The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 14

The first week of adjustment to the workings of a ranch was somewhat difficult for me, I’d have to admit. The first thing Davis told me about was all his staff, and he asked how I felt about it. In truth, I didn’t want the task of even trying to maintain such a residence. So the question of a cleaning staff was a very easy one.

He told me about Carla, his cook, and that she came in six days a week starting at five. I was also informed that she left by one in the afternoon, and would normally ask Davis if he was staying home that evening, or would prefer dinner left in the refrigerator for him when he came back in. Now Davis eats a hearty breakfast very early in the morning, including many things I prefer not to partake of. But in saying that, the thought of someone being in the house that early in the morning, when thoughts could be flowing unbridled…

My mind is not a neat and tidy place; well it is, just not on certain things. My daily life that the world sees is very neat and extremely tidy, from my appearance to the environment in which I work. Everything is kept orderly, and runs like clockwork. My mind on sexual naughtiness, however, leaves many things very…messy. Davis has only witnessed some of my perverse behavior, which I keep in check, and only let a little out at a time for him. Yes, my man loves naughty things, but that doesn’t mean I can throw every little thing at him at once… I know what you’re thinking: it doesn’t sound too disorderly, oh but believe me, it is.

That messiness sometimes leads to very kinky things that might spill out into the world around me, whether that’s enjoying the sight of my pet in the buff, or having him wear apparel that I have personally picked out for him, to having him sprawled out on the kitchen floor, and riding that luscious body with his cowboy hat on my head…one never knows for sure until the moment strikes.

Now I know what you’re thinking: having someone cook and clean after you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, I should be giddy at such a situation, right? But I wasn’t. I won’t lie; having staff to clean is wonderful, but I really have some issues with people touching my clothing or being in my personal space. Some habits are very hard to break.

My very dominant vanilla man has had his share of being in control of our lovemaking of late, and honestly that suits me just fine. With a man like Davis, even vanilla is something scorchingly delicious. Just the thought of that man being next to me, and the way he talks with the Texas drawl when he whispers my name in my ear, feeling his muscles tense under my fingertips when he’s moving deep inside of me…

Anyway, I know I no longer have subs, or lovers, and truthfully I no longer crave the complete and utter control that I desired in the bedroom. The dominance that I required is no longer a necessity for me. Do I still enjoy certain acts of dominance? Yes, very, very much so. Certain ones now more than before, especially when I see Davis’s bare backside.

But after being with Davis, I fully understand Inga’s lecture to me about being in love, and having one man to love. If you can expand your mind to get past what you consider normalcy in your life, the joy in the bedroom is so much more fulfilling. The feeling you get when a man is so hungry for you that he can barely contain himself to touch you, to be in you, there is an overwhelming feeling of empowerment when your man needs you so desperately. It is a new form of power, but in a very feminine way.

But when the mood strikes me and I want to have my way with that man, do I want to worry about people in the house? For me, things could be very interesting if there were, almost making it into a game…but for him?When the mood strikes me and I’m needing something a little out of the realm of vanilla, that gorgeous cowboy most definitely becomes my…pet. And I wouldn’t think he’d like an audience to witness some of my depravity.

So some rules were going to have to be set in place for the staff. I hated the thought of him telling his people that they would have a schedule to work by. I warned him that unless he was very much into the sex-in-public scene, he might want to rethink his staffing arrangement into what I was suggesting. I had no problems with his staff coming in by eight or nine in the morning, and leaving by three. But on the weekends, there was to be no staff at all. I preferred for us to just enjoy each other. And we really didn’t need a chef; I had a man I love to cook for me, without clothing on.

As for the laundry, the thought of people I didn’t know going through my intimates and then coming into my room to place things in my drawers was very discomforting for me. I honestly don’t mind doing laundry, and I informed my husband so. He thought that was hilarious, but he wouldn’t when he saw some of the things I would bring home for him to wear some night. Then he would be very pleased.

About five days after Davis and I had arrived at the ranch, Betty Ann came by, gushing with happiness over our nuptials again. She wanted to introduce me to some of her girlfriends over at a country club that she was a member of. I turned my head quickly to Davis, who was holding in a laugh. I was then informed that she’d already given these women the idea that I was going shopping with her that afternoon, and that she would introduce me, her new daughter-in-law, to them.

I put on my good-girl smile and told her it would be lovely to meet some of her acquaintances, and that going out and about with her to get some shopping in would be highly appreciated, since Davis and I hadn’t yet managed to drive into the city. She clapped her hands and was all smiles. I saw where Davis got that “backing one into the corner” gene of his. But Betty Ann was a charmingly sweet woman, and I wouldn’t want to cause her any embarrassment if she appeared in front of her friends without me accompanying her. So I told her that I needed a moment to ready myself.

I knew I was going to be on display for all her friends to see, so I did what any good daughter would do; I was going to make her very proud. I wore my heather-gray pencil skirt and gray leather jacket, a white blouse with a ruffled front, my gray chunky heels, and my pearl earrings. My makeup was clean and soft, my hair straight and silky. The ensemble of Chanel bracelets went on with my watch. I threw my warm wool trench over my shoulders and headed out.

With an appropriate kiss on the cheek in front of his mother, Davis growled in my ear about what he was going to do to me when I got back home to him, causing me to shiver in anticipation. Then Betty Ann and I were off to Houston in a big white SUV, to meet her friends.

When we pulled into a gated golf course, I internally moaned. Dealing with people of wealth had never been a problem for me, but I mostly dealt with men when working. I’d also had the pleasure of working with some fabulous female CEOs, but these kinds of women? These were the catty women you begged would want a spanking session with you, because they were normally the ones who needed it the most.

I walked in with Betty Ann, smiling as she chatted away about how we would shop after lunch with the ladies. She took my arm like a child does a mother, leading me into a stunning banquet room, and I chuckled at her enthusiasm. In many ways she very much reminded me of my own mother, and how I thought she would act if not wounded by her life.

As we walked in I saw Davis’s sister Jessica sitting at a table, talking with a woman. She smiled as we made our way in, getting up from her seat. The talking seemed to stop once they all realized who had entered. “Momma, Abie, so glad y’all could finally make it,” she said cheerfully. “Momma, I think Charlotte wanted to talk to you.”

Betty Ann still had ahold of me. “All right, Jess, but I wanted to have her meet Abie,” she began.

Jessica placated her mother like a pro. “I know that, Momma,” she said, then dipped her head a bit. “I just wanted to give her some pointers before the vultures come sniffin’ around fresh meat,” she declared.

“That was very unkind, talkin’ bout my friends in such a way,” Betty Ann scolded her, but then dropped her hands from my arm. “But it might be the right thing to do, to give her the ins and outs of the social status round here.”

Jessica nodded, and then proceeded to drag me away from the crowd of women. “Jessica, I’m very capable of dealing with women such as these, I hope you know,” I informed her with a little laugh.

She smiled at me, getting herself a drink, at eleven in the morning… “Hell, I know you are. But Jenna and her momma showed up this morning, waitin’ for the two of you to make your appearance,” she told me, taking a drink of her screwdriver.

I glanced around casually, then I spotted the tall woman with bobbed hair I’d met as Davis’s ex-fiancée. “Okay, is that supposed to have a greater meaning to me, Jessica? Because at this minute it holds absolutely no value for me whatsoever,” I replied, taking the glass of water offered.

She pulled me to a side table, where I could feel eyes watching our every move. “Okay look, I’m going to give you the dynamics of Houston. The Gravins are at the top of the status list. If you don’t know my momma, well, her or me, then they consider you an outcast.”

I sat back in my chair. “Well, I find that appalling. I’m not into social status. I was never one with the appetite for it, let alone the money to acquire such things,” I remarked, crossing my legs and glancing out among the whispering women.

She sat back and smiled broadly at my remarks. “Damn, Davis said you were smart, and sassy. Looks like he was right.” Her eyes wandered over me. “You’re just the kind of woman I was hoping my brother would marry. I’d love to have a sister of the same mindset.”

I dipped my head in thanks, but waited for her to continue. “Look, Momma and I didn’t make these foul rules up, the women out there did. Could you see my momma trying to snub anybody?” she laughed.

That did get me chuckling. “I can’t see Betty Ann saying anything cruel to anyone, quite honestly. I think offering someone charity would be more fitting for such a sweet soul,” I smiled.

Jessica smiled back at me. “My thoughts exactly. They don’t quite sound so pretty, but yes, that’s my momma. But you see she can be very…gullible, when people say things to her.” She leaned in closer to me. “I believe that Carry May Westwood, that’s Jenna’s momma, wants to get back into social standing with my momma since Davis is now a married man.”

I gave her a little shrug. “I still fail to see the problem. Her mother wants back in with her friends, after her daughter did something wretched to one of her friend’s sons.” My hands folded on my lap as Jessica’s brows went together. “In the social circle that these women have, I can see where it would be devastating to be an outcast. So now my question to you is, why all the hullaballoo over something so incidental?” I asked.

Her arms folded over her beautiful fitted white dress. “Because I wouldn’t trust Jenna anywhere near my brother. She still thinks that he’s in love with her, and I’d be willing to bet money that she’s none too happy that he’s gone and found himself a beautiful wife,” she cautioned.


“Just call me Jess, or Jessie,” she insisted.

I shook my head. “All right, Jess. If I thought this woman was a threat to me in any way, I would’ve never married your brother. She is allowed to think whatever she wishes, even if it’s as delusional as you’re insisting,” I commented.

Patting her knee quickly I stood, glancing over at Betty Ann who was very impatiently waiting for us at the moment. “I’ve already dealt with this woman once. And believe me, her brain isn’t all that witty. She’s hardly the vixen you’re suggesting her to be. Now come on, I’m off to be showboated to your mother’s friends,” I laughed.

She got up, laughing as well. “Well, damn, I don’t think you’ve got anything to worry about with that quick tongue of yours,” she whispered as we walked over to the group of women waiting to meet the new Mrs. Mills. “Now just be prepared for a bombardment of questions about how Davis and you met.”

I smiled a truly wicked smile at her. “So does that mean I can’t bring up the wearing of black leather, and making him do my bidding? You think that would be too informative of how I enchanted that luscious male to become my pet?”

She snickered. “Damn, I like you.”

A couple of hours later we finished up with Betty Ann’s social gathering of very small-minded women, and one extremely obstinate woman, who went out of her way trying to become friends with me. We finally managed to head out to do some shopping.

Once we were in the car I asked Betty Ann if she knew of an adequate place where one could find decent cowboy boots, jeans, and possibly a hat. Stunned, but with a smile on her face, she took me to a very nice store with a good selection of more appropriate outdoor attire. After looking around, I picked out a couple of pairs of plain old blue jeans, a gray sweatshirt, a pair of soft brown rustic cowboy boots, and one cream-colored eyelet sundress that I thought had potential to be more.

Betty Ann and I had a lovely chat about how she grew up, and how her mother had died when Betty Ann was at the tender age of four. I was also informed that her dad was so very much in love with her mother that he never married again. I could see how the beautiful man I loved had acquired his trait of devotion. She pulled into the driveway and gave me an exuberant hug, before letting me go with a smile and an invitation to come to her home with Davis for an afternoon lunch sometime.

With my shopping bags in hand I went to the main living space, looking for my pet. “Davis?” I called out. But there was no answer. I walked into our bedroom to see if he had possibly stepped into the shower after being out all day in the sun, but he wasn’t there either.

I put my new apparel out on the bed to check it over. When I came to the eyelet sundress I smiled to myself, peeling off the clothing I’d worn since that morning. I placed my things on the bed and slipped the soft dress over my head. Its lovely hem hung to my ankles and it flowed nicely around my waist. I went to Davis’s drawer, just realizing at that moment I’d forgotten to buy socks for my boots. So I pulled out a pair, slipped them on, then pulled on the rustic boots I’d bought myself.

I went to the standing mirror to take a look at myself with my country…duds on. The material was nice and the cut fit my figure. It wasn’t too bad; it wasn’t fabulous by any means. But it was appropriate for being out in the country with my husband. Maybe an outing with the possibility of an excursion…

But being alone on the ranch made my mind wander. I was very much an active person. So to stay in and not have something for my mind to focus on was never a good thing. Davis could come home and I’d have the whole ranch sketched out in a new interior design. Might’ve even started on the outdoors… So I went to his closet and pulled out a warm, oversized red, green, and blue flannel shirt. Then I made my way to the garage where he kept those all-terrain vehicles. He’d placed my Pats baseball cap next to his cowboy hats, and I put that on as I grabbed the keys to go head out and take a look at the ranch.

It would be nice to take a look around by myself and really get a feel for the place. I knew Davis was extremely happy out on his land, and he was always smiling when we’d talk about his cattle or his fishing hole. Since it was already four in the afternoon I figured I’d stay close to home. Maybe just drive out to the big barn and go take a peek at all the little creatures that lived there. The bunnies were so adorable. And I would love to go take a look at the puppies again.


When Davis drove into the driveway he saw one of the Gators down by the big barn, and he wondered who the hell was down there this late in the day. He turned his truck around, heading down to see who was still there. He knew his momma would have his little woman home late tonight; that’s why he met up with a couple of friends he hadn’t seen in a while and had a beer. So which ranch hand was down at the barn, he didn’t know, only hoped that one of the animals wasn’t sick.

When he pulled up he heard dogs barking playfully, so he shut the truck door and walked in. There sitting in the fresh hay was Abie, playing with the new litter of puppies. Old Sam came trouncing on up to him, and Davis patted his side. “Good boy.”

She looked up at him, laughing as one puppy kept jumping up on her to give her kisses. He knew all about that feeling. “Whatcha doing in here, sugar?” he chuckled, watching her deal with eight little Australian shepherd puppies.

“I wanted to let them out to play. But I think they’re thinking I’m their new play toy,” she laughed again.

He took a good look at her, seeing the cowboy boots, and a country dress under his flannel. She looked so damn soft, so beautiful. Her hair was pulled back into a baseball cap and she had little puppy paw prints on her new dress. This woman could get his mind so damn muddled without even saying a word, and seeing her in that western gear... But it seemed whenever he saw this woman, only one part of his body did the thinking for him. And it must be a damn genius by now.

He went to go sit next to her on the hay. “I’m sorry I wasn’t home. I thought you’d be gone a lot longer. I was out tonight with some old friends havin’ a beer,” he told her, gauging her reaction.

“That must have been nice.”

“Yeah, it was nice to see some old faces that I grew up with. They thought it would be fun to have a get-together at the ranch, so they all could come and meet you. Maybe bring their wives, girlfriends, and maybe you might find…” He stopped, looking for the right words.

She frowned, holding a puppy. “Go on, Davis.”

He sighed, picking up a straw of hay and putting it in his mouth as he lay back on the mound of hay behind him. “I don’t know, maybe find a friend. You know, a woman you could be friends with out here in Houston,” he explained.

She nodded her head at his explanation. “You really love it out here, don’t you?” she said, but he knew it was more to herself than to him.

“I’d like for us to live in both places. But in Boston you have your friends to talk to and your life that you’re accustomed to. I’d like you to find that out here in Houston as well. It’d be nice if some of my friends’ wives or girlfriends you were friendly with, it’d make great barbecue parties.” He smiled, but then sobered a bit. “I just want you happy, sugar.”

She smiled at that. “I am happy, Davis. Very happy, darling,” she reassured him.

He kicked back his ankles on top of each other; the light in the barn was on and the sun was setting. “So how did it go with all of Momma’s crazy female friends?”

She was quiet, too damn quiet as she petted a puppy that had fallen asleep on her lap. But she turned to look over her shoulder at him lying back with a smile. “I had a lovely time with your mother, and I think Jess and I will become very good friends.” The sly smile slipped onto her face, and he groaned.

“I should’ve known you and Jessie would become friends. But if she makes a pass at you, you tell me right away!” he growled.

That had her laughing. “Davis, darling. I’m not interested in women. Despite what your mind has come up with.” She laughed some more, shaking her head at him.

He sat up quickly. “But you said, on the plane…” he rambled.

“Just because I’m not interested in women doesn’t mean I haven’t been with one, either,” she informed him with that sly smile.

“Damn it!” he groaned, running his hand through his hair. “I can’t think when you start that kind of talk, sugar.” He turned on his side, tipping his hat back as he watched her. “So you okay with a party?” he asked. One hand came out, petting the puppy on her lap.

She shrugged. “I wouldn’t mind being introduced to your friends if that’s what you’re wanting.”

That wasn’t quite what he was hoping for, so he changed the subject. “You like that little guy? I’ve noticed you two kinda clicked,” he observed.

Her hand smoothed over his fur. “He is a very unique little thing. Out of all the puppies he’s the only one that’s mostly gray, white with only small speckles of black, and on each side of his cheeks a splash of tan.” She smiled. “One eye is crystal blue while the other is brown, and look how chubby he is. Makes me think of a certain little boy,” she chuckled, glancing up at him.

He continued to pet the dog after she finished speaking. “You’ve never had a puppy before, Abie?” he asked softly, thinking of his childhood and all the animals that he grew up with, and the way she held the puppy so lovingly, like it was something she once longed for.

She looked down at the bundle of fur and frowned. “No, animals were always prohibited in places where I lived. And it wouldn’t have been fair for the creature anyway. My free time was spent with my mother, and helping my aunt.”

That was what he had thought, as he nodded to her. “Then why don’t we adopt this little guy,” he suggested.

Her head rose and her eyes wandered over his face. “But they’re already your dogs, silly man. How do you suggest I adopt one that already belongs to you?”

“The puppies get sold and go to homes, sugar. These little guys are ready to be weaned and sold to new families. What I’m sayin’ is, you take him in and raise him up. He’s yours, yours alone, Abie,” he offered with a smile.

She peeked down at the puppy. “Mine…”

He sat up and scooted closer to her. “What are you going to name him, sugar?”

The smile on her face was beautiful. “I think I’ll name him Choo,” she answered.

Davis fell back onto the hay, laughing loudly. “Choo? Where did you come up with a name like that?” he asked, puzzled.

She scooted puppies that had fallen asleep away from her, then lay next to him in the straw.“Well, Jimmy Choo is a famous shoe designer. Many of my heels are Jimmy Choos, so Choo. I was thinking Louboutin also, those are my very naughty shoes.” She winked at him. “But he’d end up being called Lou and then the meaning of his name would be lost. So I think Choo is quite fitting for him. A beautifully unique puppy, with an absolutely stunning name,” she explained.

“A cattle dog named Choo--now I think that’s a first. And named after a famous shoe designer no less.” He chuckled at the thought. “I think, sugar, you just changed the ranch in one swift move,” he smiled at her.

He got up on his elbow, looking into her speckled eyes and changing the subject. “We leave next Sunday to head back to Boston. I was thinkin’ we could have the party Friday night.” He bent down to kiss her lips.

A hand came up caressing the side of his face, then fingers slipped through the side of his hair that the hat didn’t cover. “You, Mr. Mills, are getting a little gray at the temples,” she informed him.

He kissed her again. “Am I?”

“Yes, and I must inform you that I find it extremely sexy,” she purred. He went to take off his hat but she stopped him. “Ah, ah, ah. I’m in a barn, lying in the hay. I think the hat must stay on in this western fantasy with a gorgeous cowboy at my beckoning,” she whispered as her eyes smoldered at him.

A hand went to her breast. “Are you evading the question?”

She chuckled as he kissed her neck. “No. You want to have a party with your friends, then by all means have a party,” she told him in between kisses. “I’ll meet your friends, darling.” Her voice came breathlessly in his ear.

Slender hands unbuckled his belt. “Mrs. Mills, are you suggesting we make love in the hay, and around a bunch of innocent puppies?” he questioned, teasing her.

“Well, I think Choo better become accustomed to such activities. He’ll be sleeping at the end of our bed from now on.”

She pushed down his pants, revealing his already hard cock. Fingers ran down his exposed flesh and he moaned at her touch. “Always so happy to perform for me.” She smiled, and he could see her mind coming up with something mischievous.

She lifted herself up, kissing the tip and making him shudder. Teeth softly bit down on his swollen head as she licked her tongue right up the sensitive slit. “Oh fuck Abie, oh shit, sugar.” Her fingertips teased his tight aching balls.

When she pulled back she smiled that sly smile, already knowing he was there to take. “You know what I want, darling,” she whispered. Her eyes were looking at his engorged cock but then shot up to his, waiting for her command to be answered.

He groaned, knowing what fun torture she was going to bestow upon him. She lay back in the hay, her arms going in back of her head, waiting for the show he was commanded to perform for her. “My pet is awful slow in fulfilling his mistress’s commands. I think a spanking may be in order,” she purred seductively.

“Damn it,” he moaned, as his hand took hold of himself and he started to stroke. She chuckled at him, then sat back up with his cock right in front of her face. Her tongue darted out, licking his vertical slit.

“Show me that luscious abdomen, Davis,” she instructed. So he lifted up his shirt, showing her a part of his body she never seemed to get enough of. “Very good boy,” she whispered as she lay back once more to get comfortable and watch his show.

“You open up for me as well, sugar. Let me see you all exposed with cowboy boots on…” he groaned at her. He still obeyed, stroking himself, but he wanted a show as well.

“Now the pet is giving orders?” she teased. He bit his lip and grunted as thoughts of her doing just what he wanted ran rampant through his mind.

“Damn it, sugar…please,” he moaned.

Her smile became wicked as her knees bent and spread open, showing him the rustic cowboy boots she had on. Her hands went to her knees, and taking a handful of material she started to raise the hem up to give him what he asked for.

“Only for you, Davis, will I give in to demands,” she purred. The material fell down her thighs and lay around her waist. “Are there any other demands that my pet is wanting his mistress to fulfill for him tonight?”

He was so damn hard all he wanted was to sink into her, but to miss this opportunity… “Take them panties off, and have your legs open wider. I want to see if you’re glistening for me, honey,” he moaned.

She slid the panties down her legs, leaving the soft material around one of her boots. Now his eyes shot up to hers. Her soft curls were already beckoning to him with moisture. “You know what I want, sugar,” he growled.

Her slender finger went to her mouth, teasing him, as she sucked and licked the digit before she fulfilled his command. “Oh honey, please,” he grunted as he was stroking himself with hard strokes; just thinking about what she was going to do was going to make him lose his load.

“Keep stroking, Davis, but there is no release of pleasure until my say so, pet,” she warned him. He nodded, and then watched her finger slip into the wet center that he was burning to be into. One hand opened herself to him so every movement she made was right there for him to witness.

“So damn beautiful, sugar,” he groaned as her back hitched up off the ground as her finger tickled her swollen nub. “What you fuckin’ do to me!” he growled at her.

That made her smile and the hand that held her open now went to her breast, feeling her soft mound. Her nipple pebbled under the material and all he wanted was to have that rosy bud in his mouth. The tips of his boots dug themselves into the ground as his desire was growing into an uncontrollable need to be deep inside her.

“Rub your tip with all that liquid you’re leaking, darling,” she panted, just as turned on when he did all the naughty things of her bidding. His finger came up, touching the sensitive tip, rubbing his precum all over. “Pinch it open,” she commanded.

He pinched the slit at his tip as drips fell from him. “Now that’s scrumptious,” she whimpered under her own touch and the sight of him.

“That’s all I can handle!” he growled, going right in between her thighs. He took her legs, wrapping them around him so he could feel the boots press into his back before he pushed into the sweet sugared walls that clung to his cock. One hand grabbed onto her ass, lifting it up off the hay, making sure with every thrust he was wedged deep inside her center. His mouth came down, needing to taste that sweet mouth, feel that velvety tongue stroke him, just as her velvet walls clenched around him.

Her pants were heavy in his ear as he broke free from their kiss, needing to concentrate to get her to the point before he lost himself in her. He tilted her up a little more so on each thrust he was tickling her sensitive nub, and that’s when he was rewarded.

“Oh yes Davis! Right there…faster darling, I need you fast and hard!” she commanded him, and he was obliged to her bidding. “Oh yes, oh yes, right there baby… Yes Davis!” She whimpered in his ear as he felt her walls tighten around him, and he was gone. His movements became demanding as everything he’d been holding back erupted. “Holy fucking hell!” he grunted as his body shot its release into her. “Damn it… shit…so fucking good! Abie…” he growled as he felt the last of his seed pump into her.

He dropped onto her soft chest as their breath was still coming hard, and he wrapped his arms around her. His nose went to the crook of her neck, smelling the soft moist skin, which smelled so sweet after their lovemaking. She chuckled as her fingers played with the hair at the back of his neck under his hat. “That was fun.”

He lifted himself up, looking into her beautiful face. And a thought struck him so hard that if he were standing, he would have fallen at the clarity that he felt that moment. “I want us to start a family, sugar,” he confessed.

Her hands went to the sides of his face. “There’s still so much for us to work out with ourselves, Davis. We’ve just got married and are adjusting to one another. Don’t you think it’s a bit soon for such a decision?” she asked him softly.

“No, I really don’t. Who knows how long it might take for us to even conceive? This is something I really want, Abie. A baby that’s part of you, and part of me. A family of our own.”

Her eyes roamed over his face intently, and he could see her mind thinking through things. “I don’t know…”

“Please honey, please. I’m not saying that we have to try, but let’s not have anything stopping us either,” he pleaded.

Her eyes wandered over him once more. “Is this something that you truly wish for, Davis? Even if you have to be a major contributor in the rearing of a child? Because I’m not quite the stay-at-home mother,” she warned him.

“Yes sugar, it’s something I’ve always wanted. I just know who I want it with now. And I have no problems with being part of the raising of our baby,” he declared.

She was quiet for a minute. “I knew this was something that you wanted, and I agreed to this marriage knowing that was one thing that we were going to do.” She paused thoughtfully. “I’ll require a few months to get myself set up in my work. After that we can start to try to conceive.” She placed both hands on his face and smiled a very shy smile for him. “I think I’m ready for this new adventure with you, but I want to make sure I have things set up so I can stay closer to home. Closer to you and the baby,” she whispered to him.

He chuckled, and could feel his smile spread on his face. “You mean it? In three months?” he asked, even though he already knew the answer.

“Yes, three months.” She sighed. “That should also allow us to figure out where we’re going to live most of the year.” She looked out at the barn and the little puppies that were roaming over to their momma, nursing. “I have a feeling we’ll be spending more time at the ranch than the brownstone, due to your work requiring your presence here,” she suggested. “I might have to travel once a month to get everything done that’s required of me. But I think I can do most from home.” A frown formed on her face. “I might even have to take a step down in my career...” she concluded, seeming to get lost in her thoughts.

Davis slipped from her, and helped put her panties back on. “Don’t be frettin’ over something we just decided to do. Everything will work itself out, sugar. You’ll see.” He picked up the puppy and handed him to her as helped her from the hay. “This little guy will be good for the both of us. Kinda get us ready for what we’re going to be startin’ in a few months.” He grinned, wrapping his arm around her waist to bring her to his truck.

He picked her up and placed her on the seat, quickly going to the other side to drive them back up to the house. He could tell she was nervous about granting his wish, but he was as giddy as a schoolgirl over it.

He shut the door and smiled over at her and their new puppy. “We’re going to have to give him a bath before he comes into our bed. He smells like puppy and barn. Then I’ll wash up my beautiful wife in the shower, because she also smells like puppy and barn,” he laughed.

He saw her look, knew she had a devious thought going on in that beautiful brain of hers. “Well, I like it when my cowboy comes home smelling of sweat and sun. So find me first before you take a shower, to wash off that glorious body of yours,” she smirked over at his groan.

“Damn it, sugar, you’re going to kill me,” he mumbled, turning on the truck.

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