The Domination Game: Checkmate Vol. 2

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Chapter 1

What the hell did this company want from me? I mean, I’d been working here for three weeks and they still had me heading up to the main office for very unimportant information about the things that we’d already gone over. I already understood what they wanted me to provide for their company. They must think of me as a very inept woman, who had no skills whatsoever in providing their company with the streamlining and upgraded look that they were requiring. Or they could be just a complete and utter pain in my ass.

My cool collected exterior had slipped some, and my very professional demeanor had a little crack in it. I found that dealing with some people at this moment was tedious and tiresome, and I swear, stupidity is a contagious disease among the men of wealth.

After the first week I had asked to have my office moved to the lower offices that were available. I needed some peace and quiet if they ever wanted me to get this job accomplished for them. Now here I sat in my office with Mr. Chow’s secretary, once again going over the changes that his boss wanted me to incorporate into my work.

“You understand, Ms. Black?” he asked me.

I nodded. “Of course, Mr. Wu. I completely understand. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll get going on implementing those requests into the format,” I replied.

He leapt up from the seat in front of me, looking very happily at me. “Thank you, Ms. Black. Mr. Chow will be most pleased with the information I’ll bring back.” Once he was out of the office I fell back against the chair, shaking my head against the leather material. At this rate I was never going to leave Beijing. This company was going to hold me captive until I could creatively pull their heads out of their own asses.

Turning in my chair, I looked out the large window and into the massive neon-lit concrete world that flashed around me. Normally I would be thriving with this new list of troubles and troublemakers. A company that had challenges that were difficult, if not downright impossible to meet, usually kept me quite entertained. This was my area of expertise. I would also be finding myself a play toy to distract myself from the tiresome load of work requested of me. There was a handful of beautiful men that I’d been introduced to that would fit right in that little niche of me overpowering them…but it seemed even the will to have men obey my whims had fled me.

Seven thirty at night, with the nightlife screaming at me in neon below me, and there was only one man that I could think about. I sighed, disgusted with myself and this betraying heart that should be standing firm, not thinking of a beautiful pushy man with deep blue eyes and the key to my heart.

But now that I was almost seven thousand miles away from Boston, I realized the truth in Lucy’s words to me. I missed Davis; I missed him so much I physically ached for him. But it didn’t matter now. I left Boston, and not just to go back to work. No, I left there never to return again. What was once my home was now tainted to me, and therefore it was time to find a new home and move on.

I had talked to Lucy and Mom last night. My mom seemed very happy with where she was. They were near a hospital, and Lucy of course was taking care of everything, like she always did when it comes to my mother. They were having a great time in Savannah, and Lucy said she was even taking walks with her in the downtown parks. She was tasting new foods, enjoying the new sights and sensations going on around her. If I’d known that a move would be so beneficial for her, I would have moved her years ago.

The man who almost killed my mother was walking around Boston, living the life of wealth and luxury like he always had. Living in a penthouse overlooking the Charles River that he most likely took my mother to, when they were seeing each other. Now he lived there like nothing ever transpired between the two of them, while my mother’s life was shattered because of this man. Her world was torn apart by his lies of love, and selfish needs, and she was left bloody and beaten in an alleyway like the trash he thought her to be.

I’ve watched enough police procedurals to know that after thirty years, William Mills couldn’t be charged with his crimes. Back when she was hurt, it was just considered an aggravated assault, and not attempted murder. So the implications didn’t hold up as long on the books.

On the long trip to come out to Beijing, my mind had wandered into dangerous and damaging territory about that penthouse. Questions brewed in my mind, knowing now that it had always been in his family. Was it the place that he took my mother when they were having their affair? Was it the place that she told him that she was pregnant with his child? Was it the place where he beat her senseless?

I made a sound of disgust at my train of thought, because now another Mills came to mind, another Mills who lived in that penthouse. And that sick, twisted chance of fate: if what I believed about that penthouse were true, another Black went there as well, also to screw a Mills.

I looked at my computer screen, at the same information I had pulled up on it over an hour ago. My head went to my hand as my elbow dug into the desk. So much for getting my work done in an efficient and timely manner; there was no point in even trying to continue this late in the evening. My mind was otherwise occupied at the moment, and I knew it was time to just get myself some noodles to eat back in the hotel.

My light tan trench coat hung on the back of the door, and I slipped it on, glancing out my office window at the light drizzle that was starting to come down. It was time to get something to eat, get my traitorous mind off things I was no longer able to have, and back to my everyday routine.

The elevator dinged and I walked through the brightly lit lobby, heading out to see what I was going to have for dinner tonight. Because I sure knew what I was going to drink it down with. Let’s go see what looks good with bourbon.


Davis Mills looked out his office window in the early morning sunrise. It was only seven thirty and he was already at work. He couldn’t handle sleeping in their bed right now. The sheets smelled of Abie, and it made him long for her with a hunger that pierced him right down to his soul. The brownstone where he and Abie were making their home now was a place of loss. He just wanted her to come home to him, and he would make sure that everything would be fine.

It had been one week since she’d left. It had been a very long agonizing week, not only for him, but his family as well. When his mother found out what had happened, he was afraid that she would have to be hospitalized from having a mental breakdown. His father moved back into the penthouse without a single word about what he’d done to Loretta, or to the child she’d carried. That part was so hard for Davis to even fathom. He and Abie would’ve had a brother or sister if all that shit hadn’t happened. What would’ve happened to them then? Would he still have fallen in love with her?

But deep down he already knew the answer to that question. The answer was yes. He would’ve fallen in love with that beautiful creature the moment he saw her, with that curly blonde hair. The only difference was they would have found each other so much sooner, without the damaged hearts and minds that they had now.

Now he had to give her space. Space to heal, to think, and to hopefully miss him enough to come back home to him. He truly believed that she would come back, that they could work through all this mess that lay before them. As soon as he got her in his arms, and she told him that she still loved him, he was going to marry her. There was going to be no long engagement, no waiting for her to take his last name, he wanted it done as soon as he possibly could. He’d give her any wedding she wanted, from small to lavish, as long as she was his. He thought of what she’d look like in a wedding dress, all curves, and heels. Then he thought of her belly, round with his child in her, and it felt like he stabbed his own heart with a knife. He just needed to get through the day and make it home to their house, and all would be well…or so he thought.

The nights are dark so early in New England, and the winters can be bitterly cold. He drove down their street deep in thought, almost missing the for sale sign that now stood out in front of their home. That was when the truth of how she really felt came crashing upon him, and he knew the time to start finding her was now.

He parked his car in the garage and went into the house, slamming the door behind him. He would be angry, because if he couldn’t be that, then the only thing left was devastated, and he just didn’t have time for that.

Their front room hadn’t changed since the morning they left to go have Christmas dinner with his family. The TV Abie had given him still sat on the floor, not even unboxed. He pulled his cell from his jacket pocket and called Tony. Once he picked up, Davis didn’t even give him a chance to speak. “Hey, I think I’m going to take you up on finding Abie. I just got home and there’s a for sale sign up in front of our place,” he told him as his hand went roughly through his hair.

“So she doesn’t intend to come back like you thought, then,” Tony replied.

“No, it seems she’s going to run.”

“Then I’ll get right on it,” Tony told his friend.

Davis walked to the other room, where he saw a card on the table with the real estate agent’s name and number on it. “When you find her, don’t let her know you’re there. She’s upset, and she has every right to be.”

“Okay, so what do you want me to do once I have her in my sights?”

“Keep an eye on her. Make sure she stays safe, and out of danger. I don’t want any ass to come on to her where she might take him up on his offer of submission,” he growled, and a knot formed in his stomach at the thought of her taking another man to wash him out of her life. “She’s confused and upset, Tony, I want to give her some room, but not enough that I lose her,” he confessed.

There was a chuckle on the other end. “What do you want me to do exactly? Follow her, and if she wants to bring a guy home, wait till he’s out of her sight to go beat the shit out of him? Davis, when I find her, just fly your ass to wherever I am, and come talk to her,” he ordered him.

“I will come out, Tony. That’s my whole plan, but she needs time. If I head out there after such a short time… No, I need to let her deal with everything that’s happened in such a short time of us being together. She needs to find some ground to stand on with all this.”He wondered, if someone hurt his mother, what would he have done? What would he be capable of, and what would he be willing to lose… “But neither of us would know how we’d react, if we found out that our girlfriend’s father almost killed our mother,” he continued.

“Hell, my father destroyed that beautiful woman, and in doing that he destroyed me as well. I don’t know if that’s even something I could get past if I loved someone, and that’s exactly what I’m asking her to do,” he murmured, moved by the reality of what he was asking from her.

“Davis, let me just find out where she’s at first. Don’t go there right now when you’re powerless to do anything about it. I’m starting on it right now; when I see her I’ll send you a picture so you know she’s okay. And if I have to pull a guy aside to beat the shit out of him for coming on to her, well, you know I always love a good fight. But it might blow my cover,” Tony said.

Davis took off his coat and draped it on the back of a kitchen chair. “Hey, find out where her momma went. I went by the place where she was living, only to be told that she no longer lives there. They wouldn’t even give me the fucking address,” he fumed, walking back to the front room and planting himself and the little card on the couch.

Tony was quiet for a minute before he spoke. “Why do you want to find her? Don’t you think that poor woman has been through enough?” he asked him.

“It’s not what you think, Tony. I’m not going to go over there saying anything to her. I want to set up some kind of fund to help her live very comfortably, provide her with any treatment she needs. That’s all.”

“Yeah, that does sound good.” Davis heard him walking, and a car door shut in the background. “I’m not sure how quickly I can find your woman for you, but I’ll try to get it done fast.”

Davis stared down at the card in his hand. “Thanks, man. Hope to hear from you soon,” he told him before hanging up.

He took a breath before dialing the cell number from the card. “Hello, yes. I’m calling about the brownstone on Chestnut Street, the one that just went up for sale. Yes, that’s the one… No, there’s no need for me to go see it, I’ll take it. No, I don’t care how much the owner’s asking for it, I’m taking it no matter what the cost.

“Yes, that’s fine. I’d like to make a down payment on it, but I don’t want to sign papers until the end of the month. No, that works for me. But I do have a stipulation or two I’d like to have in place at the signing of any paperwork. No, you can come to the Gravin Building on High Street, Thursday morning around nine… Yes, that’s fine. See you then.”

He hung up, and sat back thinking about all that had happened in a week’s time. Hell, it was too much for him to think about, he couldn’t even imagine what the hell Abie was going through. Her home was once again theirs, but his heart was in real danger.

Davis leaned forward, his elbows planted on his knees, rubbing his face with his hands. Hopefully Tony would find her quickly, because he thought Tony could be right. He just needed to see her, and the waiting was going to kill him.

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