Twisted Minds

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Chapter 33

“There’s no way,” I found myself trying to make any explanation possible after Val claimed that I was pregnant. It didn’t make sense so I couldn’t help but feel like this was another trick he had up his sleeve.

He never did anything without reason and there had to be a reason behind the words that came out of his mouth. I felt like it was necessary to remind him that I was on birth control, something that I purposely took to prevent myself from getting pregnant.

“You’re not,” Was all he said in return, but when I pressed the subject he spilled every detail of what led me to this moment, “I need a heir, Elaina. Those pills you were taking were not birth control, they were hormone stimulators.”

“You tricked me into getting pregnant?!”

“I wouldn’t say it in such a harsh way, but if that’s what you want to call it, then sure.”

“Fuck you, Val!” I raised my hand, slapping it hard across his face. This was a nightmare, I didn’t want this. The only thing I had control over was this and he took that from me too.

“I don’t know why you seem so surprised, I made you aware of this fact already.”

“Maybe you did, but for some insane reason I assumed you were playing some sick joke, because who in their right mind would actually substitute someone’s birth control?” I spat, infuriated with this information.

Each and every time Val had sex with me, the thought crossed my mind but I had felt protected. I was supposed to be protected. Although I had always thought about my future, always wanting to have kids, being married to Val changed that. I couldn’t be responsible for bringing a child into this horrible life with a man like Val as their father.

“Calm down, amore.” He didn’t seem phased by my slap, keeping his cool which only made me want to hit him again, “You won’t have responsibilities. Once this baby is born, I no longer need you.”

His words made me stop. There was no way he had intended on keeping me from my own child, “What do you mean by that?”

“I mean exactly what it sounds like I mean. You give birth and you’re out,” His eyes sent me a glare before he continued, “I was prepared to kill you until this. I don’t need you, Elaina. But I do need my child.”

“Like hell you will take my child from me and dispose of me,” I shot back at him.

“Just you wait... You don’t have a say in the matter.”

That’s the moment when my mouth kept moving and I didn’t realize what I was saying until it was out of my control, “God, I hope they kill you.”

Val responded with a chuckle, seeming genuinely amused by my comment, “They won’t. That’s where you fucked up, Elaina. If you wanted me dead you wouldn’t have told me. Even though you waited a while, you didn’t wait long enough.”

“I hate you.”

“Am I supposed to care?” He asked me, “Things are changing. You’re being moved to another room, a room of your own. You will not be moved from the room, meals will be delivered to you and in 9 months, Dr. Franklin will deliver the baby.”

“And then?” I asked.

“Then I will raise my heir and you will be placed into the bidding program.”

“Bidding program?” I didn’t like the sound of that, it terrified me. Val had this new vendetta against me and whatever he could do to hurt me, he would do it.

“For trafficking,” He answered, “Normally, that isn’t my thing, but I just want you gone. You will go to the highest bidder, then they will be your problem. After we finalize the divorce.”

Divorce. I’ve been wanting to hear that word for months, but now I hated it. Now it meant that I was losing my unborn child to a monster, beforehand it would have meant that I was given freedom. Not only would I be taken from my baby but I would be sold to some sadistic freaks for god knows what.

“Please don’t do that to me...” I begged, scared of the possibilities.

“You’re a traitor, Elaina. I’m being lenient by not allowing Gustavo to kill you,” He commented like he was doing me a favor.

He wasn’t doing me any such thing, if anything he was just choosing a different method to my torture.

“I get that you’re worried about Stefano, but I never teamed up with them! I was just trying to protect Stefano’s baby... I knew you would kill Gianna and the baby wouldn’t stand a chance.” I stared at him and he refused to look at me, his jaw tightened. I took advantage of the moment I had and continued to try and explain my side of the story, “I know how you are when you’re angry... Stefano would never forgive you for killing his baby.”

“Well, now he’s probably killed so is this what you wanted?!” He raised his voice, moving extremely close to me, “My little brother is possibly dead because you took too long to give me information! I was supposed to protect him, something I failed in doing for my sister. Now I failed him too.”

“He’s a strong guy, Val. You need to believe that he can handle himself...”

“I did... Until I received his severed finger in the mail,” His words caused me to gulp and he only looked at me emotionlessly, “What do you think about being optimistic now?”

My stomach twisted at his words. What kind of sick freak sends someone their brother’s severed finger. Then I realized the sick freak was someone I had thought was my friend. Even after knowing what Gianna’s plan was, I ever expected this from her.

“I’m so sorry...”

“You should be,” He responded, acting like he was strong and intimidating, but I could see in his eyes that he was worried about Stefano. Of course he would be, Stefano is his little brother and even heartless people have feelings. It’s a human reaction, he couldn’t fight it if he tried. “Come with me. I’ll show you to your room.”

I was grateful that today wasn’t my last day on Earth like Gustavo had so charmingly mentioned. Every day counted in my eyes but now I was faced with dire consequences for my actions. I was being kept alive being another human was growing inside of me and then afterwards I would be taken out like trash.

Although being sold was terrifying, I would be okay with being kicked out of this place as long as I had my child with me, but before even being born they were taken from my. I was being used as a baby carrier until the baby was able to live outside of my body. I wasn’t okay with my child being taken from me and I didn’t have a choice.

When we reached the upstairs, Val stopped at a door that was located three doors down from our room. Once he opened the door I fully took in the room, a twin bed and empty desk with a little chair. There was a closet on the left of the room and another door on the right that led to a personal, small, bathroom. The room was significantly smaller than the room Val and I shared together - It was clear that this was his new idea of punishment. I was fine with having a small room, it made no difference to my. It was bland and clearly leaving me with nothing to do, but at least I would have Amico to keep me company.

“When can Amico come here?” I asked quietly.

Val only chuckled, “You are very entitled, Elaina. Are you really that stupid? You think I would allow to the joy of having a pet to keep you company?”

“I just thought--”

“Well, you thought wrong.” He snapped at me, “Amico will be rehomed. I have obviously given you too much and your gratitude is lacking.”

“Given me too much?” I couldn’t help but snap back at him. He was delusional if he thought of himself as some kind of prince charming. He was no Prince Eric, he was more similar to Jafar. “You are insane... You think that you give me an amazing life? You’re mental. Getting abused and raped is not a good life. I’m not sure what your idea of kindness is, but you are one sick motherf*cker.”

His jaw was tightly clenched and he was clearly taken off guard by my outburst, but I didn’t regret it in the slightest. He had to know what kind of monster he is because for some crazy reason, he thought that he was a good person.

“You are just like your father,” I continued, “You talk about being scarred from the memories of your dad abusing your mom and treating her like trash when in reality you are just like him. You are the same kind of twisted that he is. And I fear the life you will but our child through because you are not made to be a parent.”

That was the moment that he had enough. The moment when I let my words get the best of me and Val’s fist flew in the air. I flinched, closing my eyes tightly and hearing the impact on the wall next to me. I had been expecting one in the face, but all that was damaged was the wall beside me. He had taken his anger out on the wall, but his eyes were stone cold as they peered into mine.

“You are crossing a line, Elaina. A very thin line. I suggest you stop while you’re ahead,” He was speaking through his teeth and as he pulled his hand out of the hole in the wall that he caused, he shook off the pieces of dry wall, “My family is none of your concern. Telling you about my life growing up was a mistake so you will drop it from this moment. Are we clear?”

“Very,” I spoke as I was glaring at him. With one single push, he put me in the room and closed the door behind me. As I stood perfectly still in the center of the small room, I could hear a shuffling sound that indicated the door was being locked.

I stared blankly at the floor, wondering what I would do from this moment. Was I supposed to wait for the next few months to give birth so I could be sold off for cash? It seemed highly unreasonable and truthfully, I’d rather be dead.



“Any leads?” I asked as Rafael entered my office later in the evening. When he shook his head, I slammed my fist onto the desk, irritation flowing through my body, “Then what the fuck are you doing here?”

“Boss, I apologize for not having any new information... Gustavo left a few hours ago to check out the casino. Well, what’s under the casino,” Rafe continued talking but I didn’t give a damn about a word that came out of his mouth. It was procrastination and having him stand here in front of me only wasted our time in finding Stefano safely.

“Can you get the fuck out of my face?” I growled, my rage higher than usual. I was a naturally angry person, but when I was vulnerable my anger seemed to escalate to an entirely different level.

My mind went to Elaina, my wife who I was forced into marrying but managed to grow close to in a fucked up way. I wasn’t a lovable person, I didn’t like people at all but having a wife meant more to me than what met the eye. Having Elaina was like having my family, a person who would be undyingly loyal until the end, at least that’s what I thought. That’s what it was supposed to be like in my family, whether we agreed or not we always had each other’s back.

Aside from Gustavo, I struggled to trust anyone or believe in their loyalty and for some reason I assumed that Elaina would have been loyal, all because of a stupid ring on her finger that she was also forced into committing to.

Once Rafe left the room, I pulled up the security cameras on my computer and selected the one for the small room in which I ordered Elaina to stay in. She was sitting on the bed with her legs hanging over the side and staring up at the ceiling as tears rolled down her face. I almost shifted in my seat to get up so I could check on her, but I stopped myself. I was angry with her, I had every right to be angry with her, yet I felt the need to comfort her.

“For fuck sakes,” I muttered under my breath, hating the feeling that was consuming me. The feeling of wanting to be there for her after her betrayal.

I turned off the camera quickly and leaned back in my large chair, knowing that My strength would deceive me if I seen her. No person, let alone a woman, would have this type of control over me. I refused to be at the mercy of anyone, especially someone who felt no compassion towards me.

In nine months time she would be out of my life, my only concern was how I would be able to keep myself from her for nine months.

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