The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 13

When Davis saw Abie in his home for the first time, that possessive beast that had always been there when it came to his sugar wasn’t going to wait anymore to claim her. When she dropped her bra to the ground and kissed him, he knew he was a goner.

Their lovemaking was hungry, passionate, intense, all night long. Of course her taking control of him with such passion that drove him, once again, to the verge of madness, helped spur his need for her.Any thoughts he had of their first night together in his bed fell to the wayside as his need to have her scrambled his thoughts. After they’d get through with their lovemaking Abie would start to tease him, touch him, kiss him, whisper those sexy words that would rile him up, and he’d be lost in needing to possess his little woman once again, taking her like the beast he was when it came to her.

Late in the night they lay on the sofa, his arms wrapped around her, and her head lying on his chest. He was telling her stories of his granddad, and how he was given his first horse. Then the topic turned to wanting her to see what beautiful creatures horses were, and the urge to claim her struck him again. But he heard a soft little snore, and he chuckled. He’d worn his woman out. A very good beginning to their marriage, he thought.

One of the reasons for her tiredness was that Abie was as good as her word about letting him get to take her in all the ways he’d been longing for. The first night as a married man, Davis thought there was nothing fucking better out there than this. The possessive beast in him was happy when he finally drifted off to sleep with that smooth porcelain skin next to him, the soft curvy figure pressed alongside him.

When he woke up early in the morning, his eyes blinked a couple of times at the familiar oak ceiling of his ranch. He turned his head quickly to make sure everything that had happened to him wasn’t some sort of sick dream his mind had played, like from a damn book. But there snuggled tightly into his side was his wife. She lay next to him under soft blankets, just as she’d commanded to be brought out for their night next to the fireplace. She had gone to the kitchen early on, getting cheese, bread, slicing up some apples, so they could sit together and toast them over the fire for their supper.

His wife was one of those women his friends would be calling “high maintenance” the first time they met her. But he already knew she was, and it made no difference to him. He was already prepared for the razzing he was going to get. And they’d be right. She definitely wasn’t a country girl, but that was no matter to him. There was one thing that was simply amazing about this woman of his. She was just so damn easy to please. Never had he met anyone who was content with so little, and so appreciative over things that came from the heart.

A soft moan came from her, as her arms hugged tightly to him. He smiled, feeling so damn lucky. He lay next to her, now fully awake, as his great-grandma’s clock struck five on the mantel. Damn internal clock had woken him again. Too bad he’d just fallen asleep at two that morning.

Through the big windows he could see the clouds covering the stars in the sky. That meant he had an hour before dawn, and the roosters crowing. He smiled at the thought of ol’ Ben waking her up from her sleep…that had him chuckling. One arm hugged Abie to him, and the other went behind his head as thoughts of yesterday came back to his mind. He drifted back to when she made her way off the plane and looked out into the vast countryside around her. And when he realized that she wasn’t going to be able to get into the damn truck with what she was wearing. He grinned, remembering how she hiked up the tight-fitting skirt so she could manage to get her leg up.

As far as he was concerned, it wouldn’t bother him in the least helping her up every damn time they went somewhere in the truck. In fact that might be the only vehicle they’d ever use again, just for the sole purpose of getting her sexy rounded ass in his hands. Then the smile faded from his face, because what stuck out the most was just how damn lost she’d looked, and how quiet she was. Hell, he could see the anxiety rising in her as she sat there with her fists white knuckled on her pretty little dress. And that made his stomach twist.

That was one of the reasons he wanted to take everything slowly with her. That was why he wanted to stay in Boston with her for a year, get used to living with one another, bring her out gradually to Houston. But like everything that happened with the two of them, his ideas got tossed out the damn door, and now he had to think on the fly about how to help her adjust to such a different way of life.

He knew the style of life that he was accustomed to was going to be a challenge for her at first. Hell, having to live in suits and ties was a challenge for him when he went to go rescue his granddad’s companies, but he did it. There wasn’t a doubt in his mind that she could adapt here as well. And it wasn’t going to be an all-year thing, living out here, anyway. He’d compromise with her.

It was funny that she didn’t look too impressed with all the land that they sat on. Most people were struck dumb the first time he told him about his ranch. Abie, she just sat there very quiet. She was used to coffee shops all around her, the bustle of people, and the sounds of city life all day and night. Out here it was a good hour and a half drive to get to the closest town. It would be just him and her. Well, him, her, and his staff. He groaned softly as that crossed his mind as well. Her comment on how the ranch was big, no, “very big,” had stuck in his head.

He knew it was much bigger than their brownstone on Beacon Hill, but honestly it was never a big deal to him, until now. Hell, even when they lived in the brownstone, Abie did most of the housework herself on top of all her job-related work, only having a maid come in once a week to help with floors and more time-consuming chores. She never mentioned hiring a chef either. She was content with take-out or making something together in the kitchen. He could see that all of the maids and his chef could be a problem. She very much valued her privacy, and expected it, whereas he was never home long enough to really care. That was something they would need to discuss right away. He wanted her comfortable in their home.

For Davis, living on the East Coast and the Gulf Coast was a normal thing. Growing up, he spent his summers in New England with his father’s side of the family. The Mills penthouse in Boston was their normal destination. But William Mills also had a home in the Hamptons, purely for status reasons. They’d normally spend a week or two in the Hamptons, maybe Christmas. So he knew the feel of a New England house, a little more squared off in the rooms, and his homes in Houston were always wide open, and, he’d guess…big as well.

He looked down at her hugged next to his chest, her dark blonde hair going into little soft ringlets from their shower together last night. One of his fingers found its way into a long spiral as his eyes roamed over her soft face.

Her childhood was so completely different from his. His was tough in the way of a child seeing his mother always broken hearted, and a father who was a male chauvinistic tyrant to his wife. But Abie lost her daddy at a very early age. He’d left her and her momma, just another male in her life that hurt her, and then his father stole her momma away from her. She’d had only the support of an aunt to take care of her. She never really had a home growing up. From what he understood she’d always helped her aunt with her momma when she was young. And when she got older, helped out with bills and food too. Always having a job, and always having so many damn responsibilities. For the past seven years she’d had no home whatsoever, just living out of hotels or her friends’ places. A city girl, a well-traveled city girl, but a city girl through and through.

His hand ran over his tired face, while the other caressed the soft flesh of his woman. More things that she said came to mind. She said she didn’t like the elk’s head, and his eyes went up to his trophy. That was an easy fix for him. He wanted her to add her own style to the ranch, make it theirs, not just his. If his sugar wanted the damn elk gone, it was gone.

He never knew it was possible to love a woman so damn much. The thought of her being unhappy, or losing her because she couldn’t manage to find a way for them to reach that “common ground” she always talked about--it scared the hell out of him! They had two weeks here in Houston to become a family. And that meant finding that common ground between them, so they could have a life together. He knew she had to go back to Boston for her job…

His face fell and the frown deepened. Damn it, he didn’t want her traveling all over the world, leaving him for weeks or months at a time. He just couldn’t live like that; that would be too much for him. He also knew that she couldn’t just stay home while he went to work every day, whether that was on the ranch or having to fly out somewhere to deal with company issues. She definitely wasn’t the type of woman who was going to go out shopping all day, or join the local women’s groups as some wives of his friends did.No, that wasn’t her. She was a career woman, who was used to being on the go all the damn time. They’d have to come up with a solution so he could have her in bed with him every night. Maybe even try to start their family.

Both of them were older, and he knew that they needed to have a long talk about children. Damn, he hoped he could talk her into a baby sooner, rather than later. He wanted to feel his baby kicking in her swollen belly. Just the thought of her with his child brought out something so damn possessive in him, it was unbelievable. He was a selfish bastard for wanting her to be home with his children, and he knew it. But damn it, he couldn’t help it!

The sun was finally breaking through the clouds as he lay there on the sofa with his wife. He knew what he was going to do this morning. He was going to go get her some clothing so she could enjoy coming with him to look at the ranch. See his horses, the chicken coop and the rabbit hutches, meet his dogs, and the people that worked for him. See that life on a ranch was a remarkable thing, not just dirt. He knew she could handle it; it was just going to take a little time, and the right clothing. But his feisty woman could do anything she put her mind to. He pulled her up close to him and lay there watching the sun come up, hoping that she could fall in love with his ranch, just as easily as she fell in love with him.

But until then, she only had a little more time to sleep until he was going to wake her up. Other parts of his body were already wide awake, and wanting some more of that sweetness that only his little woman could give him.


Something warm tickled me against my neck. But I was still so tired from last night, I tried to shoo it away from me, only to receive a deep chuckle in my ear. “Sugar, it’s after six, and I’ve been up for quite some time now. Let’s get that pretty little ass up and get going.” Soft lips growled along my skin.

“Damn it, Davis,” I moaned. “We only just went to sleep a couple of hours ago,” I exclaimed to him tiredly. That brought his firm warm body moving over mine, planting himself in between my thighs. A very aroused part of him found its way back to where he wanted it to be, teasing me. “But I’m up, sugar…” he teased, as his tip started to slip into me.

“Yes, darling, I can feel a part of you that’s very much wide awake. But can’t I at least sleep in until eight?” I mumbled softly, and very childlike. My eyes remained closed in the soft morning light, still not wanting to fully awake from my slumber.

Lips touched mine, licking along my bottom lip. I moaned softly, as a warm tongue slipped into my mouth, stopping any further arguments about waking up. My only thought now was what this man was going to do with my body.

A while later I was introduced to my new bedroom. I remembered seeing a little of it last night as we made our way into the master suite bathroom, or what I managed to see under the dimmed lights around the shower. My mind was otherwise occupied at the time.

This morning as we stepped out of the shower and went into the master suite, I was overcome by the enormity of the room. I stood in my towel and looked around as Davis came to me in his jeans, t-shirt, and cowboy boots.

“Come on sugar, I want to get you fed, and head out to get you some clothing to take you to see the ranch,” he told me, swatting my backside. “It’s going to take a while to get into town and back. So I need you to chop, chop.” He chuckled, leaving me alone in the room to absorb it all.

The walls were cream color with the same golden oak as the living room running along the ceiling and the floors, and there was another fireplace, this one made from cobblestone. The bed was massive with cream-colored bedding, very simple yet very masculine as well. My luggage sat up against the wall near a large sliding back door.

I walked over and placed one of my bags on the bed. I dug around in the clothing I had brought for my honeymoon, and really had to question my sanity when I gave Allie instructions on what to bring from the brownstone for me to wear. I found a black turtleneck and a pair of my black comfy leggings. That was a start. I put those on, and then went to Davis’s drawers and found a white t-shirt that I put on over the turtleneck. It hung to my thighs. With some clothing on I got another piece of luggage that I knew my shoes were packed in. I placed it on the bed, hoping my black UGG boots were in there. I smiled when there they were, on top of everything else. My best friend knew better than I that this trip required more than just heels, because my tennis shoes were in there as well.

Jewelry would be unnecessary for such an environment, so I went into the bathroom and prepared myself. My makeup was on and my hair was once again smooth, and I placed it in a tidy ponytail, wisping my bangs to the side. I grabbed one of my lovely blue scarves, placing it around my neck in a knot, slipped on my boots, got my purse and went down to the kitchen. With one of Davis’s borrowed coats, I was fine to go look around his ranch that morning. We could go to lunch when we came back, then take a run into the city.

I heard voices coming from the kitchen area, and I wondered if Betty Ann had made her way over sooner than Davis expected. That got me chuckling about his mother’s giddiness over the marriage. I followed the sounds back to the great room, only to see his large TV blaring the morning news as he cooked us breakfast.

“Good morning. I thought we had company, the TV is so loud,” I said very loudly over the newswoman.

He looked up from his pans, smiling at me and turning down the news. “Hey, sugar. No company, just like to watch the stocks and hear the weather…” Then he stopped when he realized what I had used for my wardrobe this morning. “I see you’ve claimed one of my shirts again. And seems like you’ve found something to wear that might come back still useable from the country?” He grinned at me. “Well, your boots are questionable.”

I shrugged with a smile. “I found some things that could take some outdoor exertion.”

“So you don’t want to head into town?” he asked.

Taking a stool at the counter, I laughed at him. “I know you want to take me out and see your ranch, Davis…”

He quickly made eye contact with me, and his forehead crinkled along with his frown. “Sugar, this is our ranch now. Just like the brownstone is our home, same damn thing.”

“All right, darling, this is our home,” I answered softly. The little-boy smile broke out across his face, placing one on mine as well. “I could tell that you really wanted to be out early this morning. And with the things I found to wear I thought we could head out into the city when we get back.”

He turned an egg in bacon grease and my stomach felt a little sour at the sight. He chuckled as he grabbed the toast that had popped up. “Honey, we weren’t going to the city. Just to the nearest town to get you some boots, and maybe some jeans…and a couple sweatshirts that can get dirty, but that’s just in case,” he proclaimed.

I looked down at my boots, then back to him. “Am I going to be in the mud all day? Do you really think the boots will get ruined just from this morning? What precisely do you have planned for our excursion, Davis, because honestly I don’t think I can go out and ride a horse or something?” I exclaimed, a little panicked.

He laughed at me now. “I wouldn’t go putting you on a horse,” he told me, shaking his head. “We’ll be mostly in the four wheeler. But you’ll be getting out to meet my ranch hands, and walking in the stables.” He stopped, glancing at my feet. “I think the boots will survive the outing today,” he winked at me.

He placed a plate of runny eggs, bacon, and toast in front of me with a big mug of coffee. Then he made his way over to fix himself a plate, took a seat next to me at the counter, and started to eat with gusto.

“Now, I was thinkin’ after breakfast we’d go check in with Mike in the back forty. I wanted to check the calves that were just born. Then I wanted to show you some of the streams runnin’ along the property…” he began.

I looked down at the breakfast, and I must say it didn’t appeal to my appetite one bit. “I’m sorry, Davis, but do you happen to have an antacid? My stomach is a bit off this morning.”

He quickly looked up at me. “You’re sick? Damn it, I knew standin’ out in the cold in that thin little dress would get you sick.” He swore at himself. His fork went to his plate as he walked over, retrieved two Tums from a bottle and brought them over to me.

“No, I don’t think being in the cold had anything to do with it, and I don’t believe it’s anything to become concerned about,” I told him as I chewed the chalky tablets. “I truly believe lack of sleep and all the excitement of the last couple days has upset my system. Please don’t fret, Davis,” I smiled, rubbing his arm.

He nodded, as my explanation appeased him. “Then why don’t you just have your coffee, and we’ll get a nice lunch later on when we get back. Maybe head into the city,” he suggested before he started back into his breakfast.

The mug sat in front of me, and even the thought of coffee wasn’t very appetizing at the moment. “You know, I’m really not in the mood for coffee as well. I think I’d just prefer some water this morning. Or do you think you might possibly have a ginger ale somewhere, to ease my stomach?”

The bite he was about to take never made it to his mouth. His head turned and now he truly looked concerned. “You tellin’ me that you don’t even want your coffee?” he asked, perplexed by the thought.

Truth be told, I must be getting a virus if coffee didn’t sound good, but that’s usually what happens when I am truly getting sick. I got up from the chair and took the plate to the sink. “Davis, I do every now and again get the occasional bug,” I replied. “There’s nothing for you to be concerned about.”

But he got up from his stool, making his way to me. I glanced up as he stared down at me. His hand went to my forehead. “Well, you’re not running a fever, so that’s good. Maybe we should just stay in and let you rest,” he thought out loud, not bothering to ask me.

I got to my tiptoes and kissed him. “I’m fine, truly fine. I want you to show me this ranch I’ve heard about,” I smiled.

His hands cupped my face. “I want you to eat some soda crackers before we head out. I’d like something sittin’ in your stomach, and I think I have a 7-Up in the pantry. We’ll take some extra with us.” He looked over my attire, not seeming quite pleased with it. “And I’ll get you a warm jacket, and some blankets to put in the four wheeler just to be on the safe side,” he informed me. “Maybe Rick could swing by town and pick up some ginger ales, just to have on hand.”

That got me chuckling. My hands went over his reassuringly. “You do what you think is best. But I’m going to be fine. I just need a good night’s rest, and I don’t think you remembered this morning but, I’m a vegetarian,” I told him softly.

His eyes widened, and then his forehead crinkled. “Didn’t like the smell of all the bacon?”

“No, the smell was fine. It was cooking everything that was edible for me in pig’s fat that didn’t look quite so appetizing,” I mumbled. Even the thought of it made my stomach turn.

He shook his head. “Sorry, sugar. You’re right, I completely forgot about it. I just started to make breakfast like I usually do.”

I laughed, wrapping my arms around his middle, feeling his firm chest under my cheek. “It’s fine, don’t be so hard on yourself, darling. And thank you for breakfast anyhow.” I smiled up at him as he hugged me. “Now why don’t you show me this enormous ranch that I’ve inherited from my pushy man, and now I’ll add ‘worrying man’ to my list of names?”

He kissed my lips, and wrapped his arm around my shoulder as we headed out. “Okay, I’ll get a couple things, and then we’ll be on our way,” he told me happily.

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