The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 17

The light was shining into the bedroom as I woke up from my sleep. My eyes roamed around the room as my arm went up to block some of the brightness. Choo was no longer with me and Davis was already out of bed. I groaned, as my stomach truly hurt this morning. I figured the violent purge from last night worked. My hands went to my face, rubbing my very swollen eyes that actually burned from how hard I had cried. Taking my cell from the nightstand, I looked at the time. Oh lord, it was eleven in the morning? I couldn’t believe I’d slept that long. Sitting up, I saw the back slider open and a little puppy came running in, wagging his tail. Right behind him was a tall frowning cowboy.

“Hey sugar, I didn’t think you were ever going to get up.” He tried to smile.

My feet went to the floor and I sat for a moment, hoping my equilibrium was more intact today than last night. Once I was confident that I could stand, I made my way from the bed, walking past him into the bathroom. Choo barked and I could see a tennis ball roll across the floor and bounce off the wall. “I talked to Mike, I told him that we’d be gone for a couple weeks,” Davis told me, trying to make conversation.

I sighed as I brushed my teeth, really thinking everything through about what happened the night before. The thought of him touching that woman--I can’t even put into words how that affected me. But would he really do such a thing, with me down the hall? I knew the answer, knew it deep in my soul, and that answer was no. Davis didn’t cheat on me, that much I did know. Men cheat all the time, and some are very good at hiding their deceptions, but there are always telltale signs of deceit. Even among the best of liars there are always signs; you just need to know what to look for. I had a crash course in the reality of cheating, and what a man will say and do to make you believe in his sincerity. But like most women I didn’t look, nor wanted to realize the truth of the situation until it was entirely too late.

Davis wasn’t acting like a man who was in love with another woman, nor did he have the air about him of having intercourse last night and trying to disguise the act. He seemed to me like a man who was trying to tell the truth, and screwing it up miserably. But it was just so difficult to believe him about last night because of the way he dealt with it. How can men go about the whole situation so completely ass backwards…it’s baffling. This is why they’re always in such hot water, because they never think in such circumstances.

I walked back to the room, where Davis sat in the same place as last night, looking at the floor and tossing the ball back and forth in his hands as Choo growled at him for playing with his toy. Once more I sighed, looking at that beautiful man, who looked more like a little boy at the moment.

My hand stopped the ball that he was tossing. He looked up at me with his sad deep blue eyes. I made my way in between his legs, and tipped his hat back on his head. “I’m going to take you at your word, Davis Michael Mills, that you didn’t sleep with that woman last night,” I stated.

“I didn’t, sugar, honest to God I didn’t,” he told me softly. His hands went to my waist, traveled over my backside, then to the back of my thighs.

I nodded at him. “All right, I believe you then.”

“So you believe me?”

“Yes, but there’s more.”

He caressed the skin under his hands. “Is there?” His voice rumbled with anticipation. That was a very good thing…

“Yes, darling. Because once again, you have managed to go about things in entirely the wrong manner. And now, once again you need to be…punished,” I offered him, lifting up his head and softly kissing his lips.

He frowned as I pulled back from him. “Why, sugar?”

My fingers traced over his lips, feeling the whiskers at his chin. “Because if you’d been more forthcoming last night, I might’ve been upset by what had transpired, but I truly believe that this would’ve gone completely different if you had been honest. Instead you tried to hide what happened, like a guilty man.” I gave him one last kiss, then pulled back, seeing that crinkle on his forehead appear. “So now, punishment,” I told him seductively.

“What are you going to do?” he questioned me. I stood up, reaching for the hem of my nightie and pulling the cotton fabric over my head. He groaned as his hands traveled up my middle until they found my breasts. “Honey, please tell me for my punishment you’re going to make love to me,” he pleaded.

I chuckled, and he moaned. “No pet, I’m going to use a punishment that I think will work best on you,” I explained, taking his hands from my body and holding them in mine. “You see, you will be able to look, and please do, but you won’t be able to touch,” I whispered. “And I’m going to make sure that you want to touch, darling. You’re going to want to touch me very badly when I’m through with you. But all will be denied to you until further notice.”

“Abie…” he growled as I slipped away from him and his wandering hands. We needed to head out, and that meant I needed to get ready. I was thinking two weeks should teach him a very valuable lesson. I turned back to look at him and I knew the little devil made her way onto my face. “It’s never wise to upset a dominatrix, Davis. We’re the type of woman who knows how to punish a man with precision, and exactly where to make it…sting,” I informed him, walking into the bathroom to get ready.

“Damn it!” I heard him swear, and I chuckled at the fun I was going to have in the next couple of weeks. Very fitting punishment indeed.


Davis walked into the office that morning aching once again. If Abie was trying to make a point about what he was supposed to do when some shit happened, she sure had made her damn point! He’d walked around with a perpetual hard-on for a little over a week now. He wasn’t happy with the distance she had put between them. He knew she believed him, but she was one pissed little woman, and that made for one grumpy-ass, sexually deprived son of a bitch of a man!

The reason he needed to come back to Boston was that he had a meeting with a lawyer who was looking into the alleged charges that he wanted to press against his father. Another thing he hadn’t been, as Abie would say, “forthcoming” about. Damn it, he’d better learn his lesson right quick with this woman.

Ten in the morning came around and he was in his office when Terry called in.

“There’s a Mr. Trask here to see you, sir,” she told him.

“Yes, send him on in.”

Momentarily a short balding man came through the door, holding a briefcase. Davis walked over, extending his hand in greeting. “Tim, good to see you again. I hope you brought me some useful news.”

Tim took the hand offered, then sat down. “I’m afraid, Davis, there’s really not much we can do at this point. All the limitations have expired, so all we could really do is try to go at him with financial retribution. But really, what’s the point in that, when you’re making sure she’s comfortable?”

Davis sat back in his chair. “The point is that he will be punished for something he should have been in prison for,” he growled. “Did you find any of the other women who he might’ve hurt, or whether they might be willing to press charges?” he asked.

“No. There were no others who really fit with what happened with Mrs. Black. Or from what we could see, were treated like her,” he told him.

“Start the papers for whatever we can get him on. At this point I don’t really care what the hell it’s for, but just get it done,” Davis said.

Tim got up from his seat, picking up his briefcase. “Yes, sir. I’ll have everything filed by Monday.”

“Thank you, Tim. I look forward to your call for an update,” he replied.

About an hour later Yancy came strolling into the office. “So I heard you came back to Boston early. Jess was sayin’ your momma was pretty upset about something that happened at the party.” He shook his head. “Any idea how she might’ve found out about the whole Jenna situation?” he asked.

Davis sighed. “No, but I’m sure one of the girls knew something and yapped about it to their momma, and so on and so forth. Damn gossipin’ women.”

Yancy had a smile on his face. “So I’m takin’ it she didn’t leave your ass, if you’re here in Boston with her.” He chuckled at Davis’s glare. “That much fun, eh?”

Davis walked over and grabbed his suit jacket, and then his winter coat. “Look, I’m heading out early today. I need to get some things going before Abie comes home tonight.”

“So you gettin’ her something special?”

He slipped on his long winter coat, feeling strangled by all the winter gear he had to wear when he was on the East Coast. “I thought I’d make her dinner tonight,” he answered.

“Holy shit, bubba, you must be in some deep shit for you to be cookin’ and all,” Yancy laughed.

“Yeah, you could say that,” he grumbled, walking from his office to the sounds of Yancy’s chuckles.

When he made it home to the brownstone, he was going to set his plans in motion for how that evening was going to work out. He was going to have his wife tonight, and as good as she was at punishment, he was just as good at working his little sugar to give in to his needs. He had let her be angry long enough.

He had the pasta just about ready, the Caesar salad made, and fresh sliced limes for her sparkling water. The table was set, the candles were lit, and Choo was in the front room in his carrier so he could have her screaming down the damn walls once he was inside her. He heard Choo’s little barks, and he looked over at the time. He smiled, knowing Abie had just walked in. “Davis?” she called out, walking towards the kitchen.

“Yeah sugar, I’m in the kitchen,” he hollered.

She came in and placed her keys, cell and purse on the side counter. His eyes roamed over her, and with just the sight of her in her cream-colored dress that fit her just right with a black belt going around that curvy waist, he was instantly hard. When he saw her jet-black leggings and her very sexy high heels, he moaned.

“Well, Davis, I must say I’m impressed.” She looked around the softly lit kitchen. “And you wearing nothing at all for me.” Her brows rose and his cock did as well. “I never suggested punishment was over, darling.” She smiled that sly smile at him.

He made his way to her. “No sugar, you didn’t. But I’m at my limit, and I’m trying to be a very good boy for you. I’m hopin’ I’ll be rewarded in the end,” his voice rumbled, as he took her in his arms, feeling her soft body up against his. “Damn it, honey, I need you!” he growled softly in her ear.

Very slowly his lips touched hers, gauging her reaction to his wants. When she didn’t stop him, he claimed her. His tongue demanded entrance and she allowed him in. A week was too damn long not to be able to taste her, and he was making up for lost time.

She broke free from his kiss, and he was breathing hard just trying to control himself. “I need a moment. Let me go slip into something more appropriate, and then we’ll eat before I decide if your punishment has reached its end or not.” She slipped from him, and he leaned over, taking hold of the counter and gathering his composure.

Her hand smoothed over his ass, and he groaned as his cock throbbed. “I’m starving as well, darling, and not just for dinner,” she purred, kissing the strained muscle in the middle of his back; then she smacked his ass, giving it a good sting.

“Damn it,” he fumed. “Hurry back down so I can feed you, woman. We have other things that need to be taken care of tonight!” he ordered to her retreating back.

That got her chuckling. “All right, pushy man.”

He took a couple more breaths before going over to finish the pasta. He walked over to the chair and put on his boxers. While he was sautéeing up the veggies, Abie’s cell went off. “Abie, Abie!” he called out, but she didn’t answer.

He turned down the heat and hightailed it over to answer her phone. “Hello.”

“Hello… I’m looking for a Ms. Black,” a man asked.

Davis walked over to the stove to stir their meal. “Yeah, this is her husband. What can I do for you?”

“Ah, yes Mr. Black…”

“No, Mr. Mills; we just got married a couple weeks ago,” he informed him.

“Okay, congratulations. This is Officer Manning, from the Amsterdam police department.”

“Thanks. So Officer Manning, what can I do for you this evening?” he asked again, still getting everything ready for their meal.

“Mr. Mills, I wanted to update your wife on a Ms. Forcier that she had been calling in about, and filed a missing person report on a couple of months ago.”

“She has a friend who’s missing?” he questioned, stunned by this new information.

“Yes, she did.”

“Did? Can you explain that?” He had a bad feeling in his gut.

“Well, a couple of months ago your wife came in, informing us that her friend might be in some kind of trouble because of a man that she was having live with her. We did look into it, but everything seemed fine, and the explanation we received from her…lover…gave us no indications of concern.”

“And now?” Davis asked.

“Two days ago a woman woke up from some major injuries that she had received from a very violent predator. The hospital called us when she gave them her name. A Ms. Yvette Forcier came up in the hospital’s missing persons list, and we were notified that she was there. It seems that Ms. Black, I mean Mrs. Mills, was right about the abduction of her friend.

“Ms. Forcier managed to escape from her prison once Mr. Wheaton had fled the country. She ran away from the house, we were told, and managed to have a passerby see her in distress; he picked her up and took her to the nearest hospital.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that she’s all right. I’ll make sure to let my wife know that you’ve called,” he thanked the man, getting ready to hang up.

He heard the man take a deep uneasy breath, so he stayed on, letting the man finish. “Mr. Mills, it’s imperative that we speak to your wife. I’m afraid that when Ms. Forcier awakened from her injuries, she gave us some most important information.”

Davis turned off the gas, and found his way to a chair to sit. Whatever was going to be said, he had a damn sure feeling, it wasn’t going to be good. “And why’s that?” he asked, as the feeling of unease grew.

“With the information that was given to us, it seems the man that was staying with Ms. Forcier has an obsession with your wife. One Grayson Wheaton, according to our records, booked a flight a little over a week ago into Logan Airport,” the officer informed him.

Davis’s hand went to his hair, as he leaned over staring at the floor. “So you think he might be on his way over here to try and find my wife.” It wasn’t a question, just a statement of fact.

“Yes sir. That’s what we’re afraid of. We’ve contacted the local authorities to inform them of Mr. Wheaton, and that it’s known that he’s entered the city. But we wanted to make sure that Mrs. Mills was aware also.”

“Yeah, I’ll make sure she knows everything you told me. And thank you, Officer Manning.”

“Mr. Mills, one last thing.”


“Be very cautious around this man. We’ve just found out that he has schizophrenia. Also that he has been unmedicated for months now, so we can’t really know his state of mind at this moment. He could be even more dangerous than we think,” he advised him.

“Yes, I’ll do that. And thank you again.”

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