The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 18

So many things ran through his head after he’d answered that call, he couldn’t put them into one rational thought. Clearly, though, Abie was in danger, and this man was so obsessed with her that the police sought her out to let her know.

How long had she known about this? Did she know this man? Had he made contact with her? Did she know that he was obsessed with her? All these questions, and she never even told him that she had a friend she believed was in trouble from some crazed lunatic!

He stared at the ground, shaking his head and thinking of all the reasons why she wouldn’t have told him about something this damn important. Suddenly he knew why she’d never tell him, why she kept this a secret from him. And damn it, he was so jealous at this moment he couldn’t see straight. This crazed fucker had had his wife…

A couple of minutes later he heard soft footsteps coming from the back stairs. “So darling, I’m ready for this evening,” she chuckled. He looked up to see her in a pink see-through teddy that she’d put on for him.

He frowned; he was so damn turned on and so damn pissed, his thoughts scattered as to what he wanted to ask first. Her brows went together quickly as she came to him with concern written on her face. He dropped his head, staring at the floor again. “Davis? Davis, is everything all right?” she asked.

He didn’t look up yet; he needed to get everything in order in his mind, because he was so pissed right now he didn’t want to say anything stupid. But hell, he knew he couldn’t help himself either. “Were you ever goin’ to tell me? Were you ever going to let me into your life as completely as I let you into mine?” he asked.

She kneeled down in front of him, placing her hands on each side of his face. “Davis, you’re scaring me. I don’t understand what you’re talking about. What’s wrong?” she asked again.

“Grayson Wheaton,” he told her, his eyes meeting hers.

Her eyes widened at the name. “How did you…” Then she looked at the cell next to him. “Who called, Davis?” she asked impatiently. “Answer me, who called just now?”

She went to grab for the phone but he stopped her. “Officer Manning from the Amsterdam Police Department.”

She tried for the phone again but his hand stayed firm on hers. “I need to call them back, Davis!” she yelled at him.

“He told me everything, Abie. He told me that your friend Yvette escaped from this man, and she’s in the hospital recovering from her injuries right now.But he also wanted to let you know that this man came to Boston, they’re thinkin’ he’s lookin’ for you. That this man is obsessed with you. That’s what your friend told them!” he fumed.

She didn’t answer, just stared at him. “But she’s alive, right? He told you she was alive?” she asked desperately.

He took her face in his hands as he shook with anger. “Yes, she’s alive. Damn it! Why didn’t you tell me about this whole thing? And just who the fuck is this Grayson?” he roared. She shook free of his hold, and stood up quickly as his anger spilled through the coolness he was trying to maintain.

He saw a million things run over her face at that question, and he wondered if she would answer it or not. “Grayson started calling me again a couple of weeks before I met you. My mentor had taken him over as a pet. And I’ve had a couple calls from him when I was with you, as well as calls where no one answered me, and I wasn’t quite sure who it was. But I had my suspicions,” she explained.

He looked up at her as his hands clenched together, hanging between his thighs. “Your mentor took your sub, as her new pet?” he asked, astounded.

“Yes,” was all she quietly said.

He nodded but didn’t get this whole swapping of subs. “So you just called your mentor and she came and picked up this man for you?”


“No? But that’s what you just said…” he told her, getting angry again.

“No, I had a meeting with Yvette and Grayson to see if they were compatible for one another, since he wasn’t compatible with me,” she answered.

“Who was this man to you? And why did your mentor take him from you?” he asked, almost afraid to know the answer.


His hands went to his hair; he felt like he could yank out every strand. “Damn it, Abie, just fuckin’ tell me!” he growled. She hadn’t moved from her spot in front of him, and he could see that his anger was hurting her, but he wanted to know everything.

“He was the first sub I’d chosen outside the realm of an acquaintance from the work environment.” Her eyes roamed over his face as she told him the truth about this man. “Have you ever heard of G.C. Wheaton?” she asked softly.

“No, who the hell is that?” he grumbled, not really caring. He just wanted his questions answered, and to know about this man she’d personally chosen for herself, and why he would be coming after her.

She sighed at his outburst. “G.C. Wheaton is a famous poet and painter. He was born in England but lived in Boston for a very long time. He was someone that I respected as an artist, and an author…and we’d…meet.”

“Okay, so?” he asked, irritated.

Her hands ran over her face, then dropped to her sides. He could see they were starting to tremble. “Grayson is G.C. Wheaton.”

He nodded his head with his hands still firmly in his hair. “So your first true rebound from a man who treated you like shit, was a psycho artist.”

“Hey! He was not a rebound. I wasn’t in love with him! I found him intriguing and intelligent, someone I could have a meaningful conversation with about subjects others couldn’t even begin to fathom,” she interjected, as her eyes welled tearfully from the cruelty of his words.

He jumped up from his chair. “What am I, then? Do I give you meaningful conversation? Can I talk to you about the things he did?” he growled, looking down at her.

“What is wrong with you? I understand that you’re upset that I didn’t tell you about this situation. But honestly, so many things have happened. This is going to sound awful but, it really was on the back burner when it came to my mother and getting involved with you. I never thought it was going to be something that would bleed into my life like it just has,” she confessed.

“Why’d she take him, Abie?” he asked again.

She blinked a couple of times. “Davis, are you jealous?” she asked him quietly, stunned at the thought.

He couldn’t answer that because he knew the truth. He should be worrying about her safety, and he was. But the green-eyed monster had shown up, eating away at him. All those questions of what she did with her other lovers ran through his head, making the possessiveness dominate his thoughts. “Just answer me…” he said, trying to calm his voice.

She came over and took a chair at the table, so he pulled his chair closer to her. She observed him like he was some wild beast, wondering if she should answer him or not. “He was too dark for me, in his masochism,” she answered.

He turned quickly to her, surprised. “Too dark? What do you mean by that?”

“I’m the mistress, he was the pet. Yet he’d take control over things when it came to what he wanted as…punishment. Such dark, hateful punishments he wanted for himself, and with no reason,” she said, more to herself than him. “He wanted me to burn him with cigarettes, and then he wanted me to…cut him. That wasn’t something I was going to perform on him. He became angry when I wouldn’t carry out the punishments that he required of me. So I told him our arrangement was at a close,” she whispered.

Davis slumped forward. “And he wasn’t okay with that, was he?”

“No, he wasn’t. I thought he might be a little unstable after our first month together, but he’s an artist. I accepted some eccentricities from such a man,” she said, but then stopped.

“Then…” he prompted her.

“Then Yvette wanted to have such a man. She liked to try new things, and I knew she’d had subs who went into darker places.” He just looked at her, letting her know he wanted more than that. She shook her head at him. “I won’t go into detail about our arrangement,” she whispered.

He sat back up and slouched into the seat, thinking of that shit Tyler Knight, and that maybe he wasn’t that much different from him after all. “Am I just like these men to you? How you are with me, the way we make love, did you touch them, treat them just as you do me?” he muttered, as the jealousy he was trying to deny slipped out for her to see.

Her mouth dropped open, then she shut it quickly as she looked at him with such hurt in her eyes. “No, I’ve explained that to you. What I have with you is unlike anything I’d ever had… You know this.”He just nodded, but didn’t speak as his mind still raced. “Davis, do you want to see what I was like before you came along? Would that finally prove to you how completely different you are for me?” Her gaze dropped to the table. “Do you want to meet a true dominatrix?” she asked him on a whisper.

He gazed at his beautiful wife. This creature who had stolen his heart, who could turn him inside out with jealousy at the thought of another man being so in love with his wife, he was at the point of obsession. “I just want to know how you were affectionate with them,” he stated.

She gave him a sad smile. “Darling, there was never any affection between myself and a sub. That was the entire point of the arrangement.”

That he didn’t expect, and it shocked him a bit. But still… “Yeah, I want to know what a dominatrix is.”

Once again she nodded. “A whole session?”

“Yeah, I want the full experience.”

She didn’t look at him, just stared at the table, and he swore under his breath for his stupidity and damn jealousy. He reached over, taking her hand, and pulled her from her seat and onto his lap. “I’m sorry, sugar. I’m not thinkin’ straight… I just need to keep you safe. Nothing else in this world matters to me more than you.” He hugged her as his voice rasped his apology in her ear.

She didn’t meet his eyes still, and his gut turned. “Please, Abie, I’m sorry I acted like a jealous fool,” he murmured.

“I think your request is valid, Davis. The thought of me treating you as just another one of my subs bothers you, and it has since the beginning. But you see, I know the truth of the matter even though you question it. And I see your doubts about my declaration, and your…jealousy over the acts I performed. But understand, to me that’s what they were: acts.” She sighed. “But to show you who I really was, the absolute truth of how I was with someone other than you? That’s terrifying to me. You’re asking me to reveal a part of myself that could bring you pain, if you found a similarity to what I might have done with someone else. That’s like me requesting you make love to me like you did your fiancée. And what would I think, if there was something the same in that act of passion when you are with me?”

Shit, he saw her point. Knew she was right, but that still didn’t stop the thoughts from roaming in his head, wanting to be sure that he was different from all the others. “I know what I’m askin’ honey, I get ya, I really do. But we have kinky ass-spankin’ sex quite a bit,” he offered with a small smile.

Finally she brought her eyes back to his. “What I have with you is nothing like I once was, Davis.” Her hand came up, caressing his face as she moved to trace his lips. “I never once, not even when we first were together, thought about unleashing everything I was on you. You bring out a softness in me that I never knew even existed in myself when it comes to loving a man,” she breathed.

That stung. He was hurting her, and he needed to get himself and his possessiveness under control before he hurt her beyond repair. “I’m sorry,” he told her sincerely. “I’m an ass. A possessive, pushy ass.” He smiled softly at her.

She gave him a slight smile back, and came in, taking his bottom lip with her mouth and sucking on it, then gave him a little bite. His chest grumbled with satisfaction, and his need for her was already at its damn peak. She licked his lips, then kissed the tip of his nose, like he’d done to her on occasion.

“I believe that if I don’t show you what you ask, Davis, somewhere deep down you’ll always be asking yourself these questions when I try to broaden our lovemaking.” Her hands went into his hair, running her fingers along his scalp, getting him so damn hard. “I want you to have no doubts when it comes to my love for you,” she sighed.

“Abie, honey, I don’t doubt your love for me. I was wrong when this conversation started out. And I was pissed about some crazed man coming after my wife,” he told her honestly.

“Yes, and that he was once one of my subs. That’s what started all of this.”

“Yeah, that’s true. But I’m also just curious about how you were. This life that I know nothing about, I’ve always had questions about it. I just wasn’t sure if it was something I was willing to try.”

She hugged him to herself tightly. “And now you’re willing to try. To have me be like I once was?”

“Yeah. I want to try it just once. Have you treat me as your sub,” he answered.

She shook her head at that. “No.”

“No? Why? It’s just once?” he asked, dumbfounded by her quick rejection.

“Because I don’t want you to try once, and then prefer that in the bedroom, Davis. I’m so happy with the way we are now. I don’t want that past life to stain what I’ve found.”

Then her words hit him, from the night she punished him. The look on her face, his strong little woman in the corner with her face full of concern. Her words came rushing back to him as she said, “Do I repulse you now?”

His arms wrapped tightly around her. “Listen to me, and listen to me good, sugar. You are the love of my life, and when it comes to you I turn into a jealous possessive man. And just because I ask for something like this doesn’t mean I’m going to want you playing dom every night for me.” It was his turn to sigh as he witnessed the concern on her face again. “But I think you’re right. I wanted to see this part of you, but if it makes you uncomfortable or will ruin our relationship, then I’m not willing to go there. You mean too damn much to me for me to lose you over something like this.”

She nodded at his words, looking at his chest as her fingers skimmed over his bare skin. “I’m glad your friend’s okay, sugar. I’m sorry I didn’t say that before,” he said, looking at her. “Tomorrow we’ll talk to Tony. I’m going to have him bring you to work and pick you up at night, so I know you’re safe. Then we’ll have this guy found and brought to the police,” he told her, kissing the top of her head.

She nodded at his words once more, and he frowned. “Abie…please, sugar,” he began, but she interrupted him.

“Do you want a session with me, Davis? Not a playtime with a little pain, but a real session with me?”

He sighed, already knowing the answer he wanted to give her. “Yeah sugar, I really do,” he told her softly, honestly.

“All right,” she whispered, starting to get up from his lap.

“Right now?”

“Yes.” She took his fingers and he got up from his seat.

She started up the stairs, never releasing his hand. “You must remember to use the word if you can’t handle the pain,” she told him softly as they made their way to their bedroom. She opened the bedroom door and took him to their bed.

He chuckled, and that made her turn sharply to him. “Honey, I haven’t had to use the word yet,” he told her frowning face.

“I’ve never inflicted true pain on you, Davis. And pain comes in all sorts of forms, not just a bright red backside. Pain comes in coldness, harshness, denial of things that a normal vanilla couple use on a daily basis with one another. You are going to get a glimpse of just how a dominatrix can be when she’s with a pet. Just like you’ve requested,” she replied softly.

She sat him on the edge of the bed, standing in between his legs. Her hands came down around his face, lifting it to meet her eyes. “I’m going to put on something special for you. You’re the only one I’ll wear this for now. And just so you know, if you do like it, this is something I’ll put back on for you, darling…only you,” she told him with a smile. “I want you to strip out of those boxers, Davis, and I shall return in a minute.”She kissed his lips very lightly before she headed into the closet. He heard zippers being unzipped from behind the doors.

What walked out from behind those doors a couple of minutes later was every man’s fantasy, and she was all his, with a black lacquered corset that her amazing breasts spilled out from; garters hung in the front of the garment, holding up fishnet stockings that were mostly covered by thigh-high, black shiny boots. He groaned, not sure if he could be a good boy like he was supposed to be under the circumstances. He saw that the thin black panties she’d put on just for him were crotchless. On her head was a top hat with a veil going in front of her eyes, and her arms were covered with opera-length black gloves. But what she held in her hands behind that soft rounded little ass really caught his attention.

Her hands were placed on each side of her hips, and they dug the crop into her ass as she made her way over to him. She dipped down, letting her cleavage tease him. She took one lacquered fingernail, running it along his swollen cock, and groaned as it jumped in anticipation.

She smiled at him. “You seem very aroused, darling,” she chuckled. “But are you still wanting the dominatrix? You might not like the persona that follows from this point forward if you say yes,” she told him, the smile slipping from her face a bit.

He moaned as her hand skimmed his chest. “Hell yes, I want this, sugar,” his voice rumbled excitedly.

“Even if I tell you it’s not quite what you think it is?” she warned him.

“Yeah, even then.”

She nodded. “As long as we have the understanding that this is a onetime session, and I will only perform certain things on you. And that the word is to be used if for any reason you want me to cease the activities. I will not be treating you like your A.B., Davis. Do you understand and give your consent for me to proceed?”

“Yeah, I give my consent, sugar.”

She nodded her head at his words. “Then shall we begin…”


Davis sat on the bed and my eyes roamed over his very beautiful body. I brought the crop to the back of my neck, holding it in place, not quite believing what I was considering doing with my husband. I really didn’t want this, and I couldn’t be the way I was with the others. He’s not just another man for me, he is something completely different, someone I truly don’t want to hurt… But he wants to see what I once was.I’d give him a brief trip and pray that he didn’t want more from me, because I knew this was something I wouldn’t be able to do with him. But I’d also show him what I truly was before I met him.

The crop whipped from the back of my neck, going under his chin, and he flinched away, but I had him just the same. “I think the first thing I will teach my pet is obedience,” I told him. Using the crop under his chin, I slowly brought him to his feet. “The game is about power, and how you have none of it. I, on the other hand, own your body. It’s mine to use for my whims, my desires, my pleasure. Whether you find pleasure or not will be entirely up to me,” I informed him.

We came to the open area right next to the dresser and the fireplace. “Since you’re new to such games, I think an easy order to obey will suffice.” I went up to him; my fingers ran along his hard muscles, and he shivered at my touch. “Now pet, get on all fours,” I ordered.

Those deep blue eyes stared down into mine. I wondered if he’d changed his mind, and prayed to God that he had. But that wasn’t the case, as he got down on all fours in front of me. I bit my lip to keep from telling him to get up, and proceeded with the game.

My shiny boots were right next to his face, and I rubbed my foot along his jawline, teasing him. “Very good, pet. You obey beautifully.” I stopped my foot and placed it right in front of his face. “Now lick my boot,” I commanded.

His shoulders tensed at such a request, but he did as I asked. “Harder, darling, I want to feel your tongue licking my boots, worshiping them.”

The leather crop in my hand skimmed along the milky skin of his back. I went over his muscles, then made my way to his luscious backside, teasing him once more, letting him anticipate and wonder what I was going to do next. And as I ran the soft leather strip over his left cheek, I swatted him and stung him like nothing I’d ever given him before.

He grunted and jumped from the impact, stopping the chore that was given him. “I didn’t give you permission to quit licking my boots,” I purred, as I swatted him once again. The leather hitting his flesh echoed throughout the room along with his grunt. “You do as you’re told, pet,” I said.

I rubbed the soft leather over his backside, then ran it right in between those cheeks, never letting him know when the next spank would come, then I swatted him again. His skin was getting red and hot from the assault I was placing on him. “You’re supposed to answer ‘yes, mistress’ when I give you an order, pet,” I informed him.

He looked up at me, still not cooperating with this game he’d asked for. I kneeled down so we were eye to eye with one another. I took hold of his face in my black-gloved hand. The look on my face was what it would’ve been if he was any other sub that needed to be trained. And the look was…annoyance. “I’m not looking for what you find acceptable, or what you’re willing to perform for me. You are my pet, and I expect you to obey,” I demanded, grabbing his face roughly. “And you shall answer all my questions with, ‘yes mistress.’ Do I make myself perfectly clear, darling?”

“Yes, mistress,” he answered a moment later.

“Very good, pet,” I purred, running my fingers along the side of his face, then giving it a good smack. I stood back up, looking down at him as the crop once again teased his back, getting ready for the next swat. “Now, lick my boots clean,” I ordered.

I brought the crop right up the crack of his backside again, making him moan only to get rewarded with three more swats to his very red behind. “Isn’t that a luscious feeling?” I purred.

“Yes, mistress,” he said as his tongue licked.

“Very good, pet. Now you’re understanding the rules to this game. I have the power; you? You’re here to please me,” I informed him. “Now get up from the floor. I want to see that delicious color I’ve painted on that firm left cheek of yours.” He stood up and I scratched my nails into the tender flesh. “Doesn’t that tickle when I dig into you?” I asked, rubbing my body along his naked backside as well.

He hissed, “Yes, mistress,” on a growl, enjoying this particular part. That got me chuckling, as I pulled back from him and swatted him again with the crop. This time he truly jumped. “Damn it!” he swore.

I tsked him. “It should be fun, pet, you come looking for the pain I inflict. Don’t you?” I asked, taking his nipples in my fingers and giving them a good pinch, then slapping his hard chest roughly.

“Yes, mistress,” he growled.

This was going to destroy me. The feeling of doing these things to him, with the harshness that I imposed on the men who sought me out for this, repulsed me. But I kept up my façade. All I knew was, this wasn’t going to be a full session; I wouldn’t survive giving the man I loved such cruelty.

I walked over to the dresser drawer and pulled out handcuffs and a blindfold. “Turn around,” I ordered. He turned for me and I put on the cuffs, behind his back. “Lean down so I can put the blindfold on you.” As he bent down we were eye to eye, and I slipped it over his head so I didn’t have to see all the questions in his face. “This is the game, pet. You are going to pleasure me without feeling my skin, or seeing my flesh,” I told him. “There’s only one part of your body that will have the pleasure of feeling my inside. You will not touch me, or feel my skin. I will not touch you, or caress you, and you will not have affectionate words, only praise when you obey in accordance to my whims. Your reward is to have your erection in my walls pleasing me…and you are not allowed to come,” I whispered in his ear.

“Yes…mistress,” he answered hesitantly.

He stood there cuffed and blindfolded, and indecision was running rampant through my mind. The unhappy frown on his face made my mind up for me. “I can’t do this, Davis,” I whispered. “I just can’t.”I lifted the blindfold off him and as he looked down at me, I couldn’t help the tear that escaped. “I’m sorry.”

“I asked for this, Abie. Let’s finish the session,” he told me softly. “I’m not mad, sugar, if that’s worrying you. Let’s just finish what we started.”

I sighed, not wanting to complete the session, but also knowing deep down I needed to. With a nod, I placed the blindfold back on. Taking him by his erection, I pulled him closer to the dresser as I stroked his already swollen shaft. His chest rumbled with pleasure at my touch. “Do you remember when I told you I’m the one in control of the fucking?” I asked.

“Yes, mistress.”

“Very good, because when you find your release is all up to me. I’m in control of the when and the where and the how. Do you understand, pet?”

“Yes, mistress,” he gasped as I worked his body into a frenzy.

“Now, whatever I ask of you, you will do. This is what you’ve asked for, therefore you shall obey me.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good pet, very good. Now this evening you are not allowed to come, that is the whole point of the game. Only on my bidding do you get that reward. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress,” he groaned, as his body was already at its point.

“Then let’s begin,” I commanded, turning around so my back was at the dresser. I took his tip, playing with my nub so his already aching body would ache even more. “So hard, darling, always so ready to please me,” I whispered to him. “But first I want you on your knees so you can please me with that beautiful mouth of yours,” I instructed him.

He dropped to his knees and I took him by the head, pulling him closer to where I wanted his mouth to be. “You need to come closer, darling, I won’t strain myself to get what I want from you,” I said as he took small steps on his knees to reach me.

“Very good… Now lick me, pet,” I ordered, spreading myself open to him with one hand and taking the back of his head in the other, guiding him to where he needed to be. Once he found his place, a soft tongue made its first long swipe and we both moaned. “Long strokes, pet, tease my nub with your tongue, make it want your cock inside my body,” I ordered him with a vulgarity that I’d never used with him before.

His tongue teased, licked, and then he sucked in my nub, making me lose focus on my task at hand. So I gave him another order. “Stroke the inside of me, pet. See how far you can reach with that tongue of yours into my center,” I panted, already so close from just his mouth.

He did as instructed as sounds of enjoyment and excitement slipped from him, exciting me. “All right pet, that’s enough,” I said, breathing heavily as I took a fistful of hair, pulling his head away from me. “You need to stand up and get ready for your next task to perform.”

“Yes, mistress,” he answered as he stood up slowly, trying to stay balanced with his hands behind his back. My hand took him by his erection, pulling him to me. He was so hard, and his groan was deep and powerful when I stroked him a couple of times, heightening his arousal.

I turned around and placed his tip at my wet opening. Swearing came from in back of me as I moaned, teasing myself with his swollen tip.

“Damn it!” he groaned loudly at me.

“Now darling, slide into me. But make sure none of your skin touches mine,” I reminded him. Once he entered I felt him twitch inside of me, knowing he was already straining, but I set the pace. “Slowly, darling, pull yourself out to the tip and glide back into me,” I commanded.

He did my bidding, grunting with pleasure with each stroke. It had been a little over a week since I’d even touched him, and he was struggling to do as I said. “Good boy, pet…very good,” I panted as the session continued.

He was breathing hard and his raw grunts of pleasure were turning into growls of excitement, and of ownership, and that was turning me on. “Now faster, pet, I’m there, darling, so there…make me orgasm all over you,” I moaned, reaching my point.

“Fuck!” A groan tore from him.

I bit my lip, not wanting to shout out as my body went over the edge, squeezing him. “Oh lord baby…oh lord… Yes!” I moaned as my pleasure ruptured around him, enjoying the feel of him, and then subsided after a moment. “Stop, pet,” I panted, gathering my breath.

He was having a very hard time stopping; I could feel the tension from behind me; he needed to finish what we’d begun. “You need to step back from me now,” I ordered. He took a step back, slipping from my body. When I turned to him, his body was as taut as a rubber band just on the verge of snapping.

I walked over and took off his blindfold. We stood looking at one another. “This is the part where your pleasure is denied, and you ache for release until the next time I need you. Then I’ll see if you deserve to have your release or not,” I explained.

His brows pulled together after what I’d just told him, his breathing just as hard as his erection. “Sarsaparilla,” he grunted out. I nodded at the word, and bit my lip as I went in back of him to uncuff his hands. I stayed there for a moment, before I made my way back around to face him. He didn’t move from his place, nor did he speak. My fear of what he thought of the session, of what he now thought of me, ran deep through my being.

I leaned against the dresser, waiting for him to talk to me, tell me what he thought now that he saw how I had been before. But neither of us said anything to one another. I stood waiting for what was to come, and ready to face what he thought…that is, when he could find the words to speak to me once more.


That was something that he never wanted to do again. His wife in the black leather, hell yeah! But him on all fours licking her boots, getting slapped, pinched, cruelly ordered to obey, be denied to cum? No, that wasn’t for him. But he could see the difference with her. She’d never been that way with him, not ever. Now he realized that he had most of the control of their lovemaking, and she took what she needed from him, putting in just enough kink to excite him and please her. He needed her, loved her more than his own life, even all her kinky-ass ways of what she once was. Because that’s who this beautiful woman in his life was. She stood in front of him in all her beauty. He could see the love for him written all over that beautiful face, and she was all his, and his alone.

He quickly snatched her up in his arms, placing her ass on the edge of the dresser. “Damn it, sugar!” he growled, slipping his tongue into her mouth, as he slipped his finger into her wet warm center. She gasped in his mouth under his touch. “Son of a bitch. So damn wet, always so wet for me!” He sucked on her tongue, tasted her sweetness, and worked her body up for what he had in store for it. When he released her from the kiss he pulled back, sticking the wet finger in his mouth, tasting her juices as well before he had his way with her body.

She smiled that sly smile that had him aching to the point of madness, liking the kink that he was displaying to her. Her arms went around his neck, pushing his tip closer to her very wanting entrance. “Damn it!” he grunted once again, as his tip found the wet entrance. Their eyes locked, and he thrust deep into her center.

His hands went around, grabbing onto her ass as he took her without mercy. She was his, only his, and nobody ever better touch her! “Yes, sugar…damn it you feel so fucking good!” he gasped before he took her mouth again. She broke free, whimpering under his control. “Yes, Davis!” she whispered into his ear. Her hat fell from her head as his body took her with a voraciousness that verged on madness. “Please, darling,” came her whimpered pleas of pleasure, and that spurred him the fuck on!

Her thigh-high black boots wrapped around his waist, clinging to him, and he knew he was at his limit. “Come for me, sugar, I want you to come on me right now,” he growled his demand. As if on cue her walls tightened on him, squeezing the hell out of his cock with each thrust. “Yes baby, yes, yes Davis…! Oh, lord yes!” she panted as his body slammed into hers. On her cries his body ruptured into her, shooting his seed deep into her warm walls, never slowing down as the need to own this woman completely overcame him. “Shit…damn it, yes… Fuck, yes, yes, yes!” he yelled as the last of his come shot deep into her center. His body slowed, making little movements inside her before he stopped altogether, his body shuddering with approval.

He gazed into the speckled eyes that he so loved, as her lips tenderly kissed his. “Do you see how much I love you, Davis? How much I need my cowboy just to be himself with me. I need nothing other than you, darling,” she told him on a whisper.

He hugged her to him. “You are my whole world. I love you just the way you are, honey. Every kinky-ass thing about you. But I like how we share in the control, because I love claiming you, damn it!” he confessed fiercely.

She chuckled. “I’m so happy to hear that, darling. Because I love how you take control as well.” She smiled that sly smile at him.

“Damn it, sugar. You’re going to get me goin’ again,” he growled into her mouth as she started to tease him with kisses.

“I know.”

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