk,” He pointed out the obvious, once again. “I’m sure you wouldn’t be telling me that if you were sober.”

I pulled my seat belt off and grinned at him, “Drunk words are sober thoughts...”

When I opened up the passenger’s door, I hopped out of my seat and ran out into the rain, becoming soaked almost instantly. It was refreshing and I felt like all of my fears were being washed away from me. No responsibilities because I wasn’t the scared and pathetic Elaina tonight, instead, I was carefree and fun. Though I knew it was due to the alcohol, I was still enjoying myself and it’s been so long since I smiled like this.

I felt Val’s strong arms wrap around me from behind and my wet body was pressed against his. I looked over my shoulder at him and looked up to see his dark eyes looking down at me.

What was it about him tonight? He looked so mysterious and...

“Hunky...” I spoke out loud and quickly covered my mouth, snickering to myself.

He furrowed his eyebrows, leading me inside to keep me from stumbling, “Let’s get you a towel before you catch a cold.”

I watched him take off his jacket and place it over the railing of the stairs, Anita would take care of it when she notice it. Before I had the chance to take on the stairs by myself, Val scooped me into his arms and carried my up every single stair.

The staircase is long. The longest staircase I’ve ever seen in my entire life and he carried me the entire way, but even when we reach the top he didn’t put me down.

He walked us towards our bedroom and opened the door before setting me down, “I’m going to get you a towel from the bathroom. Stay put, okay? I mean it, Elaina.”

“Yes, sir.” I teased him and stuck out my tongue, watching him walk away.

We had a bathroom connected to our room - figures, so Val didn’t go far. I felt my dress sticking to me from the rain and I groaned in annoyance of the gross texture, moving my hands around to grab the zipper.

“You cannot stay still when you drink, can you?” I heard Val say as he approached me with towel in hand.

I responded with a simple shake of the head and as he passed me the towel, I used to to soak some of the water from my damp hair.

“Can you unzip me, please?”

He didn’t hesitate to get behind me and I felt his fingertips move along my backside before moving up to the zipper of my dress and moving it down slowly.

As soon as my dress fell to the floor, I was instantly turned to face Val and I looked up at him with an innocent smile on my face, “Oopsie!”

He leaned in close to me and I felt his hot breath against my ear, causing me to shiver, “You were out of control tonight, Elaina.”

Thank you, alcohol. I didn’t fear him and I didn’t back down for a second, instead I used the opportunity to joke, “Was I? I thought I was great company.”

“You definitely lost control of yourself,” He told me, moving his index finger along my jawline, “And you were quite the distraction for me, as well.”

“You’re right. Shame on me... You should kiss me senseless,” I began to unbutton his shirt, but before he could respond to my comment I was already on my toes with my lips collided against his, kissing him hard.

I’d been wanting to kiss him all night. He looked so bad and dangerous, for some reason that look turned me on tonight and I’ve been craving a taste of his lips, but it wasn’t until now that I got it.

I felt so damn giddy inside, my stomach turning and my mind telling me to get on the bed and surrender myself to him. As I pulled his shirt of, I began to work at his pants, feeling his lips quickly moving to my neck while his hands held onto my waist.

My heart was already racing and I wanted him so bad. I just wanted him badly.

As Val gripped tightly only my ass, he pulled my up and I instinctively wrapped my legs around his waist while he led us to the bed, letting me fall onto the mattress.

I looked up at him while he worked on taking his belt off. I couldn’t help but stare at his body, I swear if I hadn’t seen it dozens of times before I would have assumed I was imagining things.

He had muscles and abs that were the definition of ‘rock hard.’ His v-line was clear and it took everything in me to not run my hands up his body and just touch him all over.

“How do you say yummy in Italian?” I asked him.

As he climbed onto the bed and hovered over me, he whispered into my ear, ”delizioso.”

I couldn’t help but giggle at the sound of his voice, “You’re delizioso.”

His chuckle rumbled against my skin and he began to move lower on my body, but I wanted him closer. I wanted his face to mine and his lips on mine.

The feeling of sadness went away when he began to kiss me all over, and I mean all over. His lips made a trail down my chest, taking his time on my cleavage while his hands massaged my inner thighs. He was torturing me.

“Val...” I spoke his name breathlessly, placing my hands on his shoulders and tilting my head back.

He began to make his way up my body again in a slow, tortuous manner, his lips and tongue mesmerizing my entire body and making me fall limp while he moved between my legs.

Why didn’t I appreciate him before? We’ve had sex many other time but I never wanted it and now that I did he was taking his sweet time and everything was going in slow motion.

This time I was giving permission. To hell with it - I was going to have sex with him, actual consented and mutual sex. And it was going to be good.

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