The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 16

The evening was nice, and I was so happy that Kitty was there with me. You truly feel like you can be yourself among strangers when there’s at least one person who really knows you. Betty Ann was simply lovely, introducing Kitty and me to all the women.

Most were charming and I liked two women out of the group. Ruby was Buddy’s wife, and she and Kitty hit it off right away. She was shy, polite, with red hair and a freckled face, and so sweet to talk to. Her friend Alice was Trevor’s wife, and she was a fiery brunette with a mouth like a truck driver, such a free spirit. The complete opposite of Ruby, and I simply adored her as well. These would be the women I would call up to maybe go out for a coffee.

The rest of the women were pleasant, and very nice. So I tried to mingle with the various groups, acting like the hostess I was expected to be. I made sure I’d given everyone a moment of my time before I went back to chatting with the people I wished to.

When I saw one particular woman walk in, I just held my smart comments to myself and smiled at the women who were converging on me. I saw Davis begin to walk over, but Betty Ann came up quickly behind him. I knew right then this was for Carry May’s sake, and decided to put my good-girl face on.

Jenna was approaching us very late in the evening, along with her friends Farah and Monique. Honestly, most of the night I had forgotten that she was even at the ranch. Kitty and I had chatted with Ruby, Alice, and a couple of their friends who joined our group. They all wanted to know about how I met Davis, at which Kitty always managed a snicker, and I would have to cleverly avoid the questions that kept coming.“Well, it looks like you managed to snatch him up, now didn’t you?” came Jenna’s catty voice.

Kitty turned to me in question over the hostility she had displayed towards me. “Kitty, this is Jenna Lovelock. Jonathan’s wife,” I explained to her casually. Kitty’s head whipped around and she stared at the woman in front of us. “No…” she whispered, but only meaning it for me.

I folded my arms, thinking about precisely how I was going to handle this. “My dear woman, so far this evening you have managed to show some sort of class. Why are you here now, displaying your addlepated mind to all of the women around us?”

She looked to be boiling under the collar. “You forget to mention to your low-class friend, I was also Davis’s fiancée,” she sneered.

“Jenna, you should really watch what you say around people you don’t know. A major mistake made among the ignorant is to underestimate the person they’re trying to slight,” I replied. She didn’t say anything back after that. “Oh I’m sorry, I see the ability to understand adult conversation is still much too overwhelming for you. Just like the ability to find yourself suitable attire for an evening occasion with friends,” I offered.

“You’re such a bitch. And here I thought maybe we could be friends,” she hissed.

My eyes widened in shock at her statement. “I’m sorry. I wasn’t aware that in Texas hostility was a form of friendship? Where I’m from, that leads one to believe that they’ve just made an enemy.”

She laughed at me, her eyes roaming over me with a snotty smile. “You’ve lost and you don’t even know it yet,” she boasted with a smirk on her face.

Kitty was so pissed she was shaking where she stood. “All I can see is one stuck-up bitch who happens to be a sore losah!” she hissed. “Because we all know that Jonathan’s a fucking ass!”

I took hold of Kitty’s arm, as she was making her way closer to Jenna. “Kitty, come on, sweetheart. Some things don’t require such words. You and I both know, just because someone has money doesn’t mean they have class. And with what she just displayed, I think we can all see what she truly is.”

Jenna just stood there staring at me, and I could see in that witless brain she was thinking of a devastating comeback to my slight. “Jenna, I’m afraid I’m going to have to insist that you leave. I will not have my best friend disrespected by such impertinence.”

She became red in the face. “Fine, I don’t need your friendship or your status. I already know where you come from, and I know you’re nothing but white trash,” she smiled meanly. And right then I knew how Jonathan had explained me away to her.

“Again, it’s time for you to gather your things, and leave,” I insisted.

She turned from the group and made her way to retrieve her things and go. Her friends gathered together to talk and then started to head to the back, I could only hope to retrieve their boyfriends or husbands to take them home.

I shook my head at the turn of events. “Ladies, I’m so sorry for such a display; why don’t we turn on some music and enjoy the rest of the night.” I looked out the door, trying to find Davis. I knew he was with his friends, and I didn’t want what happened to make him upset. But he wasn’t there.

Kitty pulled me aside, looking distressed. “Is this what you’re going to have to deal with if you’re living heah? Because that was ridiculous, A.B.!” she exclaimed. “These people don’t know shit about us, and you can see it in their eyes, they think they’re better than we are!”

Taking Kitty’s hand, I smiled gently to comfort her. “Kitty, there have always been people who thought they were better than we are. Some of the women here tonight think such things as well. But you and I both know we’re happy in our own skin. We have nothing in our lives to be ashamed of,” I told her.

She glared at the floor with that frown she gets when she’d prefer to be railing. “Okay, I know that’s true. I don’t know how you can be so calm when that bitch said all that shit to yah,” she mumbled.

That got me chuckling, and her eyes shot up to mine. “Easily, darling. You can’t imagine what was running through my head whenever she managed to open her mouth. And believe me, it was devastatingly nasty.” I winked at her.

She laughed and dabbed away a tear from her eye. “Yeah, I should’ve known you would be all Southie in youah head.”

“Well, obviously!” I smiled.

“So you’re okay with all this crap that went down?” she asked, folding her arms over her chest.

I would never let anyone know how devastating that incident was for me. It’s one thing to have to run into a person like Jenna with such a haughty attitude, thinking herself above me. But it’s another thing altogether knowing one man left me for her, and the other man in my life was once in love with her as well. And from her display that evening, she must think that my husband is still in love with her.

“I honestly believe this was something nobody thought would happen. Why she came tonight, well, that was for Carry May. I don’t even believe Jenna thought she would confront me the way she did. It seems she might still harbor feelings for Davis,” I admitted.

“Yeah, well don’t let that bitch back in the house, A.B. She’d stab yah in the back quicker than shit!” she interjected.

I was going to answer when Rich came in looking for Kitty, acting like a complete fool. But a highly comical, funny fool, who had all of us laughing with him. “Is this the man you’re in love with?” I whispered with a chuckle.

She shrugged. “Yeah, I think he’s adorable,” she gushed happily as he made his way over to her, taking her in his arms and telling us more awful jokes.

About one in the morning the last of the guests left. Rich took Kitty home right after his comical performance, so I spent the rest of the night chatting with Ruby and Alice. The other women left very soon after Jenna’s exit, and I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be the most popular woman among the group.

When Ruby and Buddy finally left, Yancy took Jess into his arms and they went out the door, surprising Davis and me. I thought the night was pretty much through, but Davis informed me that he wanted to have a word with Yancy. That had me worried after the expression on his face when he saw him and Jess together. “Davis, if they’re happy you should be happy for them as well,” I tried to explain.

“Don’t worry, sugar, I’m not going to yell at him. Just want to make sure his intentions are honorable when it comes to my sister. Besides, Jessie’s with him. If I laid a finger on him she’d kick my ass,” he grinned, coming in very quickly to kiss my cheek and hurrying out the door.

I started to pick up the kitchen as I waited for Davis to come in and tell me what happened with his chat with Yancy. Getting lost in my thoughts, it was some time later that I realized he hadn’t come in yet, and that had me concerned. I walked to the front door, hoping I wasn’t going to see two grown men fighting with one another out in the driveway. But when I opened the door, no one was outside. Even Hank and Jasper had left for the night.That was very odd, for Davis not to come inform me of what happened with Yancy. He didn’t even tell me where he was going; I wasn’t even sure where he was.

The halls were still lit as I made my way to the back of the ranch and found the lights were on in our master suite. Choo was in his carrier asleep, but I heard water running in the bathroom. “Davis?” I called out.

“Yeah sugar, I’ll be out in a minute,” he hollered out to me.

Once again, that struck me as very odd behavior for this man. Davis was always finding a reason to strip me from my clothing and have me partake in shower activities with him. Maybe the bug that I’d been fighting for some time now had finally caught up with him. “Are you feeling all right?” I asked.

He opened the door to the shower and came out to give me a kiss as he wrapped a towel around himself. “I’m fine, just needed to get that camp smoke off me,” he informed me, swatting my behind before heading to his chest of drawers.

“Are you sure you’re feeling all right? I was waiting for you in the kitchen to update me on the talk with Yancy.”

“I’m sorry, sugar. No, everything went fine. Just had a quick talk with the both of them. I know Jessie can take care of herself. I just told him, next time he should tell me something like he wanted to date my sister.”

“Okay, well, I’m glad everything went well,” I told him. It felt good to sit on the bed, and when I slipped off my heels, heaven. I’d been so tired lately. I’d never had a bug that wouldn’t want to let go of me so viciously. I swear this stress was really starting to eat away at me. I yawned right before I made my way off the bed to go wash up, when I saw that my cell phone had been moved from where I had it on the nightstand.

Huh… “Davis, did you touch my phone?”

“No, honey, why?” he asked as he walked to his drawers to pull out and slip on his boxers, but then he headed back into the bathroom.

“Because someone moved it,” I informed him.

He looked at me in the enormous mirror over the master vanity with his toothbrush in his mouth. He spit into the sink and thought for a second before he answered. “I know Momma came and took Choo out, then put him in his cage tonight for us. Maybe she hit it on accident,” he suggested.

“Yes, that must be it. That was very sweet of her to take him out,” I said, as I went over to the jewelry box that Davis had bought me, sitting on the large oak dresser. My hands went to my earrings to unlatch them, when I looked over at the bed and the rumpled state it was in.

I went over to Davis’s side of the bed, which looked to be haphazardly put back together, not only that, but like someone had either lain on the bed, or was in the bed, from what I saw. I’m meticulous when it comes to how a bed should look when it’s made. To me a bed makes the room, and if its linens are out of proportion it bothers me. Smoothing our pillowcases is a must on the bed, and I made sure that our room was very tidy just in case one of Davis’s friend’s wives wanted a tour of the ranch. Those linens were now a mess, and the bedding thrown back together.

Something blue shone from the corner underneath a pillow, his pillow. I reached over and picked up a gaudy blue earring from where it was wedged. My eyes roamed over it as I thought about where I’d seen this particular piece tonight, knowing for certain that I had, but where?

That’s when Jenna’s face appeared before my eyes. Her in that blue dress that she had absolutely no business wearing for such an occasion, and those massive hideous earrings that she wore with her ensemble. Then what she had said to me came crashing back into my mind. And that snide comment on how I’d already lost, but didn’t know it yet…

“Hey sugar, you know I was thinkin’ that we haven’t had a naughty session lately, and I know how my woman loves to give her spankings. So I thought maybe…” he began, but stopped when he turned and saw I was holding something in my hand.

My eyes flashed up to his, and I could see the look of panic on his face. “You care to explain?” I asked, my anger barely contained.

His eyes went wide as he saw the earring that I held up for him. That told me one thing: he already knew the owner, who had been in our bed. “Abie, honey, it’s not what you think,” he started to explain.

“Not what I think… Not what I think, is it?” I asked sarcastically. “I’m informed tonight that I’ve lost some game that your ex was playing with me, but that I was unaware that I was even a participant in. To then come into our bedroom to see my husband in the shower, the bed a mess, my phone askew, and find an earring from that distasteful creature not only in our bed, but under your pillow. Tell me, Davis, what the fuck am I missing here that hasn’t been provided to me?” I screamed at him.

At my raised voice Choo woke up and started his little yapping, and Davis visibly whitened. “Abie, honey, I would never do what you’re thinkin’ happened in there tonight,” he answered beseechingly.

My hand went up with the tacky piece of jewelry, as the evidence was plainly clear for me to see. “Then explain this?” I hissed.

His hands ran through his hair as he made his way over to me. “She did come in our bedroom tonight, and she did make a pass at me. But I told her that she needed to get the hell out of here and that I wasn’t playin’ that game with her.”

“So how did her earring get under your pillow, Davis? And why is the bed a mess, like someone has been inside of it?” I shouted at him.

His hands gathered at the back of his neck before they dropped to his sides. “Because she was in the bed when I came in,” he confessed.

“What?” I asked, stunned.

“She was in the bed, naked, and I told her to get dressed and get the hell out. It must’ve fallen off then. But I swear that’s all that happened, sugar!” he promised fervently.

I picked up his pillow, smelling it, and there was that strong scent she wore that permeated the room as she walked by. Then I remembered Davis coming out smelling of fresh aftershave. “You took a shower to wash her from you…” I realized, shocked at the conclusion I’d come up with.

He took another step toward me, and I shook my head at his advance. “No! It’s not like you’re thinkin’!” he pleaded with me. I threw the pillow at him, not even able to stand the sight of him at the moment.

“You son of a bitch!” I wailed, throwing the earring at him as well. He ducked as I barely missed his head with the gaudy piece. “You took a shower to wash her from your body!” I seethed.

“No! I took a shower because she did grab onto me and I smelled like her perfume. I didn’t want you to think that something happened. Damn it, Abie, I swear nothing happened! Why won’t you believe me?” he shouted in desperation.

Walking to my side of the bed I snatched up my heels from the floor, getting ready to leave. Where I was going I wasn’t sure, but at the moment I didn’t fucking care, either. “Because men are lying bastards! That’s why!” I roared as tears started to fall.

I started to walk from the room when he quickly ran over to me and snatched me up. “Don’t fucking touch me, Davis!” I screamed, grabbing at his arms to release me. I kicked at his legs to make him put me down and he grunted at the impact.

“Damn it, I’m not letting you go until you listen to me!” he shouted as I struggled in his grasp. When it became evident that I was not going to be able to escape his hold on me, my struggles ceased, and I broke down and started sobbing at the uncontrollable pain I felt.

“Sugar, please don’t cry,” he pleaded in my ear, but he didn’t let me loose either. “Damn it, woman I love you so much, how could you think I’d do something like that to you when you just agreed about startin’ a family together?” He placed his head in the crook of my neck and I tried to move away from him.

His growl was loud in my ear. “Honey, I’m not letting you go until we’ve talked this shit out!”

I wiggled in his grasp as he brought us over to the bed. He sat down with a tight hold on me. “And if the roles were reversed, and all this was Jonathan and myself. Would it be so easy to take my word and be forgiving about such a scenario?” I thundered at him.

His head lay on my shoulder. “Damn it, sugar, I sure in hell hope I would,” he murmured. “But I know for a fact Jon doesn’t wear earrings,” he tried to tease me.

Tears rolled down my face onto his arms. “I don’t find your humor funny at this moment, Davis.”

He nodded, his head still firmly planted in the crook of my neck. “I know, I’m sorry,” he told me softly.

“Let me up, Davis. I can’t go anywhere tonight anyway,” I fumed.

His arms held me tighter. “Where the hell you goin’?” he asked, and I could hear the panic in his voice. But I was too upset to care.

“I’m going home to Boston. You can stay here for all I care,” I ranted at him.

“What?” But then he stopped. “Fine, we’ll leave for Boston in the morning…together. I have some business that needs to be taken care of anyway, next week.”

“Damn you, Davis! Stubborn, persistent, pushy man! I just want to be alone,” I argued.

His lips tipped my head to the side as he spoke in my ear. “No, sugar, that’s not going to happen anymore. You’re my wife and there’s no more of you runnin’ off when you’re upset or scared. We work it out together,” he told me.

“Just let me up.” I managed not to scream at him.

He slowly released me and I sprang from his lap, wanting to get away from him and go take a warm shower. But my head started to swim from the quick movement and I pitched forward. Davis reached up, grabbing hold of me before I collapsed to the floor. “Son of a bitch!” he growled as he held onto me.

Once my head stopped its infernal swimming movement, I tried to stand on my own. “I’m fine. I just stood too quickly is all, and my nerves are completely worn out,” I informed him, pushing my way out of his reluctant arms.


I kept walking away; I was just too damn tired to deal with this shit, when at the most inopportune moment my stomach turned, and I ran into the lavatory to expel the contents of my stomach from the evening. As I fell to the floor, thankful that I’d made my way to the toilet, Davis ran in right behind me. “What the hell, sugar!” he growled with concern.

I tried to shoo him away but he wouldn’t leave, and my body had other ideas than fighting at the moment. “Honey, I’m not going anywhere! So let me help you,” he commanded softly as he held my hair back for me.

Once my body had purged everything it felt it needed to, Davis reached over me and flushed the toilet while I tried to gather my breath. His hand ran up and down my back, and I just wanted to cry. I wanted his affection at the moment, but I also wanted to ram my foot up his ass. “I’m fine, Davis. Just please leave,” I whispered.

He turned on the shower for me. “We’ll talk more about this in the morning,” I was informed as he kissed the top of my head and left me in peace. Slowly I stripped from my clothing, trying not to let any more tears fall, and stepped into the shower to wash off the heightened anxiety from everything that had just transpired.

I heard Davis come back in as I let the hot water run over my body. “I brought you your things, sugar.” I didn’t answer. I wasn’t in the mood for pleasantries, I just wanted to go to bed. I came out and put on the soft cotton nightie that he brought me, did my nightly routine and made my way out to the bedroom.

Davis had stripped off all the bedding, putting new sheets and blankets on the bed. He sat on the end with Choo playing between his bare feet. He looked up when he heard me come in, and rose from the bed to help me, but I shooed him off.

“I don’t need or want your help at the moment, Davis. And I hope you have other plans for your sleeping arrangements this evening, because I want you nowhere near me,” I grumbled at him.

He stood still as I sat on the bed. “Abie, I didn’t do anything! And I’m not going to go sleep on the damn sofa because of this. I’m sleeping in bed, with you!” he growled.

“Fine, then I’ll go sleep on the couch,“ I exclaimed, and started to get up, only to fall back to the bed as my head started to swim again.

“Damn it, you’re not going anywhere,” he scolded, then went to the bathroom and brought me a large glass of water. “Take a couple sips. You might be dehydrated,” he ordered, and stood over me while I did his bidding.

He pulled back the covers, but I batted his hand away from me. “Lay down, sugar, you don’t look so good. Maybe we should take you to the doctor’s before we leave,” he mused.

I pulled the blankets over me, trying to ignore him. “I’m fine. Stress can do many things to a person. Besides, I’ll go to my doctors in Revere, not Houston,” I declared.

I saw him nod with a frown. “Okay, honey. Revere it is, then.”

He brought Choo over to me and he snuggled under my chin happily. I was glad one of us was comfortable at the moment. Davis went to his side, slipping under the covers, and I felt his body move next to mine. I tensed as his hand went to my hip. “Abie, sugar…” he whispered.

“Don’t fucking touch me!” I hissed softly, and his hand retreated. Then I managed to fall asleep.

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