The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 9

My head fell to Davis’s shoulder as I enjoyed the feel of him in me. Our breaths were coming hard; my movements slowed as the last of the aftermath passed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and ran my fingers through his hair, holding onto him.

“Abie, untie me,” he ordered; his head had fallen back while he still breathed in deeply.

My body stiffened at his gruffness, and I lifted my head off his shoulder. “Are you all right?” I asked him softly.

His head came forward and his eyes roamed all over my face with a slight frown. “Pleasure and pain,” was all he said to me.

I shrugged, playing my part of the dominatrix. I refused to let him see the weak woman I feel like when I’m with him, needing his approval. “There’s always something very erotic when you apply just the right amount of pain with pleasure,” I whispered, kissing his lips.

Slowly I made my way off of him, and started to untie his bindings one at a time. “You’re going to be sore, for at least the night. There’s a chance for some soreness tomorrow as well,” I informed him, almost mechanically now.

As soon as he was unbound, I turned on a couple of lights in the room so he could see a little better. But I was the one who needed to see. Needed to see his reaction for myself; then I would know what he was thinking.

He sat on the chair with his hands in his hair, not looking at me. Never before was I embarrassed by an act that I performed on a man. Though to me, what I did with this man was in no way an act, and seeing how he was at this moment… I was for the very first time unsure of myself. I fidgeted with what little clothing I had on, not leaving the comfort of the wall near the small lamp. I took a deep breath, not wanting any tears to betray the way I felt or to have the hurt show through my façade.

I’d come this far with this man, and now he saw just how incompatible we were for one another. This was the moment he would leave; this was the moment I’d known would come since he claimed he wanted me to be his. “Did I hurt you?” I questioned.

He shook his head, which was still in his hands. I took a shuddering breath, not wanting to ask this particular question, but I knew that I must. “Do I repulse you now?”I whispered hesitantly.

His head shot up to look at me. “Why the hell would you think that?” he asked almost angrily.

I was about to answer him when I saw his eyes go wide. “Abie, what happened to your arms?” The purplish black bruises from Tyler were hard to see in the dim lighting, and I honestly forgot all about them. Up until the moment Davis asked me about them.

He got up from the chair, quickly making his way over to me. His hands came up to take my arm, and he switched up the lights. There were two big handprints on each side of my arms from where Tyler took hold of me. “Holy shit,” he swore, as his eyes fell to mine. “What the hell happened, sugar?” he asked, his voice deep and angry.

I shrugged, suggesting it wasn’t a big deal. I didn’t want him upset with me any further. “I received a very angry visitor before I left work. It seems someone really angered Tyler this afternoon. I was informed that my fiancé threatened this particular ex-sub of mine, who was trying to blackmail me, out of a very lucrative contract.

“He was obstinate in the idea that I knew of such a plan, or that I might’ve been the one to have devised such an arrangement for you to execute. Therefore I was informed that the situation was far from being over for me,” I explained.

His hands went to his hair as he nodded to himself. “I deserve a little punishment… I get why you said that now,” he murmured. “Damn it!” He took me in his arms, squeezing me tightly. “I’m sorry, sugar. I had no idea that he’d do something like that to you.”

“Davis, Tyler coming in and threatening me was really no cause for alarm. But it would have been much appreciated if I’d been kept abreast with some of your intentions, so I could have been more prepared.” I tried to pull back to look at him, but he refused to loosen his hold. “This is my life, Davis, do you understand? The consequences of anyone’s actions having to do with my work, my life--I think I have a right to have a say in such decisions that are going to affect me, even yours,” I said.

I could feel his body vibrating and he was swearing under his breath, and I tried to push away from him, but he was having none of it. “I’m going to destroy that fucking ass. Take him down piece by fucking piece. Take his company apart piece by piece. I will own him, I swear to God!” he growled, so full of anger.

“No, Davis. This is my battle, and I’m willing to face anything that is mine. This, this was my lifestyle before you. These were my choices that I made. Therefore I take responsibility for my actions,” I whispered. “What’s done is done. There’s no reason to go to such measures on my account,” I assured him.

His hands went to my hair, keeping my head close to his chest. “You don’t get it, do you? I don’t know why you don’t understand yet.” His words rumbled angrily. “You’re mine, and no one hurts or touches what’s mine. He will be dealt with, that’s a promise.”

He sighed, and I could feel his head shake above me. “But I already took care of everything. The photos, him threatening you with destroying your career. I made sure that was never going to happen, sugar. He’ll never bother you again. I’m just sorry that I didn’t think. It never crossed my mind after our meeting that he’d come to your office. That just isn’t something a man would do to a defenseless woman,” he told me softly; his hand caressed my back, while the other hugged me to him.

This was going to be hard for me, because I didn’t want him thinking I was going to ask to punish him all the time. In fact after tonight I seemed to have lost my taste for it altogether. I never again wanted to see him looking so distraught after we’d been together.

My cheek was on his muscled chest, and I couldn’t help but love the feeling of him under me. “I’m sorry as well. You should’ve let me alone. Even after everything that’s happened, I still love you. But do you want this to be over between us, Davis? After tonight, and the other night…with how I am, my likes, the naughty things that I need. Not to mention dealing with other problems that have come up. Your father, my mother? It all seems very overwhelming.”

His body stiffened after that question. “Why would you ask me that? Don’t you know how much I love you?” he asked me, stunned. “I don’t give a shit about anything but you and me together. As for your naughty things, I’ll give you whatever you need from me, sugar,” he whispered into my hair.

“I don’t know if that’s necessarily true. You seemed rather upset with me after tonight’s exploits. My intentions for this evening were completely different, up until Tyler showed up in my office. Then I knew you needed to be reminded of who I was, and not some inept little woman who needs to be stashed away for protection.” I took a deep breath. “I’m sorry that I punished you. I honestly believed you would like the little torments that accompany such an act.If I thought it in any way would’ve repulsed you so severely, I would’ve never performed in such a way. It will never happen again,” I promised softly.

He pulled back from me just enough to look down at me. “Sugar, I loved what we just did! You are so damn sexy, Abie, everything you do turns me on. Being tied to a chair…” He chuckled. “I never thought I was one to like that kind of foreplay, but damn!” He stopped, and his smile fell as he gazed down at me. “I was just worried about what you found out, and how I was going to explain it to you.” He pulled me in closer again. “Now I’ve fucked up twice with you. First, not thinking about my actions, and if that ass would come to you. And now you’re thinking I’m not into what we just did, and that I don’t want you? Damn it!” he swore angrily.

My arms slowly went around his waist. “Be honest with me, Davis. Did you like what we did tonight? Or was it…out of bounds for you?” I asked him.

He laughed heartily, making me hug myself closer to him. “Sugar, there aren’t many things like that a man doesn’t like. But what we did tonight, that plays into men’s wild ‘not going to ever happen to me’ fantasies.” His hand came round to my chin, lifting up my head so I could meet his eyes. “Men love that kinky shit, baby, even vanilla men. And this particular vanilla man loved everything you did tonight.” His lips softly kissed mine. “I see we still have to get used to each other’s ways quite a bit.” He looked into my eyes and I could see a question running through his mind. “You said something before, something about punishing yourself. What did you mean by that?”

I sighed, pulling free from his hands and placing my head once more on his chest. Asking for forgiveness was something I wasn’t quite used to. I’ve always done what I wanted, but I also know when an apology is not only needed, but required. “The brownstone…” I began.

“What about it?”

“I punished myself for having sold the brownstone. I’m sorry that I sold it right out from under you. That was a very cowardly thing that I did. I just didn’t know if I could be with you. So I thought the quickest way to make you move on was selling our home without talking to you about it,” I confessed.

There was a rumbling in his chest. “Yeah, that one did piss me off quite a bit,” he told me unhappily.

I nodded. “It must have. I know I would’ve been beyond my limits if that was done to me in such a way,” I admitted.

He then laughed gently, and the sound reverberated in my ear. “Sugar, I’m the one who bought the brownstone. You didn’t think I would let anyone else have our home, now did you?”

My head popped up at that. “What?”

It was his turn to sigh. “Look, I was never going to let you go. That might sound a bit stalker-ish, but it’s the damn truth. As for our home in Boston, it’s still ours. And as soon as you finish this job we’re heading back and starting our life together there. Everything else will pan out for us in the end, you’ll see.”

“You bought my brownstone…for me?”

The smile that came upon his face was so beautiful, just like a proud little boy’s. “I bought it back for us, our home. But yes, for you too. Because I knew how much it meant to you, and you would’ve never tried to sell it if you weren’t hurting so damn much.”

He picked me up in his arms, carrying me off to the bathroom. “Now that we’ve got that all settled between us, I say we get cleaned up, and go out and enjoy some of the local nightlife together. Maybe get something fun to eat,” he offered. “How’s that sound?”

“It’s late, Davis. Are you sure that’s something you want to do?” I asked, thinking how he likes to be a homebody.

He grinned at me. “You’re getting soft on me, and I’ve got to say I like it. But yeah, let’s get out of here.”

“All right then, there’s a little restaurant with great noodles I’d like to take you to. Then maybe catch a show afterwards.”

“Sounds good to me. But there’s one more thing I want you to do for me,” he said, kissing the tip of my nose.

I squinted at him suspiciously. “What?”

“I want you to keep all the pink on, sugar. Daddy likes you in pink,” he growled, going to take care of me.


Over the past two weeks I’d come to realize just how different Davis and I are from one another, almost like night and day. He wakes up early every morning, works out, comes upstairs, cleans himself up and has a hearty breakfast. On the other hand, I can barely make it out of bed in the mornings. It’s always been that way for me. My day begins with a warm shower just to wake myself up enough to get my morning preparations started. And my breakfast always consists of coffee, and, if I remember, a slice of toast. When I come home from work, I head straight for the gym. This is the time of day I’m full of energy. Even after my workout, I’m ready to head out and enjoy the nightlife around me. For Davis, his day is winding down. So when I come back to the room he’s resting, reading, or watching his sports.

There is one thing that will easily wake him up from his relaxing, and he makes himself readily available for any such activities that I suggest for the evening. But needless to say, Davis is the early bird always up early to catch the worm while I’m the perpetual night owl, up at all hours of the night. And I can’t help but find the whole situation a little humorous.

I’d finally started to make good progress working on the Mewong project. It was Sunday night and I was finishing up the last bits of the configuration of this company, the placement of their people and how many to lay off, hire or simply readjust. Thank goodness, on this project I thought hiring was more in order than any firing. I hate placing people’s jobs on the line. So I needed to put in how many more jobs would need to be filled, and that always had me working happily.

After Davis told me he’d bought into the corporation, and his views on protecting the land and the environment, I was very proud that he’d be going for what I thought was such a worthy cause. This could truly be a major change in the world and daily living.

That morning Davis was once again up and ready to go by seven. Two hours at the gym, washed, cleaned, and his breakfast had already been brought up to the room. I on the other hand stumbled my way out of bed at seven, receiving a swat to my backside as I passed by him on my way to the shower.

I was taking him to see the Great Wall of China. I needed to finish up my presentation for tomorrow, but I wanted him to see something amazing before we left Beijing. It was an incredible day with him. How I’d managed not to have this kind of contentment in my life for so long amazed me.

He was so adorable as we walked along the rock walls, stopping at a resting point, sitting next to each other talking, and just enjoying one another’s company. He was quite interested in all my travels around the world. He asked if this was my first time to experience the Wall. I told him no, that travel was what I had done for many years, and wherever I was located I made it a point to always enjoy the sights and cultures that were provided.

Davis had never cared that much for travel, which also amazed me. But after seeing how completely opposite we were from one another, I supposed it shouldn’t have. He definitely hadn’t been out in the world as much as I had been. And he informed me that he was a simple man who was quite content being at his ranch outside of Houston, and that travel never much interested him.

When we came home that evening our legs were sore from the insane amount of walking from the day. As soon as we stepped foot into the room, Davis made it a point to start packing up all of our belongings; he had the jet ready to leave as soon as my meeting was over tomorrow morning. Pushy man. He offered to go get some of my favorite noodles for me, so I could enjoy them one last time before we headed home tomorrow, and I told him that would be highly appreciated. I was thinking my new life with him was going to be less about work and travel, and more about what he was hoping for…a family.

New ideas had been taking the place of hard-lined old rules. And having a little boy who looked like Davis--I hate to say this but it made me extremely happy. Having dirty little faces and hands around, a family night together and enjoying the holidays with one another…family. That was something I always longed for, yet it never seemed a true possibility for me. Davis’s form of simplicity sounded intriguing, as well as longed for.

As I sat at my makeshift desk that was provided with the room, I wondered if, after this job, would I even want to go to another one?I laughed at myself as I got up from my desk, stripping off my clothing and slipping into my light blue negligee, and Davis’s Rice University sweatshirt. All these new ideas and plans formed while he was out getting noodles. It was comical. My contacts came out and I washed my face, just wanting to get comfortable for my dinner, and the enormous amount of work that still lay ahead of me this evening. But I loved that I felt so comfortable around a certain man that I could even do such a thing.

He came in some time later, bringing in all the delicious-smelling food, while I was at the desk working away. “I think I remembered everything. I wanted to make sure you had all your favorites one last time,” he told me, putting the bag on the table.

“It smells heavenly, Davis. Thank you.” I made my way over, taking a carton of my noodles and a pair of chopsticks, and heading back to my work.

He chuckled. “I see you’re wearing my sweatshirt over your nightie again. I much prefer you without the sweatshirt on. Well, for that matter, I prefer you with nothing on,” he commented, with a smile and that look he gets when he has much more on his mind.

I turned in the chair, smiling back at him. “Yes, well, you brought your sweatshirt in your belongings, and I’ve now claimed it. This evening is all about work, and me completing my work. None of my flesh is required for your sight, Davis Mills. You, on the other hand, may strip down to your boxers and reveal your delicious body for me to appreciate while I work away,” I directed him.

Now he laughed at me, making me chuckle as well. “Damn, sugar, the commands just keep comin’ from you tonight,” he told me, as his shirt and pants came off quickly. If I wanted to be truthful, a little too quickly.

He pulled a box of something off the table, going to sit on the bed. “Are you going to eat with me, or am I just going to sit here all night and watch you work?” he asked, making himself comfortable on the bed with the remote in his hand.

My chopsticks went into the box as I pulled out my next bite. “You’re going to have to let me finish my job, Davis. You want to leave after the meeting tomorrow, and I have to make sure I have everything in order so we can do just that,” I informed him. He didn’t say anything to that, and honestly I was very focused at the task at hand. My mind went into work mode, not even paying attention to the world around me as I focused completely on what I needed to do.

I’m not sure how much time had passed as I was clacking away, and turned a page of some notes, when I felt eyes on me. I stopped in the middle of a layout I was working on, pushed my chunky red glasses up my nose, and turned to see Davis smiling over at me. “What has you all smiles, Mr. Mills?”

He lay back against the headboard of the bed, his hands going behind his neck. “Nothing much, Ms. Black. Just like seeing my woman comfortable is all, and I love it when you wear your glasses,” he told me in a husky voice, and I knew exactly what he was thinking.

“Davis, I must inform you that I still have much to accomplish to have everything perfect for tomorrow’s presentation. If you pester me, then it will take me that much longer before we leave Beijing,” I implored him.

He chuckled deeply, sitting forward and then getting up from the bed. I watched as he made his way over to me, turning my chair to face him. Those deep blue eyes smoldered as he stared down at me. If he only knew how that look could get me to obey his every command, I’d be in serious trouble.

Then that devious smile crept to his face, and I knew I was going to be up much later than anticipated this evening. “Damn, you always get me worked up to where I can’t think straight, sugar,” he crooned, then went to his knees and pushed my thighs apart for him to make his way in between. He bent down, kissing my inner thigh, promising me so much more that was on his mind.

“Oh lord, Davis,” I moaned as my hands went to his sandy blond hair. Instead of continuing his lovely delights, and heading where my body was already burning for his beautiful mouth to find, he picked me up from the chair and lay me back upon the carpet. “Now that I think about it, I think I’m going to be pestering you for an hour or two, Ms. Black,” he growled. “I can’t wait until I can call you Mrs. Mills.” His voice rumbled at the thought.

A hand ran up my inner thigh, until his finger slipped past my panties and slid deep into me. I gasped as he started kissing the side of my neck and caressing my center. Any resolve I had in completing my work dissolved under the luscious weight of his body and his skilled hands.

“I’m needin’ some vanilla from you right about now. I’m needin’ it real bad, sugar,” he whispered.

My legs spread open to him, letting him have whatever he wanted of me. “Damn it, Davis,” I whispered back to him, shuddering under his touch. He laughed softly as his lips met mine, and he started in on his wonderful version of pestering.

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