Twisted Minds

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Chapter 34


It seemed like I spent most of my days sitting at my desk, waiting for a call or someone to give me any kind of information on my brother. Not knowing where he was terrified me beyond any words and I hated this feeling of vulnerability. It had always been me and Stefano, we endured everything together growing up. Whether it was my father’s abuse or the intense 12 hour training sessions, it was him and me.

Growing up I felt the need to be the guidance and male figure in Stefano’s life. I would be the one to praise him for a day well done, it was me who aided his bruises. For years he would rely on me because I relied on myself to be there for whatever he needed. He was far more to me than a brother, he was my best friend and my only true confidant.

My anger towards Elaina has been easily magnified due to the fact that my brother had become collateral damage in this situation. A small part of me understood why Elaina was conflicted, the woman has a big heart but the world is far too cruel to handle the good in her. So am I.

Never in my life have I done good, not willingly and not with a second thought did I act on the actions I made. I’m aware of the terrible person that I am and I can live with that, but Elaina is the complete opposite - she’s the good in a world full of darkness and even in the depths of my soul, she attempted to find the light in me.

It made me angry, someone expecting good from me when I didn’t bother to try for the past twenty eight years of my life. When people expect good they’re only setting themselves up for a letdown, so I never allowed myself to try. Being in the Italian Mafia it seemed like a pointless objective anyway.

My eyes landed on the wedding ring on my left hand, rolling my eyes at the thoughts I had no control over. Sitting at my desk for hours and staring at the fragile woman who happens to be my wife had only caused me to feel sympathy and regret, a feeling I’m unfamiliar with and would never allow myself to feel.

She laid on the small bed, sound asleep but even with her eyes closed she intrigued me just as much as she did while awake.

My eyes drifted from the screen as someone passed the door, “Whoever it is, get in here.”

A moment later Diego appeared in the door way, eyebrows raised and ready to obliged to whatever I asked, “Yes, sir?”

“Bring Elaina some food. Nothing canned or cheap, ask Anita to make her something fresh, perhaps soup or pasta,” I directed.

My plan was already falling apart and she had only been locked in that room for less than twenty-four hours. Initially she was supposed to receive only one meal a day, canned beans and a bottle of water, but here I a crippling at the sight of her and offering her whatever my home has to offer.

Diego left my sight and I slammed my laptop shut, angry with myself for appearing so weak.

“Whoa there, hot stuff. It’s never good to take your anger out like that,” A female voice corrupted my thoughts.

Glancing back at the doorway, the beautiful woman that is Catherine Mortsa stood in a slim fitting red dress that made me hard at the sight, “And what do you suggest is a good way to take out my anger?”

Her long blonde hair fell along her breast outline and my eyes shamelessly followed. As she stepped into my office, she closed the door behind her and bit down on her lip that was stained with bright red lipstick, “I have a few ideas...”

Fuck. I could feel myself throbbing at the sight before me.

I had called her an hour before, requesting that she come to the house with the intentions that I would fuck the life out of her. Before Elaina she was here a few times each week just for the purpose of giving me the intimacy that I wanted, now that I couldn’t fuck Elaina, I decided to return to my routine with Catherine.

This woman could satisfy each and every one of my sexual needs, and I’ve been confidant that her body was just what I needed to relax and wind down.

As she approached my desk, she stared down at me with the same seductive smile that captivated me many times before and as she leaned down to press her lips onto mine I craved nothing more than to have her on top of me.

Catherine’s lips moved with mine, kissing me with aggression and a sense of control that no other woman could do for me. My hands slithered up her bare legs and gripped tightly onto her perfectly shaped ass.

"Mettiti in ginocchio,” I whispered against her lips, taking a handful of her hand and pushing her onto her knees in front of me.

[Translation: Mettiti in ginocchio - Get On Your Knees]

As Catherine knelt in front of me, a clear view of her cleavage came into sight and I licked my lips attentively. Her fingertips found the zipper of my pants and unzipped it swiftly, taking initiative and pulling my dick out of my boxers. Without a second to hesitate, she placed her mouth over my boner and began to suck excessively.

"Oh, gesù, cazzo.” I muttered through my need to moan.

[Translation: Oh, gesù, cazzo. - Oh, Jesus fuck.]

Her hand held the part of my shaft that she couldn’t fit into her mouth, rubbing it as her lips surrounded the rest. She pulled her head back and swirled her tongue playfully, giving me a divine sense of pleasure that was indescribable.

“God damn it, Elaina. Suck it faster...”

Then it stopped. The sucking, the licking, the moaning she had been doing to turn me on. It all stopped instantly and I knew why.

“Catherine, I meant Catherine.” I corrected myself.

“Sure you did, you son of a bitch,” Catherine spatted as she stood up from her position in front of me and wiped her mouth in disgust.

I leaned my head back and groaned in annoyance, “I did. Now get your ass back here and finish what you started.”

Her hair flipped as she turned back around to face me, fury in her eyes and I knew that I had just stepped into the wrath that is Catherine Mortsa, “How about you finish the job yourself? Or maybe even get your prisoner wife to do it for you?”

I didn’t respond. Catherine could anger me like no one else and I didn’t dare to give her any information that she could use against me.

“Or does she not suck dick? Poor Valentino,” She faked a pout, adjusting her hair as she walked to the mirror in my office to view her reflection, “You called me because you said that your relationship with Elaina was purely contract, nothing intimate. But your moans say otherwise.”

I stood up from my chair, adjusting my pants and fixing my zipper as I walked towards Catherine, “I don’t need to explain myself to you. I have helped you far more than anyone else and my only request is that you do not question me or my lifestyle.”

“Oh, honey. I’m not questioning anything,” She placed her palm on my chest, her red nails becoming visible and a devious grin appeared on her face, “It’s facts. You and your little wifey are having issues in the bedroom so you expect me to come along and help you get by. I’ve got news for you, I’ve been a lot of things in my life but I will not be used. Not by you.”

The woman spoke up for herself, something that always pushed my buttons but it was the same thing Elaina have done. Instead of allowing Elaina to walk away, I punished her with abuse - emotional and physical. Then there was Catherine, a woman just as strong headed and independent as Elaina, but I react far differently. I allow her to speak up for herself to me, even when it angers me, I let it go.

Why did I allow myself to respect any other woman that isn’t my wife? Aside from Elaina, I had never hit a woman, never did I lay a hand on a female. But with Elaina, it seemed like I did that regularly.



Diego left a plate of pasta on the desk before leaving abruptly. I was okay without the human interaction, but at the same time I was completely out of the loop. I had no idea what was going on in the rest of the house or if there had been any news on Stefano. I knew there was a reason I was locked in the room, Val was angry and his form of punishment this time around was banishing me.

I had come to terms with the hand I had been dealt. The hand that my mother locked me into, but the one factor coming into play now was a baby that I never asked for, a baby that despite being tricked into having - I wanted. And a baby that I wouldn’t get to raise because of Val.

I couldn’t seem to remember a time when I had control over my own life, I can’t remember being able to make plans or watch the sunset from a public park. Little things were the things I missed. But now I had been given something so large, so amazing and in nine months I would be forced to give it up. It would be taken from me.

When I heard the sound of the door unlocking I was confused but assumed that it was Diego returning to get the plate that I had eagerly cleared. But it wasn’t.

Val stood in the doorway, doing nothing more than staring at me. I couldn’t read him and it terrified me, but another part of me didn’t care because I could handle whatever he threw at me now, even if it was his fist.

“I want to start over,” He finally spoke up.

I furrowed my eyebrows but didn’t speak a word. He had to be kidding. There was no way this nut job thought that we could start over after everything that has happened. The man snapped his fingers and assumed the world would follow him in unison.

“I want a fresh start to this marriage despite the mistakes we... or, I have made.” He continued on, speaking as though he validated everything he has done since we had gotten married, “I’ve become my father in the sickest way, I’ve even disappointed myself knowing that I’ve done to you what my father had done to my mother. So from this moment forward, I want to start over and try to function more as a strong, powerful couple.”

That was it for me. I could no longer sit there and listen to his absurd request. It was laughable that he even expected me to go along with this nonsense so before I even knew it, I was laughing. Covering my mouth and snickering against my hand, I raised an eyebrow at him, “I’m sorry... You can’t be serious.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said, you can’t be serious," I spoke slower this time around, making sure he heard me loud and clear. I was done being walked over, there was no way I would let him think that the way he had been treating me was okay, “You seriously expect me to forget everything you’ve done to me? The nights I’ve been locked away or the bruises you left on my body? Damn it, Val, you’ve damaged me! You have taken everything that was untainted and ripped it apart, you took away the happiness I had in me. Until you I woke up being grateful for another day, and now... Now I dread waking up. Because of you. You make me hate the thought of living, you make me hate waking up in the morning because the only thing I am promised when another day comes is pain.”

I unloaded, my pain coming to the surface more than I had anticipated. I knew that I felt so much anger towards Val but once I began to express it, it seemed impossible to stop. This man destroyed me beyond repair.

“That’s fair,” Was Val’s response. He was oddly relaxed after I lashed out at him, with his hands tucked in his pants pockets he walked over to me, “But you’re here and you are living, if I am correct. You may not be living a fulfilled dream or anything of the sort, but you’re alive and as long as you’re alive you will be with me. Regardless of your willingness to give second or third chances, I have the opportunity to prove myself because you won’t be anywhere but here.”

“Don’t waste your time trying too hard, you may be trying to make up my mind but my heart already has an answer, and it’s n--”

“They found him!” My voice was interrupted by Gustavo storming into the room breathlessly.

Val’s attention was instantly taken from me and he stared at Gustavo with a desperate hope in his eyes, “Stefano?”

“Yes. There’s a warehouse North of Chicago, a back road in the woods. His cellphone just pinged a nearby cellphone tower for the first time since he disappeared,” Gustavo began to explain, still attempting to catch his breath.

“It’s a trap... Gianna must have turned it on knowing we were looking, she’s ready to fight.” Val commented, looking at Gustavo with a knowing look in his eyes. He didn’t seem the slightest bit feared, but instead he was confidant like he always was, “Well, we’re ready too. And we’re not stupid enough to fall into her trap unprepared. Get all of the men together, contact my father and we’ll head out within the hour.”

“Got it,” Gustavo answered, disappearing into the darkness of the hallway and leaving nothing but the sound of his heavy footsteps.

“What’s going to happen?” I asked him, “What if they have more people to fight?”

“Worst case scenario, we lose a few men. However, I’m confidant that we have enough strength to beat whatever they have waiting for us,” Val walked out of the room, not saying anything else.

It seemed like a risk, like most things that Val took on in his life, but he still remained so calm and determined to find his brother. Sometimes his confidence got the best of him and I couldn’t help but wonder if they really could handle what was in store.

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