The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 12

When the ceremony was finished, Davis took us all to the cafeteria. And there over at the side of the room stood a very large wedding cake. It was beautiful. The frosting looked like silken fabric, each tier different from the next, with little pearls everywhere. “Oh Davis, it’s magnificent,” I whispered to him.

“My wife gets only the best,” he grinned, kissing my nose. “Now let’s enjoy some time with our family, because we leave in two hours for our honeymoon,” he informed me, and that’s what we did.

I learned that Kitty was very much smitten with Richie, but was having a difficult time with where he stood in the relationship. This romance was most likely going to devastate her, I was afraid. Rich didn’t seem to want to settle down as of yet, and I knew Kitty very much wanted that, not to mention to start a family.

Davis had a stunning cream-colored Rolls Royce come pick us up from the hospital, and Betty Ann and Jessica walked out with us. Betty Ann kissed Davis, then came over to me and gave me a very exuberant hug. “I can’t wait to see y’all back home!” she gushed in my ear.

I laughed and Davis pulled me from her. “All right, Momma. We’ll call you when we’re ready for company,” he chuckled. I had a feeling the only places I was going to be seeing the next couple of days were his bedroom, maybe the kitchen… Hmm, maybe I should go out and get him that frilly apron after all?

The airport wasn’t far from the hospital, and before I knew it I was on a smaller jet plane, heading down the runway for our two-hour trip to Houston.

“I must say Mr. Mills, you work extremely fast. I think we were only on the runway three minutes, I hardly managed to buckle my seatbelt,” I laughed. “And may I enquire why we’re in a smaller plane? I had some very delicious ideas on what to do to my new husband, and it required a plane a little bigger so ears couldn’t hear you moan with the delightful things I had in mind.” I leaned in closer so I could whisper into his ear. “But you know modesty doesn’t necessarily have to be a priority in my opinion,” I informed him with a smile.

His eyes hooded, and he looked to be holding himself back from my seductive words. He took my hand, looking down at the rings on my finger. “Damn it sugar, you’ve already got my mind not thinkin’ straight,” he growled. “But I knew you could get me to the point of insanity on a two-hour trip, and I’d be helpless when it came to will power with you. That was one of the reasons I chose to take the smaller jet instead of the one we flew to New York in.”

His hand came around my neck, pulling my lips to meet his, and I could feel his restraint in the tautness of his body. “The first time I make love to you as my wife, it will be in our bed. And I want to take my time lovin’ that sweet body of yours,” his voice rumbled possessively.

That got me laughing softly at him. “Is this the part where we go all hard-core vanilla now? Is my husband no longer willing to indulge his wife’s needs for spankings and naughtiness?” I asked. “My, that is such a shame… I had such plans and so many non-vanilla things I still wished to do to you.” I put my finger to my cheek, tapping it, but then dropped my arms with a little shrug. “Well, I guess we don’t need to play naughty teacher and the student who needs a spanking, now do we?” I implied.

He unbuckled my seatbelt, took me from my seat and placed me on his lap. His arms went around me as he kissed me once again. His mouth was hungry and I could feel that his body was just as hungry under me. “Oh no, sugar. We can play any ol’ game you want, but I was hoping we could play the food game first,” he hinted to me as he kissed the side of my neck.

My hands went into his hair, taking him from his own version of very masculine seduction that could easily have me fold for him, and I looked into his eyes. “Yes, I’d like to play that particular game with you as well. I would love to lick honey off your delicious body,” I told him, running my hand over his scrumptious abdomen.

His chest rumbled with pleasure at my words. “But I must warn you, it may get very messy, darling. You might even have to clean me extremely well in a long, hot, shower…” I purred.

His mouth was on mine, and his fingers fisted in the back of my hair as soon as the last word slipped from my mouth. “Mrs. Mills, I should’ve known better than to think I could control any situation with you. Because with just the sight of you I want you so damn bad! But when you talk in that naughty way…” he growled in my ear.

I kissed his lips softly, teasingly, when he came in for more. “Ah, ah, ah. You just informed me you wanted me in our bed for our first time as husband and wife. I find that simply enchanting, and I’m going to make sure that’s precisely what we do,” I said, to which he moaned.

“I should’ve kept my damn mouth shut,” he grumbled at me.

I kissed him one last time before I went back to my seat. “Darling, we have all night with each other. I promise you’ll be very pleased,” I suggested with a smile.

That had him laughing at me. “I have a feelin’ you’ve got something in mind already.”

My hand went to my chest. “Me? Never. I’ll let you have the reins tonight if that’s what you prefer, Davis,” I claimed easily.

“Yeah, I think that thought with you, sugar, is highly questionable. But I’m up for anything that you have in mind, even if you are letting me just take you. It doesn’t matter to me, I just want you, sugar, only you!” he exclaimed fiercely.

“Up for anything I might have in mind, really…” I questioned with a purr, and grinned.

And he moaned. “Damn it.”

I’ve been all over the world with my job. I’ve witnessed many wonderful things and hiked, biked, and walked many fascinating places. But when I’m in the States, I really don’t go out and about that much. When I’m in Washington D.C. or New York, do I go eat at all the posh restaurants? Of course I do. I’ve seen the Lincoln Memorial, the Statue of Liberty, Mount Rushmore; I’ve even walked over the Golden Gate Bridge. But whatever notion I had in my mind when I thought about a ranch in Texas, or what I thought Davis’s ranch was going to be, I was sorely mistaken.

We landed on a runway that looked to be out in the midst of nowhere. A couple of men were approaching in trucks as the pilot landed the jet. I looked out the window, confused about exactly where we were, and turned to him, perplexed. “Where are we precisely?” I asked.

He chuckled at my question, once again unbuckling me and helping me from my seat. “We’re on my land. It’s much more convenient when I can land in my own back yard,” he informed me as we stepped out into the sun.

“How many acres of land do you own?” I asked, looking out at the vast uninterrupted scenery.

“A little over four thousand, but it’s no longer just mine, honey. Remember, it’s yours as well,” he told me, kissing my cheek.

I looked all around me. The land was green, but it was very cold out, a very different kind of cold, but cold nonetheless. I shivered as the wind traveled through my gray dress and pink blazer. All around me were rolling hills, large trees sparsely placed, and earth, tons of earth and dirt all around my feet. I looked down at my heels, frowning.

An arm pulled me close and Davis whispered into my ear. “Come on, sugar, let’s get you into the truck. It’s cold out here, and you’re not properly dressed. Don’t wantcha catching a cold for our wedding night,” he told me, as we walked up to a massive four-door dark blue Ford truck.

I looked at the height of it, then at the very nonforgiving fit of the dress I was wearing. And I thought, just how in the hell was I going to get into this monstrous vehicle? He opened the door for me, and I could see his mind just registered what mine had already come up with. I slid my skirt up my nylon-clad thighs and placed my very tall-heeled foot along the running board. His hand went to my backside, pushing me up into the truck. “I think I like helping you into a truck, Abie,” he commented with a smile, and a kiss to my cheek. When he shut the door I could hear him chuckling at me.

He came in, looking me over before starting the truck. “I think we might need to get you some country gear, woman. I don’t think you’ll be making it that far with them heels on,” he informed me with a smile.

“Yes, I can see that not everything I own is suitable for this way of life,” I pondered, frowning. There was no way I was prepared for this kind of lifestyle. I’d grown up in the city. Going outdoors for me was heading to the local park, where the local boys were what we considered the native animals. Not heading out into the country, with actual wildlife around me.

I sat silently peering through the window, taking in the surroundings of my new home, and I could feel my nerves kick in. I clenched my hands on my lap, trying to just take in a deep breath at the tremendous importance of the decision I had truly made. We were halfway down the road when Davis pulled the truck over to the side of the dirt road. “Abie, look at me, sugar,” he beseeched me.

I turned my head as asked, still lost in my terrifying thoughts about this life that I’d signed up for, and was absolutely unprepared for. “I know it’s very different than what you’re used to, but you’ll get used to it quicker than you realize,” he promised.

Turning my head, I looked out across the land, seeing some cattle off in the distance. His finger drew my face back around to him. “You don’t have to go around wearing flannels, jeans, and boots all the time, if that’s what you’re thinkin’. You can still be yourself here. You just need to have some clothing to be out about the ranch too.” He smiled, looking down at my feet. “I don’t think such pretty shoes will stay pretty that long, otherwise.”

Looking down at my beautiful pink Valentinos with the sheer bows on the side, I saw his point. There was absolutely no way I was wearing such a magnificent pair of heels out into the mud. But then again, the Chanel jacket needed to be put away as well. I didn’t own anything that could be worn out into such an environment. Oh lord, I really felt out of my element at that moment, and I think it showed.

Davis reached over, kissing my lips very tenderly. “Honey, I promise everything will be fine. I love my woman in her heels, and in saying that, I’d never want her to change.” Deep blue eyes roamed over my face. “You believe me, don’t you?” he asked softly.

I sighed, knowing what he said was the truth, but still feeling very unsure of this new environment. “Yes.”

He looked into my eyes, gauging my answer. “Good. You’re just going to need to have a couple other things in your, how do women put it…collection,” he smiled at me.

That did get me laughing at him softly. “All right, I see your point. I guess my wardrobe will be acquiring a few pieces I had never thought to own before. But I can see where, out here, they’d be very useful to have on hand,” I agreed.

He smiled back at me. “Now that’s my ass-spankin’ woman.” A warm hand took mine from my lap and entwined our fingers together. I glanced up at him and he smiled an exuberant smile at me, as he brought my knuckles to his lips and kissed them tenderly. Once he was satisfied that I was feeling more confident in my surroundings, he pulled back onto the road, driving to his, I mean our, home. Oh, lord…

When we pulled into view of his house, it was incredible. Enormous wasn’t generous enough of a word for it. The black wrought-iron gate was held up by massive stone pillars that swooped down at the sides, near what looked like a small stream. Once the gate was fully opened, we made our way over a bridge and up a very long paved road. The pavement turned into cobblestone, all the way onto the half-circle driveway right in front of the house.

My eyes widened as I took in the sheer magnitude of what he dubbed his little country ranch. I sat there staring, and I’m sad to admit, most likely with my mouth gaping open at what I saw. The little country ranch I had been told about was far from what lay before me. It was truly magnificent.

The siding was stucco in some places, but most of the home…mansion, was made up of a beautiful brown stone. The entry to the dwelling protruded out in front, with steps going up to a large ornate oak and glass door. Turning my head I saw the garage; talk about a male fantasy: a four-car garage done entirely in the same stone, with dark wood doors. It completed the color perfectly with the stones and the yellow coloring of the stucco of the home--I mean mansion, this was a mansion. An enormous, overwhelmingly beautiful, ranch-style mansion. The roof was terracotta tile, and the shrubs and flowers surrounding the earth-colored ranch provided a bright contrast of green. Davis was quiet as I sat taking in the sight before me.

“Not quite the little ranch you’d informed me of,” I whispered.

I heard a little unease in his chuckle. “It’s just always been my little ranch to me,” he said softly.

I closed my eyes, getting myself under control, and mentally scolding myself for my ungracious manners. He said not another word as he sat next to me in his truck. “May I ask if your garage is filled with vehicles and all that male macho stuff?” I teased.

He grinned at me. “Why--do you want one, sugar?”

“No, I… umm, no,” I stuttered, actually stuttered over myself.

His smiled dipped a little. “Whatcha think?”

I looked around me, then turned to his concerned face. “It’s stunning, absolutely stunning, Davis. And big…very big.” I said the last part quietly.

He got out of the truck, came around and opened my door. “I think I’d better help you down, don’t you?” he smiled. His hands went to my waist and he helped me to the ground. Once my feet hit the stone, his eyes smoldered and a rumble came from his chest as he pushed me against the truck, taking my mouth once again.

When we broke apart he lifted me in his arms. “I need the honeymoon to begin, Abie. But first I’m going to take my bride over the threshold,” he growled, walking up the steps to the front door. “All customs will be recognized this evening,” he drawled with his adorable Texan mannerisms.

“Welcome home, Mrs. Mills,” he whispered into my ear as he opened the front door.

When he put me down, I took his hand in mine, walking into the soft light ahead of me. He followed behind letting me take the lead. The entry led to a remarkable open-concept kitchen and front room combination. The walls were a golden oak, the same as the floors. Enormous windows rose on each side of the fireplace. I could only imagine that in the morning the view would be breathtaking.

The fireplace was the center of the entire room. The large rocks all fit together perfectly, climbing all the way up to the thirty-foot ceiling above me. The mantel was made from a knotty piece of oak, polished and shining amongst the stones that sat in back of it.An old rustic mantel clock sat on the ornate wood and chimed a lovely sound. The elk’s head that was mounted in the middle of the stone seemed to be staring down at me. That was a little…disturbing.

Davis’s hand slipped from mine as I walked into this magnificent room. My fingers traced the back of the dark brown leather sectional that was large enough to envelop a good portion of the living area as I walked further in. As I glanced over to my left, there was Davis’s massive and very manly TV that he’d told me about, for watching all his games.

I made my way into the kitchen, taking in the quality and beauty of the craftsmanship of the open cabinets, seeing white dishes and mugs in neat settings. The counters were granite but they looked like petrified wood, and my fingers skimmed along the smooth surface, feeling the coolness in the stone.

“I’ve got to admire the spectacular bachelor pad that you have here, Mr. Mills. But I think you and I might have a little chat about the elk that’s staring at me,” I chortled to the man behind me. But nothing came back in reply.

I shook my head, smiling to myself, then glanced behind me. Davis hadn’t moved. He still stood where he had let me down, but now he watched every move I made, with a look on his face I couldn’t quite describe. I smiled at him, his arms crossed over his chest as he leaned back against the wall. I didn’t want him to think I didn’t love his home. It was just a lot for me to take in. But… “It’s beautiful, Davis. It really is. Very manly, but absolutely beautiful nonetheless,” I joked with him softly.

His muscular frame peeled itself off the wall and he walked over to me. He didn’t utter a single word as his masculine hands undid the small dainty gold buttons of my jacket, then went down, unzipping my dress. “Davis…”

His lips ran down my neck. “I’ve waited to see you in my home for what feels like forever, sugar,” he murmured as his lips kept up their onslaught, and kissed softly behind my ear. “I knew you were going to be mine the first night I saw you at that nightclub. With that red bow that went right above that perfect little ass.” He groaned as my dress fell to the floor.

“Davis…” I began again. This time he pulled back from me, caressing the bare skin of my back, and slipping further down. I reached up, taking his face in my hands to kiss his lips. When I released his face, my hands reached back to unlatch my bra.

“Oh hell, sugar!” he growled, as his restraint broke and his mouth came crashing down upon mine, claiming me. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly, wanting to feel his body up against mine. He grunted as my hunger to have him grew to an aching pain. His hand went up to a breast, feeling the hardened nipple with his thumb. I moaned in his mouth, and his chest rumbled as the intensity of need became overwhelming. I clung to his body, taking possession of his mouth, winding his sandy locks in my fist and pulling him close to me.

He broke free from my persistent clinging. “Damn it, sugar!” he groaned, trying to strip off his clothing. I helped with his pants; I wanted those off him and this man inside me now! His hand broke the little strings to my panties, as he wanted them off me just as badly. Once his clothing was on the floor and we both were free from the binding of material, I wrapped myself around him again, hungry for him.

He picked me up, and went to the floor beneath us. “I need you, honey. Need you so damn bad!” his voice rumbled as his finger slid into me to make sure I was ready for him. His moan was as loud as mine when he dipped into my center. “So damn wet, already so ready for me, Abie,” he growled once more, before he took my legs over his shoulders and entered me in one quick thrust.

I gasped at the sheer pleasure of his body entering mine. “Oh lord, Davis!” I gasped. His body thrust deeply into me once again, and with every thrust forward a predatory grunt of ownership came from his chest.

“I love you sugar,” he moaned as he leaned over me, staring into my eyes.

“Lord, I love you too, darling,” I panted as he continued his raw power over me. His body worked me into a frenzy; his moans, his kisses, his dominance, that I never thought I would ever need from a man, turned me the hell on something fierce!

My hands grappled into his hair and the wonderful friction had built to the point of combustion. “More, Davis…faster darling…faster, harder,” I panted. A growl tore from his chest as his very hard erection slammed into my very wet needy quivering center.

“Oh fuck, Abie! God baby, you feel so damn good,” he moaned as I felt him twitch in me, heard the sound of his body slapping into my backside.

My hands went to his face as the dam burst and my body tightened around him, my back arched off the ground as my toes tingled from the explosion. “Oh Davis, oh baby… Don’t stop, don’t stop…yes, yes, yes!” I cried as my body spasmed around him.

His eyes became intense as we stared at one another. “Damn it baby! Yes…fuck yes, I love you honey, so love you… Abie!” he yelled out into the house.

His movements slowed as his body finished with a shudder, but our breathing was still rapid. He lifted my legs free from his shoulders, keeping his weight not completely on me, but managing to wrap me in his arms just the same. “Damn it, sugar. You always have my mind going in a dozen different directions; I couldn’t even make it to our bed,” he grinned, kissing the side of my sweaty neck.

My fingers caressed his back as I felt his heart race. “There’s always tomorrow, darling,” I grinned as well. ”Then you can direct me to where our bedroom is. I think I might get lost without guidance,” I teased, and his chest vibrated with his chuckle as his head lay still in the crook of my neck.

I glanced up at the top of the fireplace and a thought came to my mind. “Would you mind if we slept on the couch together this evening? Maybe start a fire in that magnificent fireplace in front of us, and just relax for a bit?” I questioned with my hands stroking his hair.

He pulled back from me, smiling. “That’s how you want to spend our first night as husband and wife? In the front room in front of the fireplace?”

“I would love to wake up to see the morning sun coming in those beautiful windows. I’ve never been to a campfire, but maybe we could roast marshmallows, or bread and cheese over the flames. Something very romantic.”

He kissed my lips very softly. “That’s what you find romantic, sugar?” He smiled down at me.

“I can think of nothing more romantic than that, Davis,” I said, running my fingers along his face.

That adorable crinkle came to his forehead. “You sure that’s okay with you?”

I smiled, and the little stinker was making her appearance. “Oh we’re not quite finished just yet, Mr. Mills. But after you’ve bathed me, and put on a spectacular show for me in the shower while I taste every inch of your body, you and I may enjoy one another’s company in front of the fireplace. But with lots of soft warm blankets and lots of pillows,” I informed him, still caressing his cheek. “But yes, that’s all I require. And of course you in the buff next to me all night,” I smiled.

“Still givin’ orders, I see.” He laughed at my commands. “That’s fine with me, as long as you’re without clothing as well, sugar.”

“My, you are fast in learning from past mistakes. That’s something I’ll have to remember,” I smirked. “All right, I’ll be in the buff as well with you tonight. And there’ll be no restrictions on anything else you want to experience together tonight,” I whispered to him.

His eyes went wide at that statement. Then that little-boy smile made its appearance. “I can have free range on the lovemaking, even…doggie?” he questioned carefully.

“Yes,” I chuckled.

He carefully slipped from my center, then picked me up and started heading down the hall. “Hot damn, sugar, you’ve just made my night! Let’s get cleaned up and ready for round two. Daddy’s got some ideas. And seeing that ass when I’m taking you from behind…” He moaned, quickening his pace down the hallway and getting ready for our next exploit.

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