Twisted Minds

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Chapter 28

“It’s a pleasant surprise to see that you’re here alone,” Coilin commented.

We sat in the corner of the casino where there was a small lounge area. Of course I felt uncomfortable but not nearly as much as I expected to. The smirk on Coilin’s face spoke louder than words, he was thrilled that I was here alone and I had no idea what was on his mind aside from wanting to keep me close, just as Val wanted.

“Sometimes a girl just needs time to herself,” I responded casually, taking a sip of my water. Val had told me not to drink alcohol because I need to be in complete control of my actions, he also knew how much of a sloppy drunk I am.

I understood Val’s point, though. And this time I obeyed without the slightest objection because he was right. This was exactly why he rarely had alcohol, there was too many people out to get him and he never wanted to be vulnerable to them.

Coilin simply chuckled, “That sounds like something my daughter would say. She’s very independent and don’t like to follow the orders of anyone. A little like you, might I add.”

“Like me?” I raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, darling. Like you. You cannot expect me to believe that Valentino allowed you to come here alone, the only explanation is that you came without consent,” He tipped his glass of gin to his lips and downed the remaining contents quickly, “It also surprises me that someone like you would be with Valentino giving your independent nature. He is the kind to control and I don’t think you like to be controlled.”

It was strange that he said that, something that in some strange way was true. I hated being controlled but everyone knew that I had no choice but to marry Val giving that I was practically sold to the man.

“There are often times in life when you don’t have a choice,” I responded to him, “Unfortunately for me, control isn’t something I’ve been familiar with lately.”

“I believe that everyone should have control of their own lives,” Coilin told me as he leaned forward slightly, his elbows on his knees, “Including you, Elaina. It doesn’t take a genius to see how unhappy you are.”

I froze in place, this was what Val said would happen. Coilin would try to manipulate me by expressing his understanding and playing with my emotions, that’s his secret weapon. Words. He was good at it because even thought I knew it was fake, I was feeling understood for once. My eyes fell to the floor and I stayed quiet which only prompted Coilin to continue speaking again.

“Do you love Val, Elaina?” He asked me.


“Does he treat you like a man should treat his wife?” His green eyes peered at me as I lifted my head to look at him. His expression was unreadable but I feared that he was reading through me.

“No,” I answered, “He doesn’t.”

He surprised me by standing up, his security around him paying attention to his every movement, “Come with me, darling. I have a proposition for you.”

“C-Can you not tell me here?” I asked him, but he began to walk and his security pushed me to follow him.

We went through the entire casino, the crowd continuing their business and no one looking towards us. It was as though we were invisible to everyone else. The walk through the casino seemed endless but we ended up in the back parking lot where three SUVs were parked. This was the moment when I began to get worried.

I had no intentions on going anywhere with him, but I was in an extremely compromising position. I thought about getting out my phone and entering the code but I knew the time wasn’t there. Coilin was right beside me and would snatch it before I had a chance.

As he stopped walking, Coilin turned to me and looked at my body, “I’m going to need you to disconnect those wires.”

My mouth opened but no words would come out. He knew. He knew there were wires all over my body and that was it, this was the end.

“Elaina, darling. I’m appalled that you think I’m this stupid,” He shook his head slightly, “Lucky for you, I like you. I won’t hold this against you because I’m sure this was another thing out of your control, isn’t that right, Valentino?”

When he said Val’s name he moved extremely close, practically speaking to my boobs to Val through the speaker of the wire. It was terrifying and I could feel my body trembling. I knew this would happen, this was bound to turn into a mess and Val went through with it anyway.

“I’ll chat with you later, Valentino. I just need to strip your wife,” He chuckled before taking out a pocket knife.

My eyes grew wide and I attempted to step back but my back collided with the hard chest of his security, “No, no, no... Don’t. Please don’t...”

“Relax,” Coilin spoke softly as he moved the knife between my breasts, I could feel the back end of the blade gliding across my skin and I froze in fear. If I moved, that was it. He could stab me in the chest and end my life, so I stayed still and he pulled the knife quickly, tearing the wires apart. “That’s better. Now we have privacy.”

I only stared at him, now that I didn’t have Val listening in I didn’t feel safe. I was on my own now and it was control that I didn’t want because I was in a position that I didn’t want.

“Sweetheart, I told you. I’m not going to hurt you,” Coilin claimed for what seemed like the millionth time, “I just need your help...”

“With what?” My voice was a mere whisper and I blink a few times to try to wake myself up from this nightmare, but I remained in the same place.

“With getting rid of Valentino,” Coilin’s voice turned rough as he mentioned getting rid of Val and he proceeded, “He’s a problem but not just for me, for the both of us. I know you want him dead just as much as I do and there’s no better person to help make it happen than his beloved wife who has a immense hate towards him.”

My eyes wandered around the empty parking lot, taking a deep breath but not speaking. Hating Val and killing him were two different things. Of course I despised him, but this was a lot to take in. I also didn’t even know if Coilin was serious or what his plan was. This could be an entire set up and even if it was real, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to do what he wanted.

“Don’t worry, Elaina. I’m not going to be kidnapping you or threatening you. I’m simply giving you a choice, I’m allowing you to have control over your life...” He told me and I stared at him. A choice, it wasn’t something I expected to ever have again and the thought felt good but was murder really a part of it? There had to be another way.

“Coilin, I...”

“I am giving my trust to you, Elaina.” He interrupted me, “We all are. I know this world is new for you but I want to show you that not all of us are bad guys. Of course I’m not perfect by any means, but I strive to make a difference.”

He walked towards me until he was only a few centimeters away, but I still couldn’t bring myself to look at him. If I said no, would he kill me now? If I said yes and Val found out, I know that I would be dead.

“We want to protect you,” He surprised me with his words.

There was only one question I had and I asked it without hesitation, “We?”

Coilin’s eyes drifted and he looked towards the SUV near the back of the parking lot. The security guard who was standing near the SUV looked at Coilin who simply nodded his head and I watched the security guard walk to the back door of the SUV, opening it up and stepping aside.

My heart raced inside my chest, wondering who would be the one to step out and when I seen the black heels on the pavement, my jaw dropped. It seemed like the noises around me fell silent while Gianna stepped out of the SUV.

It was her. Gianna is the rat.

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