The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 15

The rest of the week flew by as Davis and Abie planned their party, and just spent time with one another. They went to his momma’s house for brunch and told her about their get-together with his friends so he could introduce them all to Abie. Then Abie suggested she make an appearance so she’d have someone she knew at the party. That just tickled his momma pink, and with a joyous smile she told them that she’d be there early to help them set up before company.

Davis was the happiest he’d ever been. And with that came that uneasy fear that creeps in when things are going your way, and you wonder when it’s going to blow up in your face. Because that’s just how damn good it is. But Friday came and the ranch was all put together, and Davis had set up the firepit outside so they could talk out in the night air. That was usually where all the guys hung out to talk sports or business, while the women stayed warm in the house.

Abie was putting her finishing touches on, and he was in the kitchen getting things ready when the doorbell rang, and in came his momma. “Hi’ya, bubba. I wanted to come early before everyone else,” she told him, starting to jump right in.

“I’m glad, Momma. You go on and finish up for me. I’m going to go see what’s taking Abie so damn long.”

She hollered at him as he walked away, “Women take longer than men to get ready, bubba.”

He already knew that, but damn. “Sugar, get your pretty little ass out here. Momma’s already here and you know Richie won’t be far behind,” he called out.

She stepped from the bathroom and damn it, once again she made his heart stop, his mind scatter, and his cock harden just at the sight of her.

“All right, Davis. I just wanted to be sure I looked satisfactory for your friends,” she said, putting on emerald earrings. Her collared blouse was hot pink, loose, with the cuffs rolled back crisply, and tucked into red slacks that hugged her middle perfectly, and flowed loosely around her legs like a skirt. Her makeup was in soft browns, and her hair was actually in big curls tonight. When he reached her feet he saw the emerald green tips of her heels pointing out from under her slacks. “How do you come up with these outfits?” he asked, amazed, as she walked up to him, handing him her gold chains to fasten for her.

She fixed the thin gold belt in the slacks loops, then lifted her hair for him to latch the necklaces in place. “Why, do you think the ensemble is too much for this evening?” she asked, turning around to look at him.

He looked at those luscious red lips that matched her pants and moaned. “No sugar, all my friends are going to be very jealous of me tonight, seeing the gorgeous city girl I managed to snatch up and marry. It just amazes me how you can put some of these colors together, is all.” He chuckled, staring at her lips that he very much wanted to kiss; hell, he wanted a whole lot more than that.

She lightly kissed his lips, then wiped off the lipstick with her thumb. “A woman must learn how to dress herself when she works in the business world. She must also know what fits her body for the most complimentary clothing, and know the colors in her color palette and how to put them together accordingly,” she told him. “One’s shape or size is never an issue. It’s whether one can dress to flatter one’s figure, which makes all the difference.”

He grinned, putting his hand to her back and leading her from the bedroom. “All right, sugar, I’ll take your word for it.” And at that she laughed as they went into the kitchen.

A knock came at the door and Betty Ann went to answer it. Since Abie had been at his house he’d given all the staff two weeks paid vacation, so she could have free rein on whatever or wherever she wanted to do with him…and the woman kept him on his toes!

Next thing he knew a scream rang out as a strawberry blonde made her way to Abie. “Oh my gosh! What are you doing here?” Abie laughed, giving Kitty a hug. Her green dress shimmered as she practically jumped up and down. “Richie told me about the party and asked if I wanted to come. I told him hell yes, I did!” she laughed.

Rich walked in, smiling at Davis as the women made their way to his momma, all chatting. “So I thought bringing Kitty would be a nice treat tonight. Was I right or what?” He smiled, watching the two women walk over to Betty Ann.

Davis chuckled. “Yeah, Abie of course loves it, but I’m thinkin’ someone might be getting himself into an actual relationship. Am I right?”

Rich glanced over at Kitty. “I’m not sure about that, bubba. But I can tell you one thing, I really like her. She’s really different than any other girl I’ve dated before.”

That got Davis laughing. “I’m sure she is, she’s my wife’s best friend.”

Rich smiled wryly. “Shut the hell up, man!” He laughed, going to get a beer, but stopped and turned back to Davis. “Hey, did you get the keg like I asked for?”

“Yeah, it’s in the back, near the pool.”

That made Rich laugh again. “Nice place to put it. Then all the really drunk people can fall in after stripping off their clothes. Not the kinda party you going for tonight, is it? Didn’t you learn from last time?” he yelled out, opening the large slider and heading out back.

All the women looked over to Davis. “It was nothing…really,” he said. They shook their heads, going back to their conversation. But Abie took one last glance at him over her shoulder.

Davis went to the back yard where Rich was pouring himself a cup, trying to pour off the suds. He went up and smacked the back of Richie’s head. “What the fuck, Davis!” he growled, spilling most of his beer.

“What the fuck is right, Rich!”

“What did I do?” he asked, rubbing the back of his head.

Davis turned around, looking back at the window, then at his best friend. “You will not be speakin’ of my bachelor days tonight with Abie around, get me?” he informed him.

“What the hell? I didn’t say anything bad,” he replied, stumped by Davis’s reaction.

Davis ran his hand through his hair. “Look, Abie and I know that we’ve had others. It’s just not something that I want brought up now that I’m married.” He shook his head. “Look, if we’re back here and the women are in the house, we can talk about any ol’ shit we want to. Just not while they’re around, okay?”

Richie stared at him, then he smirked. “All right, bubba. I won’t let your little missus know what a slut you were,” he snickered.

“Thanks, pal,” he growled, walking off to the kitchen again, and thinking maybe this party wasn’t such a great idea after all.

People started to arrive and he introduced Abie to all of his oldest friends and their wives. He was really glad Rich brought Kitty; it helped Abie relax, having one of her best friends around this crowd. All the women wanted to talk to Abie and Kitty, but Abie was sought after by everyone. Last he checked, all the women wanted advice on clothing, hair, all kinds of etiquette, which had Kitty laughing and telling them how she could say the meanest things without anyone ever really knowing what she was saying.

He walked up to the women and they all seemed to stop at his approach. He came in behind Abie, whispering in her ear. “I’m headed outside to talk with the guys. You gonna be okay in here?” he whispered with a grin.

She turned her head, smiling at him. “I think I’ll manage. You go have a delightful time with all your very manly friends, darling,” she whispered back, and kissed his cheek. “I left lipstick on you. Think of it as branding,” she purred into his ear.

“Damn it, sugar,” he growled, then looked up to a dozen female eyes watching him. “Ladies,” he said as he excused himself. Once his back was turned the mouths started yapping, and he could hear his woman chuckle at all the questions that were being thrown at her… Damn, he was whipped!

The doorbell rang again and for the life of him he couldn’t remember who would be coming over so late, but then Jenna came strolling in, talking to his momma. He looked over at Abie, who didn’t see her, and made his way over.

“Jenna, what the hell are you doing comin’ over here?” he asked, pissed.

She smiled that catty smile she had when she’d gotten her way. “Well, my momma told me that Betty Ann invited me over so our families could once again have no quarrel between us,” she offered. “Ain’t that right, Betty Ann?”

His gaze fell to his mother, who smiled but could tell that he was furious. “Why don’t you go mingle with the ladies, dear?” she suggested.

“All right then,” she purred, walking over to Farah, one of her best friends.

Davis growled as the two women hugged, and then she started chatting with a group of women. “Momma, I never wanted that piece of…”

“Now Davis, please don’t be this way,” she scolded him. “The Westwoods and the Gravins have been family friends for a very long time. My momma and Carry May’s momma were best friends, and that goes further back to our grandmothers. Can’t you find it in your heart to let this go…just for tonight?”

His hand went to the back of his neck as he thought about what she’d just said. “I don’t know if this is such a grand idea. Last time she met Abie, she was tryin’ to pick a fight,” he explained.

His mother laughed. “Do you really think she’d come over and try to pick a fight now? In front of y’all’s friends? I don’t think so, bubba. But if she hadn’t been invited, than that snub would have traveled right through the gossip vines, besides, Jon didn’t come. So think of this as an olive branch between the families,” she suggested.

“Momma, she can’t be…”

“Please baby, for me. I’ve been talkin’ to Carry May again and it’s really nice to talk with her. Now that you’re a married man, Carry thought we could put the fiasco behind our families. I was hopin’ that could be true. I could really use a good friend about now, bubba.” She sighed when she saw him cross his arms. “I really don’t think it would be fair to Carry May if you kicked Jenna out of this gathering tonight, other than you’re still mad at her. That just makes it look like you still have feelings for the woman. You don’t, do you?” she asked.

His frown became deeper. “Hell no, I don’t have feelings for that she devil!” he growled.

She nodded. “Okay, then. Let her mingle with the ladies. Let everyone see that the rift is over, and that you most definitely have moved on. Then all will be well…you’ll see,” she placated him. He didn’t answer. “We all make mistakes, bubba.”

Damn it, he didn’t want that woman back in his house. But he could see the point she was trying to make, if he kicked her out right now. The last thing he needed was a rumor about how he could still be in love with the wretched woman. That could cause problems for him in the long run if he wanted to get his little woman to stay in Houston most of the year. The whole point of this damn party was to get her to make friends. Now this shit comes up!

But he would help his momma out, because he knew at this time in her life, her best friend would help the heartache she was going through, and because he wanted everyone to see that he was completely over Jenna, and infatuated with his wife. “Fine, I won’t kick her out, Momma. If I did she’d probably cause a damn scene anyway, and that’s the last thing I wanted to have tonight.” He frowned. “But if she pulls anything, and I mean anything at all, she’s gone, Carry May’s feelings be damned. I will not have my wife disrespected in her own house,” he warned her.

His momma smiled at him, please with his consent. “Of course you wouldn’t, bubba.” She kissed his cheek. “Thank you, baby.” She gave him a quick hug, then walked over to the front door.

Hank and Jasper were parking all the cars for him tonight for a little side cash in pocket. Hank looked out, smiling at his mother. “I’m heading home to relax and watch some TV. Now you go have a good time with all your friends.” She took Hank’s arm as he offered to walk her to the car. “Oh, I already took little Choo out and put him in his carrier in your room, baby. So don’t fret about where he’s at.” She smiled and waved. “Night, bubba.”

“Night, Momma. Drive carefully, and thanks for your help.”

“Any time, baby,” she said, then turned and started talking to old Hank as they made their way to where she was parked.

He shut the door and walked toward the women, looking over at Abie, who was still engrossed with other conversation and hadn’t even noticed Jenna’s arrival. Yancy came up to him, looking over the situation. “Do I dare ask why Jenna came tonight?”

Davis sighed, shaking his head. “Let’s just say my mother thought it would be good for y’all to see that I’m no longer interested in the woman, and that the rift, as she put it, between our families is finished.”

“Ahh…might cause a rift with your new wife though, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, it might. But Abie is a very different kind of woman, and I think she can handle any situation that’s thrust upon her. Besides, I doubt Jenna will even go near her tonight. She’s just tryin’ to gain social status once again in the eyes of these gossiping women.”

Yancy laughed and slapped his shoulder. “I hope you’re right, bubba.” He hesitated when Davis just stood there, growling over the situation. “Come on, let’s go get a beer.”

“Yeah, a beer sounds good about now,” he agreed, following him to the back yard. Abie smiled at him and he winked back, heading out with Yancy.

The guys were all sitting around the fire when he and Yancy joined in on the conversation. Richie was howling at whatever was being said. Ryan was chuckling along with Buddy, who whispered something to Yancy that had him busting a gut as well.

“All right, fools. Just spew your shit now and get it over with,” he told the group, taking a drink of his beer.

Buddy hollered over to Rich, who sat next to Davis. “Hey Rich, you remember what Davis used to call city women when he was younger?”

Rich turned his head and had a smirk on his face. “Why, yes I do. He called them high maintenance headaches. Money-suckin’ Barbie dolls who would get lost in a damn supermarket cuz they couldn’t fend for themselves,” he exclaimed to them all.

“All right, I know what I said about city women,” Davis concurred.

Ryan bumped into Yancy’s shoulder with his beer. “Just never thought I’d see Davis Mills with a woman who looks like she belongs on a runway in New York City,” he laughed.

That’s when Trevor sat forward with his beer in hand. “Yeah, I thought your ideal girl was one who could roll out of bed with no makeup on and go ride with you in the morning? I don’t think your new missus has any idea on what to even do with a horse,” he said, making all the men laugh, as they knew how much Davis loved his horses.

Yancy cut in. “Shit, you should’ve seen him when he first laid eyes on her in the office. I was afraid I was going to have to leave the room, thinkin’ he might jump her there!” he laughed.

Davis sat back, sipping his beer and hearing all their shit that he knew was coming since the first day. Then Rich sat forward laughing. “No, Yancy, he saw her before that, at a nightclub. She ignored his ass completely, and he went out lookin’ for her; left a sweet tasty morsel all alone while he searched for her!”

“No shit!” Buddy yelled. “Hell, you were pussy-whipped from day one, bubba!” That had all the guys cracking up where they sat.

Ryan took a sip of beer after they all calmed down. “Well, if you’re goin’ to find yourself a city woman, then that’s the kind I’d like to have. Not only is she beautiful, but damn, bubba, she is one smart cookie! ” he confessed.

Davis was about to answer when he noticed the group of women in the house, and some looked to be up in arms. It seemed like something was going on, and from the looks of it something not too damn good. Then Jenna left the group, and started heading down the long hall all the way to the back bedrooms.

Rich leaned in to talk to him. “I’m not trying to be a pain in the ass, but was that Jenna I just saw?”


“First, why is her ass here, and second, why is she headin’ to the back rooms?” Rich wondered, and Davis thought that was a very good question.

“Hey guys, give me a minute, will ya?” he told them, but looked at Rich. “I’m going to go see what the hell is going on. There’s no reason for her to be heading back there. But if Abie comes lookin’ for me just tell her I’m checkin’ in on Choo,” he told him.

“What the hell is Choo?”

“Our puppy… Don’t ask about the name. Long story for when I get back.”

“Okay, man,” he laughed. “Hey, what the hell you think she’s up to?”

“How the fuck should I know? Maybe poisoning the damn toothpaste,” he grumbled, making his way to the other side of the house through the back door.

He heard Rich start to chuckle as he walked to the small side door leading into the hallway to the back rooms. There were decorative small lights that lit the artwork going down the hall, so if Jenna was anywhere around he should be able to see her.

He checked in the bedrooms and his office, and nobody was there. The back bathrooms were also empty. Maybe she just went into the back rooms for some damn stupid-ass female reason, and then just decided to leave. Because he didn’t see any signs of her anywhere.

He heard Choo’s little barks and decided to go check and make sure the little guy was okay. When he saw his bedroom door cracked open, he thought maybe he was right that Jenna was poisoning the damn toothpaste.

He walked into his bedroom, looking over at Choo’s carrier. The decorative lamp on the dresser was on, casting a dim light in the room. He bent down to the puppy’s cage, opened it up and petted his little soft head. “Hey, little man. Why are you getting all riled up?” he asked.

“I think because he doesn’t know who I am…yet,” came a purr from the direction of his bed. He closed his eyes before he got up to address the situation, thinking This can’t be fuckin’ happening at the moment!But it was.

She chuckled as he stood and looked in her direction, only to see that she was not only on his bed, but in his bed, with no clothes on. “You never would allow a dog in your rooms at the ranch before, bubba. What makes this one so special?” she giggled.

He closed his eyes, trying to gain his composure so he didn’t yell the house down, and have his wife come running into the back bedroom with every other damn female in the house. “Jenna, put your damn clothes back on and get the fuck out of my bed!” he growled quietly.

She laid her head down on the pillow. “Why? I know you want me in here. If you’re worried about your new wife, don’t be. I’ll make sure it’s nice and quick for you. We can come up with meeting places after this. I’m in Boston every now and then as well, bubba,” she told him, trying to sound seductive.

His cool was gone after that. “Jenna, what in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

She giggled at him. “Well, I was hoping you could climb in bed with me just like you used to do,” she said, moving the sheets down to expose her body to him.

He blinked, not quite believing what he was seeing. “You need to get your ass out of my bed now!” he snarled at her. But she didn’t move. His hands ran through his hair, and he took a quick glance back at the door before heading over to physically pull her from his bed.

“Jenna, I am not screwin’ around with you! Now get your ass up and get your fucking clothes on!” he commanded, but her body remained exposed and she smiled up at him.

“You know you want me, Davis. You might have gotten yourself a wife, but I know I’m still what you want. So here I am for you, all willing and waiting for you to take me.”

He went to the bed to take her by the arm and pull her ass out, when she reached up and grabbed him around the neck, clinging to his body and kissing him. He grabbed at her arms, peeling her off of him.

“Damn it!” he hissed at her quietly as she dropped back down to the bed. He picked up her clothes from the floor and threw them at her. “Get your damn clothes on…now!” he told her, completely pissed off.

She sat on the bed, trying her same old pouting routine that he’d bought into all those years ago, but it didn’t fucking work on him anymore. “Jenna, I’m not going to ask you again. If you don’t put your fuckin’ clothes on I’m getting Jessica in here, and I can’t be held responsible for what she’ll do to you to get them back on,” he growled.

From the frown was on her face it was apparent that she was completely pissed off as well now. “I don’t understand why you want to fight me on this. We both know that you’ve wanted me this whole time. And now here I am, just for you, bubba. You can have your wife, but fool around with me on the side. Don’t fuckin’ tell me that this wasn’t what you were thinkin’ when you were starin’ at me tonight!” she told him angrily.

He walked in closer, glaring down into her eyes. “You will keep your voice down,” he demanded, with absolute contempt for this woman. “And for your damn information, I haven’t wanted you in seven years.” He scowled menacingly.

She started to sniffle, but he turned his back so she could dress. “Look, Jon’s been under a lot of stress lately, and well…he hasn’t been able to perform in the bedroom for some time now. I just thought we could come to an understanding with each other…we always had great sex,” she offered.

He chuckled at her explanation. “I can’t believe you’re tellin’ me this shit.” He shook his head at her. “And it’s not my fuckin’ problem, Jenna. Go get some damn counseling or some shit. Don’t come here lookin’ for me to fulfill what your husband can’t provide for you in the bedroom!” He heard movement and turned, scowling, to see that she was dressed. He looked her over, making sure there was nothing that she’d forgotten. “Where the hell is Jon, anyway? And why would he let you come over here after what happened in New York?”

She sat on the bed throwing a fit, and slipping on her heels. “He’s at home. He knew I had to come over for Momma’s sake. Anyway, he can’t stand your wife, calls her a whore. So I thought it best for him to stay home,” she hissed meanly.

He pulled out his phone, swearing under his breath at the bullshit Jenna had just spewed about his wife, and called Richie.

“Hey bubba, did Jenna poison the toothpaste?” Rich laughed.

“No, much fuckin’ worse. I’ll be out in a minute. If Abie comes lookin’ for me, tell her the dog had to go out,” he whispered harshly, grabbing Jenna by the arm. He dragged her off his bed and out of his room. “Do you still see her with the ladies?”

“Yeah, but your wife is lookin’ outside now, bubba, so whatever the fuck you’re doin’, you better hurry your ass up!” Rich said, and he heard Yancy in the background asking what the hell was going on.

“Fine, give me five minutes. Go in there and keep the women entertained so I can get Jenna’s ass out of here!” he whispered, sneaking her past the crowd and going to the front door.

Jasper came up when Davis dragged Jenna outside. “Mrs. Lovelock needs her car, Jasper. Why don’t you walk her down to it and make sure she gets in and heads off,” he said. Jasper nodded and waited for her, but Davis had a couple of words for her before she left. “Look, I’m not going to hurt your social standing with the ladies, and that’s only for my momma’s sake. But you are never to come to the ranch again, ever.

“I don’t want you near my wife or my family. If I’m going to be at a social function, I don’t care what you say, but you stay your ass at home. I’m not in love with you; hell, I don’t think I really ever was, now that I know what it really feels like to be in love with a woman. And I mean that.” He handed her to Jasper. “Go home to your husband, Jenna. Go work on your own damn marriage instead of trying so hard to destroy mine!” He scowled at her once more before heading back into the house.

Davis made his way back into his room, straightened out the bed as best he could, and then went back to the front room where he heard Richie’s voice telling the ladies something funny. Rich saw him come in and excused himself from the women, who were all laughing at God knew what. He took a quick look back at them as he came up to Davis. “Well, is she gone?”

Davis ran his hand through his hair. “Yeah, just had Jasper bring her to her car to make sure her ass is going home.”

“Can I ask what the hell happened?”

“Let’s just say she wanted a romp in my bed for ol’ times’ sake.”

“Shit, bubba!” Rich said, shaking his head.

“I guess Jon isn’t givin’ it to her in the bedroom anymore, and she thought I would like the job.”

Rich looked at Kitty, who was whispering something to Abie. “Look, go put some more cologne on. You smell like your ex-woman right now. And if I can smell it…”

“Then my little woman will as well. Shit!” he grumbled. “I’ll be back,” he said, heading quickly down the hall to get the stink off him.

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